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#225 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “the reader is a film music composer & she meets the lids after her interview on BBC Radio 1, & she meets Van and he says he loves her work & they go out on a date to a film festival & a year later, they’re touring the world together? Making sure that when they are touring, they go to the same countries?” and “a vacation with van to some island? and like spending the day by the pool(in the shade of course cause that baby would burn bless his irish skin) and the beach and coconut drinks and dancing to music and all those beautiful things??”

Bonus mini-request of something involving a lifeguard getting a little annoyed at Van running amuck.

It was instant. You’d glanced up as the elevator doors closed, catching his eyes for only a second. Your body moved forward towards him, but the thick steel was already between you and you were being dragged back down to Earth. Cue sad song; cue Everybody Hurts and Mad World and I Will Follow You Into The Dark and Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) and Sampson.

“You okay?” your agent asked. “Look like you’re gonna puke or something?”

“I’m fine,” you said, taking a step back. I’m just living the start of a bad romance film, that’s all.  

Out of the elevator and the doors of the BBC building, you were about to get into a cab. The interview had gone well; the last press you had to do for the film before a short break.

“Wait!” a voice called desperately over a sea of people on the sidewalk.

There he was, weaving through the crowd on his way to you. Cue happy song; cue I Feel Good and Call Me Maybe and I Believe In A Thing Called Love and Hey Ya! and Home.

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The Warrior and the Spy - Behind Enemy Lines

A masterful piece full of intrigue, hand-crafted metaphors, and not a single plot-hole in sight. Dedicated to the wonderful @lavellanlove​ in celebration of her birthday, featuring the illustrious Avira Lavellan and the lustrous Hanin Lavellan. Approx 1600 words. Enter at your own risk. I regret nothing.

In a palace in Orlais there was a room. In that room there were secrets. Lots of secrets, like a drawer filled with the shameful things you don’t want your mother to find so you tuck them away beneath your socks, misguided by the notion she will never look there. But she does look there. All the time.

Currently, Avira Lavellan - master spy and mage extraordinaire - was looking there.

However, her mission was not to uncover the far-from-clandestine pastimes of the Orlesian nobility. Oh no, it was far greater than that. She sought information that would bring the Grand Duchess to her knees. That would destroy the proud empire of Orlais in one fell swoop and leave her standing on the rubble that remained, laughing wildly, revelling in the sweet taste of victory.

That or, like, shipping manifestos.

She was looking for shipping manifestos.

“Come on,” she muttered, glancing over her shoulder occasionally, throwing accusatory glares at the door as if daring it to open. Her eyes – orbs of emerald green like a forest but greener – flicked back to the drawer. “Where are you…?”

“I am right here.”

Avira whirled, socks flying in all directions, fluttering to the ground like plaidweave snow. A figure emerged from the shadow of the room, peeling from the darkness like skin off something old and rotten. Thankfully, he was neither, and as he clanked into the flickering glow of the candlelight she could make out familiar markings on his face. The marks of Mythal. He was Dalish.

“You are Dalish,” she ejaculated, jabbing an accusatory finger at him. “How dare you betray your people for these Orlesian monsters! Explain yourself!”

His voice was deep, rumbling as he replied. “Betray?” He sounded almost amused, armour gleaming. So much armour. “I have nothing left to fight for, and no one left to betray. My clan was lost. Here, I have a duty. The Duchess pays her private guard well.” His mouth slid into a sneer as he took a slow, heavy step forward. “We have dental.”

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We Bring the Boys Out! (Special Drabble)

Pairing: Seokjin x OC (feat. an OC baby ^^)
Genre: Father!AU Seokjin, Slice of life, Drabble, Romance, Fluff, & Comedy
Words: 670
Song(s) That Inspired Me: So Yesterday 
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Finally having a break from the medical student life, Seokjin decided to plan a family date with his fiancee and two year old son, however, would there actually be father-son bonding? Let’s find out!

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out
Season 2: B.O.Y

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