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Unexpected Stranger

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“Are you sure this is the kind of route you wanna take? I mean after all, you have your pick at any girl in Villenueve.” Lefou asked as he watched Gaston wallow in ale at the tavern after another of his infamous failed attempts to woo Belle into marrying him.

Gaston lolled his head to the other side of the armchair to give him a half-hearted scowl as he sighed heavily. “They’re not the same, Lefou. Belle is the only one who intrigues me, everyone else pales in comparison to her.” He lamented.

“There must be someone else worthy enough for you.” Lefou exclaimed as he made a grand gesture of looking across the crowded floor to examine the ladies standing around and laughing with one another.

“How about her?”


“Hmm, her?”

Gaston shook his head. “Forget it, Lefou. Belle is the only one for me.” 

Lefou looked on at his friend in discontent, not knowing how to make him feel better, not even an incredibly catchy song that ends in a dance.

Deciding to let him have his moment, Lefou sat back and didn’t say anything else on the matter.

The bar was filled with it’s usual ambience, small creaks of bar stools being bushed about and an endless murmur of conversations that all swirled together and created an overall hum to the place. One could only describe it as peaceful, until the front doors were unlatched and the distant howl of the wind outside came whirling in and distributed that peace.

Naturally, all heads turned to discover who was causing the disruption, they all must have recognized the person because in an instant everyone back to their own affairs.

“Who is it Lefou?” Gaston asked, his hand now lazily covering his eyes.

Lefou stood up on the ledge of the fireplace and looked over the heads of people, his eyes found the girl and his eyes went wide before he sat down again. “No one.”

“You’re a terrible liar, Lefou. Now tell me before I grow impatient.”

Lefou looked around before leaning his head closer to Gaston’s ear. “The old musicians daughter, you know, the one who used to play the violin for the Opera in Paris?”

“I never knew he had any children.” Gaston said, his intrigue piqued, leaning his head up to find the girl.

Lefou’s face contorted into one of worry. “Y-You really needn’t bother, she’s sort of…”

“I’m fairly certain the word you are looking for is blind,“Came a voice from the other end of the fireplace. "My eyesight maybe gone but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear every word you’re saying, Lefou.”

Gaston’s eyes followed the voice and he came face to face with the girl, his head immediately came foward. You were a pretty thing, he wouldn’t have been able to even tell you had no eyesight had it not been for the unfocused gaze of your eyes and the fact that your hand had a tight grip on a leather leash of the dog next to you.

Gaston cleared his throat. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to you.”

Gaston watched your head tilt slightly to the side as an unreadable expression flickered on your face. “Oh, that’s new, I’ve never heard your voice before.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

A gentle smiled graced your face, and Gaston found himself eagerly awaiting your next response.

“I never forget a voice, a small perk that sort of makes up for the lack in sight.”

A smile of his own worked it’s way onto his face and he nodded. “I believe you. My name’s Gaston.”

“Well I’ve certainly heard of you,” You mused as your hand readjusted itself around the leash. “Regardless, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. My name’s (Y/n).”

“Lovely name, it suits you.” Gaston said as he took in more of your appearance. Your clothes were simple but in very fine condition, the colors of the fabric were more muted and toned down in comparison to those around you. But to him it made you stand out all the more.“

A tall man in a blue overcoat walked up to you and gently tapped your shoulder before placing a small brown bag into your hand before disappearing with a farewell.

"You must excuse me, I am only running an errand for my father. But it was very nice to meet you, Gaston.”

Gaston stood from his armchair and slowly took your hand in his own and placing a short kiss to the back of it. “It was very nice to meet you as well, Miss (Y/n).”

He saw the smile rise on your race before you nodded and tugged on the leath, letting the dog lead you out of the tavern with ease.

Gaston watched you until the doors close behind you, blocking your view from him, before he returned to his chair.

Lefou watched him get lost in his own thoughts again, but it was different. Gaston’s expression was soft and there was a certain glimmer to his eyeew that Lefou couldn’t place.

“Perhaps it’s time we head home?” Lefou said as he stood from his own spot, only to notice Gaston still stuck in his dreamlike state.



“Shall we head home?”

Gaston’s eyes focused again and he looked up at Lefou before shaking his head and moving to his feet. “Let’s, but on the way tell me more about this (Y/n) girl.”

