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i just remembered being in this museum in Munich … and there were these headphones you could put on at one point that were playing the overture to wagner’s Tannhäuser. and this room was so dark because I think they normally showed a video in there. anyway it was just me in the room listening to Tannhäuser and it was so loud and the room was so dark that I just closed my eyes and it just felt like i was no longer there, I could have been anywhere, in the past….it was only for about 8 minutes but it felt so long and it was so magical . When the music finished I realised I had been crying. really something weird happened there. I always remember that randomly especially when I listen to the Tannhäuser overture like now ..

The Echo of Heartbreak | Westallen Fanfiction

I wrote this ages ago, but I wanted to post other fics first, so here you go! It takes place early in ep 3x18 before the Joe/Cecile scene & prob around the time of the first scene of the ep when Abra first shows up - except at Barry & Iris’s place w/ them.

Many thanks to @valeriemperez for being an epic beta.


Synopsis: 3x18 - Barry can’t stop thinking about his broken engagement with Iris, even with his ring back on her finger. 

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i am so fucking pissed off right now

i’ve been overweight since i was 8 and pretty much i’ve heard it all and generally i’m a likeable enough person now that i don’t see or hear much commentary on it like…i’m medium fat, overweight but still somewhat curvy:

and in general i’m pretty comfortable in my own skin

tonight, however, i was eating at my favorite restaurant in this town with my aunt and my mom and i notice this woman staring at me. like laser eyes, full on boring holes into me. i look up and met her eye and she still did not look away. i told her, very loudly, to stop staring at me. she told me she was looking at my shirt (nothing to see there it’s an old purple sweatshirt that was my mom’s from like 1992) and i told her again to stop, very loudly again indeed. their table laughed and whispered and then they all picked up their drinks and menus and moved to another table where i couldn’t see them. usually i don’t let people get to me and i’m glad i called her out but i couldn’t finish my meal and just went to go sit in my aunt’s car and breathe and didn’t return. idk why people have to do shit like this it was very hurtful and i usually don’t take that stuff kinda hard but i also haven’t been stared at quite as intensely before. so that was depressing.

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AOS McKirk - 2, 21, 38? :)

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How’s their team work?


These two understand one another without words. They move as one, anticipating the other’s actions, reading the others’ intentions. Jim is Len’s eyes and ears, and Len is Jim’s hands and heart, and this arrangement works beautifully and efficiently. 

Do they share well?

They share stuff just fine.

(okay, Len bitches when Jim gets into his stash of high-shelf bourbon, but he doesn’t really mind all that much)

Communication, emotional exchanges -

It takes them a little longer to get the hang of that.

Do they share any interests or hobbies?

They both like to be outdoors.

Jim wants to be active, is all antsy adrenaline and go, go, go

Len is mostly content to just be, to feel the wind on his face and the sunshine on his skin.

They both like a good drink.

It’s Jim who compulsively collects alien spirits (the more obscure, the better), but it’s Len who becomes quite the liquor snob.

They enjoy a late night shore leave.

Of the two, Jim’s the socialite, but Len, when he’s in the mood, can tear up the dance floor just as well as Jim can.

They both have a fascination with old style films.

Jim loves the action flicks, is particularly fascinated by loud explosions and cheap effects of Michael Bay movies. 

Len prefers westerns. 

They take turns picking.

They spend a fair amount of time curled up beside each other, reading. 

Jim loves books of all kinds, and by the end of the FYM, he’s amassed a fair collection of classics from all the known reaches of the galaxy.

Len’s not a literary guy, not by a long shot - he’s usually got his nose buried in a medical journal.


Okay, this is a given, obviously, but by their forties, these two have set foot on more alien soil than any married human couple in the history of the federation, and they’ve kept track.

It becomes a thing, actually - Jim beaming down to a new planet, surreptitiously scoping out a spot where they can sneak away for a bit, requesting the presence his CMO for some extravagantly unconventional reason, then, afterward, documenting the excursion in the little leather notepad that he keeps in his back pocket for just this reason.

Len affectionately refers to it as “the fuckbook.”

What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

So, I’ve covered McKirk sexual dynamics ad nauseam, here.

Anything they won’t do - 

Jim is pretty much down to try anything twice.

Len’s a lot more open than most folks would give him credit for, really, but one thing he has trouble with is role-play.

Len is Len, and Jim is Jim, and that’s how Len wants things to stay, in the bedroom.

Link to Anna’s masterlist here.

(stack CDs in timber bookshelf)

(start moving another shelf a bit higher)

(knobby thing holding shelf up falls out, back, and under the shelf)

(realize I have to pull everything off and yank entire shelf back, get it out, and reassemble)

(sigh and walk away for an hour)

((First and foremost, I’d like to say that this guy’s beard impresses me greatly

I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw @asktheinkdemon‘s Henry design because he is aN ADORABLE OLD CINNAMON ROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS))


The Doctor Donna

“It was a relief to have Klaus back with them, of course, but the Baudelaire sisters did not feel relieved, not one bit.”

I forgot I drew this when I was re-reading the 4th book like a month ago! The Miserable Mill has always been one of my fave books in the series because I really love the theme of hypnotism and sibling appreciation! They just love and care for one another so much :’)


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So I’m not entirely sure if this is how their first kiss would go since Hinata’s tsundere af, but the idea of him being comfortable enough with Komaeda to be the one to initiate it makes my heart melt c’:

I can imagine Komaeda, whose self-esteem and sense of self-worth is practically nonexistent. being so surprised by this predicament that he just sorta stands there and looks at Hinata like: