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Jun saw it coming, but it’s gonna bite back someday, Wonwoo. Took an entire year for him to take revenge on Dino though.

I sometimes get asked “sarah what do you do to destress” and the answer is

I paint small sections of an abstract image every day until my brain stops screaming

i had a dream about these two random guys getting together and it was the sweetest (and angsty-est) thing at the time - i was so invested! i just had to draw what i remembered!

might make a comic about these two one day once i flesh out their stories more

hope you enjoy this little doodle dump - had a lot of fun bringing them to life :)

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Consider: Andrew and Neil sharing a bed. Obviously we all know that Andrew has to have his back to the wall and it works best when Neil is facing him so that he doesn't just see the back of a head when he wakes up. Also consider that Neil has spent the last decade or so making sure to never have his back to a door, whether awake or asleep. Neil purposely sleeping with his back to the door to make Andrew more comfortable don't mind me I'm just crying over these fools

All right, in the spirit of keeping this short and sweet… I hope you like this, that this is what you had in mind.


The only thing better than their win against UT (seven to six, and each point hard-won since the Longhorns had done their best to redress their loss the previous season and almost managed to do just that) had been coming into the locker room after the game to find out that their return flight home had been cancelled for the night and they’d have to stay in Austin until they could fly out the next morning due to a string of strong storms moving through the southeast. Considering the rough flight in from Atlanta that had even given Neil a moment or two of unease… well, Neil hadn’t been certain how they were going to get Andrew back on the plane short of horse tranquilizers if the flight home was going to be as turbulent as the earlier flight.

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a Yousana fanmix [listen]

1. Shot Down by Khaled / If we’re keeping it a hundred, you’re all that I need for me
2. One Dance by Drake ft. WizKid and Kyla / Higher powers taking a hold on me
3. Gunerius (Remix) by Amanda Delara / You’re afraid of those with veil
4. Oceans by Seafret / We hide our emotions, Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend
5. Easily by Bruno Major / Just because it won’t come easily, Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try
6. Warm by Majid Jordan / Bring me into your soul where I wanna live
7. Fallingforyou by The 1975 / I’ll never make it right if you don’t want me around
8. LOVE by Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari / Only for life, you’re a homie for life
9. I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk / We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me
10. Frustrated by R.Lum.R / You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome
11. Sweet Creature by Harry Styles / We don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong
12. The Scientist by Coldplay / You don’t know how lovely you are
13. Small Doses by Bebe Rexha / Loving you, it’s explosive, you know this
14. Keep on Loving You by Cigarettes After Sex / When I said that I love you I meant that I love you forever
15. Only Love by Ben Howard / Darling you’re with me, forever and always
16. Yours by Ella Henderson / But with you I’ve learnt just to let it out
17. Home by Gabrielle Aplin / I’ll always keep you with me, You’ll be always on my mind
18. Vi er Perfekt men verden er ikke det by Cezinando / We are perfect but the world is not 
19. Scripture by Dawn Richards / If his love had a description, It’d be the secret to my soul
20. Nefertiti by ArchDuke / You are the glory of this earth girl
21. Hand on Heart by Moko / Hand on heart, soul of mine

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Hey! So I saw one pic of Adri on my dask, then literally started scrolling through his tag on your blog and I need you to know two things 1) your art is A-MAZ-ING, please never stop because I'm getting heart eyes and 2) Adri could literally kill me and I'd say thanks because he is a blessing and I love him. Thank you!

khashjkashkjfdshj thank you so much hhhh TvT im glad u like my shit art and my shittier son <3

Okay but Finn and Rae fighting over the same red plaid/flannel shirt and they start arguing a bit and then pulling on it and on of the arms rip off and then both are like “well you wanted it! Take it!” And are now arguing over who should take it and the clerk is like you break it you buy it sort of thing.

So like a bad meet-cute

Pride month

→ Pansexual Bixlow

[Bisexual male-leaning Freed], [Demisexual Laxus], [Pansexual Sting], [Bisexual female-leaning Cana], [Lesbian Kagura], [Gay Mest], [Bisexual Rufus], [Pansexual Gajeel], [Demisexual Rogue], [Bisexual Levy], [Lesbian Flare], [Gay Erik], [Demisexual Natsu], [Bisexual female-leaning Meredy]