another fire bender

Hope (Zuko x Reader)

“So, how are you enjoying the festival? You know, the one held in the honour of the Fire Lord, which is you by the way, down there and not up in here in your bedroom.”

She’s as snarky as ever.

Without turning away from the window he replied, “They are all enjoying themselves. Besides Ozai was dead only a week ago. How can they put that much trust in his child?”

“Maybe, just maybe, because you are so different.”

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I actually have a really large party for this game, but this is a particular interaction with about half of them. The game is a homebrew system set in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe somewhere in the middle of the hundred year war.

The players are:

  • Water bender / healer (with burgeoning blood bending)
  • Swordfighter (no bending)
  • Earth bender (no sand bending)
  • Air bender (uses a staff when not bending, cousin-ish to the water bender, it’s complicated)
  • There is also a Fire and Chi bender (the Swordfighter’s twin), another Fire bender, another Earth bender (with some skill at sand bending), and an actual Sand bender.

We are currently in the middle of the Si Wong Desert (we’re heading towards Wan Shi Tong’s Library). We’ve just been in a fight where the water bender’s eyes had gone red, but we hadn’t had a breather yet to deal with it. Our water bender tries to heal themself with blood bending (to save on water) as the air bender begins to pull them aside to question what the heck had just happened. But this time, after healing, the water bender’s eyes stay red and the GM takes over, everyone in-character knows something is really wrong, which results in the following conversation:

Swordfighter: What is your name?

The possessed water bender laughs and explains that they are a spirit that does not interact with humans and therefore does not have a name.

Swordfighter: I’m going to call you Blood.

Spirit: Why?

Swordfighter: Because it’s the stuff you’re covered in.

Spirit: Oh you mean this disgusting red stuff inside of the body.

Swordfighter: Yes, we need that to live.

*cue everyone around the table wincing*

Spirit: Oh, really.

At which point the spirit yanks all of the blood out of the swordfighter, they are completely exsanguianted. The air bender who is still standing right next to their cousin promptly hits them on the head with their staff. The spirit goes down and the water bender opens their eyes to reveal the normal blue eyes as the swordfighter’s blood drops onto them.

Note that the entire party is more than freaking out at this point.

The earth bender calls out to the water bender that it is the swordfighter’s blood and not to lose any of it. The water bender then begins to roll to deal with the situation…

…and rolls critical success, after critical success. First, to take control of the blood, and then to feed it back in to the body and heal the swordfighter’s body enough to keep the blood inside. The water bender manages to re-sanguinate (?) / un-exsanguinate (?) the swordfighter.

And the swordfighter lives.