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Can you tell us a little about food in Finland, like... What do you eat day to day? What are sweets like? Which fast food chains are the most popular? or something else you think is interesting. Thank you! :D

Thank you for the ask! I can tell you a lot about food in Finland, fortunately, because both of my parents happen to be cooks, so I can ask about stuff from them. A lot the information I’ll tell you probably came from them.

Well, first off, I want to say that today Finnish people often eat food that isn’t necessarily traditionally Finnish or anything, for example my town has at least 5 pizza-kebab restaurants, and spaghetti is very popular. This thing called “raketti-spagetti” is sold in stores, it’s just normal spaghetti but cut into shorter pieces, and the name literally means rocket-spaghetti. I’m not sure how that name came to be, but it rhymes, so maybe it just sounded funny…? I don’t know. Stuff like rice is pretty common too, even though it’s in no way traditionally Finnish. Anyway, I’m sure that a similar phenomenon (the international foods thing, not raketti-spagetti) exists in almost every country.

Also, the Finnish cuisine has gotten a lot of influence from our dear neighbours, Sweden and Russia. Especially Sweden. So anyway, if you’re from either one of those countries and I say that something is Finnish when your country has the exact same thing, please blame my ancestors for not being more original. Although I’d like to hear about foods or customs similar to these I’m about to mention from other countries, so if you’d like to, please share them in the tags!

Okay, so I think I’ll start with the fast food- part of the question.

Finland doesn’t have that many fast food chains, really. We have McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and soon a few Taco Bells. Like, three. BUT! We do have a chain of our own, Hesburger, which is my personal favorite out of these. It is the most popular fast food chain in Finland, with 268 restaurants. For comparison, McDonald’s has 65, Burger King 32, and Subway 155 restaurants here.

If you want to have a taste of Hesburger’s food, but don’t want to come all the way to Finland, that’s totally fine! There are Hesbugers in eight other countries, too: Estonia (42 restaurants), Latvia (44), Lithuania (47), Russia (34), Germany (3), Ukraine (3), Bulgaria (3) and Belarus (1). Pretty impressive for a chain from such a small country, huh?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like an ad, this post is not sponsored by Hesburger. I just think it’s pretty neat. I don’t know where the restaurants are more specifically, but I’ve been to Tallinn and there were a few Hesburgers there. They have really good paprika-mayonnaise! Just saying.

Scratch that, I now know where is the Hesburger farthest from Finland: 

Now, for sweets, I think I’ll have to make their own post, but we do have a lot of different kinds of candy in Finland, since we have two bigger and several smaller candy manufacturers, the two big ones being Fazer and Panda. Fazer also makes bread and cookies.

Popular candies are suklaa (chocolate) in different forms - bars, slabs (?? I hear that is also called a bar sometimes? Like smaller bars like Snickers and then slabs like the one I’ll show a picture of), chocolates, like the ones sold in a box, with filling or without, you get the idea, a lot of chocolate - and, of course, salmiakki, salty liquorice. Salmiakki candies get their amazing/awful taste from ammonium chloride. Mmmm. Potentially life-threatening chemicals combined. Delicious. (pic source)

Here is perhaps the most iconic Finnish sweet: Fazerin sininen, Fazer’s Blue. It’s just simple old milk chocolate and yet is the most popular candy in the country. Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The shade of blue used in the wrapping is trademarked*, by the way.

Okay, moving on to the day-to-day stuff…

In Finland we drink the most maito (milk) in the world per capita, a bit over 360 liters. The 2nd is Sweden by the way, with around 356 liters. We also consume the most kahvi (coffee) per capita, the national average being around 2.6 cups. Seriously, people here drink coffee all the time. In the morning, after lunch, when you come to visit you can be sure you’ll be offered a cup of coffee, at weddings, at funerals, with dessert, I mean, all the goddamn time. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason I’m sure. You know when at work there are those shorter breaks? In Finland a break like that is called kahvitauko. It means coffee break, which I’m sure is a familiar concept in other countries too.

But yeah, people do drink milk at every meal - not everyone, of course, but most people - and for people who are lactose intolerant there are special kinds of milks where the lactose has been processed already, so lactose intolerant people can drink it safely.

This is our fridge. That milk probably lasts like half a week. The light blue one is fat-free.

‘There is also this thing called piimä, which is a drinkable product made from milk with Lactic acid fermentation. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

Maito versus piimä. (source

Apparently there is a strict divide in Finland between west and east, where west likes piimä better, but east prefers something called kokkelipiimä, which, to me, sounds very suspicious, and I did not know it even existed. It’s piimä with something more solid also made from milk mixed into it. Looks like this.

I seriously had never heard of it. I do live in the western half, so I suppose the divide is real. Huh. (source)

A traditional Finnish drink, kotikalja, is often drunk at fancier occasions, for example at the Christmas meal or at some other celebration, like weddings or such. It has a bit of alcohol, but so little that it doesn’t really count as an alcoholic beverage. Wikipedia tells me that it’s similar to Estonian kali, Swedish svagdricka, Dutch oud bruin and Russian kvass. It’s not the same, but it’s similar. People drink it with food.

