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Another new shirt. Time to bow down fags and slaves!! Bow to your master and place tribute at my feet! I want whats owed to me by you all! Talk to you soon fags… happy halloween…


Sasha’s EpicMealTime based channel: The food queen monarchy.
(Sorry if it’s too OOC of sasha to swear but it’s a EMT thing)
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OMG GUYS!!!!!!
I walked into J’s class and he was wearing a new shirt and I was like “Another new shirt???” and he started laughing and said “you know izzy I thought about you this morning when I was putting it on. wait that sounded creepy but.” and I died IMAGINE SHIRTLESS TC THINKING OF YOU WHEN PUTTING HIS CLOTHES ON THINKING OF U AND GIGGLING TO HINSELF.

Laundry Day

Can you do a one shot where it’s been a while since the reader has gotten a chance to tidy up her room at the bunker between hunts, and when she cleans she listens to music really loudly and Sam walks in on her dance-cleaning to hunter by Pharell and it’s just cute and flufftastic? Thanks sweetpea!!

Anon who requested this, I changed it up a bit just so that I’d actually be able to write it since I’m having a period of writers block. Hope you don’t mind, if anything message me!


Peeling off your bloody shirt you scoffed at the hole torn in the side of it; yet another brand new shirt ripped to shreds by a monster. You kicked your boots off and threw your jeans into the laundry bin, but you never heard them hit the bottom. Turning around you saw the bin was full, and socks littered the floor around it. 

“Dean!” you  shouted, running out in your t-shirt. “Isn’t it your turn to do the laundry?” you seemed to be yelling to an empty room. Dean was passed out on the couch, a book lay open on his lap.

Groaning your ran to Sam’s room, but he swung the door open before you could even knock. 

“I found a case, where’s Dean?” he asked, in a rush of excitement. 

“Passed out on the couch, where are you running off to?” you tried keeping up with his strides as he walked through the bunker’s halls.

“A quick salt an burn, we’ll be back tomorrow morning” he said and you crossed your arms.

“I’ll be alone?” you asked, sounding like a child. But you’ve never been alone in the bunker, and you haven’t even learned half of it’s hallways.

“Will you be fine?” Sam turned around, eyes suddenly worried. “Never left you here huh?” he shrugged and you couldn’t help but smile at the daft moose. 

“Yeah, don’t worry” you said, and ran back to your room blushing. You pressed your back against the wall, wondering how he got you so flushed with a simple question. You’ve been with the Winchester’s for three years, Dean quickly because your best friend. But lately Sam has turned into something more, and that frightened you.

Not only was he a hunter, but a damned Winchester! Any demon or angel who knows about you is already trying to get you, dating Sam? You’d be killed in minutes. 

And there was another problem, you wondered if he liked you. Quickly slipping into a sweater, you couldn’t help but wonder where you could find a daisy to play love me, love me not.

Finally zipping it up you went outside to say bye to the boys. You gave Dean a tight hug, “Stay safe” you whispered and he nodded.

Sam gave you a small smile and you hugged him, heart racing. If you felt his body heat through three layers, he definitely felt your heart. 

“Be careful, call me when you can” you said and he smiled again.

“We should be back by tomorrow morning, if not earlier” he said and shut the Impala’s door.

The Impala rolled away slowly, leaving the cold night air around you. Slowly you made your way back in, and decided to clean up. The boys weren’t here to throw research on you, so you ran to your room.

You changed into a pajama top, and realized you didn’t even need pants - it was just you and the books. 

Quickly you grabbed the laundry from your room, and then ran to Dean’s room to grab his. Give the boys a little surprise, a rarity they know as clean clothing. 

Finally you made it to Sam’s room, hands completely full before kicking his laundry bin in front of you as you walked to the laundry room.

With all your strength in your fourth finger you opened the laundry machine and dumped everything in.

About to press start, you stopped when you looked down at your t-shirt. You had gotten some weird pink stain on it, so you threw that in too. A bra and panties were fine, no one was home.

You had forty-two minutes the machine said, until you had to dump it all into the dryer so you decided to go tidy up the kitchen. 

