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Pharah and Mercy help a fan pop the question. And in case you’re wondering what the outcome was:

Marriage never dies!

That’s also Patience, just older. She stayed with Toriel until she found out aged boss monsters ,like Toriel, can’t grow old without having a child. So she went out of Ruins and searched for Asgore. And well, you know what happened next.

Justice’ determination overpowered Integrity’s just like how Frisk’s overpowered Flowey’s from the start of the game.

I’m surprised I’m getting fanarts when there’s no story about them, or even Frisk and Chara- But sure! They never fail to make me smile :’)

  • How are you happy? Smiling and laughing, even when you're feeling bad: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • How do you stay clear? Even when you're here, you're somewhere else instead: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • How can you find sleep? Quiet, still and deep, it was simpler back then: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • How do you stay close? Stay up, sweet recalls, maybe you're better off like that: Aries, Cancer, Pisces

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If the new Ruelle song is for this week's episode and reviewers saying there's not really any malec scenes, i guess it's not for them. When are we going to get another Ruelle song in a scene for them.

I’m pretty sure it’s for clace since the lyrics are kinda sad? I’d love to hear another song for malec; The Lifeboat was nice but I’m always down for more, esp from Ruelle, but I admittedly have other priorities for them than the music. besides, queer culture is about reclaiming things from the straights, anyway; i see no reason why we can’t use whatever music we want from her for malec even if it may have been played over another scene originally so. :’)

it sounds like magnus will largely be involved in the downworlder meeting and i hear there’s some great luke content, too. so while malec is obviously important to me, i’m still looking forward to these parts in 2x14. Fandom likes to refer to malec as a power couple and this will be the first time actual Head of the Institute Alec Lightwood and High Warlock Magnus Bane will be in the same room together, navigating these Shadow World politics. I’m actually very, very intrigued by this because while we may not see them alone together in private, I think it’s just as important to explore their dynamic when they’re in public under such tense circumstances, given they’re technically on opposing sides politically.

I feel like my judgement of World Enough and Time will depend in large parts on how the next episode will deal with Bill and I’m not sure how to get through the next week. It feels pretty odd to actually voice coherent thoughts about this episode while also being in shock, but I’m not sure to which extent my mind going “Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill” really is coherent. By the shot of her eye, I’m fairly confident that she’ll make it through, but… the alternative is unthinkable.