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calm in the storm-sweet pea

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Description: Y/N is caught in the middle of another family argument. She goes to the one person who can make it better again.
Warning!!: cursing, family arguments, alcohol

Y/N’s POV:

I sat in the living room of my home on the north side, thinking things over while watching one of my favorite movies, The Outsiders. See, we used to live on the south side. My mom always wanted a nicer house, so she worked really hard and jumped up the ladder at work to gain her status now. So, we live here on the north side in a small one story, three bedroom house. I have to admit, I do miss the south side. I miss all my friends, and getting to see my boyfriend, Sweet Pea, all the time. Loud shouting broke me out of my thoughts and my eyes snapped to the garage door. My brother and his friends were hanging out in there, as usual. 
“No, shut the fuck up Andy!” my mom screamed, coming inside the house. My brothers friend, who had lived with us for a long time growing up, was visiting and was in the living room with me when everything went down. My brother, y/b/n , was drunk and in a rage. He followed her inside, looked at his friend, Jay, standing by the wall, “Jay, you gotta get the fuck out man,” he raised his voice into the garage, “Everyone get the fuck out! Get out! Look mom! Look what you did!” 

His actions were starting to give me anxiety. He went back in the garage and we left him to cool while Jay talked to my mom, understanding both sides. Everything was fine until Jay decided to go to the garage to calm down y/b/n. 

Screams started up again. I couldn’t make out any words but I could tell there was things being broken and slammed. I quietly pulled out my phone and rang the one number I could always trust.

Hey princess, what’s up?

Sweets, baby, hey. Can I come over?

Yeah, of course. Everything okay?

Yeah, I’ll explain when I get there. 

Okay y/n/n, drive safe. 

See you soon

I hung up the phone just as Jay came in, profusely apologizing to my mom. “Mrs. y/l/n, I’m so sorry, we were hitting things and I broke a board in the fence. I’ll fix it, I promise.” “I know hun, I believe you. It’s okay.” was my moms response. My brother came bounding in, screaming at his friend to get out. They both went into the garage again, Jay trying to explain that he just was trying to be a good friend. 

I sighed, standing up and walking over to my mom. “Hey, I’m gonna head over to Sweet Pea’s for a little bit.” A small, sad smile reached her face, “Of course hun. Why don’t you just stay over there tonight? Take your keys, lock up.” I nodded and grabbed my keys and jacket, leaving out in the rain, rushing to my old little beat up car. Revving up the engine, I started the familiar journey to my favorite place. 

I knocked on the door to his trailer lightly, pulling my soaked jacket closer to me. Sweet Pea opened the door and his face fell, pulling me inside quickly. He took my keys from my hand and set them on the counter behind him, peeling my jacket off my shoulders. “Y/N, what happened?” he asked. “My mom and y/b/n started a screaming match and it was just getting too much.” He nodded, completely understanding as he walked me to his room. 

I told him the entire story while he pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, handing them to me to change into. I stripped out of my wet clothes and pulled on his dry ones, finishing the story. He set my wet clothes in the bathroom to dry and I sat down on his bed, rubbing my throbbing head. He sat down next to me and pulled me in his arms. An overwhelming sense of comfort and peace fled through me as I loosely wrapped my arms around his torso. He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of my head, placing a hand to the back of my head. 

“It’s alright, they’ll work it out. They always do.” I nodded slightly at his words, The stress began to exhaust me and I felt my eyes getting heavier. His hands rubbed down my back and shoulders before pulling away from the hug, noting how tired I looked. “Lay down and get some rest, princess.” He didn’t have to tell me twice and I stood up, pulling back the blankets to the right side of the bed. I laid down, facing the inside of the bed. He stripped down and laid down on the left side, pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest as his arms enveloped me. 
“Goodnight Sweet Pea”
“Goodnight Princess.”

Hi guys. I don’t really have an eloquent way of putting this but here it goes.

