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1. Who’s your historical person?

No question! Obviously James Monroe!

2. What is it about them that draws you to them like a magnet?

I have a thing for forgotten historical figures but what draws me to James Monroe is that he was an orphan who didn’t believe he was going to get anywhere in life and yet used his manners, his talents and his friendships to get him to be well known. He was an extremely good president and is all together forgotten when mentioning the founding era because he was “too young” but “too old” to be considered in the Jackson era. 

Something that draws me to him as well was his outright ambition. He strove to have his name known and anything he wanted to know, he’d sit down and study for months. He had one of the longest careers and the most positions in government and the most qualifications of the top presidents and yet… he is forgotten?

Another thing is how young he was during the American Revolution! He was only seventeen when he enlisted and was only eighteen when he was shot at the Battle of Trenton. Monroe himself even realized in his last years that we would never be as known as the other founders and he strove to change that throughout his presidency–he had one of the greatest presidencies in history and he is scarcely remembered. 

3. Favorite thing about them?

HIS LOVE FOR HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN. He even said it himself! He said once at a White House dinner when asked why he brought his children and wife over with him to Europe both times instead of leaving them and Monroe replied that he couldn’t stand the thought of being away from them. His stance on women’s education and women’s rights is another reason I hold him in rather high regard. He was open to having his wife discuss his political work cared about her so deeply. The close bond he shared with his daughters is so sweet I might be dying. 

4. Least favorite thing about them?

The fact that he hated slavery more than any of the other founding fathers and strove to discontinue it the most, yet the little bitch owned seventy slaves in his life and never freed a single one. Most Monroe biographers use the excuse that because he treated his slaves well and gave them good housing and called doctors when needed is an excuse for Monroe owning slaves—and that is something I cannot wait to talk about in my biography. 

Something troubles me about this too, if only James Monroe had enough money he most likely would of freed his slaves. In 1785 or 6 he bought tracts of land in New York where he would engage in agriculture but not in the work of slaves, in the work of fired hands. It is something that troubles me because if he had enough money, the land wouldn’t of been taken from him and would of been gaining income through hired hands, not slaves. 

5. If you could fix one thing for them?

I really, really wish that his son had not died. James Spence Monroe dying at the age of fourteen months in 1800 set off a chain of events that cut both his parents lives down completely. Because of “J.S”’s death, Elizabeth Monroe’s health problems became worse and she and James grew deeper into a pit of depression over his death. Elizabeth’s late onset epilepsy got worse, and because of that she died in 1830. The thing is, you know that thing where old people who have been together for like forty years and when one of them dies, the other dies soon after?

The day after Elizabeth’s funeral, James was found sobbing in his room and he admitted he knew he wasn’t going to live longer after loosing her. James didn’t–James died ten months later, poor, in his daughter’s home. If he had lived longer than he would of finished his autobiography and told us just how marvelous it was to be president during the Era of Good Feelings. 

Another thing I would change for James Monroe is the United States Government should of paid him the $70,000 owned to him for all of his life work in politics and government. However, because the treasury was depleted, Monroe died in extreme debt because the government never paid him the money owned to him even after he sent them letters confirming what was owned to him. Monroe lost the house he and his wife lived in together and he died in extreme debt. It was the reason he started his autobiography, to grow the government proof of his life work. 

6. If you could change their history, would you? If so, what?

Apart from what I have stated in the previous question, I would change the fact that Monroe is forgotten. 

7. First thing you would say to them?

I pray that I am doing you justice

8. Bring them to 2017 with you…what does that look like?

I know how much he loved to travel and wanted to see the great west, I want to show him the coast and take him to the botanical gardens. I want to show him that through all he went through to secure himself a legacy, he has one. 

9. What WOULDN’T you tell them about the future?

That America has not yet achieved human kindness. 

10. Favorite story about them.

James Monroe calling together that cabinet meeting to talk about how Washington needs to stop gossiping about his wife is pretty funny. 

11. Reblog with a picture or painting or depiction of them.

This is my favorite picture of James Monroe, it was a sketch never turned into a painting. 

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And though your eyes
Are not blue like the sea
And are instead the colour of the forest
That is fine by me
As I have never longed for
The smell and the taste of salt water
But I seek stable ground in
The form of forgotten trees.
—  another thing i wrote for my not girlfriend // Adrian Diane Epps
Remember Me - Chapter 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: angst, memory loss


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Wedding Prompt

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To Have Him by @aloemilk!!!!!!!

Congratulations Aloemilk! 

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Confession:  The Normandy has a powerful laser gun on it that destroyed the Collector ship in Mass Effect 2. It annoys me to no end that not once in Mass Effect 3 is that powerful laser gun used on a single reaper. I imagine that it would take one to three blasts of it to destroy a reaper. I’m just mad that it’s never used and seems to be another forgotten thing by the writers and designers.