(source also includes a recipe for kotikalja)

 There is a Finnish word ruokajuoma, which means any drink that is often drunk at meals, like water or kotikalja or milk and sometimes also juice.

This post is getting really long, sorry about that. Anyway, we eat a lot of different keittoja (soups) here too. Most of the time they contain potatoes (perunaa), carrots (porkkanaa), possibly other vegetables, and some meat (lihaa). Kalakeitto (fish soup) can be creamy (I love it) or clear (not so good). Lihakeitto (meat soup) and jauhelihakeitto (minced meat soup)are usually clear as well. There is also hernekeitto, which is made from peas, minced meat or ham or something and some carrot. People can add mustard and onion to it. It’s often eaten on Thursdays, a habit that has spread from the army. There every Thursday is hernekeittopäivä, hernekeitto-day. With hernekeitto the dessert is usually pancake with jam. (pic source)

The pancake, pannukakku, doesn’t look like what you might expect, though. It’s like this.


What is the closest relative to the other kind of pancake is called lettu here, or räiskäle, and it’s closer to a crêpe or a blin. (An actual blin, in Finland there is some misconception about blinis being small and thick… things, but maybe people would otherwise mistake them for a räiskäle?) (source)

 They are usually eaten with jam or sugar or whipped cream, or ice cream, or berries, or all of them. There are also muurinpohjaletut, which are cooked differently. (source)

A very basic dish we eat a lot here is potatoes and some kind of kastike (sauce). The sauce usually has pieces of meat, or sausage, or minced meat. We use a lot of minced meat. The picture example is made with makkara (sausage). (source)

When it comes to leipä (bread) I might be a little biased, because my parents bake a lot of bread themselves. Most households usually have at least two types of bread available, some lighter bread like piimälimppu for example, and ruisleipä. It is very Finnish, even though rye bread is eaten elsewhere too. In grocery stores you can find many shelves full of it. There are even rye chips here! Not French fries, or potato chips, really, more like nachos. But made from rye. Weird. (source of pic below)

One of the many forms of rye bread. (source)

Usually the shelves would be full but it was late and almost juhannus. That’s all for rye bread there. (Don’t mind my sister’s hand btw)

You can get rye bread in dried from too, all crunchy and pretty tough. Examples of this, dry, crunchy, though perhaps not that tough bread are näkkileipä and hapankorppu. Näkkileipä is often served in schools, since it doesn’t go bad easily. Both näkkileipä and hapankorppu are the best when they have some butter (voi) on top, at least I think so.

Hapankorppu in the front, näkkileipä in the back. 

“Which side do you put the butter on?” is a common topic of debate between Finnish people. (It’s the side without the holes, fight me)

And yet another traditional Finnish food that’s eaten like bread and has rye in it, is karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pie. It’s basically rice porridge in a crust made from rye flour. It is also called riisipiirakka. There are other versions of it as well, for example they can have mashed potato instead of rice in them. It’s traditionally eaten with munavoi, boiled egg and butter mixed together. It is heavenly. It’s the stuff in the picture way up there, actually, but I’ll refresh your memory.


Another pretty basic, and quite traditional Finnish food that is still pretty popular as I understand, is makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole, made of macaroni, minced meat, and a mixture of milk and egg. All the ingredients are put together and mixed, and cheese is put on top, though not in traditional versions. Then the whole thing is put into the oven and cooked for some time, and then eaten usually with ketchup. It’s one of my favorite foods.


Fish is eaten fairly often, but pork, chicken and beef are probably more common. In summer we eat a lot of sausages and nakki (frankfurters) (?? I have never heard this word). Most common spices are salt, suola and pepper, pippuri. There are also a ton of prepared foods in markets, and I mean a lot. Whole aisles, many meters, of foods like makaronilaatikko or jauhelihakeitto that you just need to warm up. Convenient. One of my favorites are pinaattiletut, small lettus with spinach in them. I like them a lot. There are also the same kinds of small lettus made with carrot. Oh, and also blood. They’re called veriletut in Finnish.


Well, I’d love to tell you more, but this post is already way too long, so. I’ll end it here. If you want to know more of something specific I mentioned, ask, and I’ll try to get a post made. I’m planning on covering a few topics here more in depth in the future, but we’ll see.

Oh, also, a lot of the sources for the pictures in this post also feature a recipe, though they’re in Finnish. If you’d like me to translate one of them so you can try it out, just ask!

Thank you for the ask again!

(*edited because I, the smart person I am, mixed up copyright and trade marks. Sorry about that.)


Eva: we cant come up with anything else to give her?

Noora: like, a card? What if we perform something?

Eva: yeah, yeah!

Noora: something… Moroccan or something?

Eva: something that everyone will remember 

Text: hey chris. do you have any money i could borrow? like 1000 kroner? Its okay if you have less too, i promise you will get them back 1st of july, along with those 750 i owe you already. Its just a top that is on sale now that ive wanted forever. and i dont want to ask mom because ive borrowed so insanely much of her lately

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Hey! I'm going to be a freshman this year and I'm considering coming out to my teachers before the school year starts, but I'm nervous about how I should go about doing it. Any tips?

