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Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius


Ben & Sophie arrive at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016
(pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4)

Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out – take another shot.

i can’t stop thinking about how, when robert starts saying his vows, aaron starts to laugh and kind of teases him about it, because they’re sitting in a garage and robert is using full names and it’s ridiculous really, isn’t it? yes it was his idea, but it’s completely absurd - 

- but then robert says the word “husband” and aaron’s entire demeanour changes. it’s like a shock to his system - the idea that this, these vows, this moment, is so very, very real. it’s a wedding. their wedding. and suddenly aaron sobers up entirely, really starts to listen to what robert is saying, becomes utterly serious and sincere. 

even later when he’s at a loss for words and kind of nervously pulling faces, he pulls himself together so quickly - because this is important to him and it’s important to robert and they’re getting married and he just… doesn’t want to ruin it.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 9/?


Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

Batgirl: Futures End

“Girls. I am sorry. This is a poor than you for your courage and valor. But I’m afraid this is a fight I have to make alone. Stephanie, you have the heart of a lion, in every way that matters. You had the strength to resist the darkness where I did not. Tiffany, your day will come. Don’t be afraid of your intelligence. I believe you will outshine us all. Cassandra, you came through Hell and made everyone you met stronger and better. You are the person I most want to be.”

This is another good moment, so emotional and heartfelt, and of course it once again focuses on the relationships that bring most people to read this comic to begin with. It focuses on Barbara and the girls who carry her legacy, the family she has made in this dystopian future. And it’s complete with little nods to characters’ histories like how Steph helped pull Babs out of the dark in “Flood” storyline of her own series, or how Cassandra spent her time as Batgirl with a full facemask but still showed so much emotion and openness. 

It’s good stuff.

It’s the kind of stuff I’d like to see an entire issue consist of. But well. It didn’t. 


Ha, u didnt specify which Aobaki, so I just drew them both. If I have time Ill draw some more of your suggestions since theyre all cool, but for now, have the aobaki’s and a bonus Watanabe.

entredormidaydespierta  asked:

Soooo I was wondering, maybe you could write a kinda story about Sonic and Amy being a lil bit older (so amy is not 12 lol, maybe shes 16?) and being secret lovers? I dont mind if they're actually dating or not, but it would be so cool if they had these "make up sessions" in secret or something. If you can set it up in Modern, please? Thanks!

Make… up?

As in, they fight? xD I always make them a little older in all my sonamy stuff, I don’t quite believe a 15 year old Sonic would be in the proper ‘mindset’ for any of my stories without being a bit older. (Unless I was completely true to canon, which no one seems to ask for, so I write those on my own.) but that’s because Canon’s sonamy is very light and people want it more upfront, so to speak, not hidden away because of all the connotations that there’s nothing there or something. Sad how that works out :(

So, secret lovers? I can do that. To keep it canon though, do you mind if they’ve just recently become a couple..? That way, I can keep Sonic a little skittish like canon so it’s not so AU XD

Thanks for the ask! I hope this works for you, here I go!

(I’m gonna assume you mean some kissing… I’ll… *ehem* do what I can ;) )


Amy was thrilled that Sonic was spending more time with her, sitting under a tree as they ‘hung out’ together.

He seemed half asleep though, and she looked up, wanting a bit more attention or for this day to go a little more how she would like it.

However… she had to be cautious!

She looked down, saddened by that fact but also determined to succeed, her little mouth forming a pout as her fists came up close together by her face.

She had a plan!

She didn’t want to scare off Sonic from this recent decision to spend more time with her, but she also wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into…

She took a deep breath, and slowly tried to reach for his hand.

His eyes blinked open, and he gave her a funny look, raising his eyebrow.

She flinched back and hid her face down by his chest, not sure what to do…

She had to try something!

“S…Sonic?” she got up slightly, blinking worriedly to him as she tried to think of how to word this right… “W..want to play a game?”