Lefou helped him with his coat and hat before eyeing him curiously. “Any particular reason why?”

Gaston smiled off into the distance as they walked outside. “Because I would like to know.”

Remember Me

 Summary: When you are kidnapped by Hydra and trained by the Winter Soldier you two fall for one another. After a failed escape attempt the two of you are separated and The Winter Soldier believes you to be dead. A year after the events of Civil War Bucky Barnes comes across you yet again

Pairing: Winter Soldier x Reader; eventual Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language and eventual smut

A/N: I’m sorry for the terrible description but I think the story is a lot better than it sounds. I am really excited about this please give feedback <3 The first few parts will be The Winter Soldier x Reader and their back story before I get to Bucky x Reader. Soldier and the Reader, Italics represent Winter x Reader

“Why are you doing this?” you screamed as the soldier dragged you out from under the table. You thought you were dead but instead he was trying to take you with him.

“You are my mission. Hydra wants you.” He said his face cold and stern behind his mask. You struggled against him trying to escape. You knew it was no use, even if he didn’t have a metal arm he’d be able to take you without breaking a sweat, but you’d be damned if you didn’t at least try to fight back. You could tell he was annoyed with how you were trying to get away so he simply took his fist and everything went black.


You woke up in what looked like an operation room. You were sitting up in a chair and were strapped into it. You tried to pull your arms free, but you were tied down tightly. A man in a white coat walked over to you and as you continued to struggle with the restraints.

“You’re not going to get out of those, those are the same restraints we use on the Soldat” he said motioning to the other part of the room. You hadn’t noticed it before but the same soldier who had taken you was restrained to a metal chair in the middle of the room. He looked like he was in pain. Your eyes met his, crystal blue, you could have sworn you saw a resemblance of regret and apologies in his eyes. He looked away from your gaze as another man in a white coat placed a mouth guard type thing in his mouth and laid him down. What happened next was one of the most horrorific things you’d ever witnessed. The pain and struggle he was going through it was torture, you felt tears streaming down your face, you might’ve even yelled out, but you weren’t sure it all was a blur. When it finally stopped you were sobbing, not sure why you’d been forced to watch that. The soldier looked up his face blank, no emotions, and his eyes met yours. He looked confused at your pain and sadness but looked away quickly this time.

“Soldat, this girl is your mission, you are to keep her in your sight at all times, she is an important asset and we need her as leverage to get the information we want”.

You were confused what importance could you be of, “That doesn’t make any sense, I don’t know anything” you said your voice hoarse from crying.

“Its not what you know, its who you know, we need some information from your father and we figured he’d be more than willing to help if we had his little girl” the man the lab coat said. But it still didn’t make any sense, your dad was an accountant what could he know… ,”Soldat take the girl to the room meant for her, you are to stay with her”. You were unstrapped from the restraints and the soldier gripped you by the arm and walked you down a hallway to a room. It was cold and stone with no windows. There was a small bathroom connected and one ratty bed. The soldier shut the door and then stood by it. You stood in the middle of the room not sure what to say or do. You looked to the soldier and he made eye contact with you for a minute before looking away.

“ What’s your name?” you asked softly walking towards him. You knew you should be afraid of him, he was the one who’d taken you, but after what you saw in the lab you had a feeling he was just as much a victim as you were.

“What?” He said his voice low with a confused look on his face.

“Your name, I’m Y/n, your name can’t be soldat” you said walking even closer to him. He was obviously uncomfortable with how close you were standing to him.

“ I don’t know” His eyes sad as he spoke, like he was trying to remember memories that weren’t there. Your heart broke at this, you wondered how long he’d been here, how long they had been manipulating him. You reached your hand out to grip his and he stepped back from you but didn’t let go

“ I’m sorry” you whispered

“Why are you sorry? I’m the reason you are here” he said harshly stepping back.

“ I don’t blame you for that, I can tell that you’re just as much a victim here as I am” His eyes searched yours not sure what to make of your words so you gave him a small smile and turned to go sit on the bed, “So are we just going to be locked in this room all the time until they get something out of my dad?” you asked pulling your knees up to your chest not only to comfort yourself but also because wherever you were was freezing and you were in shorts and a tank top.

