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How you Interact: Youtuber Friends

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  • A lot of giggling.
  • I’m not even joking; most of your time spent together is laughing at stupid shit or making jokes that make you curl up in a ball because your stomach hurts.
  • You pull faces at each other from across the room or just stare at each other with blank expressions until one looks away of laughs.
  • Near to nothing gets done when the two of you are working on the same thing. Or it’s hurriedly finished at the last second.
  • The videos with you in it are nothing but sarcastic comments and giggling. It’s amazing you actually manage to finish a game and get any type of content for the channel.
  • Amy has designated corners for the two of you.
  • When she’s had enough of your antics or something really needs doing; she’ll sit you in your corner (or at your desk) and put Mark at his.
  • You both grudgingly do the work but snap comments at each other, earning yourselves a harsh look from Amy.
  • But Amy loves you none the less. She’s always excited to see you and the two of you get along so well, it scares Mark.
  • “Oi pretty boy, get your ass over here and help me!”
    “Quit your bitching I’m coming!”
  • “You have such a big head for such a tiny man.”
    “Which head are we talking about here?”
  • It’s a friendship built on humor, but the two of you are always there for each other. With tight hugs that would crush your spines, and long deep conversations that last for hours. Sometimes you’ll call him late at night just to chat because you can’t sleep. And he returns the favor by calling you early in the morning to give him ideas for his channel.

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  • The sheer volume of your conversations would shake the ground. And the energy radiating from the two of you would power cities for centuries.
  • When the two of you hang out, it’s a lot of silly shenanigans. Small pranks and I can assure you things will be thrown.
  • You try to copy his wild hand gestures, even try matching his intro voice. However you fail miserably. But he gives you a thumbs up for trying.
  • You end up just mimicking everything he does, and smile innocently when he figures out what you’re doing and glares down at you.
  • When he sings at random moments, you respond by singing either beautifully or make some sort of noise that resembles a banshee. Either way, the two of you make stupid little songs out of everything. Usually you both end up laughing half way through and don’t remember the lyrics afterwards.
  • Wiishu just rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the two of you. Even though she adores you; my god you are so much like Jack it’s like having a twins.
  • You Irish bastard! Get back here so I can kick your pasty ass!”
    “Come at me! I’ll take ya on with one hand tied to my crutch!”
  • You poke fun at his facial hair, threatening to shave it off if he pushes you too far. He responds with a pout and an angry bluff that he’ll turn your hair green if you so much as dare touch him
  • “You have the intelligence of a 4 year old”
    “Says the man who only recently realized why a horn is called a horn.”
  • The two of you may be loud, but everyone adores your friendship. They enjoy seeing the two of you together as it seems to make the world a little brighter. He’s a friend you can count on and talk to about anything. A friendship meant to last.

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  • Everyone thinks you’re dating. Sometimes the two of you play it off that way just to get a reaction. He’ll run up behind you and hug you tightly. You’ll yell “Blue-Berry Babe!” across the room it get his attention. 
  • Once, you actually kissed his cheek in front of Mark just because he wouldn’t shut up about how cute you two are. Not only was Mark surprised, but Ethan couldn’t help but giggle and flush a deep red. 

  • But it’s a pretty platonic, laid back friendship. 

  • The two of you playfully yell at each other out of nowhere. Something might fall off his desk and Ethan will blame you for it. 

  • You had screamed at him once because you ate your last bit of pizza and you wanted a bite of his. 

  • At random times the two of you will start dancing to whatever music is playing. Even if there’s only silence one of you might be humming and the other will dance wildly to the tune. 

  • Uncontrollable laughter at random times at stupid things. 

  • You help him with his channel. Doing funny little challenges, maybe a few multiplayer games. His fans love you. They ship you just as much as Mark, Tyler, Amy and Katherine do. 

  • Whenever you’re feeling down he’ll bring you your favorite food and cuddle with you till you feel better. And you return the favor tenfold.

  • Poking his sides as you pass him. He almost crumbles to the ground and pokes his tongue out at you. He’ll get revenge when you least expect it. Tackling you out of nowhere and tickling you relentlessly. 

  • You had missed him dearly when he moved to LA. But you had quickly joined him after getting accepted at a school/job. He helped you move and supported you through the “settling in” part of your new life.