He tilted his head, “A game?”

At least she got him talking a bit…

“Emhm.” she nodded, “If you want the date to end, you have to play this game first, and then- I’ll let you go!” Amy held a finger up, stating the new rule, before happily lowering her hands to her lap and smiling brightly, eyes closed at her brilliant scheming.

Suspicion spread across Sonic’s face, and she sweat dropped at it.

“What kind of game..?” he seemed to mumble out, yawning before getting up.

“It’s just like your Acts! with each Stage containing another level!” she explained, and put her hands together. “First Act!”

She took his hand, and swung it around, “Stage 1!”

His eyes looked a little concerned,… thinking this weird, he looked back up at her.

“…Eh-heh… heh…” she let go of the hand. “Stage 2!” she leaned close and stared into his eyes.

When he looked away, nervous, she pouted and made a new rule up on the spot.

Who was she kidding, this was all made up on the spot!

“5 seconds for each!”

“5 seconds?!” Sonic turned back to her, blinking in surprise and pulling his frown back, clearly not happy about that as his hand moved over himself, as if in defense.

“Ohhh, quit complaining or I won’t let you leave!” she puffed a side of her cheek up, making him innerwardly smile at the cute drama she usually had whenever he was around her.

He sighed and sat, holding his legs as they stared at one another for a moment…

“Good!” Amy clapped, then winked to hold up two fingers, “Act 2!”

He rolled his eyes.

Cautiously, she moved herself closer to him, and leaned her head against his shoulder.

He leaned back, “Uhh…” feeling uncomfortable, even if they were just like this a few seconds ago…

“…3…4….5! Good job! Stage cleared!” Amy praised, making him feel even more out of place.

“Amy…” he thought that was a bit much, but she continued, putting his hands around her waist. “Okay! Stage 2!”

“H-hang on a second!” Sonic squirmed, but she gave him a fierce look of disapproval, and he stopped struggling, sweat dropping.

She smiled, “3…4….5! Okay! Act 3!”

“Amy, isn’t this a little mu-”

He paused.

His eyes widened.

Her forehead touched his.

This was probably the closest he had ever been to her… or even another girl for that matter.

Suddenly his mouth opened as his brain started connecting the dots of what was happening…

And what the next Stage may be…

“4…5! Okay! Last Stage!” Amy suddenly lost her smile.

Her eyes fluttered a moment before she looked away.

“…S-so… Act 3′s stage 2 is um… you have to um…” she closed her eyes, thinking it unfair to have their first… well, kiss like this, so she switched directions.

She leaned her cheek up to him, and closed her eyes, blushing.

“You have to kiss my cheek and hold it for 5 seconds.”

Now Sonic was mute.

His body bristled up with his quills as he shook, his hands moving off of her and his face looking horrified.

This was her big plan!?

They had been hanging out more lately, that’s true, but just because he was starting to date her doesn’t mean…

He looked away, his mind working through what was happening before she blinked one eye open.

She looked away, as if disappointed, before up with a slight sweat mark to the side of her face, as if nervous that if she let him off the hook now, she may never ‘condition’ him into being more intimate with her…

“Y-..You j-j-just have to do it for 5 seconds. Tops.” she closed her eyes again. “It… it’s not bad! Honest! You’ll see…” she waited, as he looked back at her.

the wind was suddenly chilly, and she didn’t like this feeling…

This was wrong,… she shouldn’t do this.

“On second thought…” she was about to give in, before shaking her head and forcing herself to show no mercy!

“Emm-emm! I’m not giving up! I’ll go first!” she put her hands up by her face, being strong, kissed him with a bit of force by his cheek.

His mouth suddenly swished to the middle of his face, as a heat rose up to his face but no color showed this sensation.

He suddenly was about to speed off, but his legs were trapped under where she was leaning over him to perform this ‘stage’ as she called it.

She leaned away, smiling then.

“Okay, now you’re turn.”