I’m disappointed, really. As a dedicated group of people, the artists and writes for the zine put a lot of time and effort into pieces we made fro the zine, some of us put the equivalent of hundred of dollars worth of hours into making this zine possible. We donated our time and effort to a pairing we love and to charities that would help make a difference. We were met with little to no feedback, no chances to see the proofs before they went to print, and no way to rescind our work once this started to come to light. 

Please consider helping me and my fellow artists and writers out if you can. Whatever comes of this, it’s gonna hurt us in one way or another. We couldn’t have known. I don’t want hate sent on any of our behalf. I don’t want this community to soil the pairing over this incident, because we came together for a crackship that we’ve made weirdly beautiful and poignant. 

So stay kind and weird. Lord knows we need this. 

I’ll be opening up commissions soon, in the meantime. 

I have another class tomorrow. 

It’s not the slime one but I just know that people are going to come in asking for it and it’s like… please use your eyeballs and read the damn brochure. 

It’s a wreath-making class intended for adults but I can guarantee you that people are going to think it’s a kid’s class because I swear it’s only kids that ever sign up for these things. Parents are like ‘oh, I’m not crafty but my daughter is.’ 

This involves a hot glue gun. You… you want your toddler to be handling a hot glue gun? 

“But she’s so SMART for her age!”

She just ate a sticker off the floor. 


4th Expression Prompt :O!✨✨✨

Wilford, is that blood in your shirt??? Why are you making that face???
I want the Bubblegum Mustache Man to be happy :’)

I kind of messed up this one, my hands were shakier than normal and I apparently bought a faulty pink marker. Going to buy another one lmao

10 Favourite Songs Meme

Here’s a secret: If you want to torture me, just tell me to pick ten songs I like. No, just kidding, thank you @tiny-tany-thaanos for tagging me! I’m not going to list the songs in any order from least to most favourite because choosing “the one” would take me another six hours x) Also, they’re probably just ten random songs I like from ten random artists. And my favourite music doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even know my favourite genre is anymore. I mean I do, but I don’t. Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. Don’t judge me. Sooo…yeah. Classic Ronnie.

Rules: Share your top 10 favorite songs, then tag whoever you want.

  • Sonata Arctica - Black Sheep
  • Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Within Temptation - Covered by Roses*
  • Delain - We Are The Others
  • Beth Crowley - Warrior
  • Ed Sheeran - What Do I Know?
  • Taylor Swift - Long Live
  • Little Mix - Little Me
  • Oasis - Live Forever
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

What did I tell you. Mess.

Since I’ve already tagged a bunch of people today, I’m not going to tag anyone for this particular thing, but feel free to do it if you feel like it :)

* It actually IS a cool song, it’s not like I like it only because of the title :D

I mean, half of me wants to keep watching cause everyone else is hilarious. But I get five minutes of good content then Amy makes another “joke” and I just can’t.

I’m gonna finally give up. I’ll watch the vod on Monday and hope I can skip the uncomfortable parts.

It’s doubly sucks cause critical roles supposed to be my one relaxing thing that de stresses me and help me unwind and disappear into a wonderful world and now I’m not getting another one for two weeks and this one’s ruined with peado and non consent jokes

I don’t care what delusional fans will say Kishmoto was always contradicting himself in interviews.

And there was a let me stress this to fully understand a Fucking event in Japan called Yellow and Pink that was decidated to Narusaku in Japan. After Last came out they re-released RTN again in theaters. Making Double the amount Last made. I just don’t understand it wasn’t just about Money because if it was he made a bad call Not making his main paring Canon. I mean look at these two. I know they were on the same team and will have more pannels. When I look up Narusaku moments in Manga this is what I found. Looking up NaruHina moments in Manga the first thing I was were fan comics.

There are no parallels between Sakura and Kushina Narusaku fans made it up! Umm real cause..look.

Narusaku was a red herring!

Look, Kishi is a troll he says one thing. And does another. He said at one point he wanted Narusaku but changed his mind. There was in a article about Naruto and Sakura being a perfect match. I couldn’t find it but I remember reading it in one of the Naruto collectors.