“Yes.” He said and then opened the door and walked out. You looked at the door wondering what just happened. You got up off the bed and walked to the door and tried to open it but it was locked from the outside. As you turned to go sit on the bed again the soldier walked back in with a stack of blankets, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. You eyed him curiously but he just walked past you and set them on the bed and then took his place by the door again. Things continued like this for a few days, you just laid on the bed and would try to talk to the soldier, but he would only give one word responses or give you strange looks so you mostly were talking to yourself. You were wondering what was happening with your dad. That still didn’t make sense to you. All you had was your dad, your mom had died when you were little and so it had just been the two of you for years, you’d never noticed anything strange.

“Y/N” the soldier said walking into the room. He was holding a folder and looked unsure of himself.

“What is it? Have they contacted my dad?” you asked sitting up on the bed. The soldier looked up at you and you saw that same apologetic look in his eyes from before. He walked over to stand in front of you but you reached for his hand to have him sit with you. He hesitated for a moment before sitting down.

“Your father is dead, they went in to extract him and he was shot dead” you felt your heart stop, the only person you had in this world was gone and you had no idea what was going on or what information your dad had known. You felt the tears welling in your eyes and you breathing wavering, “ I umm, I took this file, its everything they have on your dad, it might give you some answers. You need to finish it before morning though so I can return it before anyone notices.” He said setting the folder down on the bed. You were shocked by this for a moment and without thinking you reached out and grabbed his hand not really sure what you wanted. You tried to meet his gaze through your tears and he looked down at you not sure what to do.

“Umm would you-stay and umm read through this with me and help me try to understand some of it” you said letting go of his hand and wiping away the tears. You were sure he was going to walk  out, you weren’t sure why you kept trying find comfort in him, but for some reason you wanted to be close to him. You looked down thinking he was going to leave but then he sat down on the bed across from you. You looked up at him with wide eyes and you giggled a bit at the sight of the two of you. You were in a huge sweatshirt and shorts sitting criss cross on this bed with the winter soldier who was still decked in full gear. He looked at you confused as to why you were laughing but you just smiled at him, “Thank you”.


The two of you stayed up all night reading through the files, trying to piece together who your father was. Your mind was swimming with the information, he apparently had done secret projects with a man called Stark before his death and they had invented all these different types of technology. Most of it went over your head but the Soldat said the gist of it was your dad was really crazy smart and worked on undercover projects. Once you had read through everything he took the files back. You curled up on the bed thinking through everything, your dad obviously wasn’t who he said he was, but based off of all of those files he probably wasn’t allowed to tell you what he’d been doing. The soldat walked back in this time in a white t-shirt and his black pants. He offered you a sympathetic look and then sat on his usual place against the wall.

“What are they going to do with me now, I’m not an asset anymore” you asked not moving from your spot. He looked angry for a second before looking down on the floor, “ I’m to continue keeping an eye on you and also train you. I believe they intend to use you as either a spy or their next experiment” his gaze never meeting yours. You nodded not sure how to respond, your emotions felt numb at everything that was happening. You let the tears start to fall not caring to hold them back when you felt the bed dip. You looked to see the Soldat sitting on the bed and he reached a hand out and squeezed your hand like you had done for him that first day. You smiled at him through your tears and squeezed his hand back crying yourself to sleep.


When you woke up he was gone, he was often gone first thing in the morning. You went into the small bathroom and took a quick shower. You tried not to think about your dad or apparently being turned into a spy for this groups of people who were obviously very bad people but then you thought of the soldier. You didn’t want to get out of here without him, they were cruel to him and used him like a weapon. You decided you needed to develop a foundation of trust so that he would try to leave with you, you couldn’t stand the thought of him never getting his freedom. You stepped out of the shower and wrapped one of the towels around you and walked back into the room to grab some clothes. When you entered the room he was standing there with what looked like a stack of black clothes. He looked you up and down not even trying to hide the fact that he was taking in your body. You walked over to him assuming the clothes were for you.

“Put these on, you begin training today, meet me outside” he said handing you the clothes and walking out of the room. You slipped on the black pants and black tank top and then laced up some black boots. You turned to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror before heading out the door.

Brett Talbot Imagine

Requested By: wckdheart

Prompt (s): 1- “If you come anywhere near me with that thing, I’ll kill you.”

