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“It’s not like it’s my job to keep people entertained with the Meowth, but eh…they seem to like the company. It’s kind of different seeing as all I get is either Team Skull or ten year olds.”


“…Everyone get off my property, immediately–”

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raj changed the name of the conversation to “jace likeswood” 

alec: why 

raj: cause i saw him with simon 

aline: and they were doing a smoochy 

raj: your parabatai is into parabaguys 

alec: why did he never tell me it’s not like im a het 

raj: some of us aren’t so EXTRA with our coming out

alec: fuck you raj

aline: i think victor would be mad if u did 


aline: in which you accidentally dropped your pen? 



aline changed the name of the conversation to “raj likeswood”

alec: aldertree wood to be specific 


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do you have a tutorial on how to draw a person facing to the right? i'm always drawing them left lol;;;;

not… really? the only reason why i draw people facing to the right a lot is because i’m left handed - i struggle a lot drawing facing left

i generally use the flip/invert tool -> flip -> drawing facing right -> flip again -> edit it accordingly lol

but i do think it’s important to practice on traditional because you can’t edit as freely so you’re p much forced to try and improve on your own(?) 

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I keep rewatching phils new video ??? So good so positive

whenever i’m sad i watch phil’s videos just because they are so positive. they’re so light and easy to watch and something about him is so comforting. he’s very good and i hope he knows

One of my goals this year is to watch at least one film I’ve never seen every week this year, and so far, I’ve watched 6 films I’ve never seen before and I love this project so much it’s so fun I love film I love art I love expression yay


Set This Thing On Fire

Wincest Writing Challenge - January
Prompt: salt and burn | partner: @just-another-busy-fangirl
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 1,342
Summary: Sometimes the worst ghosts are those in our hearts.
A/N: Thanks to @anotherwinchesterfangirl for her help <3

 1995 - Bangor, Maine

“But, why salt?” Sam shifted from foot to foot as he stood next to the open grave. The salt inside the metal canister made a soft s-s-s-s noise as he moved it from one hand to the next. “I mean, you’re gonna burn the bones. That seems pretty final to me.”

They’d finally agreed that, at twelve years old, Sam could join them on his first salt-and-burn. The rules were clear - Sam would be relegated to shovel holder and salt carrier while his dad and brother took point in dealing with the spirit.

John wiped his brow leaving a dark smudge across his forehead and then pulled himself out of the grave. The dirt piled to the side smelled moldy and Sam wasn’t sure how the two of them could stand it. Looking up at John, who was sweaty and covered in that dirt, it seemed nothing could effect his father.

“It has to do with purification. Salt helps connect the ghost back to the earth and to its bones. Then we send the spirit on its way by burning the bones.” John said, and then signaled Sam, who shook out grains all along the opening. 

As he moved along the eight-foot long hole, he stared at the uncovered dirt walls of the grave with its small roots and rocks imbedded there and back up to the granite headstone of Mrs. Evelyn Whitsett. Anywhere but at the glimpse of white bones lying below him in the broken casket.

The spectre appeared before Sam had finished with the salt. He was knocked to the ground hard, his head bouncing off a rock. The shrieking noise it made was unbearable, but it was cut short as Dad swung an iron crowbar that cut Mrs. Whitsett in half.

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You better try protecting Flo on Twitter cause she's getting dragged

I’ve seen both love & hate toward Flo. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that even if I don’t necessarily agree. I will try my hardest to send her love rather than hate as I do not know everything about Flo’s life and I don’t wish to know that either. I know it can be hard at times but as Ellen Degeneres says below, let’s spread love not hate and respect each other even when we disagree :)
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okay here it is. it’s there. there it is. here. enjoy. have a nice day. i love you. goodnight.