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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

i can’t stop thinking about how, when robert starts saying his vows, aaron starts to laugh and kind of teases him about it, because they’re sitting in a garage and robert is using full names and it’s ridiculous really, isn’t it? yes it was his idea, but it’s completely absurd - 

- but then robert says the word “husband” and aaron’s entire demeanour changes. it’s like a shock to his system - the idea that this, these vows, this moment, is so very, very real. it’s a wedding. their wedding. and suddenly aaron sobers up entirely, really starts to listen to what robert is saying, becomes utterly serious and sincere. 

even later when he’s at a loss for words and kind of nervously pulling faces, he pulls himself together so quickly - because this is important to him and it’s important to robert and they’re getting married and he just… doesn’t want to ruin it.

I don’t mean to be dramatic but God sent me a cat today. I had forgotten how much I need physical touch. It’s kind of sad that sitting on a curb petting a stray cat kept me sane bit I’m relying on anything these days. I think that’s something small and beautiful if so sad it makes you laugh. When you’re at the point everything hurts, you find the tiniest things as an excuse to fall back in love with the earth. What I mean is that today it was a stray cat but yesterday it was a good book and tomorrow maybe it will be a rainstorm. It would be nice to be so happy a cat is just another good moment instead of the one ray of light in a dark tunnel. But the thing about being trapped here is that everything good glows moreso. We covet the moments others let go of. Isn’t that bad good. Isn’t that beautiful ugly. Isn’t that horrifying and satisfying and absolutely bittersweet.

Dear BBC One

I think the johnlock shippers would have been just fine with not having johnlock (yet). It could have been another good season with nice moments like the hug, teasing a fifth season where things might end happily.

But TFP was just a kick in the groin.

The treatment of Molly.

The suggestion of Sherlock having sex with The Woman, a known lesbian.

And the worst…

The queercoding of villains - both Moriarty and Euros admitting same-sex rape, wtf? Why???

BBC One, get your shit together.

PS: who you are doesn’t matter??? Get out.

i had the blessing of an affirmation of being bi today

Aww yes, time to get Hanzo up to that 8 hours mark next eue


Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Laura La Plante failing to compliment each other in Man of the Moment [1935] and coming across extremely Jeeves & Wooster. 


“He came to watch the summer tournament and a lot of the practice games, too. He’s been watching you all this time.”


Sam Carter - Season 5 (one cap per episode)


Hmmm, perhaps not the most persuasive argument Malcolm’s ever made since he is in fact talking to ITN producers who have probably seen government ministers in action before and therefore know that *real life* for them is pretty much nothing but tit moments – and not (typically) the kind that get you into trouble during the Superbowl*.

(As of this past Tuesday, we entered the final fortnight counting down to the return of the 10th Anniversary posts.  So those will be starting up again the week after next with this very episode.)

*These days that more the House of Lords line of country.