another late night drawing

Happy Father’s Day!

they’re dressed as lions bc they’re the pride of the family

adding more to the tsukkiyama parent AU~


can you believe davenchurch actually canonically happened

color experiments continue with me doing all these in serirei (sorta celebrating the 200 kudos and now 2K hits on my fic)

this one is ♠: One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/neck tie/ requested by @sandflake

i’m in a good mood so have an extra tie-pull tiny kiss on the smoft cheek

(you can affect the order i’m doing these by requesting them btw!)

Just wanted to draw some nine-tail fox Red. No biggie. XD


“How come he always cuddles with you, Sans? What about me?!”

Sans raised a brow, continuing to pet the small fox’s head that was on his chest. “Don’t know, bro. Like you said, he’s as lazy as I am. We have relatable hobbies.”


“Heh, yeah, well.” Sans looked down to the sleeping fox. He smiled gently at the quick ear twitches that occurred from time to time.

Papyrus pouted. The little one always spent more time with his brother than him. “D-do you think he d-dislikes me?”

Sans looked at his brother in surprise. “Red? Nah. The little guy adores your cooking, you know. Always leaves a clean bowl.”

“Oh.” Papyrus brightened a bit at that. “T-then why doesn’t he spend more time with me?”

“Maybe it’s because you’re always busy.”

“I make time!”

“No, I mean, you always need to do something. And maybe Red feels like he’s only getting in the way.”

It hit Papyrus then, the little fox always seemed to just watch him whenever he does his household chores. And the tall skeleton groaned. A gloved hand to his face in exasperation. “I am disappointed in myself in not picking up on this brother.”

Sans chuckled softly. “I’m sure you’ll think of something to make it up to him.”

“You’re absolutely right! I will start by making him my famous spaghetti! A good sustenance once he wakes up.”

“Good thinking, bro.” Sans turned his focus on Red, who stirred slightly to curl even further on his lap; tails swishing briefly in the movement.

The little one stayed asleep, and Sans continued his petting, all the while hearing the distant clinks and clanks from the kitchen.

All in all, it was quite another peaceful day in the skeleton brothers’ household.

EDIT: HA! Fixed it,now Shiro has his scar :>

EDIT: I completely forgot his scar! I’ll fix it later. Time for bed

FMA AU where Shiro is the seventh prince of the Yao family thus is the older more responsible brother of Ling Yao,he also has an automail arm and had no idea that Ling now shares his body with Greed much to his horror.

Ling really respects Shiro and sees him as a rival of sorts thus fueling his drive to become Emperor of Xing before Shiro does.