Lee says:

How do I come out to my teachers/professors at school?

My favorites are the people who don’t like what I’m doing for one reason or another and decide to make me an example by pointing to their kid and saying ‘this is why you stay in school.’

I’m honestly one of the few people in my friend group that actually graduated college. Some of the people who didn’t finish college are honestly doing better than I am, financially. 

Like first of all- stop using wage workers as a threat to make your kids go to college

And Second- if your kid goes to college it should be because they WANT TO and not because of the vague threat of misery. 

And Third- I’m standing right here. 

I'm Only Human.

This is he sat thing in saying before I leave Tumblr for the day.

I’m only human.

So whether you think I overreacted to someone claiming my stories as their own or not, that doesn’t give anyone the right to come into my inbox and try to tear me down.

I’ve always been very open about staring everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them, but when you are trying to be negative about someone with your opinion, it’s wrong.

I was not overreacting, in my opinion.
I think I handled the situation quite calmly actually. Because did you see me drag the persons name? Did you see me tell people to go after them?
I calmly messaged the person and discussed it privately with them.

Yes, I may have ranted a little on my personal blog, but that was because I was upset. And even still, I didn’t mention who the person was or anything like that.

I have spent so many hours writing and stressing over the stories I’ve written, because I want to produce something that I’m happy with and that all of you will enjoy.
So I’m sorry if having someone copy and paste them and call them their own is upsetting to me. Because they took the cheap route.
They didn’t sit there and think of the idea, think of the words and how to connect them, they didn’t have to bring a simple request to life.

I’m human. I have emotions. And I was hurt today.

Plagiarism, whether on a site like Tumblr or in school (which was just a bloody example by the way!!!), is wrong.
No one should do it.

It’s not fair that I should feel unsafe in posting my stories, and I’ve had another author come to me and express their fear as well.
We want to write these and share them with people. But now we’re scared of having them stolen, and it’s not fair.

I just wanted to share this with everyone, because I have never been one to hide shit from y'all and I’m not stopping now because of some stupid anon.

I have to go back to work now.
I will not be answering messages, or posting stories, today.

Currently I’m going to go and try to not cry.
Yeah, I’m that upset. Because it is frustrating and angers and hurts me.

Hope you’re happy anon.

Sending your first message to a POT

So, you’re doing a search and all of the sudden…you see Mr/Miss Perfect in front of you. They have the budget that is comfortable for you, maybe have the most beautiful hair, and the smile in the picture makes you smile. 

We know saying “hey, you’re cute” is so….so…blah. As women, we get told we are sexy, hot, bangable, everyday. As men, you get told “I know you’re rich” everyday. You need to be able to direct your message to your POT that will make you really stand out.


Easy ‘ice breakers’ for a first message:

-Near a big city? Do you know the sports teams? Mention that. example: Oh, you live in Dallas?!? I just saw the Cowboys game last week. 

-If you see an SD younger then 40….compliment him on his success at such a young age. It’s inspiring!

-If you see a SB/SD mention the school they went to, mention it’s a great school, relate to i..did you go to another school nearby. Did you go to a rival school. EXAMPLE: Oh, I see you went to Michigan…I went to Ohio State. I promise I can put our school rivalries behind ;)

-Do they mention hobbies in the profile? Have you ever wanted to try any of those…or have you? Mentioned how it worked out. EXAMPLE: That is so cool you like to go fishing. I live about an hour away from xyz lake and I see people fish there all the time. I’ve always wanted to do it. It seems so relaxing!

Sending out bland messages with only make you appear to be bland, therefore, be bland in an arrangement. We’ve heard stories of fake profiles all the time, so if you have a fantastic profile, and too good looking..POTS might think you could possibly be fake. This way, a personal message will prove otherwise AND set you apart from the crowd. 

🌸Be kind🌸

Why are the people so full of hate ? Why can’t they be kind to each other,I don’t really understand it and I don’t want to understand it! It has nothing to do with myself but I always see it on the streets or in school… Everyone is different and like/hear/wear something different. Why is it so difficult to let the people live their lives how they want to ? I sometimes see that people look at me as I were very strange just because I wear other clothes then their wear :o (it is just an example, because I have often good experience with that 😊). Or some people get bullied because their are different. Another thing is if u go outside shopping or for anything else their are often people who treat you bad without having a reason for it! So pls be kind to each other and try to treat each other well ! The other persons have also feelings and they also want to live in peace! I only want to say that pls respect and accept each other also if they are different ! If u don’t like them just ignore it! I don’t want to say that everyone is like this 😊 I see and know many people that are very kind and that makes me very glad 💕! I’m so sorry for this serious topic but I just wanted to share what I think with you🌸 🌸I wish u a lovely day/night🌸

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How did you come up with Wednesday and Amelia?


The creation of Wednesday and came was how a coped and expressed my attraction for this little lady I met in the 8th grade, haha! Crazy to think they are that old! Almost seven years! People normally think I base Wednesday off of myself and Amelia off of some girl I like and or my “ideal” girl. But that just is not the case, haha!

