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Okay so story time! When I was around 11 (roughly 5 years ago) I took about 6 weeks of figure skating. I fell in love with it, but I played 3 other sports at the time and it was an EXPENSIVE sport so I was finished.

Flash forward to end of 2016 - 2017. I found this super cool sports anime that was about VOLLEYBALL, another sport I played. One episode led to another and another, until I moved on to new sports animes (I found out that I played a lot of sports when I could count at least 4 sports animes that were based on sports I played).

As I flicked through new animes, something caught my eye. An ice skating anime? Well this sounds awesome! Four episodes in, I found out one of my best friends also had found the show. Together we waited for each Wednesday eagerly and created fanblogs (Love you Rachel ;D).

I went skating in December of 2016 with my cousins. I could barely complete a spin, but I had remembered my “fishies” and “swizzles”. I went another time with my cousins and I had more fun. I asked my mom in a joking manner if I could take skating back up again. She laughed along with me and I went back to skating after grabbing a drink.

Then in January, I went with my friend (aforementioned fangirl friend, that is). I could get some spinning down, and I even giddily tried to mimic Yuri’s step sequence in Agape. We both squealed when we saw a man who did some jumps and the woman he was with also did some (*cough cough* Victuuri *cough cough*).
The next week, I went with my non fangirl friend. I taught her some spins and I overheard the girls next to us talking about Yuri on Ice. I’ll admit I did go out and do a few spins to try and impress them, but after one approached me to help her with skating backwards (a skill I had only just gotten the hang of) I offhandedly mentioned Yuri and they squealed. (It was amazing)

I had such a great time I started going every week, sometimes on Sundays, most times on Friday, sometimes even going twice a week. I’d go after High school softball practice, and yeah, I’d regret it the next day, but it felt amazing when I skated.

Two weeks ago, my mom watched me skate and clapped when i attempted my backwards crossover (I failed). As I got off the ice to grab some water, she watched me silently. She finally smiled and quietly told me that if I raised some money/got a job, she’d pay for lessons and competitions because I seemed so dedicated (that and I payed for my skates as well as rink admittance which impressed her). I was so happy I started crying. I also immediately practiced some more.

This week I went to the rink as usual and there was a guy there who was also skating. He mentioned he had started self teaching himself in January and he was pretty good. I even asked him some advice for a toeloop.

The video above is me attempting a toe loop for the first time. Its far from good, but I posted it here because I decided that others needed to see this. Yuri on Ice isn’t just some sports anime. It connected with me on a different level (the way it dealed with anxiety and other problems also connected me to the show).

The video above shows that with some determination, you can do what you set your mind to, which is what I think one if the messages of YoI was. I went from slow single spins to attempting toe loops.

So yeah, YoI is an anime and sometimes it can be silly, but how it effects people, that’s what makes it such a great show.

I firmly believe Prometheus is setting up Adrian Chase to take the fall for him and Oliver is simply walking down the path blindly. Even the envelope felt like a planned domino to fall. Prometheus knew exactly where Pandora would lead and Oliver took the bait. The next shot fired, the evidence to impeach Mayor Queen, feels like yet another orchestrated move. Oliver believes Prometheus fired back because he’s getting close to his identity. Or maybe that’s just what Prometheus wants Oliver to think.. So, Oliver believes Adrian Chase is Prometheus when he’s set up to take the fall.

@jbuffyangel | Arrow 5x14 Review. Very interesting spec…

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Say you wanna move a sideblog...

It’s not hard at all. You don’t have to delete the sideblog at all if you have another main you can move it to.

I’ll be using my seal sideblog as an example.

Go to the sideblog and click on members.

Then invite the other main blog using the e-mail address.

You should get a notification at the top that looks like this. Copy the link provided and log into the other account you want as the main blog and paste it. You have invited yourself to your own blog. :3

Finally… Log back into the old account and promote the other blog to Admin.

IF you are having trouble with getting IMs to the sideblog, have the other blog leave it before you delete it. Make sure it works with a little help from a mutual. :3

savvyshka  asked:

Reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notes!!

1.  moving another chapter of that damn novel from ‘ready for first revision’ to ‘ready for second revision’ 

2.  finishing another chapter (#29) of Strain

3.  seeing fandom rally to get that stolen translation  of Cruel and Beautiful World down

4.  that the pain meds mostly mask the migraine

5.  how warm it has been the last few days

for this year: 

  • move to another city or country because i hope i find…
  • a job in my area of studies and that pays decent.
  • like that job and the people i work with.
  • have my own place to live.
  • decorate that place so it looks fab as fuck.
  • get a dog. a boston terrier or any dog really.
  • meet new people and possibly some nice guy.
  • save all the money i can so i can myself the car i always dreamed of.
  • come home as much as possible to see my family.
  • be happy being independent.

i got drunk and told yet another person they could move in with me but i’m like actually no… i live alone. this is me now until i have a wife or live with kitsey or something. i’m NOT going back to jar peeing

“It was a relief to have Klaus back with them, of course, but the Baudelaire sisters did not feel relieved, not one bit.”

I forgot I drew this when I was re-reading the 4th book like a month ago! The Miserable Mill has always been one of my fave books in the series because I really love the theme of hypnotism and sibling appreciation! They just love and care for one another so much :’)


The Doctor Donna

In case any of you need a gentle reminder…

Don’t go chasing after people for the sole purpose of policing them.

Whether they are former friends, exes, or celebrities, just don’t.

You have your own life to live.  Devoting your energy towards harassing others for everything you interpret as an unforgivable mistake is doing only one thing:

Taking away from your own potential growth.

Look after yourself, and the ones you love.  Share peace and kindness, not bitterness and venom.  Otherwise, your growth will stop.

Keep moving forward.

I think the weirdest thing about Black Paladin Keith to me is that I took the whole “jamming your bayard into the lion hole” thing to be the ultimate bonding a paladin can do with their lion. Like, it’s the lion’s way of saying, yes, I choose you, you’re my paladin, let’s do this. So in my mind Keith and Hunk’s places within the team are basically like locked in?? Keith moving to another lion would just be. Weird.

just a thought but

bad bob zimmermann won his third stanley cup in 1978. he turns 57 in january of 2014 which means he was born 1957. he was 21 the third time he won a stanley cup with the montreal canadiens. 21.

he has won a stanley cup every season he has played since he was drafted at 18. and, in real time, the montreal canadians went on to win a fourth stanley cup the following season. four consecutive wins since he was drafted. since we dont know if the win with the pens in 1991 when he was 34 was his fourth or fifth or if he only played for the canadiens and the pens then it’s possible that bad bob won a number of stanley cups with a number of teams before retiring under the pittsburgh penguins

imagine living up to that