another move

So in season 5…

[Keith trains with Kollivan/other blade members aboard the Castle of Lions while Lotor and Shiro stand off to the side, observing.]

Lotor: The way he fights is simply mesmerizing to watch.

[Keith pulls off another impressive move in his tight BOM outfit.]

Shiro: It sure is.

[Both share a knowing yet accepting glance.]

*And on that very same day an alliance was formed*

the world moves on another day another drama but not for me not for me all I think about is how happy Taylor Swift is and how she deserves everything that is good and pure in this world


Daniel’s in control.

This is probably one of the most challenging things I’ve created in a while.

Hope you guys enjoy!


Adagio Style (based off of ballet)

This Oricorio has sipped pearl-coloured nectar. Its gentle and graceful dance seems harmless, yet is able to send many enemies away.

It is able to dodge an enemy’s moves with ease, all the while staying stable on its toes. Its wings sparkles alluringly, distracting its foe as it strikes.

Brace Style (based off of electro swing)

This Oricorio has sipped silver nectar. Its fast movements and catchy tempo makes bystanders want to join it on the dance floor.

Each time its feet strikes the floor in its dance, its feathers slowly becomes hard as steel. This helps give more power and strength to its moves.

((First and foremost, I’d like to say that this guy’s beard impresses me greatly

I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw @asktheinkdemon‘s Henry design because he is aN ADORABLE OLD CINNAMON ROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS))

sophie: *invades howl’s home, cleans everything without his permission, is mean to him, bullies his friends, steals his seven-league-boots, does always the exact opposite of what he says*


sophie: *messes up his hair products*


Headcanon that the reason why the information in the three Journals wasn’t separated between them in any sort of chronological order is because Ford kept losing one or the other of them and just scribbling things down in whichever one came to hand first.


The Doctor Donna

The Lovers

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.

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