Wednesday is the embodiment of obsession and Amelia is the embodiment of fear if that makes sense? The original Wedlia story is kinda of different then the one I told here, granted I am re-telling it (kinda) yay! Wednesday is extremely devoted, drawn, attached even to Amelia, she is that way since I was so attached to this girl in the 8th grade. Amelia is curious but fearful and intimidated by Wednesday’s obsession in her, that came from me being more than a bit scared at how strong my feelings were for this person. Eighth grade me was very angsty, haha!

Granted this middle school crush became a complicated relationship that continued through out my all my 4 years in high school until I learned she had gotten engaged in March/April (I was an emotional wreck here, good lord, I’m so sorry, if you are still here despite that bless like seriously). 

Everything else came from person experiences or people I know or just things that interest me. Like my original intention was for Wednesday to drown, I chose the ocean since I love to swim out into the sea at night during a storm, the vastness is alluring (Wednesday is not going to drown in my story). Amelia loneliness is another example. Pretty self explanatory. 

That’s kinda how they came to be, hope this is helpful or is useful maybe. c:

EDIT: I did not write this all in the 8th grade, haha! At like 12 it started and I have written in continuously up until now and I am almost 19.

(content warning, violence against minorities, Islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and rape mentions)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I really hate it when people use me as a way to score points against another group.

This blog post is going up specifically due to the “Muslims are bad, look what they do to gays” sentiment, but it applies pretty much anywhere.

One of the amazing things about human cognition is how we categorize things.  We are quick to view “us” as a group of unique people responsible for our own thoughts and actions, but “them” as a collective group.  This is the reason that, for example, when anyone even remotely associated with BLM (even so much as “once went to school with a protester”)  does something bad, we are quick to condemn them, anyone associated with them, etc.  And, on the other hand, when a white nationalist with white nationalist paraphernalia and a white nationalist website goes into a black church and explains why he has to kill black people, we’re not so quick to talk about the issues of racism or hate or nationalism.

The Pulse shooting was the first time in a long time I’d seen such an outpouring of sympathy for the LGBT community, and it wasn’t hard to guess why.  America doesn’t care when we die.  America doesn’t care when we hurt.  Something like a quarter of Americans don’t think we have the right to exist.  Just exist.  Not “get married” or “adopt” or “pee in the right bathroom.”

But we make a great token when a Muslim does something bad to us.  I remember being told that I should support the crusade against Islam because of what ISIS did to gay people.  Except it was framed as “Muslims throw gays off buildings, why aren’t you angry?”

Well, I am.  I’m angry at the people who throw gay people off buildings.  I’m angry at anyone who supports them.  But why would I be more angry at Muslims because of the actions of extremists than I would be at Christians?  White people?  Americans?

“Well,” they stutter or look away, “those are different.  Islam preaches violence against gay people.  Arabs are closed-minded and live in barbaric societies.  This is America, where we have freedom!”

Which is weird, because I grew up in a country where I was assaulted by white Christians and the police did nothing.  I was preached at by white Christians who quoted Timothy and Leviticus at me.  White Christians set up the laws saying who I can sleep with, date, marry, where I can pee or be employed.  When I bring these things up, you know what I usually get?

“But Muslims throw gays off buildings.”

You know, back to the beginning.

I’m an atheist.  I am an atheist in the sense that I do not see reason to believe a God or gods exist, sometimes known as “weak atheism” or “agnostic atheism.”  I don’t particularly believe in the tenets of either Islam or Christianity, but to be honest, I also don’t really care that they’re practiced.  I know there’s some ideological dispute over that, but I just want to live my life, and if people will let me live mine, I will let them live theirs.

So yes, Muslims throw gay people off buildings in the same sense that Christians curb stomp gays and men rape people.  The difference is, in America, we are quick to say “not all men,” but not so quick to say “not all Muslims.”  ISIS hates us.  They also hate them.  The Muslims.

What, did you think they were only tossing “infidel” gay people off buildings?

I don’t want to be a point to score against Muslims.  When people only get concerned if a Muslim hurts one of us, that’s what they’re doing.  They don’t care about us.  They may even hate us, they just hate Muslims more.

But the other problem is one I’ve already sort of touched on.  People take the fact that I’m not ready to bomb the Middle East back to the stone age as some sort of compliance with the specific people who are chucking gay people off buildings.  The idea seems to be that if I don’t hate all Muslims, I must therefore be okay with all Muslims.

And that’s wrong, too.

I oppose the practice of violence against minorities and women.  I oppose these being law.  I oppose homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic legal practices.  But not only are these not inherently Muslim things, they’re not inherently accepted by Muslims.

White nationalism is the leading cause of terrorism in the United States.  We don’t start complaining about white people.  In fact, if we do, it’s “reverse racism!”

Men are pretty undisputed when it comes to rape, even to other men.  We don’t start complaining about men.  In fact, if we do, it’s “misandry!”

When it’s someone who’s not “normal” with regards to our culture, though, suddenly, it’s different.  It only takes one.

