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Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X

  • *trapped by Yokai*
  • Gogo: We gotta get out of here!
  • Hiro: Yeah, thank you, Katherine Obvious!
  • Gogo: What?
  • Hiro: I said, thank you, Katherine Obvious.
  • Fred: Did he say "Katherine Obvious"?
  • Honey: It's "Captain Obvious".
  • Hiro: Huh?
  • Gogo: The expression is "Thank you, CAPTAIN Obvious."
  • Hiro: It's not Katherine?
  • Gogo: No.
  • Wasabi: Who would Katherine be?
  • Hiro: Katherine could be a captain!


Swing and a Miss

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 759

Warnings: swearing, minor injury 

A/N: Requested by @feelmyroarrrr​ as part of my 300 Follower AU Challenge! Prompt 2: You punched me in the face while gesticulating wildly to a friend (which is 100% something I have done before lol). Hope you enjoy! <3

God, I’m late. I’m so fucking late, you thought frantically as you scrambled around your shared room at the Academy. It was your last final before graduation and you’d slept through your alarm. Pulling an all-nighter might not have been the best idea. Where’s my other shoe? When you couldn’t find it, you decided matching shoes were overrated and pulled on a sneaker instead. You were sure you looked ridiculous. Starfleet uniform wrinkled and lopsided, hair pulled into a messy bun, a Starfleet-issue boot on one foot and an old sneaker on the other. You quickly grabbed a cup of coffee before sprinting out the door.

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Secure 3

A/N:  As always, a thank you to my brilliant betas (who are also amazing writers in their own right.  Go read everything they’ve ever written!):  @little-black-dress-24, @emulateharry, @melissas173, and @niallandharrymakemestrong.  I appreciate you ladies so much!  (And George too!)

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I swipe at my nose because it tickles, but there’s nothing there. Just ten more minutes of sleep, I think, as I attempt to turn over and snuggle deeper into my bed. Only to sit up straight, terrified at the realization that I’m not in my bed.

Harry is resting his chin on his arms, which are crossed on the back of the sofa where he’s squatting, as he laughs softly at my consternation at waking up in his house. “Get up, Suge! We’re going jogging!”

“Ugh,” I groan, “Can I at least brush my teeth first?” And then I realize I don’t have a toothbrush here.

But apparently just thinking it conjures one up, as Harry, with a goofy smirk, produces a wrapped toothbrush and sample sized toothpaste. Grabbing both, I launch myself from the sofa and make use of the loo, emerging in my wrinkled workout clothes with freshly brushed teeth. My hair is still in its braid from yesterday, so I pile the whole mess on my head and pin it up quickly. Together, we head across the street to Hampstead Heath. A light jog warms us up, and then we continue around the 3.6 mile path.

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  • Hiro: Hey, Tadashi, did you get the part I needed to fix Baymax?
  • Tadashi: Yeah, I picked it up on my break.
  • Hiro: Cool. Thanks, Dad.
  • *silence*
  • Hiro: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Gogo: You just called Tadashi Dad. You said, "Thanks, Dad."
  • Hiro: What? No I didn't! I said, "Thanks, MAN."
  • Tadashi: Do you see me as a father figure, Hiro?
  • Hiro: No! If anything, I see you as a BOTHER figure, 'cause you're always bothering me!
  • Wasabi: Hey! Show your father some respect!
  • Hiro: I didn't call him Dad!
  • Tadashi: I believe you.
  • Hiro: Thank you!
  • Tadashi: Son.

lurkingcrow  asked:

So I've been thinking about Jedi booze again (I maintain my opinions on their homebrew), and it struck me that for all our references to space martinis there is a distinct lack of tongue in cheek, innuendo laden cocktails in the GFFA. I mean what else does a Jedi drink while on a beach holiday but some multicoloured concoction named "Lightsaber to the Heart", "Pantoran Paradise Punch", "Hit me Harder General Kenobi" or "the Skywalker Special"? (I think that last one involves pop rocks BTW) 😁

Hahahaha oh Anakin WOULD totally love Pop Rocks and insist that they be in his signature drink. Too funny. 

