another i just met you joke

I can just imagine

After the war, everyone becoming friends and Draco’s line of “My father will hear about this” becoming an infamous joke. Harry and Ron teasing him with it; Pansy, Theo and Blaise adding fuel to the fire with stories from their childhood. Draco hates it but his best defense is only ever “I said it a COUPLE TIMES! Get over it!” And everyone just looks at him like 😒 “a couple times?” And it never gets better but in the end it becomes endearing.

One time while they’re out for drinks Ron uses the joke and Draco realizes the ginger is using it as teasing banter, not a low-hanging insult and he tosses back a bitting quip that’s met with laughter and another round.


“Is your father going to hear about this?” Harry asks as they’re both catching their breath in a dark hallway, shoved against the wall.

“Not until I know you’re never leaving me.”


Then I met someone i never EVER expected to meet. The lovable yet horrifying Funky Bodacious bod stealing (and heart stealing) Parasite Sanzy Fresh! He’s not that scary once you get past all that stuff. he is actually really nice and sweet and respectful! we shared jokes all night. He was really encouraging, said i should be a comedian, I’m sad when he had to sk8 on out of there but he promised we could still be friends, and I’m keeping him to it! ;) My sans however is still kinds nervous about my new pal though he he! @loverofpiggies

I also met yet ANOTHER Frisk! @thepacifrisk was really nice and cute and looked just dashing in their tux! they were really shy at first but warmed up quick and hung out with me and Fresh…or Fresh and I? I dunno! it was really fun though. i’m glad I met them

I will pick out more pictures soon. but oh man if someone made a picture of ME and one for THEM I might have a mini heart attack of happiness and have to reset!! man..if only…but i doubt it <: ) but that’s okay! I have memories of my own (seriously though if any of you I met drew me I would love you forever and probably scream behind the computer and freak out my parents…but its worth it!)


Another guy flirts with you (Niall Horan 2/5)

You and Niall met up with the boys for an informal dinner to just hang out.  You were laughing at one of Harry’s many knock knock jokes when the waiter came over to your table.  He immediately checks you out and gives you a flirty wink.  You shift uncomfortably towards Niall, trying to make it obvious that you were with someone.  The guy was hot, there was no doubt about that, but he was too cocky and confident.  

“What can I get everyone to drink?” He asks still looking at me.  Niall notices and quickly tries to avert the waiter’s attention.  

“I would like a Guinness and water, please,” Niall speaks through gritted teeth.  When he is about to walk away and put in the drink orders he sends a little smile towards you.  You feel the heat rising in your cheeks and you quickly look down at the menu, trying to avoid Niall’s angry glare.  

“What the hell did he think he was doing? He was acting as if I wasn’t even sitting here!” He said, enraged.  You put your hands on either sides of his face, trying to calm him down.  

“Hey Ni, just ignore him.  Don’t let him ruin our dinner,” you pleaded with him.  His eyes soften a little bit when his blue eyes meet yours.  He let out a puff of air, trying to regain composure.  

“I’m sorry (Y/N), but he doesn’t have any respect for women and it bothers me,” Niall says, looking down.  "But if he looks at you like that again he won’t get off that easy,“ he threatens.

During the whole dinner the waiter still didn’t back off and when he gave us the check, Niall jumped up and stormed after him.  Everyone looked at each other in puzzlement.  Harry grabbed the check and his eyebrows knit together.  

"There are so many things that I would love to do with you. Call me ;) 888-888-8888."  

"Oh shit!  I will be right back,” You said as you hurried out of the booth.  You found them talking near the restrooms and you could tell that Niall’s face was a bright shade of red.  

“If you ever come near her again, or even look at her I will come after you,” Niall said while jabbing a finger at his chest.  When he didn’t reply Niall added, “Got it?”  The boy quickly nodded his head.  

“Niall?” You ask timidly.  His head whipped around and he strode over to you.  "Lets get out of here, princess,“ he whispered, putting a hand on your back. 

Sorry if this one wasn’t too good, but I was watching FRIENDS and I was slightly distracted

Dear Parents,

Sometimes I feel like I disappoint you.
You see, I know you want the best for me.
I know there is nothing that you could want more than to see your son be more than just another stardust body, to see your son do better than you ever did.
But I have to admit that sometimes your expectations make gravity seem like an inside joke between you and God.
And I think, ‘Expectations, aren’t we supposed to live up to those? Shouldn’t the bar just be too high?’
Yet I can’t help this feeling, this weight I feel on my shoulders every time I don’t get an A.
And whenever I think I did well, I’m always met with a ‘You can do better.’
I assure you that even though I have earthquakes for legs and a voice that manifests itself as letters like this that I will never send, I am trying.
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the struggle you went through for me, but sometimes, a simple ‘I’m proud of you’ would suffice.

—  maxwelldpoetry, “Can you write about living up to parents’ expectations?”
Family Tree

p>Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: Meeting Chris’s family for the first time.

A/n: I might make another version where you’re his best friend and you two met on set of a movie but idk.