                   2- “Why do you have a flour hand print on your butt?”

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Your kitchen was the center of chaos as you and Brett frantically tried to bake a snowman shaped bread loaf. Wisps of your hair flew in every direction during your search for a mixing that wasn’t already used. “Can’t you go a little faster? The party starts in less than an hour!” Your boyfriend shouted as he dumped yet another failed attempt at the baked good in the garbage. A grunt was your response as you lifted the glass bowl from under the sink. As you turned around to face Brett, flour connected with your face. Your face scrunched up in disgust as laughter filled the room. “I’m glad you think this is funny.” Calmly, you set the bowl on the counter and spotted the white substance resting inside the paper bag. Before the werewolf could realize what was happening, a clump of flour resided in his hair. It was your turn to laugh as he tried to shake it off his head. “It’s on.” Your (e/c) irises opened to see Brett menacingly holding the bag of flour in his hands. “If you come near me with that thing, I’ll kill you.” Slowly, you backed away. Brett continued to follow you until your back rested against the cold metal of the fridge. “I’m not kidding. I have wolfs bane in the closet.” He knew you were lying. Dropping the bag, he walked closer to you. Gently, his lips connected to yours. What had once been gentle and loving, soon became rough and vigor. Let’s just say…you both were a little late for the party.

The couple had only been twenty minutes late. (y/n) felt like she was forgetting something, but Brett reassured her that everything was fine. It wasn’t until Lydia had interrupted her conversation with Kira, did (y/n) remember what it had been. “Why do you have a flour hand print on your butt?” A look of realization and anger made its way onto her face. “TALBOT!”

HR Wells x Reader Useful Somehow

Imagine cheering HR up whenever he attempts to be useful…

Another failed attempt.

You watched as HR quietly retreated from the cortex, disheartened. The team had gone back to discussing ways of stopping a Metalhead, the new meta in town. They shot down every idea HR proposed, thinking it to be moronic and a waste of time.

Poor guy. He really was trying his hardest to fit in. To prove that he doesn’t need to be a genius scientist to be useful. HR had his moments where his ideas did work.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna go get some stuff. I’ll be right back,” you excused yourself. You exited the cortex and walked around looking for the talkative novelist. He wasn’t in Cisco’s workshop or the coffee room. So where was he?

You started going through all the rooms quietly like a ninja, not wanting to startle HR in case you actually find him. After going through a couple rooms, you ending up opening a vacantly dim-lit room. You saw HR sitting on a chair, his back turned to you. You carefully walked up to him, contemplating on announcing your presence. You gently wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your chin on his shoulder. You felt him tense up, turning his head slightly catching sight of you. He visibly relaxed and leaned into your touch.

“Are you ok?”

He let out a sigh, shaking his head slightly. The once cheerful and overly enthusiastic man became a broken child. “Am I really that useless?”

You let go of him and went to stand infront of his seated figure. You placed your small hands on the sides of his face, bringing it close to yours. “You are not useless. You helped Jesse with Savitar, and found a weakness that we need to take him down. To save Iris and everyone.”

He nodded a little. You leaned in and gave him a soft kiss. He gripped your hips pulling you to him and kissing back. You let him feel loved, even appreciated. Like he actually mattered to you. And He did matter to you. Everyday you wanted to see his contagious smile that lit up your day. He broke the kiss, letting his forehead rest on yours. He smiled warmly at you, one that caused you to reciprocate the action.

“Thank you.”

Bind Me To You

 @sasuhinasno1fan never got a shance secret santa gift so I am here to provide the gift of shance, no one shall go without. Sasu I hope you like this little fic 

Title: Bind Me To You

Summary:  After another failed attempt at getting closer to Allura Lance ends up hand cuffed to Shiro. The key can’t be found and Lance refuse to miss out on his beauty sleep to look for it. They two end up having to share a bed and while Shiro stays awake all night, too afraid to sleep in case Lance ends up finding out about his nightmares SHiro ends up hearing something he wasn’t supposed to.

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The Monster Hunter Experience™

Taehyung Scenario: One Chance.

The costume party series

Genre: Romance.

Where was your friend when you needed her? Looking everywhere around you, you couldn’t find her, you had even told her specifically not to leave you alone, and not only because you hardly knew anybody else in the party, but because you knew he was here and god, you didn’t want him to get close to you.