I feel Obi-Wan has a LOT of drinks named after or inspired by him due to the galaxy’s being collectively into him, and the 212th is ALWAYS ORDERING THEM when they have a night out and he just is like “why, guys.” as they order another round of Amazing Ginger Wolfmen. 

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sheeeiith :D numba 4

#4. 19 You and Me ( Dan+Shay )

We were summertime sippin’, sippin’
Sweet tea kissin’ off of your lips
T-shirt drippin’, drippin’ wet
How could I forget?

The idea to go away for spring break was Allura’s - Shiro hadn’t wanted to go along, but she managed to persuade him. In the end, he was glad he went.

“So,” Keith hums, tongue darting out to taste the remnants of Shiro’s sweet tea. “When do you go to the station?”

Shiro makes a noise low in his throat. He reaches out and brushes Keith’s raggedy fringe from his forehead. They were sitting on the white sand, still warm from the sun although it had set hours ago. 

The breeze was warm and stars littered the night sky, brighter than they were in the city but still faded with light pollution. 

“Do you really want to talk about that?” Shiro asks, fingers trailing down the side of Keith’s face. 

Keith leans into the touch and grins at him. “Just want to know how much time I have left with my Romeo before he runs off to school.”

Shiro chuckles. “Not till early afternoon,” he says. “We’ve got time.”

Keith’s smile turns sly. He presses his palm to Shiro’s chest, leaning in closer. Between them, their knees knocked together. “Good,” he murmurs, breath ghosting over Shiro’s lips. “I’m not ready to let you go just yet.”

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the worst part of mitzis wiki art is that red is another word for ginger.. why coulsnt make her a realistic ginger instead of actual brick red??

red is actually the correct genetic term for ginger/orange in cats too (like blue = gray) 

“a red-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes. Her red backside and head are slightly lighter than the other patches.”


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Hi, I'm awkward! Was wondering if you could perhaps do a fred x reader where the reader is also ginger and people tease them, in a jokey way, for dating and Molly and Arthur love them together because they remind them of themselves when they were younger? You don't have to x

I think your request is so cute!! Thanks for sending it in. I hope you like it! It’s not my best writing.

Fred grabbed your hand and swung it back and forth as you both made your way into the kitchen. He was telling you about the plans he and George had made for Hogwarts as soon as the break was over. He suddenly stopped and exclaimed, “hey, Dean must be visiting”. You looked over to see the loud boy laughing and joking around with Ron. “Oi, Thomas! What are you doin’ here?”, dean looked over and laughed at Fred. “Freddy boy, where’s George, I thought you two were joined at the hips”, Dean exclaimed playfully punching Fred’s arm.

At the sound of his name, George ran down the stairs, “nope, we got that surgery a long time ago, haven’t you noticed, he replaced me with another ginger”. Fred smirked at George, “George is just jealous”.
“Jealous?! I’m jealous, at least my future kids will have a chance of having a soul”. Molly walked into the room from the kitchen as George was shaking his twin brother, all the boys were making ginger jokes. “Hey, leave the cute couple alone, George……… at least he found a girl”, molly laughed at her own cruel joke and Dean exploded with laughter. “Ah! would you like some ice George!!”, Fred just turned to you laughing, “don’t listen to him, love, he is just jealous”. You laughed, “ I know”, he kissed you on the cheek and went back to messing with his brothers and their friend.

Molly laughed and made her way over to Arthur’s chair that sat by the fire and handed him a large glass of water. Arthur smiled and looked up from his paper work, “what’s so amusing, dear”. Molly put her hand on his shoulder, “the boys are just poking fun at Fred and (y/n). You know they remind me of us when we were that age”. Arthur laughed, “hmm, now that I think if it, I guess so they do”.