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11:11- Name 3 wishes and why you wish for them

1. I wish that I had enough financial stability in order to go to college, because I’d like to be a teacher.

2. I wish I could spend a little more time with my family and friends, because I feel that I don’t do enough for them

3. I wish I could stick with a language course long enough without jumping to another one like geeze, three years of Spanish and six of Japanese and I am still awful at both???

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Omg I love your protogen Soundwave! I love both aspects of him (the Soundwave and protogen aspects) and it is such a great design! The art is so good :0

aaaaaa holy heck another one!! geez I never expected I’d get this much feedback on a character?? like this never happens what do i do????? whAT IS THIS AAAAA

but thanks so much anon!! :0 I’m so glad to know you like his design!! and my art too wow!! bless up!!

5 times Luke cried and Han was there and one time he returned the favor.

(Or read on ao3.)


They met in high school. Luke was wearing his dorky first day sweater vest: navy blue plaid that Leia insisted brought him good luck, and had just been shoved to the ground by a senior in a letterman jacket. How stereotypical. Leia was nowhere in sight so the upperclassmen had no trouble bullying his mercilessly. And he had promised himself it wouldn’t be like last year.

Luke didn’t usually cry. He was usually good at masking his emotions. But today had been a really awful day. He found out he didn’t make the fencing team, which wasn’t entirely unexpected but disappointing nonetheless, he dropped and broke his glasses in first period and was forced to walk around in cracked lenses the rest of the day, and he had to sit alone at lunch because Leia was busy at her student council meeting. His locker got jammed and he was late for chemistry, making a bad impression on Mr. Kenobi, who he had looked up to all freshman year, and all day long he had been tripped and shoved and called names until he burned with embarrassment and shame. And now he was face down on the floor with a bloody nose.

And so he cried, quick, quiet tears that mixed with the blood on his face and ended the day with the overwhelming feeling of defeat. That’s when he met Han Solo.

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TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”



It was going to be a long night.

Even if the Avengers all came back from their current mission in one piece, Cass would still be required to meet them in the hangar upon their return. As the medical officer on duty, she would have to give them all the once-over and clear them to proceed to de-brief.

Apparently they were responding to a crisis in San Francisco. Sounded like they were in for one hell of a fight. They even took the trickster with them. Cass called him the trickster because the other titles she had for him weren’t exactly suitable for her to say in polite company.

She figured even if they got back before midnight, and no one was banged up too badly, she’d still be up till two or three filing post-mission medical reports. Nights like these, she wondered why she even took the damned job. Then she thought back to the day Pepper Potts recruited her, promising state-of-the-art medical facilities and all the research funding she could ever ask for. Work on the Avengers when they needed medical attention, work on her genetics research the rest of the time. Her research had made great advances since agreeing to Pepper’s proposition, but sometimes Cass missed her tiny, dark office in her outdated little lab at the university.

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Too Late

Another one? Geez, this is getting embarrassing.

The room was closing in on him, making Stanford take quick, uneven pants through his nose. He couldn’t- wouldn’t bellieve it. Stanley couldn’t do this to him- he had to take it with him. He had to go- there was so much at stake! Stanley couldn’t ruin it for him! 

“You have to go! Take the damn journal and do something worthwhile- for once, you goddamned idiot!” He nearly shrieked, pulling at his hair in a tight knuckled grip. 

He had to take the journal…  he had to. He watched Stan pull out a lighter and hold the journal close to the fire.


Stanford dove at his brother, punching him without mercy and making him drop the book. A heated fight broke out between the two and Stanford grit his teeth in frustration. Why was his brother so thickheaded? Why couldn’t- why couldn’t he see? Stan bounded towards him and Stanford gripped him by the jacket, pushing him to the ground. A wail was torn from Stanley’s throat as he hit the scalding metal and the aroma of burnt skin wafted to Stanford’s nostrils. It made the scientist cringe, tears stinging his eyes as he backed away. 

Oh god, what had he done? Stanley looked up at him with watery, betrayed eyes, clutching his shoulder tightly as wheezes passed through his clenched teeth. 

“Oh- oh Stanley… please, I’m sorry. I didn’t-”

He waws cut off by the fist colliding into his nose and the sound of crunching filled his ears. He doubled over, holding his nose as he groaned. Stan used this time to drag himself over to the journal. Holding it one hand, he picked up the lighter and pulled himself up with shaky legs. 

“This ends now, Stanford.” 

And then he lit the book on fire.

