another one for the 50th anniversary

I’m happy to announce yet another one of the big projects I’ve got planned for this year with my magazine!!

Last year I reached out to my good friend Marcos from the Bandidos MC who was pretty excited about his clubs upcoming 50th anniversary. The conversation included an opportunity for us to publish a book that chronicles the club’s history through pictures from 1966 to 2016. Of course we were absolutely THRILLED at the prospect of having the privilege to help tell the incredible history of their club. We’ve been hard at work over the last couple months and are finally ready to announce it! The book will be bound with a hard cover and dust jacket & over 200 pages long!! This is the first ever book released by the Bandidos MC and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that it goes down in history as one of the best chronicles ever of an outlaw motorcycle club. Pre order information will be available VERY soon.

Feel free to repost but if you repost please leave all text intact in respect of the project and history.

Thank you.

Show Class Magazine

Since everyone’s talking about Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, I thought I’d share one of the more special pieces in my art collection.

The year I had my car accident, I attended what ended up being the final Detroit Fanfare show about 10 minutes from my house. Norm Breyfogle of Batman and Archie fame was one of the guests, in one of his last con appearances before suffering a career-ending stroke. I had wanted to get a sketch or commission from him for quite some time, but I didn’t want to have draw yet another Batman (which is all ANYBODY seemed to want him to do in any capacity). Just for fun, I decided Kirk would be a good choice for Breyfogle to draw, and I made my request at the show accordingly.

Imagine my surprise and delight when, upon making my request, Breyfogle lit up like a kid on Christmas morning and revealed that he was a lifelong Trek fan who looked to William Shatner’s Kirk as a surrogate father figure. (He also expressed a desire to see Shatner voice Kirk again in a new Trek cartoon series.) He’d never been asked to draw anything Trek-related prior to my request, and he seized the opportunity with gusto. The end result was arguably the most popular and attention-grabbing sketch of the entire convention, with even veteran Trek artist Gordon Purcell – who did a Space Ghost for me – giving Breyfogle the thumbs-up.

So not only is this sketch one of Breyfogle’s very last pieces, but it’s also something very dear to his heart and an itch he finally got to scratch. For Star Trek’s 50th, I can’t imagine a more fitting piece of art to celebrate it.

Date night


Zamara stood staring at the door to her wife’s study, hands clasped together, rubbing furiously. She was probably busy, looking through her books, doing whatever she did, but this was important. Zamara only ever entered without telling when there was a emergency, such as when the kitchen was on fire or Joanna got stuck someplace how. This would be the first time she would come in demanding something, and she knew Azrael probably wasn’t going to like it. But…

Today was their 50th anniversary, the day they had first mated and become bound to one another. She hadn’t bothered to do it every year, to her that was simply a blink of a eye, but this year it was different. Not only was this their 50th, but she was immortal now. Death could not touch her in its present form, leaving her untouched and free of its restrictions. She had already made plans for it, all of it, using the money stashed away. Now was the time to ask, to just do it.

Slowly Zamara opened the door, holding her breath as she stepped inside. Azrael was at her desk, reading like always. She was beautiful, just like the day they had met, only know there was a customary feeling to the rush. Nimbly, though, she made her way to the desk, stopping right at the edge. She stared, composing her thoughts, thinking over what to say, what to do. Finally she sighed, opened her mouth and spoke.

“Azrael…today is our 50th anniversary, the day we first mated.” She began, letting her breathing come out calm and steady, hiding her anxiety and excitement, hoping. “I want to make this day special, Azrael, I want it to mark the beginning of eternity for us. So…I was wondering if you would like to go on a date, with me. Out into the city.” She says before biting down on her bottom lip, waiting.