Genre: family, fluff, humor
Rated: everyone
Warning: slight swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were nervous as Chris drove the car towards the house called his parents. Chris looked over at you and chuckled, patting your knee and said.
“You’re gonna be just fine. They’ll love you.”
You smiled a bit and held onto his hand and joked.
“Isn’t it supposed to be the guy that freaks out about meeting someone’s parents?”
Chris smiled and said, pulling into the driveway.
“It does kind of feel weird.”
You giggled and he got out, running over to open your door. You smiled and took off your seat belt and Chris held his hand out. He stated in a funky British voice.
You took his hand and replied in an equally horrible British accent.
“Such a gentlemen.”
You both giggled and he shut the car door

. Chris put an arm around your waist and grabbed keys out of his pocket. Unlocking the door, Chris called out. “Mom?” “In the kitchen!” Your nerves got to you and Chris held open the door for you. You were hesitant, fingering your hoodie sleeve before stepping into the house slowly. Chris gave you an reassuring smile and you just looked around, observing your surroundings (I have no idea wtf his house looks like so just hop aboard my train of imagination.choo choo.) Hard wood flooring covered the ground, the color a rich dark cherry. The entry way was sort of small, a shoe rack on one side, washer and dryer on the other. Pictures lined the walls and Chris put his hands on your shoulders and whispered in your ear. “Watch this.” He silently padded through after taking his shoes off. He motioned you to follow him as he tiptoed into the kitchen. You watched from around the corner as Chris went up behind a beautiful lady and stated. “Hey mom.” Right in her ear. “Jesus Christ!” She flung her hands up, a watery sponge flying over her shoulder and Chris fell to the floor laughing. The woman turned, ears pinkish and a slight smile on her face. “Christopher Robert! God dammit!” You giggled and the woman turned to you. “Oh! Hello dear! Who might you be?” You watched as Chris continued to *cough-try-cough* stop his laughter. “Well since Chris is currently dying of laughter and can’t introduce me, I’m (y/n).” The woman smiled Bright. “I’m Lisa, his mother. Would you like something to drink?” You shook your head. “No thank you.” Chris finally recovered and you said. “You are so mean. That is no way to treat your mom.” You smiled and Chris just gave you a shit-eating grin. “Wait till you meet his brother.” Lisa said. You bit your lip and sucked in a breath. “Already met meatball #2.” “Oh, so you already net Scott?” You heard pounding feet and someone swept you off your feet. You squealed as Scott sang while spinning you around. “Can you feel the love tonight!” You laughed then said. “No.” Scott gave a sad look and said. “I tried.” Chris swatted Scott away. “Um. Hello. No. My prey.” You looked at Lisa for help but she held her hands in the air. You giggled and Chris asked, holding his brother in a headlock. “Where’s Dad and the evil sisters?” “Your dad took the girls to the store with him right before you arrived. Should be gone for two hours with that huge list I gave him.” Chris nodded and you smiled. Maybe this wasnt ad bad as you thought it’d be after all. -END-
Good Mood

I laughed at another joke Barny said. I was watching How I Met Your Mother in my pajamas on a Wednesday afternoon. It was almost 5pm.

When the episode finished, I stood up from the couch and went in the kitchen to wash the dishes from yesterday. I giggled as I remembered funny things Barny had said during the episode, he was clearly my favorite character.

I heard someone chuckle and I turned to face Luke. He grinned, “Why you’re laughing?”

I laughed even more, thinking how weird I looked laughing by my own in the kitchen.

“I just watched How I Met Your Mother and it was really funny,” I giggled.

One eyebrow raised and a laugh escaped his mouth, “Okay… How has been your day?” He asked as he took my towel.

I washed a plate and handed it to him, “Great, really,” I smiled.

“That’s new,” he pointed out.

I shrugged and closed the kitchen tap.

“I don’t know, all of my exams are done and I’m just not stressed anymore. It feels good,” I replied as I watched him place another plate in the kitchen cabinet. He put the towel on the counter and looked at me.

He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up so that I could sit on the kitchen counter.

“I’m sorry for the mess that I did all over the house and I’m sorry I was rude to you when you didn’t deserve it,” I said as I remembered being a total mess the last two weeks. My notes had been all over the house and I was not being me.

He leaned in and started leaving kisses on my neck.

“I don’t care,” he mumbled against two kisses.

His kisses went from my neck to my jawline and then our foreheads touched. I looked at him, but his eyes were already closed. Soon enough his lips were on mine.

He pulled away, “Do you think I really care about the mess?”

“I guess no.”

He nodded, “See, and you’re not mean anymore so why apologize?”

I smiled at him, “Right, we shouldn’t talk about it anymore. It’s over.”

“Good,” he said as he grabbed my hand. “Let’s go watch How I Met Your Mother.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

luke would so be the type of guy to ruin the moment like if you were cuddled up against one another on a rainy day beneath several blankets while watching ‘how i met your mother’ and you playing with his messy blond hair, he’d start whining about how your feet were like ice and would constantly tease about how it’s like spooning a snowman and laughing at all his stupid jokes while you just rolled your eyes at your oh-so-romantic boyfriend.

