another great weekend

HOO BOY! i’ll be gone for a pretty big chunk of time!

but you guys can catch me in minneapolis for the con! you can find me with

  • and how!

super excited for another great weekend! if you don’t have funds for Scout Things or feel intimidated by me and it’s keeping you from saying hey, STOP THAT! i’ve gotten so many messages from people who regret lurking, and i don’t want you to be one of them!!

anyway, i should have some exciting announcements once i get back. til then, i’ll see you guys later!

(also, i most likely won’t be able to check tumblr AT ALL. a new update is now causing my mobile app to crash as soon as it opens, so i’ll be most responsive on twitter while i’m away. thank guys!)


Literally up in the clouds 🙌🏼

Another great weekend is over. A long week is in front of us but we’ll get through it! 😊 the weather isn’t gonna be that good this week so that’s a bit boring. So burnt after sitting out in the sun yesterday 🙄 have to be careful haha!

Been an productive day even though I’m tired. After meal prep, washing and cleaning I had lunch with to guys from work and then I went for a walk. Going to bed super early, so I’m ready for the week 💪🏼

Gym or Popperbate?

This is my continual dilemma. I want to go to the gym, I need to go to the gym or Ill loose the benefits gained, but the thought of my hard cock and a fresh bottle of Potent Blue is CONSTANTLY in my mind. I know I will be too wasted to go after a good popperbate session, possibly sharing on Skype or with one of my favourite popper training vids… so I MUST to go to the gym first…BUT my cock is screaming for attention, I get that great scent of poppers even from the fresh sealed bottle. I must resist! Its a close call… but I decide to go to the gym and not shower till after my bate. I am now incentivised to work up a good sweat. My cock is feeling good. Im sad to miss sharing the showers at the gym..BUT its going to be another great weekend!  


Interviewer: “You had an incredible race last year. And at the end there were hugs and kisses between two of you. The dynamics of your relationship with Lewis… has it changed in the 12 months. If you have another great race this weekend, will still be hugs and kisses?” (before Bahrain Grand Prix 2015)

anonymous asked:

A while ago my girlfriend came over for a weekend, so I hopped into bed with her and after a while we were making out and things started to heat up and we had sex for 4 hours. Just as we were about to eat dinner she said "We really should go get something to eat." So I flipped her over and said "Well I'm gonna eat." And gave her head for another half hour. Then we went and got food and came back and fucked for another hour. Great weekend, she came more times than she could count. 😏😩👌🏻

therealsonequa: Laughs, reunions, heartfelt stories, genuine encounters all around. And some Sasha cosplayers, always leaves me in awe. 😍 Thank you, all of you. (Shout out to @littlemishperfect for the top right pic!) Here’s to another great Halloween weekend Walker Stalker Atlanta. 😘 Hope all of you had a great time last night as well. G'nite!

Birds-eye view, Awake the stars ‘cuz they're all around you!