Been watching some Madagascar stuff, mostly in the Pom fandom.:>
Sigh, memories huh? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the fandom, and I miss it. I miss these cute flightless birds the most. If you guys didn’t know, Skipper’s my favourite and also crush. Gotta be honest though, the movie wasn’t all that great…I like it, sure, with all the cute antics and action, but the plot of it was weak, and the ending, ugh…too cheesy and cringy. No wonder the fandom is dying. Probably already is. But I still want to continue it. These penguins are too great to just be forgotten! And another great thing is that another Madagascar movie is in development! Can’t wait to see those guys in new animation again!^^

just-another-exhausted-fangirl replied to your post “remember when i actually imagined what itd be like if they explicitly…”

Could you name some? As a cis person it’s very hard to see it from a trans perspective so I’m very curious! ��

aight heres some off the top of my head but theres more in my trans sherlock tag

-judging by the pirouette he does in tsot, it is very likely that he has studied ballet at some point in time, most people who do do so in childhood and most children in ballet classes are girls (balance of probability)

-magnussen, a man who loves to blackmail, intimidate, harass, and expose the secrets of vulnerable people for personal gain, in a deleted scene from HLV held sherlocks hand in his and described them, ending by questioning if they were a woman’s hands, at which point sherlock mustered all his energy just to disgustedly pull his hand away

-”sherlock is actually a girls name”, yes it was a joke sherlock said while high but its an interesting possible truth nonetheless

-in HLV mycroft says (and im quoting from memory only here, also the added emphasis is by me) to sherlock of his drug habit “How like Uncle Rudy, though in many ways cross-dressing would have been the wiser choice”

-in teh sherlock has been away for 2 years and in that time his hair grew very long but his facial hair barely seemed to grow at all ??? though we know it can due to The Lying Detective setlock pics (suggesting a lack of T while undercover and away from home)

-his lack of sexual experience could be contributed to by body and more specifically genital dysphoria, in addition to being trans making it even scarier to get close to people

-despite mycroft being frankly quite belittling and mean to him, he looks up to him at almost every turn and clearly models a lot of himself on mycroft, which to me seems like someone looking for male role models to replicate, which just personally to me is a LOT of what gender presentation involves

-sherlock saying in TSOT “beauty is a construct”; gender is also a social construct, something which many trans people know very well and something being a “construct” being….quite the thing to just blurt out

-#drugs mention for this bullet point: Sherlock seems to take intra-venous drugs, and testosterone taken by trans men is typically injected with needles! it seems to me like that would have been a perfect cover for his drug habit, in addition to the possibility that getting gender-affirming surgery would have given him more reasons to be on and methods to obtain other drugs


Legolas + sea (requested by queenearwen)

My Rick and Morty Confession

I teared up when Rick said he loved his grandkids. 

I think the reason why I like this show so much is because the characters fit into these little archetypes but then they break them.

Morty is supposed to be ‘dumb’ but he says some super deep stuff that proves how intelligent he is. Summer is the preppy chick who wants to be popular and she does have moments of being shallow but she also has these great moments where she stands up for people that no one else stands up for–like Satan, and that entire montage of her and Rick beating up bullies. 

Then there is Rick. He’s a drunk, he’s offensive, he makes snide remarks and is utterly narcissistic but he tears up at the thought of possibly losing Morty, goes out of his way to get Summer’s attention, compliments his daughter. He cares deeply about his family; so much so that–when he and Morty ruined the dimension they were from–he found another one where they could be with their family like nothing happened. They could have just hopped from one dimension to another and forgotten the whole thing and in some ways they did, but they always come back to eat breakfast and interact with alternate versions of their family. 

And when Rick finally admitted that he loved his grandkids, I legit teared up. 

what if it really is pale/red vacilation, or All The Quadrants vacilation, and not only do they switch quadrants all the time, as people have suggested, but every week they

flip for it

H34DS 1TS P4L3


“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x13 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series and wait do I even need this anymore since this is the last one? Scratch that then! Though keep “live-blogging,” that is still the SITUATION.


Season 3, Episode 13: “The Wrath of the Lamb”

I have lit all my candles and have poured a recklessly large glass of Chartreuse.


Aw hell I forgot that I had to deal with this uncomf Dragon nonsense first up.

REAL SKIN-CRAWLING that Dolarhyde checks in with Reba to make sure she knows where she is in the room and in his house, because he has corrupted something that would in other circumstances be considerate, but right now he’s just toying with her.

Actually, I feel like the fact that there are two (2) murder-suicides in this episode goes surprisingly unmentioned.

I am sorry, but if we’re being honest, the shot where the camera pulls back through the hole that is that guy’s head is one of the most Pushing Daisies things this fellow Fuller show ever did.

This is the image that blazes into the credits. INCRED.

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“Etta would want us to be together, you know? She would want us to survive this. I just… I love you.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day twenty-one - most emotional moment


“Shame I couldn’t shoot when you needed me to”

Okay so I’ve done a bunch of stuff with Jesse and his mamá, but I’ve got so many more headcanons about little Jesse including what happened to papa McCree