The room was full of people and while searching for your friend you saw the most amazing costumes, one guy dressing as the mad hatter, a pretty girl as some sort of cabaret ballerina, a really handsome guy as Mario Bros, one guy that you thought you saw somewhere else was wearing an impressive policeman costume, you even saw a girl with a kitty tail and everything. Of course there were some really crappy costumes too, a girl that wanted to be a “sexy bunny” looked much more like a “trashy bunny”, there was another one with a failed attempt of a pumpkin costume and one guy dressed up as Super Man that looked down straight gross.

You were entertaining yourself with the variety of costumes when you saw him, he was walking in your direction and his eyes were looking directly at you, that fixed stare that made you weak on the knees. You tried to turn and make as if you hadn’t notice him, but it was already too late, Kim Taehyung was coming to you.

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The Long Route


V had been through so many resets that it had long become routine for him. This time he had gone back far enough to try to save Rika before she snapped. Like every other time, though, his attempts had utterly failed, and he was again without his sight and the love of his life. He was very nearly immune to the overwhelming sadness that accompanied Rika’s departure.

This time, he decided to keep an eye on the RFA himself. Rika’s plans never seemed to change, so he’d figure something out himself instead of orchestrating another failed mole attempt. They were glad to have him, and he was around to experience firsthand the elation of one Minji Choy showing up in the chatroom. There was, he had found, no way to stop her from coming into their lives. The difference was what happened after.

The evening of the day she showed up, he found himself alone in the chat with her.

V has entered the chatroom

V: Good evening, MC
V: How are you adjusting?

Naked Text

AU: We’re in an exam study group and I just sent you my nudes by accident… Oops. - @mewlink - @dailyau


A/N: Seriously, I am going prompt crazy, and it’s all trash and useless fluff. I kinda tweaked the prompt slightly. I couldn’t imagine InuKag showing nudes at school, but I have another one that features Mango, and Miroku would definitely send nudes during school hours. Seriously had a hard time with this one, since my grandmother was talking to me non-stop and technically, I didn’t want to rewrite the entire thing. So I gave it an edit and here it is. Forgive me. @keichanz @purekagome


She wasn’t exactly sure how she was supposed to pass her graduation exams, but she sure as hell knew she couldn’t pass on her own. “Screw you, school!” It was another failed attempt at the geometry equation staring at her in blue ink on stark white paper. “I hate you, math.” She seethed. Throwing her pen down, Kagome swirled around in her swivel chair and snatch up her cell phone. As fast as she could swipe the screen, she pressed her best friend’s face on her speed dial. It rang three times before a feminine voice answered. “Sangoooo!” Kagome wailed.

“Let me guess, geometry?”

“Ugh! Yes!” Kagome threw herself onto her fluffy pink bed. “It’s gonna be the death of me!”

Sango laughed. “Well, fear no more Higurashi! I have the perfect solution.”

Kagome sat up quickly. “I’m listening.”

“I am in an exam study group and it’s a tremendous help and it will definitely help you too.”

Mulling it over slowly, Kagome smiled. “I have no other options, so count me in.”

“Tomorrow after 4th period. We eat out by the cherry blossom trees.”

“As soon as my archery lesson is over, sure. See ya tomorrow.” She clicked the red end button and sighed. “Study group huh?” Kagome plugged her new cell phone in and crawled into bed. “What could be so bad about it?” She closed her eyes and fell into sleep.


Grumbling, Inuyasha made his way from fourth period to his designated study spot. He hated biology, with a passion. It was the only reason he joined the study group to begin with. Miroku, his best friend, was a genius when it came to biology and in return Inuyasha taught them each about history, which he excelled in and geometry. Sango tutored them in english, the worst language ever, and in return Miroku helped her with both biology and the ever so dull speech class. Sango hated given speeches in front of large crowds and her final exam was an essay she had to read in front of everyone. As he neared the group, he caught a whiff of strawberry, or was it watermelon, -sniff- nope that was definitely strawberry. When he rounded the large trunk of the best cheery blossom tree in the courtyard, he laid eyes on the oh so beautiful, Higurashi, Kagome. What the hell is she doing here? He mused.