Walking in, your eyes went wide as you never realized just how high the stack of dishes were in the sink. You shoved your iPod into the dock, and pressed shuffle - this’ll take a while.

The cleaning was actually quite peaceful, just you and your music. You were halfway through with the dishes, so you began putting them on the drying rack while shaking your hips to the song. You grabbed a paper-towel and sprayed the counters, wiping them down happily while dancing. Perhaps cleaning was your newfound hobby. 

Mid-twirl, you heard someone clearing their throats. Completely off-guard you screamed and turned around to see Sam  in the doorway.

“Holy shit!” you shouted, and just found him laughing. “Why are yo-“ you started, then realized what you were wearing.

“Oh my god” you shouted.

“No- no it’s fine!” Sam shouted after you, following as you ran to your room to change. But his cheeks were just as red. You slammed the door and began changing, and Sam pressed his back against your door - wishing he could take back what happened. He never meant to scare you, he just couldn’t help but watch how happy and carefree you were in those few moments. Hunters rarely got those, and now you’ve disappeared behind a wooden door.

“Y/N?” Sam knocked on your door and you winced. If it were Dean, this would’ve played out differently. He’s seen you in your underwear thousands of times, but something about Sam made it slightly embarrassing. 

“Y/N let me in please, I didn’t mean to scare you” he said quietly, and you opened the door.

“I know, I’m sorry” you said and he finally smiled.

“Don’t be, although not a big fan of this outfit as much as the one before” he laughed and you blushed.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you leave for the hunt?” you asked, walking by his side back towards the library.

“Well I found out about it because of Jody, but she called and said she had it handled” and you nodded at him. 

“So where’s Dean?” you asked.

“Stopped for supplies, I thought I’d just come back here, check up on you” he said and you smiled to yourself.

“I am an adult you know. You don’t have to worry about me” you said in all seriousness.

Sam looked at you, with concentration at first. “But I do worry about you. I worry all the time if I leave you alone, or if you’re on a hunt. I don’t want anything to hurt you” Sam said and your eyes went wide.

“I’m a hunter too Sam, I don’t understand” you said, rather slowly.

Sam exhaled and pursed his lips for a second before saying, “I don’t know what to say, Y/N. I know you’re a hunter, but a hunter I care about more than any other hunter” Sam said, trying to find a way to drop the hint.

You raised a brow at him, then slowly you realized what he was trying to say.

“I like you too” you said and his face beamed.

He smiled and you pressed your lips to his, and he kissed you like he was waiting to for years. Quickly he lifted you up, holding you by your thighs as you wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands running through his hair.

“Hey!” Dean shouted from the staircase, “Not here!” he said, running over and yelling.

“Sorry” you lied and smiled.

“About time, Sammy” Dean patted his brother on the back before going into the kitchen to put the food in the fridge. 

“About time?” you asked and Sam looked down, hair covering his face. “Ha!” you laughed and he threw you over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” you shouted and pounded on his back. He ran to  your room and threw you on the bed, making you laugh until your sides hurt.

“How about some sleep?” you asked, exhausted from the day. 

Sam nodded and pulled you under the covers, tickling your sides from his own excitement. 

“Night” you whispered and he draped an arm around you, resting his chin on your head.


so I went to my buddy at the hairdressers with the intent of asking her to cut all the red off and bleach my excessively overgrown roots so I could then dye it turquoise or something, and she said fine but it would be easier to bleach it first then cut it

so we did the bleaching, washed it out, then realized it looked kind of funky already- we then both had an epiphany at the same time that it was the same colour as Leeloo’s hair in Fifth Element and therefore it would be a travesty to undo this miraculous deed

so yeah ridic face pulling for you


#AceDay selfies!

Ace of Diamonds: Grey-Asexual and Ace of Clubs: Questioning

I’m pretty sure I’m Grey-Asexual, but not 100% sure? So therefore Clubs as well.


The loser hides behind a mask of my disguise


we hope that you stick to all your resolutions, and be the best that you can be this year!! :-)