another one for the books yo

Another  demon

AKA “these idiots are falling ass backwards into a relationship”

Collegenatural au, ft. some one sided ColonelloTsuna (? can it even be called that? It’s just an incubus who wants to eat souls) 

Still primarily R27 though. it’s near the end

Tsuna walked out of the room to see the Ominous Black Book out on the coffee table as his roommate unrolled a large sheet of paper. Upon hearing Tsuna’s approaching footsteps, the roommate looked up and gave a smile. 

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Yo, an updated version of an earlier one I made. Anyone else a fan of these?

  • “You keep buying sandwiches with 1 cent-coins and and I’m the one who have to count all of them” au
  • “I’m an exchange student from another country except our school system are drastically different help me” au
  • “I brought a plushie for my oral and I lend it to you because yo uwanted to send snapchats with it and now we’re bonding” au
  • “draw on your own book” au
  • “I got a free ice cream but actually I don’t like the flavour want it” au
  • “lemme show you all the school hidden passages and shorcuts” au
  • “you prolly don’t remember me but I borrowed you a pen 10 years ago so here” au
  • “We lacked a player to play werewolves and we never talked before but you don’t seem to have anything better to do wanna join” au
  • “I caught you singing the opening of my fav show and now we’re two singing like dorks” au
  • “I’m temporary in a wheelchair and the school have ten thousands stairsteps so the entire class have to carry me and my chair every hours” au
  • “You keep sitting front but you’re hella tall and I can’t see the board you jerk lower your head” au

wow. during this exact time last year, i was enthralled with a pointy-toothed gelled up white haired anime boy disaster paired with the one and only pigtailed angel mcsweetwings death-by-book meister. now it’s time for a sunshine trashcat leather-loving “feline myself” nerdwad paired with yet another pigtailed princess who can whoop a grown man’s ass in under a minute with a yo-yo. what will be in store for me next year

ANOTHER PSA: even if you are not where you think you’re supposed to be you will get there one day dont worry, even if you think you’re a failure you aren’t you are a very awesome person, who will be successful and who will find happiness and who will finally realize you deserve so much better!!!!!!! Because you do and keep being an awesome person.