Stanford fell to his knees as the fire consumed his work, an earth shattering wail ripping his throat into shreds. No, no, no, no! All of his work- all of him! It was ruined, Stanley had ruined it! How could he? How could he! His brother- his traitor- walked over to him, kneeling down and placing a warm, heavy hand on his shoulder.

“There, it’s done now. We can move on from this Ford. You can get better.” 

Better? He could get better? As the word floated around in his psyche, a slow, wide grin spread on his face. 

Stanley frowned down at his brother, but resolved to be comforting despite being in the face of danger. Arms wrapped around his neck and suddenly he had a lapful of shaking Ford in his lap. He wrapped his arms around the other, one petting his hair softly while the other rubbed his back. Quivering lips moved in silent speech against his neck and Stan strained his ears, hearing the tiniest of whispers.

“I’m sorry.” 

Before he had the time to ask, Stanford wrapped his hands around his neck, squeezing tightly. Stanford sobbed as Stan’s choked whimpers and pleads reached his ears, fat tears rolling down his face and falling onto Stanley’s. Anguish rolled off of him in waves, making him shut his eyes as Stan’s hands pawed at his face, pushing the glasses to the floor. 

“I’m so sorry Stan… I didn’t want to do this. You made me do it. Why did you do this to me? You should have just left when you had the chance.” He choked out, shaking his brother as a broken laugh left his aching throat. “But… but you did this. You burnt it- you burnt it all. Years of research, wasted in a second.” 

Stanford was then consumed by rage and he shook Stan, paying no mind to the gurgled yells from below him. Stan moaned as his head hit the concrete. Once, twice, three times. Darkness filled his vision and the taste of iron filled his mouth. Blood trailed from his lips and he let out one last weak whimper before his head met the floor with a sickening crack. And then Stan was gone.

Stanford felt the other go limp under him and a smile spread on his face as he took in the damage. Stans head had dented under the force of his blows, splattering brain matter and blood onto the ground below. Blank eyes stared up at him, a wide open mouth twisted in agony. Heavy pants left him as he sat back. 


This was good… 

This was… 

Oh god, he thought as sobs overtook his body and he scrambled away from his brother’s twisted form. He killed him…

“Holy Moses.” He moaned, feeling bile rise from his throat. 

The sound of vomiting filled the empty room, as did the ocassional sob. What had he done? He killed his brother. He killed his own twin- the only person who would ever love him unconditionally. He snuffed out the only shinning light in his dark exsitence. He needed to get rid of the body. 

“Oh god, please forgive me Stan. I didn’t mean it, please, forgive me.” He whispered feverently, picking up his brother and cradling him against his chest. 

He pressed kisses onto the battered head, staining his lips cherry red. 

Stanford put the last journal in Stan’s arms, smiling brokenly at the sight. Stan would keep it safe for him. Grabbing the shovel he’d brought with him, he started to bury his brother. 

Stanley Pines was buried in what Stanford dubbed “the bad side of the forest” and every year, Stanford visited his unmarked grave, pleading forgiveness to a man who could never answer him back. 


Felt the need to rewatch my nostalgically cheesy old Bardock VHS, I’m so freaking glad I’ve got a functional VCR to use, and an appropriate old CRT TV (which is also what the N64 and Super NES hook up to)

The DBZ website advert at the beginning really drives home how ancient this thing is. Look at that web browser! And the year 2000 calendar for sale!

If other espada had been in charge of Orihime...

As requested by xenothundrous. :)

As we know, in canon Bleach Aizen put Ulquiorra in charge of Orihime: Ulquiorra kidnapped her, gave her a room in his palace, and bugged her incessantly about the heart. But what if Aizen had assigned this task to his other espada? What would Orihime’s Hueco Mundo experience be like then?

(We assume, by the way, that the plot stays roughly the same, and Orihime’s kidnapper dies in a final fight with Ichigo.)

1. Grimmjow

How he kidnaps her: Grimmjow shows up, explains the situation, and tells her to come. She agrees to come willingly. Nevertheless, he ties her up and puts her in a sack. For some reason. 

Grimmjow: It’s the only way to carry humans.

How they bond: After Orihime heals Grimmjow’s arm, he realizes that she’s kinda cool, for a human. And also that he owes her a favor, which makes the whole “holding her captive” thing slightly awkward.

Grimmjow: Here. I made you dinner. Now YOU owe ME.

Orihime: I’m not hungry.


His last words: “I see. My arm…… the heart.”

2. Aaroniero

How he kidnaps her:

Aaroniero turns into his Kaien form, then dyes his hair orange. Then he goes and tells Orihime she has to come with him.

