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Prompt by: Anonymous

Imagine: Anakin accidentally blurts out your feelings for Obi-Wan, you avoid him until he eventually catches you.

Warnings: None.

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“Honestly, Anakin,” you say, teasing the young Padawan, “you’re the worst at this game.” Your large, computerized yellow alien knocks his small blue one to the floor and his entire strategy crumbles. You can see the aggravation on his face and you laugh.

It was all too easy to beat him.

“If you wouldn’t cheat all the time…” he mutters, intending for you not to hear.

“I’ve never once cheated, Anakin,” you state. “You’re just horrible.”

“Shut up!” he protests. “I’m trying!”

You grin. “Not hard enough.”

He rolls his eyes. He gives a glance to Obi-Wan who’s been sitting next to you this entire time. “At least I don’t have the hots for Obi-Wan,” Anakin mutters, tone slightly teasing.

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A Full Confession: Chapter 4 (NSFW)

Read on AO3.
Part 3 here.
Part 5 here.

Summary:  You haven’t seen the movie in years, but you’re pretty sure this isn’t how an exorcism is supposed to go.

Words: 5200

Warnings: Mirror sex, light bloodplay, yes, Father

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader (Priest!Kylo x Demon!Reader)

A/N:  Ahhh, only one chapter left of our sweet demon!Reader and perverted priest! @kylophiliac and myself have REALLY enjoyed writing this and we’re so pleased that other people enjoy it, too. We hope to have the final installment up in a couple of weeks, but until then, happy sinning, haha! We love y'all SO much and your feedback makes our day. So thank you, thank you! <3

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