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another way late upload! this was my piece for @twauzine​ back in july! the zine centered on bringing real world cultural themes to Fire Emblem Fates, which itself bore its own set of distinct cultures reflecting on the real world! 

I chose to focus on the neutral children, whose experiences with culture growing up depend entirely on which country you end up fighting for. while the nohrians in the back perform the arabian dance dabke, as layla’s homeland cyrkensia can be interpreted to have middle eastern themes, these guys privately share a little hoshidan craft. when you’re divided between two nations–or nationalities–it is invaluable to learn and share its delicacies with others.

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No matter how long she pondered it, the words wouldn’t come out. And the silence was draining. Finally, when Annie spoke, there was only one thing she could say.

“I’m sorry.”

Fanfic aesthetic: She’s Got Your Eyes 


Day 3: SET C - “Friends”

“Why are you doing this?“
“Because we’re friends, why else?“
“… We are?“
“What?! Sure we are! Pft, so mean! Now you have to pay for the ice cream next time!“
“Naaah, just joking, really, don’t take everything so serious. Come on, let’s get-”
“I will.“
“I will buy ice cream next time. Then I’ll show you my favourite.“
“You have a favourite ice cream?“
“Just what do you take me for? An alien?“
“Naaaa~ahaha. So, which one?“
“…Sea Salt.“
“Eww, sounds gross. Maybe you are an alien after all.“
“Oh, shut up.“
“Why are you grinning all of a sudden?“
“Nothing~ Come on, Isa, let’s get moving!“

It felt great. Having a friend.

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i feel like we're bombarding you im sorry but are you almost done with the chapter?;)

Hahaha, i love how excited you guys are for this!! I’m halfway done so it’s going to be another late night upload. Ya’ll okay with that? :)


Hey look another late upload! Here’s Revali’s Theme by Medllix played on Woodwinds, pretty appropriate for everyone’s favorite asshole bird!

I will admit, I cried the first time I walked into Rito Village. I did the other three Divine Beasts first and left Vah Medoh for last. No particular reason, that’s just where the game took me. So I didn’t end up on that corner of the map until pretty late in the game. And I guess I should have expected it, seeing as the series has been reusing town themes for for ages, but hearing the beautiful rendition of Dragon Roost hit me like a Moblin throwing a Bokoblin. It’s definitely my favorite town in the whole game, I’d often just go there to idle while looking at the map.


Meditation Box. Before and After.
This is another late upload but here is my craft project from April. I wanted a place to keep all my stones and oracle cards safe and together for when I meditate. For the longest time they’ve been scattered around me room and I never really knew how many crystals I had or which types. Now that I can see them all together I think I may need more :P
I found a scrappy, dusty box at an op shop/thrift store and decided it was just what I needed. I sanded it back, stained it with coffee, painted the top design with gold acrylic, gave it a wood top-coat and a coat of shellac. To complete it I made a thin pillow for the base out of a deep purple panne velvet. Whenever I card read for myself I like to work in 3′s, which is why I have 3 placements for my cards, and 3 for gems or incense, or both!

"Make him pay for it."

Another late upload ‘cause I had to fix something with Photoshop ugh scanners. I made this illustration after Catching Fire, and… Johanna Mason is so great in both books and movie. I hope you like it! (Open in a new tab for better resolution.) Tools: Pencil drawing + ecoline + coloured pencils on the frame’s outline + grain effect w/ Photoshop CS5. Prints available here. Please, do not repost (especially without credits) anywhere, thank you. {It lacks a bit of new stuff, but check my artblog maybe?}