If Muslims have to apologize for ISIS, I want white people to apologize for Dylann Roof and Timmy McVeigh and all those other “lone actors.”  If Muslims are bad for preaching violence against LGBT folk or for enacting violence against LGBT folk, I want other people to be held to the same standards: Christians being the first in line because they’re the majority in this country where people are telling me how bad it is we’re hurt by Muslims, and they’re the primary actors.

If you don’t hold everyone to those same standards, it’s bigotry.  It’s xenophobia, and likely racism.  And yes, I know that “lol Islam isn’t a race.”  Weirdly, though, it’s assumed that anyone not dark enough to qualify as black (and many who are) who acts in a violent fashion does so in the name of Islam, while lighter-skinned people are not.  It’s almost like actually being Muslim is a secondary concern.  Why could that be?

I’ve had Christians tell me how much safer I’d be if we got rid of Islam.  Ironically, I’ve had atheists tell me how much safer I’d be if we got rid of religion.  I sincerely doubt either is true.  Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris should be a starter on the list of people who demonstrate that atheism doesn’t stop you from being bigoted.

I am not a tool or pawn for your hatred of Muslims or any other group.  Stop using me as such.

A thing that I'd like...

Hi friends, I just wanted to quickly say that I know that a lot of you are struggling, and I would really like to help you all, but there’s only so much that I can do on my own. I’m just one person. So I just want to ask you guys to support each other. Anytime you see anyone that’s having a hard time, love them, and let them know that they’re not alone. People on the internet are more than just code– there is a living breathing person behind the keyboard– remind them of that. We all need to support eachother.

If you are having a difficult time and you don’t know where to turn, there are trained professionals that went to school to help people like you– these people are fucking rad! They worked their asses off for years so that they could help someone that’s having trouble like yourself– take them up on that offer.

@queer-empanada is an example of someone that is having a lot of trouble right now, and I can’t help them alone. If you have the time can you please go let them know that we care about them. They need some love and encouragement right now.

Thanks guys. You’re the best ❤

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I'm in the summer between year 12 and 13, so I'm trying to put together my portfolio for uni now, I know you didn't do art at uni, but I was hoping you'd have some tips for what to include in a portfolio or if you have any portfolio tips in general? Or is there anything in your portfolio that you know ppl have liked about it? Not necessarily a piece of art

Hi future art student!

I was hoping you’d have some tips for what to include in a portfolio

Dude! Once again, Google is your friend! Look at these amazing articles that will be able to help you more than I will ever be able to:

Or is there anything in your portfolio that you know ppl have liked about it?

1) Its simplicity and its organization. In other words, no useless pretentious bullshit about why art is art and why I see the sun green because my perception of colors is so unique and because it’s inspired by this unknown artist you never heard of, you fucking peasants. You know when people come to your blog and want to see your art right away without having to click left and right? How they want to be able to read the captions without having their eyes bleed because you used a 6 point light pink font? Think about this when you create your portfolio. Art, short captions (that include medium, date, size) and a readable font. It has to be an insight into your work and an intent to demonstrate your capabilities and personal style. Teachers will see hundred of portfolios like yours. Don’t make their task boring or harsh. SIMPLICITY. 20 pieces, A3 for an actual portfolio (= not a PDF). Don’t forget that my portfolio is for clients not teachers but I don’t think that it’s very very different when it comes to captivate the audience. The articles I linked you above, particularly the first one, should help you a lot. Seriously, the first one is a mine.

2) Its funny artworks. I’m serious about that one and I still don’t understand how it’s fucking possible. You know my hyper realistic stuff where I draw Bucky’s beard hair by hair? It’s not what people prefer. They like my ridiculous characters and the caricatures of my dad shouting because he’s not satisfied with how his kitchen was painted pink instead of red. In short, people will enjoy some artworks you find ridiculous and unimportant. So ask a friend or even another student to help you select one or two pieces you never thought of including in your portfolio. For example this monstrosity (Dean drunk and naked) got me more jobs opportunity than my realistic artworks…

Uncensored version. Not sure I would put it in a portfolio for university but I think you got the idea.

Good luck to you, I hope your application will be accepted! Going to art school, lucky you ♥


Prof. @Oba_Tayo is back again with another session!

Previously on this page we posted about “Black Wall Street” which is one of the most successful and wealthiest Black communities in America’s History. It was located in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 1900’s. The “Black Wall Street” was so successful because they practiced a method known as “group economics”.

What is group economics? It is a collective effort by the people in one community, race, or culture to build up their capital status by various ways of achieving income. It’s important to us a community because Black people spend the most money in consuming products every year!

The foundation of the community or the KEY reason was because of the people who worked OUTSIDE of the community. A Majority of the people didn’t work within Tulsa, they actually worked outside of Tulsa. Which was fine as long as they spent their money within the Black community of Tulsa. Example: Let’s say I worked as a school teacher outside of Tulsa. When I get paid, I go to my local grocery store spend $50, then I go to a restaurant spend $30, and spend another $20 at clothing store, That’s a total of $100, now then the owners of those businesses would spend that money (I spent) on other businesses within Tulsa, and then those owners do the same thing as well. Now what we have in place is a system of where money made from outside the community is circulating within the community continuously. Now the hundred dollars I spent, if $20 leaves the community for supplies for a business, that is fine because $80 is still circulating in the community. Now imagine that times thousands of people. That’s how Black Wall Street was established!!!