Then all of the sudden Sakura is a bad woman for wanting to return the feelings of the guy that liked her and has risked his life for her.

I will never understand the ending or his choices ever.

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Hey, so I was reading Golden Ghosts and wanted to analyse what makes Midas so effective just from his first appearances. I think it's his power. The choice of who Midas kills conveys his power both in universe and in the narrative. When he kills the Overlord it's terrifying because he was huge, and scary, and our beloved heroes could never hope to beat him. But Midas kills him. Midas is scarier. And I can't fit everything I want to say in one ask, so I'll continue in another.

(2/?) Then Midas kills Tamora. Ryan’s entire character arc has been built around her, and seemed set to culminate if not in him killing her, then making some sort of significant choice surrounding her. But with Tamora gone, Ryan is robbed of his agency within his own narrative. This gives the impression that no one is safe, which is both vital and very difficult to achieve after having one of the main characters come back to life.(tbc)

(¾) Once Midas has been established as a legitimate threat to our main characters, the writing goes above and beyond to make him an interesting villain, and a significant one for our (arguably) main character, Gavin. While he’s going around offing the other villains to make room for his magnificence, we also learn that he knows one of the previous Wild Kings, and someone we are lead to believe is Gavins father. What’s more, he is nice to Gavin, which complicates our emotions toward him.

(4/4) The end result is a villain who is threatening, creates intrigue, and is somewhat three dimensional, conveyed simply and effectively while also juggling several other parts of the story. It phenominal writing that I hope to aspire to in my own work. I haven’t finished Golden Ghosts yet but I just have a lot of thoughts I had to get out. I hope you enjoyed my tired ramblings and wish you the very best in all things! (Ps Gavin being crowned is also a v good bit you should be proud of)

I LOVE THIS that was absolutely amazing to read omfg, thank you for putting so much thought into your reading of the story!! and the English teacher in me loves your analysis aaaAAAA <3 <3 Midas was one of my favourite OCs to write and one of the ones I put a lot more thought into (bc I wanted it to be hard to know whether to trust him or not) so it makes me super happy to see someone else’s interpretation of it!~ 8DD

<3 <3 <3 thank you so much and I’m so happy you’re enjoying the series so far!! I hope you like the rest of Golden Ghosts~~ :”)) and good luck with all your own writing!

Relentless, aren’t we, Reader? Even the vastness of the sea was not enough to thwart your coming here, unto the Hulk of Ores. You would be wise not to underestimate your adversaries here, despite their pitiable look. I am, of course, referring to the Pyrehearts! These Rites are but another war to them, and that makes you their mortal enemy. I expect your battle to be glorious.

If it’s blurry: Click through to full-size. Tumblr hates these. I want posters or something of all of these. Also I love the sparkles on these ones, look at these good, good sparkles:

Love them. Anyway.

Book of Rites || Spring of Jomuer || Cairn of Ha’ub || Pit of Milithe || Ridge of Gol

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The way you answer questions is so weird. You’re so cringe.

I know I am. But here’s the thing sugar, I make my posts in one mindset and answer asks in another cause guess what, you’re not entitled to jack shit. You want me to answer asks like “well darling, why don’t you show me just how much you love my blog?” or something along those lines, don’t you. 

Too bad it ain’t happening because I’m not here to one-on-one kink with anyone, I take requests on things that interest me, I make posts about things that interest me. I am not here for your entertainment or enjoyment, if you find something you like then fine, good, I’m glad someone else is into what I’m posting. Otherwise, idgaf, this a sideblog for porn buddy. 

Now, go eat your frozen beans and leave me be.

Y’ALL so the guy with the Fancy snake I wanted/posted a naming contest for won’t ship with a live guarantee

and I don’t want to pay 400 dollars to ship a snake with the risk of it dying and then have no way to get my money back

there are still a lot of cute snakes that I like, and I got all this snake equipment, so ??? should I just get one of those? I could get a cute pin or a banana or a different black pastel.

