another great weekend

therealsonequa: Laughs, reunions, heartfelt stories, genuine encounters all around. And some Sasha cosplayers, always leaves me in awe. 😍 Thank you, all of you. (Shout out to @littlemishperfect for the top right pic!) Here’s to another great Halloween weekend Walker Stalker Atlanta. 😘 Hope all of you had a great time last night as well. G'nite!


Interviewer: “You had an incredible race last year. And at the end there were hugs and kisses between two of you. The dynamics of your relationship with Lewis… has it changed in the 12 months. If you have another great race this weekend, will still be hugs and kisses?” (before Bahrain Grand Prix 2015)


So Megacon this year was amazing and I had so much fun. I was in a cosplay music video, Star Lord and Cullen turned out so much better than I was expecting, and I got to hang out with some super cool people. It was definitely worth all the blisters, and I can’t wait for the next con!

Please feel free to tag me in any pictures!