There was a second of silence, before he slowly moved a leg up.

“Ah..” she saw what he was attempting to do.

“NOOO!!!” she leaped before he could fully race away, and grabbed his leg, as he struggled to crawl away.

“You have to complete the stages!!! Sonic!!!” she wasn’t going to let him out of this one!

He looked back, still squeamish before his eyes lightened to a softer look, seeing her eyes slowly fill with tears.

“Just… 5 seconds… it isn’t a lot… is there something wrong with that..?” she bent her head down, gripping the leg she had even tighter under her.

He suddenly felt a longing then, something more than to appease her….

He scooted back, and helped her up.

She wiped her tears away, sniffing.

“Am I not pretty enough or-”

He cut her off with a sweet, gentle press upon the side of her cheek. Not really much of a kiss, but his lips were on her cheek, and he held it with a trembling and shaking body.

She blinked her eyes open a few times, before he sped off.

She was thrilled! She couldn’t wait to try it again but he had left for a long time after that… even to the point she was terrified he wouldn’t come back for good now…

Bu then…

He did come back, with chilidogs for them.

They spent every date doing different things but the routine carried.

At the beach, before telling her goodbye, he would awkwardly prepare himself and go through each stage, almost hastily, against Amy’s liking…

At the park, he freely held her hand and Amy stated it could count for the first stage, but he held it much longer than 5 seconds…

Another day, they went to twinkle park, and he felt too embarrassed to go through the last few acts with people all around them… so they went behind a booth, the lights of the ferriswheel beside them, and for the first time, he kissed her cheek without delay.

A few adventures meant they couldn’t spend time together for a while… but then…

“Okay! Last stage and I’ll see you again!” Amy, happily already in his arms from the last few acts, leaned up and kissed his cheek.

One eye squinted down, but his smile didn’t fade…

That was different.

“Good night~” she chimed, before leaning her head up and closing her eyes, waiting for the usual soft, and sweet peck on the cheek before they parted…

Suddenly, she felt a hand on the side of her face.


She opened her eyes just enough to see him staring at her, a look that she had never seen before.

“..E…Eh?” she was a little takenback, before he pulled her closer to him, her body against his as suddenly the night air wasn’t so chilly anymore.


He leaned into her unexpecting expression… and their first kiss lasted innocently, about.. from what Amy remembers when she started counting, at least 6 seconds or more…

He pulled away, “Night, Amy.” he didn’t look phased… or uncomfortable… or even skittish.

It was as if…

Her little game worked.

“Sonic…” her eyes sparkled with the stars, amazed by him actually initiating the next step without her encouragement.


She pouted.

She couldn’t get him to kiss her on the lips after that, he would surprise her at the end of some ‘get togethers’ by doing so, but it was always when she was caught off-guard or didn’t think he would it.

One of these days,.. she wanted to catch it and make it last a little longer, letting a little more passion be put into it, but she figured he would take that step too… when he was ready.

Still~ The feelings and butterflies never left! And she never got tried of seeing flowers at her door, or being whisked away while she was out and about, being taken on adventure after adventure.

Then… at last… when the last stage came again, she took courage and kissed him first, not on the cheek this time, and attempted to hold it longer and explore more.

She suddenly felt him tense and move away, and was worried her actions may have been to much then…

But to her surprise, he grinned.

“Well.. You’ve moved on to a completely different zone.” he smirked, and suddenly she realized something.

She hadn’t told him the next zone!

“Alright, Amy. I’ll play.” he stepped up, not shying away as he had once in the past done so many times.

“But… these are my rules now.” he gave her a little look in his eye before pulling her into ‘his turn’.

She didn’t know what was really happening besides the fact that they were going to find a whole new world…



Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Laura La Plante failing to compliment each other in Man of the Moment [1935] and coming across extremely Jeeves & Wooster. 


“He came to watch the summer tournament and a lot of the practice games, too. He’s been watching you all this time.”