Post made by: @oba_tayo

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You are the absolute worst kind of trash. I HATE people who tell girls it's ok to be fat. Guess what?! IT'S NOT. Fat people are unhealthy, unclean, and generally disgusting. Do everyone a favor- delete your blog, get off the fucking couch, and lose some weight.

If telling young women that they shouldn’t hate their bodies makes me trash, I will gladly be trash.

The reasons you gave for why being is not ok are a) Fat is unhealthy b) Fat is unclean and c) Fat is generally disgusting.

Sit down and hold on because i’m about to tell you a little something, aight?

Unhealthy? I’m not sure why everyone thinks that thin equals healthy. It doesn’t. I am a fat girl. Always have been, always will be. Not that my medical history is any of your business, but my BP is excellent. So are my glucose and cholesterol levels. The only medical problems I’ve ever had are common colds, allergies, and cancer, which is not a “fat” disease. But let’s take my dad (who doesn’t mind me discussing this because he’s my dad and he’s hella cool and thinks your fatphobic rhetoric is a bunch of fucking bullshit) for the thin example. He’s 46 years old. He works out, has very low body fat, lots of muscle. He’s a “normal” sized guy. He also has diabetes and high blood pressure. But you might say, “Oh, that’s normal for people when they get older” so we’ll use another example. My lovely BFF, Trevor, who is 25 years old. He’s thin, not an ounce of fat on him, but he’s on blood pressure medication. But, no, you’re totally right. Only fat people are unhealthy. Just like only fat people have heartattacks and strokes… right? I mean… they do, right? Thin people never die from heartattacks or strokes… right?

Unclean? I will tell you this. As a fat girl in high school, I was terrified that someone was going to see me as “unclean” because I was fat so I used to take 2-3 showers a day. A lot of the young girls that were in my group said that they do the same. They are meticulous in making sure they’ve cleaned not only themselves but the space around them. Not just body wise. They are organized, rooms spotless, purses and bags and lockers clean because they are afraid of being seen as the “fat slob”. But it doesn’t matter does it? A fat girl could be the cleanest person you’ve ever met and you’d still call her a fat slob, right? Because I know people like you. When I was in college, there was this girl who came in late every single day for class. Ratty hair in a messy bun, either in stained sweatpants or pajama bottoms, face greasy, teeth not brushed… but this THIN girl came in one day and the only seat open was next to me. She looked at me with those weird crusty sleep things in the corner of her eyes, toast crumbs on her shirt and said “I’m not sitting next to that fat slob.” Me. She was calling me (freshly washed, clean button down and skirt) a slob. And all I could say was “Did you look in a fucking mirror this morning?” But no. You’re right. Because I carry around extra weight, because you can’t see my hip bones, I am unclean. Because LOL FAT PEOPLE ARE TOO FAT TO WASH.

Generally disgusting? Now, we’re getting to the meat of the problem here. It’s not so much that you care that fat people are unhealth. You probably don’t even care if they’re unclean (because you wouldn’t be caught dead that close to a fat person, ew). When people say something is “generally disgusting”, especially about other people, what they mean is “It’s not physically appealing to me.” And all I have to say is this: My body is not here for your fucking enjoyment. It’s not here to be dressed up, slimmed down, hacked up, purged, shifted, lifted, pulled taut, or glamorized to make you fucking happy. If you don’t like my body, don’t look at it. If the sight of a fat person repulses you, look away or better yet, have your eyeballs removed from your head and then shoved up your ass, see if you like that view a little better.

Do everyone a favor- stop sending people messages behind grey face because you are too cowardly to say what you feel because you’re afraid of someone seeing you for who you are, get off your fucking couch, and get a motherfucking life!

In the immortal words of Barnabas Collins: You may strategically place your lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!

I think the people who say “Rich people can’t be sad” clearly have no understanding at all of how humans work.

Look, in a technical sense, I come from a reasonably well off family. Materially speaking, we have a lot. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own problems, just like everyone else. (The following isn’t me whining, it’s me providing examples.) Maybe you haven’t considered that until last year my dad was so stressed and unhappy at his job that he had panic attacks, that my sister also gets panic attacks because her school won’t shut up about essays and going to university, that my little sister was ostracised from her ENTIRE YEAR because her ex-best friend told everyone that she stole her things, or that I’ve tried to kill myself twice in the past four years because I couldn’t bear the thought of having to be me for another goddamn day?

No, you haven’t, because you think that only people born without a silver spoon in their mouth are allowed to be unhappy, that sadness works in some kind of sick, messed up system where certain people are allowed it and others aren’t. You are the ones with a world view that doesn’t match reality, not me.

It’s just wrong

Last night, I was at the pub and someone mentioned Justin Trudeau and how they think he’s too young right now to be Prime Minister. I piped up, saying how I thought he’d be good for this country, but he lost my vote when he voted for bill c-51. The person I was talking with agreed that the bill was terrible, along with the new dual citizenship bill.