All That Matters

Dylan O’Brien Imagine

“Dylan do you remember the first day you met Y/N?” I looked over at Dylan as he was asked the question by a fan in the audience. We were at another Comic Con and it was only my second time attending but fans had given me as much love as they gave the rest of the cast. “Yeah Dyl. What do you remember from the first time you met me?” He glared at me jokingly shaking his head as the fans cheered.

“Well I remember it was when we were first shooting together. I was joking around with Posey over something, I can’t remember what it was, but she was sitting on set with Holland just talking. I saw her and ended up tripping over something, immediately making myself look like an idiot.” I laughed at him and nodded, “And then he stood up acting like nothing happened and ended up tripping again.” The cast all laughed along with the audience as Dylan hid his face in his hands.

A few more questions were asked and we talked about all of our characters, major things that have happened on the show, favorite movies and things like that before we Dylan and I were asked a question. “Dylan and Y/N this question is for you.” I smiled looking at the teenage girl who seemed to calm down a bit once I gave her a gentle smile. “So both of your characters are obviously completely head over heels for each other, is there any chance for something like that to happen for the two of you?” A blush immediately crept onto my face as I looked at Dylan. The truth was that Dylan and I had been dating for a little over a year without the public finding out.

“Dylan are you trying to steal my wifey from me?” Holland spoke up and we all laughed. In that moment I was beyond grateful for my best friend for saving us. “I would never Holland. But you do know she’s my wifey right?” A bunch of screams came from the audience and I covered my face blushing but smiling. “Well now the cats out of the bag I guess.” I spoke into the microphone and people started to aww. I saw a few girls freaking out with a few friends and a few not so pleased faces but it didn’t matter to me. Dylan was my world and that’s all that mattered to me.

ryuzach submitted: 

I just came across this blog a while back and while I usually don’t post stuff this type of stuff on tumblr I thought it’d be nice to add another happy story. :D

As far back as I can remember sex has just never crossed my mind, everyone else seemed to revolve around it but for me it was just uninteresting. I guess the best way to describe it is that to an ace sex is kinda like a joke that everyone else gets while you just awkwardly laugh to fit in. 

So between that and being generally quiet I didn’t really hang out with a lot of people until I met a great group of friends at a new school. As time went on I was happy to notice that sex came up less and less around me for some reason. It was a welcome break from coming up with vague replies to make it through conversations without being singled out for my lack of interest, but on the rare occasion that someone would ask about my disinterest my friends would just say “That’s just how he is” and leave it at that.

Then one day while hanging out with my brother and his friends someone asked me point blank why I wasn’t interested, I had never thought about why before and as I was trying to think of answer my brother casually replied “Oh, he’s just asexual”. Before I could even ask what the term meant he was already explaining it to his now curious friend. It sounded like the perfect explanation and after a bit of research of my own I realized it described me exactly.

That’s when it clicked, the reason why sex hardly came up around me was because my friends and family had already known I was ace. For years my mom, brother, and all my friends had gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable, not just by tiptoeing around things or abruptly cutting off conversations when I came around but by subtly aiming it away from me so I was never put on the spot.

Even now it’s still an unspoken thing, it’s not some awkward subject to be avoided or some big thing about me that needs to be explained, they know that’s just how I am.

rewatching the video...

I have notice something, after jared says: isn’t the one where you met misha?? jensen start to being a little uncomfortable with himself, he tries to repair jared’s comment with sarcasm: he is the new guy))???….. BUT then jared doesn’t give up and keeps the joke to another level ( TASTE THE RAINBOW) and here we can see jensen’s embarrassment become more real ((come on look at his face)) lolo then we see again how immediately jensen changes subject  : I REALLY LIKE SEASON  9…( raising his voice a little bit))) BUT JARED (GOD BLESS him) he’s not satisfied and you can hear him clearly say: GADREEL? ( MAKING ANOTHER MALE INNUENDO TO HIS FRIEND)  …… well at the end jensen’s face speaks for himself my friends : *JESUS SHUT THE FUCK UP JARED* lmafo

If Parks and Rec ended like other sitcoms


In the beginning of the final season, the fourth wall of the documentary is broken. Leslie begins to form a friendship with the cameraman, and it gets kinda weirdly romantic. The focus of most of the season is on the documentary that viewers are only marginally curious about, and it completely betrays the heart of the show and honestly I lose interest and only watch out of loyalty.


Ben dies for some reason, and Leslie’s kids are super psyched for her to quickly get married to Ron.


The show ended exactly how it did, but then there’s another season next year starring Billy Eichner as Craig, and an entirely new cast as the parks department. Dave Franco is in it.

Wait I would watch the fuck out of that.


The final episode is just filled with meta-jokes about the show and its actors. Some ideas:

-“Hey Andy, this sure is a Jurassic Parks and Rec, huh?”

-“Leslie, would you like some calzones?” “Yes please!” (Leslie stares at the camera for 10 seconds holding up her book).

-“Oh wow, Chris is back–and so is painfully awkward Chris!”

-“Get out of here Craig, get on the street.”

The last scene is just Mark Brendanawicz returning only to get killed and then Mike Schur looking at the camera saying “bazinga” or something I don’t know, I didn’t actually watch Two and a Half Men I just read Gil Ozeri’s article.