“Inuyasha!” Miroku waved him over. “Kagome has decided to join our study group. She needs help with geometry, which is your expertise.” It did not go unnoticed by the half-demon how Miroku’s eyebrows wiggled suggestively.

“Keh.” He gripped the strap to his back-pack a little too tightly. Kagome was beautiful. He had watched her shoot archery every time the school hosted a tournament. Her skills were close to perfect and her form was breathtaking. “Kagome. It’s nice to see you again.” He stuck out his fist for her to tap. Fist bump? What the fuck am I thinking?

“Inuyasha. It’s always a pleasure.” She reached out to tap his larger fist with her smaller one. Holy shit, Inuyasha, THE Inuyasha is talking to me. Calm down, Kagome. Just because he’s gor-


“You’re gorgeous. Wait, what?” She turned to Sango as her cheeks flared bright red. Well, damn that was awkward. She glanced at Inuyasha whose golden eyes were wide and his mouth in a slight grin. Kagome slapped her hand to her forehead. “You were saying Sango?”

“Aside from Inuyasha being gorgeous, I was talking about Geometry. Inuyasha is a genius in that subject.”

“History too, but he won’t brag about it.” Miroku chimed in.

“Keh.” Kagome smiled. “I love history. It’s actually going to be my major in college.” She blushed as he sat beside her.

“No shit?” He grinned. “Mine too. Ancient history to be exact. I love the feudal era. All the demons and sword fighting, especially the sword fighting.”

Miroku and Sango laughed. “He’s all about violence.”

“Hey!” Inuyasha punched Miroku in the shoulder, glaring as he did.

“He even has an ancient sword that his father gave him, what was it called? Tessagia, that’s right. He loves that weapon, "Miroku leaned in. "It’s like his baby.”

“HEY!” Inuyasha punched his best friend in the shoulder.

“OW! Okay. Fine, fine. Shall we start?”

The group studied as much as they could during their lunch period and soon the bell chimed. “Well guys, I gotta run. Archery lesson with my grandma.”

“But it’s your free period next.” Miroku was helping his girlfriend gather her notes and books for her speech class next.

“Yeah, well, she’s persistent.” Kagome gathered her bag and all her notes that Inuyasha had given her. “I have a tournament this Saturday. However, I have to finish all this damn homework before Friday night. I loath math, all kinds of it, I wish it would all DIE!” She exaggerated.  

“You’ll do fine. Maybe we should come support you.”

Kagome smiled. “That would be great Sango!” She turned to Inuyasha. “So, Inuyasha, will you be there too?”

He paused in his stride and turned to her. “Uh, me?” He pointed at his chest.

“Uh yeah. You are the only Inuyasha I know of.” She giggled.

“Sure. Um, maybe I should get your number,” Miroku made a snort behind him. Inuyasha glared over his shoulder. “in case you need more help with your geometry homework.” He scratched the back of his neck, nervously. Way to play it cool.

“Perfect. Here, input your number.” Kagome handed him her phone and waited for him to give her his. Once exchanged, they bid each other goodbye. A goofy grin plastered on their face.


Kagome was exhausted when she finally got home that night. Close to eight o'clock and she still had yet to shower and eat. Grandma Keade was too strict when it came to lessons, always wanting her grandaughter to be the very best she could. Between her and her grandfather, who was always yelling about demons and giving her ridiculous dried out gifts, she never had a break. Sighing, Kagome pulled out her phone and opened her gallery. No one had known Kagome enjoyed taking pictures of herself from time to time. She was nowhere near narcissistic, but she was very proud of the shape her body was in. Especially since she went through vigorous training with her brother and Sango, who both were experienced in karate.

Scrolling through, she landed on her nude photos. It was a secret gift for her boyfriend of three years, before he cheated on her with her so called friend. She never sent it, thank the kamis because who knows who he would have shown. Studying the picture for a moment, Kagome sighed and tapped the settings button, in an attempt to delete. Before she could confirm, Inuyasha sent her a text.

How’s the homework coming?

Oh, by the way, it’s Inuyasha.

Shit, you knew that, already. I did put my name in your contacts, right?