I haven’t heard about anything a new dual citizenship bill, possibly because I’m not a dual citizen so I may have just overlooked it. So I did some research and my anger just kept rising the more I read.

What’s basically happening is that anyone with dual citizenship (or can be eligible for dual citizenship) can have their Canadian citizenship revoked and be potential exiled. People with dual citizenship are essentially second class citizens, even those born in Canada.


This does not affect me personally, but it can do damage to a lot of people I know and care about.

Example 1: My roommate/best friend has dual citizenship in Norway and the UK, due to being born in the former and his father being from the later. He can’t get Canadian citizenship, but he does have Permanent Residency status. He is marrying a Canadian girl. They are hoping to have kids some day. These kids are going to be Canadian by birth, Norwegian due to their fathers nationality. So you’re telling me that my future nieces and nephews (because they will be calling me ‘Auntie’) are going to be second class citizens? How is that right?

Example 2: I sing in a small choir and there are no less than 6 people in that choir with dual citizenship. Guess what? These people are second class citizens now. That’s not fair.

Example 3: I worked in a school that had representation from over 30 countries. These kids and their parents and families are now considered second-class citizens. 

Example 4: I have made various friends and had co-workers over the years who have dual citizenship, either from a parent being from another country or they themselves have been from another country. And these are good people! Why are they now second-class citizens simply because they have a parent from another country?

I don’t understand how this passed. Canada is supposed to be a country that values its diversity and multiculturalism. Now it looks like the country is extremely xenophobic. What is happening in this country is undemocratic and unfair and wrong. It’s simple wrong. It’s just fucking wrong!

(A/N: I’m basing this post on conversations I’ve had with others and by things I’ve read on the internet. I’d like to think I’m informed but if I’m wrong on some things, by all means, let me know so I can research more. But this is my understanding of bill c-24 based on what I have read. Just be nice about it. We need to keep some sense of Canadian dignity, after all.)

Preference #120: School Surprise.

Request: could you do an imagine where 5sos picks you up from school and interrupt your class, & no one knows who they are really but the mean bullies/popular girl do? then the teacher asks what they’re doing there and one of them explains that you’re dating michael and it was a surprise? my name’s Cara and I’m like 5'6, really long curly auburn/red hair and blue green eyes. I also sing and songwriter and yeah if you could use that it’s be cool and I’d love to see what you write!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A/N: So I put Y/N etc in this imagine so everyone can relate. Enjoy!

Another high school day, the same old popular girls that made your life hell. They knocked your books out of your hand and threw insults at you but you just tried to let it go. But there words cut through you like a knife, you just wished people thought about what they were saying. Hangman is a perfect example of how saying the wrongs words can kill someone but their brains didn’t seem to comprehend such a thing. You sat in the middle of class, the seat you normally sat at. And again balls of paper bounced off of your head. Your teacher was talking about Shakespeare and you kind of tuned out then your eyes lit up when you saw Ashton, Luke and Calum waltz into the room without a care in the world “hey Y/N you’re coming with us” they said in unison. “Who are you?” the teacher asked “her friends and she’s coming with us, she has an appointment with a special boyfriend you see Michael Clifford is her boyfriend and missed her so much so she needs to see him now” Ashton said. You heard ‘omg there the guys from 5 seconds of summer’ you knew the voice it was one of the popular girls. You walked up to them and hugged them “Michael wanted to surprise you, he’s doing an interview with Ryan since he missed the group one” Luke said. The class whispered and gasped and you just giggled. You went with them and spent the whole day with them and your boyfriend.


The next day school was a little different the popular girl came up to you “hey Y/N” she said like she was your friend you just sighed “come to insult me some more?” you asked. “No of course not, I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with me and the girls at lunch, since you’re dating Michael you must be cool” she smiled. You scoffed “you’ve bullied me for a long time and now you know I’m dating Michael you want to be friends it doesn’t work like that” you said closing your locker and walking away. You joined your friends and went to lunch with them, since they were your real friends. You didn’t have time for fake ones.

missed-oblivion  asked:

Dude, you're awesome for loving them books (there's finally someone who's like me about books!) Btw, do you have any tips on handling fanfiction? I used to read a book a day but now I can't stop reading fanfiction and my very large and growing pile of unread books is sort of making me depressed

I feel your pain, I do, I do, I do.

See, the thing here is that I personally think fan fiction isn’t actually any “less” than anything that’s officially been published.  Despite the fact that we have to deal with abominations like Fifty Shades, we also know that the world of fan fiction has also produced excellent authors who would go on to write professionally.  My personal favorite is A.C. Crispin - back when an old High School buddy introduced me to the wonder that is Old Skool Star Trek.  

And because of fan fiction, it led me to discover the awesome that is dduane as another example, she who wrote my absolute favorite Leonard McCoy novel of all time, Doctor’s Orders. 