Orihime: Um, you’re not Kurosaki.

Orihime: You only kinda look like him.

Orihime: Especially since his hair isn't that shade of orange.


Aaronerio: Whelp. Squelchy form it is.

How they bond:

Aaroniero reveals that he is ugly and likes to eat weird foods. Orihime reveals that SHE likes to eat weird foods too! They eat weird foods.

Aaroniero: No, I mean like I eat weird people. Not bean paste.

Orihime: Shhhhh

His last words: “If I had eaten you, I could be healing myself right now. DAMMIT.”

3. Zommari

How he kidnaps her:

Very quickly.

Zommari: That’s the way I do everything.

Orihime: Um.

Zommari: …get your mind out of the gutter.

How they bond:

Not quickly.

Zommari: S-stop ruining my thing, woman!!

Orihime: S-stop lecturing me about how humans suck!

His last words: “At least I was killed by a hollow. That lessens the sting." 

4. Yammy

How he kidnaps her:

He doesn’t. He shows up and kills her, because Yammy sucks at subltey.

Yammy: Wait. Did I get the instructions backwards again?

5. Szayel

How he kidnaps her:

He sets a variety of elaborate traps and seals away her powers, all before showing up and explaining how she has to come with him to save her friends.

Orihime: Um, if you had told me that first…

Szayel: Shhh, doing things quickly is not my thing!

How they bond:

Orihime forms a friendship with Szayel’s fracciones. They sing and dance and cuddle. Then Szayel eats one. Which is to say…Szayel and Orihime don’t bond so much.

Orihime: Lumina noooooo!

Szayel: I’ll make another one! Geez!

His last words: "My life is quickly fading. This makes me happy and I don’t know why.”

6. Barragan

How he kidnaps her:

He sends his minions.

Ggio: Hi!


How they bond:

Barragan monologues about the nature of time and morality. Orihime refuses to admit that her life is short and meaningless. Barragan gets increasingly annoyed.

Orihime: Don’t get me wrong, having five lives would sure be awesome!

Barragan: Five? FIVE?! Five is basically zero!

His last words: “I can’t believe you won’t touch my hand, just ‘cause you would turn to dust. Way to leave me hanging, jerk.”

7. Halibel

How she kidnaps her:

She comes to Orihime and explains that she must sacrifice herself in order to save her friends. Orihime agrees to come with her.

Halibel: You must sacrifice yourself or your friends.

Orihime: That’s not really a choice.

How they bond:

Halibel quizzes Orihime constantly about the nature of sacrifice. Orihime insists that she would never sacrifice her friends, not for any reason. This puzzles and intrigues Halibel.

Halibel: Okay, but there’s a burning building with all of your friends inside, and you can only rescue one of them…

Orihime: I’d put out the fire using my magic powers?

Halibel: ….dang.

Her last words: “Are you sacrificing me?”

8. Nnoitra

How he kidnaps her:

He appears behind her, whacks her over the back of the head, and drags her back.

Nnoitra: Lamest fight ever.

 How they bond:

Nnoitra makes sexist and inflammatory remarks. He tries to break down Orihime’s pacifism in a variety of ways. She does not budge.

Nnoitra: Geez, woman, I’ve been poking you for like three hours now. Aren’t you ready to fight me yet?

Orihime: You are a sad little man.

His last words: “Sucks to you. Dying rocks!”

9. Starrk

How he kidnaps her:

He shows up at her house, apologizes, says he doesn’t like to “do this sort of thing,” and then drags her off to Hueco Mundo.

Starrk: Believe me. I’d so much rather be napping.

Orihime: Um, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience?

How they bond:

Starrk reveals that he is so strong that he can’t have any friends. But Orihime…she’s not afraid of him. And she doesn’t dissolve in his presence.

Starrk: What is friendship, anyway?

Orihime: It’s a bond that forms between two people who didn’t kidnap each other.

Starrk: Dang.

His last words: "Do you think we could have been friends?“

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ff+ onthewaytosmile (again. Because Selphie can get more daydreams this way~)

Send me “ff+” and a character name and my character will react to finding and reading a graphic and sex-filled fanfiction of themselves and that character.


“G-geez! Another one of these that put me with Vanitas? That’s soooo weird.” Didn’t stop Selphie from reading it out of some sort of curiosity, but it still felt weird. “–And this one has way more talking than the other one.” Dirty talk, not actual conversation. “Even though I’m still the one that’s taking all the orders! It feels like it’s laughing at my current situation! …But I guess I kinda like it better than the last one? Sorta?”