If it weren’t for the weather I’d b like ‘nahhh’ and just keep browsing the site until another snake popped up I really loved, except that next Monday is probably the absolute last day of the year anyone will be willing to ship. So if I want a snake before spring, I have to pick one now.

idk I’m looking at other snakes and making some inquiries and will probably do whatever I end up wanting to do so this isn’t really an advice post more just be whining lol


good morning

So I’m tooling along, reading an article about Louis CK (which makes me heartsick because I love his comedy and now it’s kind of ruined for me because I can’t separate the art from the artist once I have context), and I discover Twiggy Ramirez, another idol of my teenage years, is also a rapist (which, I mean, it’s still an allegation, but I default to believing a woman because I know just how hard it is to talk about sexual assault and no one wants the kind of attention it gets you).

Why is everything in the world so shitty?  Like, we’re like ten seconds to midnight on the Doomsday Clock and that’s only because someone forgot to change it for Daylight Savings Time, no one has any money or any future, and now the last fucking shred of enjoyment in our lives is being exposed as the shitshow it is. 

I mean, I’m glad it’s being exposed, but it just sucks.  It sucks that the men who’re shitty pigs ruin it for all men, it sucks that women are victimized twice-over when they do the hard thing and come forward.

I’m so fucking ready for the aliens to build that cosmic bypass.  Anytime now, dudes. 

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do u like otayuri?

I’m a little scared of why you asked because I have a feeling of where this is going

I’m indifferent. I view them more as companions. However, with the nature of the fandom and with Yuri Plisetsky, I get worried when I reblog posts with Otabek and Yuri in them. I’ve seen Antis scoping around, ready to send an army to an unexpected peep and it’s freaky, yo.

As an impartial 3rd party that doesn’t want to get dragged into drama, my opinion on the ship is that I’m indifferent about it.

Whether I support or bash the ship does not matter, frankly. It’s the mob-mentality that people have around the ship is what scares me, so I keep a good distance and refrain from dipping into the drama if I don’t have to.

I’m all for healthy relationships with understanding, mutual trust, support with one another, all individuals learning and benefiting from each other, and making memories together. As long as a ship has that, I’m happy.

With all the spec on Wish Hook’s daughter, the baby mama, curse twist, etc. etc. I can’t help but wonder…

What will Wish Hook and Rumple make of one another when they meet (if they meet) in the flashbacks?

If they didn’t meet before the curse… Does awake Rumple know that his partner isn’t the same Hook he knew in Storybrooke?

Does Wish Hook know that Henry is Bae’s son, and Rumple’s grandson?

I want to see this new dynamic between the two as much as I want answers to the daughter, baby mother, hero proof curse questions!!

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Umm so I guess I started following you because I was having a horrible awful day and I stumbled upon one of your (incredible) fics. So I read it and wanted another, ended up reading a ton, followed you and am never disappointed!! K but really, you are adorable and so sweet and talented and just all around awesome!!! Have a great November day and try to stay positive!!

okay but

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Seriously this is so kind?????? And just the entire idea that I could make someone’s day better with my writing is just???? So surreal???? But it is also really super freaking amazing. 

And that I never disappoint is super weird and flattering to hear! Just as all the other things you say!!!! As a writer I think I should be good with words but I have no idea how to thank you for saying all this. I am definetly going to bust my ass off to stay positive and adorable and sweet and talented, and I hope that I can continue to make your day better when it’s not. 

I hope you have a great november day too my love<3

Help me fix my bad day and celebrate the start of the weekend with me!

- Rule Post! -

It’s come to my attention that a few folks can’t access the rule page for one reason or another when they’re on mobile. So here’s a handy little masterpost of the current rules which are in place. It’s going under a cut as it’s pretty damn hefty, and if you want to find these, search the ‘Rules’ tag. Here we go - Mun x

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“I remember, Sam. I still remember.”
He was not making sense. “Remember what?”
“Dragons,” Aemon whispered. “The grief and glory of my House, they were.”