Kagome giggled. Yes, I know who you are, silly. Homework has yet to be completed. I just got home from lessons. She pressed send. As she set her phone down to get ready for her shower, she noticed the confirmed MMS sent message. Wait, MMS? “Holy shit! NO!” She screamed grabbing her phone. Opening her previous text, she noticed she had indeed sent Takahashi, Inuyasha her very naked, very detailed, nude photo. Her blue eyes stared up at her from the photo and Kagome died a little. Sliding down to the floor, she groaned. “My life is over.”

The distinct DING alerting her of a new message brought her out of her misery. What kind of lessons are you coming from? Because hot damn, Kagome. You look amazing.

Kagome blushed and before she could reply, her phone rang. It was Inuyasha. Groaning, Kagome answered. “I am so sorry, Inuyasha! I was trying to delete it, but you sent a text at the exact moment I was confirming to delete it and I have no idea how it got attached an-”

“It’s cool. I deleted it.” Cutting off her blabbling rant. “I knew it was a mistake. No one would ever send me something so private.”

Taken back, Kagome frowned. “Wait, why not? Don’t you have a girlfriend who has taken photos for you before?”

He laughed and Kagome realized she loved the sound. “Hell no. My last girlfriend was a bitch. She dumped me for some asshole in college, Hobo something.” Was he growling? “I take it that was for a boyfriend?”

This time she laughed. “I don’t have a boyfriend. He cheated on me last year and I  ended it.”

“Well, sucks for him. If you were my girl-” He stopped talking and Kagome thought he might have hung up.


“Uh, sorry. I don’t know what I was saying.”

She smiled. “Finish, please?”

Inuyasha sighed. “I was saying, if you were my girlfriend, I wouldn’t take a second look at another woman.” Mumbling was one of Inuyasha’s flaws.

“Are you gonna ask me out then? You’ve already seen me naked. So, phew on that right?” She laughed at her horrible attempt at a joke. “Now all I have to worry about is the first kiss!” She slapped her forehead. Shut up, you babbling IDIOT.

“Really? You’d go out with… me?”

“Absolutely. When?”

“After your tournament?”

“Perfect. I can’t wait Inuyasha.”

“Keh. Me either wench.” She heard a yell on the other end and a scoff. “I gotta go. Tomorrow after fourth period again?”

“See you then.” She heard the dial tone and smiled. Falling on her back in the floor, Kagome giggled. She had a date with Inuyasha. “I have a date with Inuyasha!” She squealed. “And he’s already seen me naked!” Her blue eyes widened. “Shit! He’s seen me naked!” How awkward was facing him going to be tomorrow?


Inuyasha grinned ear to ear. He had a date with Kagome Higurashi. The one girl he had been crushing on all year. “And I already seen her naked.” He laughed. Well, that was just a perk. What man wouldn’t enjoy looking at a nice body. He was only male right? But she was more beautiful now than ever. “Until then.” He smiled. He was going to make sure she knew just how much he could love her, because honestly, how could he not? She was perfect in his eyes, minus the little flaws he caught her make every now and then, well all the time actually. She was a total klutz when she wasn’t holding a bow and arrow, but that just added to her overall charm. Turning back to his phone, he sent her one more text.

Kagome’s phone went off. Eyeing the text, her face flushed dramatically. Then she laughed. Was he trying to be sexy?

You are beautiful. However, you have yet to see me naked. ;)

Another DING.

Shit that sucked. Forget I said that. I spend way to much time with Miroku. Goodnight.

Feeling fiesty, Kagome replied. Trust me Inuyasha, I look forward to the day I see YOU completely naked. ;)

After she pressed send, she shrieked. “What the hell has come over me?!” They both were blushing ten shades of red.

Inuyasha’s only reply was, “Keh.”

ilosttrackofthings  asked:

"I should have known." for Black Siren/Oliver

Slight trigger warning for perhaps some suicidal thoughts. And if that’s not a big enough spoiler, this is rather non-canon compliant. Also, not 100% a full-on relationship of any kind between the requested pair but more like a hinting. Forgive me.

“I should have told you,” Barry says. Oliver doesn’t register the words. His eyes and whole attention remain fixed on the monitor the speedster shows him. The video feed of the Pipeline renders him speechless for a heart-stopping moment in recognition of a familiar sight presented in an unfamiliar fashion.

Oliver knows she’s gone. He also now knows there are parallel universes and doppelgängers and things far beyond his control and imagination. His imagination never once wishes for this.

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