  • You’re his support and you are his. Ethan adores you, adding you as apart of a family he’s built since he moved to LA. You take silly selfies and post them on twitter and Instagram so you have something to embarrass him with later.

The next great lesbian migration will be to “The Good Fight”

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Deserts were probably Ford’s least favorite environment to travel through.

They were unbearably hot in the daylight and numbingly cold in the nighttime. They tested the limits of his physical endurance with rapid temperature changes, parching lack of humidity, shifting or uneven ground, and lack of cover from the elements. There was nowhere to escape the biting winds or baking sunlight except inside layers of protective clothing and headgear – a pair of UV resistant goggles was one of the best things Ford had ever stolen acquired. Not only did they offer protection from the harsh glare of the sun (or suns, as was often the case), after a few choice modifications they allowed him adequate night vision as well. Travel during the colder periods of the day was much less strenuous than travel in the heat of it, and it was handy to be able to see the nocturnal predators that so often frequented the desert.

On the other hand, though, deserts were also where Ford learned to survive. It was desert folk that taught him how to make the nutrient supplements he now subsisted off of. It was the necessary evil of survival that gave him the hardness of heart to do what it took to survive; and it was the stubborn refusal to become anything less than good that kept him from becoming a monster and giving in to the temptations of selfishness. He had seen firsthand that survival was not synonymous with selfishness, and that though an extended hand may be oft burned one never extended receives no help in return.

And deserts also held beauty, in their own harsh manner. Wildflowers would blanket the earth to the horizon, blooming bright and vibrant against the clean white or dull grey or bright yellow or dust red. The singing of coyotes and dune-beasts to the stars at night held a haunting beauty that sent shivers through his very core. Dawn breaking across a sky so vast it made one feel as fragile as dust; sunsets setting the whole heavens ablaze with color; the thread of galaxies across the sky so filled with colors and stars that one seemed to be walking among them; these were the things that the desert held and shared only with those brave enough to walk it.

Ford felt rather privileged to be one of them.


So I realize this is quite late but it has been an insane day. Here is my #MondayMotivation from the women who have inspired me in my life! 

(Instead of putting what these women have done in their lives, I am going to put the things that they taught me and the way that they inspire me!)

Katharine Hepburn - She taught me what love is. While her relationship with Spencer Tracy was one of much controversy, due to the fact that he was married… his wife and him had been living separate for several years, but she never cared what people thought of her. It was often said that she doted on him hand and foot and whenever her friends would ask why she did that, it wasn’t very “feminist” of her, she would simply answer because it made her most happy to see him happy. She taught me that I should never be ashamed of the way I love someone, even if there are many people who are telling you different!

Gillian Anderson - Obviously you all know everything there already is to know about Gillian, but a few things that she taught me is to love myself. I am not very good at it most of the time, and I definitely need to work on it but she helps me with reminding myself that I am worthy. She inspires me to follow my dreams no matter how big they are and to never give up on them. She inspires me to be kind even when that’s the last thing I want to do. That kindness and light will get me the farthest in anything I do! She also taught me to always be open to things and to be there for anyone who is in need. 

Lucille Ball - “The Technicolor Tessie” the star of I Love Lucy, this woman taught me to go on no matter what happens. As a young girl, Lucille had a pretty crazy family. Her grandfather made her register as a Communist and of course she her career really took of when the McCarthy hearings were going on. Well, as a registered Communist, she raised some red flags and was accused right before she had to go on for a live showing of I Love Lucy, while she was afraid of what was going to happen to her, she went on that live stage to film her show and performed for her audience, not knowing how they would react to her after being blacklisted. This performance received a standing ovation from her audience. She taught me to never give up even if something is scary as hell!

Sandra Day O’Connor - The first female Supreme Court Justice. A women who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed. She was a small town Arizona attorney who rose to be one of the highest judges in the US. She taught me to stand up for what I believe and don’t be afraid to speak out! She inspires me because I hope to be as brave and amazing as this woman is. She was looked down on because she was a woman and she proved all the men wrong. She brought us just one step closer to breaking that glass ceiling. 

Who inspires you?! @cosmic-files-87 @notacleverxfileshandle @storybycorey @ccoble @xfile-cabinetx