So I think of websites like FF Dot Net and AO3 as just another library, so to speak.  It’s filled with the “books” and the short stories that I want to read, written by people who are doing this for the pure love of the ‘verse they’ve found themselves in.  Sometimes, they’re actually doing it better than the writers in the current canon.  Think of all the fandom complaints against guys like Remender in the current Marvel Comics, the ones who’ve twisted our favorite characters like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark and Sam Wilson into unrecognizable messes (I can’t even say caricature, it’s that bad) vs. someone who actually writes a solidly plotted, engaging, entertaining Captain America fan fiction with an almost cinematic flair like The Man on the Bridge or someone who does an excellent social media story like the one in Tin Soldiers. 

Think about someone who walked away from The Hobbit films or just finished the LOTR/Hobbit books saying, Fuck yeah, I’m going to write about Dwarves instead of the Elves, which is why we have gloriousness like Sansukh or the ever growing pile of fics that refuse to accept that the Durins died at the Battle of Five Armies. 

We know that the world of fan fiction has actually produced works that are actual Pultizer Prize winners.  There are works in our popular fandom consciousness that are really “fan fics” of other works and we love it.  Remember that the movie Clueless is really a modernization of Jane Austen’s Emma? Or yeah, my own personal favorite, 10 Things I Hate About You is really a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. 

So don’t feel bad about the growing pile of unread books on your shelf.  Heaven only knows I’ve got several of my own myself.  Sometimes, you just feel the need to wallow in a more familiar universe, to follow well-beloved characters into more adventures, especially when you know Official Canon has not been so kind to them. 

Think of the Unread Pile of Books as something you’re going to set aside for a metaphorical “rainy day” - when you’re ready to dive into something new, discover a different universe, a different set of characters to root for and love.  They’re not going anywhere anyway.  They’ll still be waiting. 


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Do grades really matter? Like honestly the school system is so messed up and everything is based upon regurgitating information

While I do agree that the education system has its flaws, I still believe school/grades in general matter. 

Grades may not define who you are entirely as a person (because I mean come on we’re all going to fail some tests)  but they sure as heck depict what kind of individual you are and who you’re going to be. Grades reflect your work ethic, they show how much effort you’re willing to put into something that will most likely benefit you in the future. Grades show where your priorities lie and (for most people) your devotion to education and academics and you know the kind of things that make the world go round. Don’t let people tell you grades don’t matter. Don’t let people tell you it’s ok to do bad in school. Don’t let people tell you that school is just learning how to take a test and that it doesn’t measure actual academic intelligence/performance. If that’s so, why doesn’t everyone succeed @ taking tests? If tests are just another format we’re used to seeing on a day-to-day basis then why haven’t people learned to take a test the same way they’ve learned how to structure an essay in MLA format? Don’t tell yourself that you’re just inevitably going to fail a subject either. There’s ALWAYS help, and people you can ask for help, and different studying and learning techniques that anyone can use to adapt to their needs.

While I do concede that there are some exceptions to these cases/examples my overall point is that school matters, education matters, grades matter, and that you shouldn’t let yourself or other people tell you otherwise.

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I don't feel like a boy or a girl at all. I like "they" pronouns best but i feel like a pain asking people to use them so i usually just go by my biological gender. Most days it just kinda stings but other days (like today for example) it makes me so uncomfortable i want to cry. I go to a public high school and i wouldn't feel safe or comfortable asking people to accommodate me but thinking about it is just a really painful reminder of the fact that no one recognizes my identity

You know what? I like “they” pronouns, too.

And in my case, it actually has nothing to do with identity. It just so happens that modern English has a few holes in it. One of which is filled by use of the singular “they”.

(Another hole that could stand to be plugged is dealing with that really cumbersome “all of you” nonsense that English professors seem to think is somehow superior to a neologism which means the same thing but is comprised of only one syllable and is understood by nearly all western English speakers. But let’s not dive headlong into that particular rabbit hole today.)

Not only is it handy for when you don’t know the gender of whoever you’re talking about, but it’s perfect for all your non-binary needs as well.

They, as a pronoun, has literally zero gender implications and can be used to talk about anyone and the ONLY thing it means is that they are a person.

See what I did there?

I think that keeping this in mind and making grammar the subject of discussion can keep some interactions from getting too dramatic.

I get that you’re not sure how people will react, but you’re not asking for anything even remotely unreasonable. It’s damn near the epitome of polite requests and it’s important to you.

You don’t deserve to be treated in a way that makes you feel bad.

Acknowledging a person’s identity is basic fucking courtesy. Anyone who has a problem with something so fundamental is likely to be pretty shitty overall.

I understand that it can be hard to speak up about this, but it’s possible that you don’t need to worry all that much.

Maybe getting every teacher to address you in a way you feel comfortable with is more than you’re going to get, but at the very least talk to the people you hang with. not just friends (who I am going to assume are completely cool with however you want to identify, becasue they fucking better be) but anyone you know well enough to have a conversation with.

I can’t really say how this particular situation will play out, but I can tell you that things will get better. I don’t know how long it will be, but if you take heart, there will be hope for the future.

People are fighting for that future, and maybe one day you will be one of those people. You don’t have to, but I’ve got a feeling that you’ve got what it takes.