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J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A Bit Of Both (Gaston x Reader)

Part 5 (epilogue) of “Another Look Around”

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Word Count: 2,825

Warnings: If Gaston being flirty counts as one, then there’s that…

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A/N: yeh, it took a while longer than the previous parts, but yo, I finally finished it. Thanks so much for all the reads, likes, reblogs, and the AMAZING comments, lil chickadees!!!

For several moments, you tried to ignore the prodding on your arm. It was early after all, and yesterday had been a particularly exhausting day. But after half a minute of the timid motion, you finally shifted, stretching out your legs and arms and with a groan.

You felt soft breath fanning across your face as a small voice asked, “Are you awake?”

You cracked your eyes open, a smile spreading over your lips. “Well, I am now,” you answered quietly, your voice raspy from sleep. As you spoke, you moved your hand and poked the side of the little girl laying opposite you. She squealed and swatted away your hand, smiling widely.

“James was snoring again,” the dark-haired girl said accusingly. “You can hear it from all the way down the hall. He woke me up.”

“Did he?” You responded, gently stroking a few stray strands of hair from her eyes. “Well, we’ll have to speak with him about that when he wakes up, won’t we?”

The child, Rosemarie, nodded, a mischievous expression on her delicate features which coaxed a snicker from you. You brushed your thumb across her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her forehead before asking, “Ready to get up?”

Rosemarie nodded again, swiftly shimmying her little body from under the covers and slipping off the bed. Her curly, deep brown hair bounced around her waist as she scurried from the room, her bare feet filling the silent morning with a pattering sound.

You grinned widely after her, sighing as you hauled yourself into a sitting position and raked your hands through your hair. The morning was pale and just beginning, and through the window across from the bed, you could see a thick mist hanging above the ground as the sky turned pallid blue. The house was warm, but outside the cool whispers of fall were beginning to fill the land.

You briefly glanced at the empty space beside you, noting the absence of your husband from his usual position before tossing the covers off your legs and rising from the mattress. You quickly pulled a blue skirt and vest on over your white underdress, then joined Rosemarie in the large kitchen, the floorboards cold under your feet. When you arrived, you found her sitting with boy who was slightly older than her, but who had the exact same chestnut waves atop his head.

“Ah, well if it isn’t the culprit himself,” you teased, ruffling James’ hair as you passed him. He gave you a satisfied smirk, leaning back in his chair. “I can’t help it,” he said simply. “It’s Rosemarie’s fault for being a light sleeper.”

Rosemarie gasped, “Is not. I can’t help that either.”

“Well if we’re being specific, I made both of you, so I suppose it’s my fault,” you said, grinning at the way that James scrunched his nose in disgust – reminding you so much of his father – while Rosemarie sat there blankly. “I don’t understand,” she confessed. You laughed lightly, moving to fill a large kettle with water to boil for tea. “Trust me, Rosie,” James answered. “you don’t want to understand.”

The pot was on the stove and Rosemarie was halfway done braiding James’ hair when the youngest of your children finally emerged from the bedroom that the boys shared, looking hardly awake.

Gabriel was the only one who’d inherited your hair color instead of his father’s, and incidentally he was also what James liked to call a “mama’s boy”. It was true. Gabriel was almost always stuck to one of your legs, no matter what time of day. It was of course something he would eventually grow out of, but until then, you relished every instant that the stunning little boy spent at your heels, asking to be held or reaching his small fingers up to wrap around your thumb.

At two years old, Gabriel’s speech was still rocky, but he remained silent as he crossed the room straight to you, holding his arms out. You smiled and acquiesced, hoisting him into your arms and resting him on your hip. Rosemarie was next in the age line at four, followed by James and his twin sister at six.

It suddenly dawned on you, just as Rosemarie and James began bickering over Rosie’s decision to put flowers in his hair, that your other daughter was nowhere to be seen.

“Wait a minute,” you muttered, looking from Gabriel, to the other two. “There are supposed to be four of you. Rosie, where’s Adeline?”

“Outside with Papa,” she answered before engaging James once again in debate. The corner of your mouth turned up. “When is she not?” You commented, kissing Gabriel’s cheek quickly before moving him to sit in one of the chairs at the table. “Mama will be right back, alright?” You told him, tapping his nose with your finger. He yawned in response. “Good. James.”

The boy froze as he was about to smack Rosemarie’s arm with a nearby spoon. He blinked and you raised an eyebrow. “Can you keep an eye on Gabriel for a few minutes?”

He smiled appealingly, dropping the spoon onto the table and making a knightly vow to protect his younger brother with his life. You winked at him and moved towards the door as Rosie asked, “Oooh, if you’re a knight, then does that make me a princess?”

“Of course not, Rose. Mama’s the princess. You can be the dragon.”

You ignored the sounds of Rosemarie’s indignant protests, knowing that James could handle the younger children until you returned. You exited the house, leaving the door open and stepping out into the chilled morning air.

Your rustic home sat upon several acres of lush forest green, and practically perched on top of a mountain. From the front yard, it was possible to look down and see Villeneuve spread out below. The area was secluded, but not difficult to find. A small stream ran behind the house, and the surrounding forests wrapped around all sides except the front, which looked out over the lands beneath. It was picturesque to say the least.

The dewy grass felt divine between your toes as you walked slowly to where two figures stood out in the fog. You stepped carefully, not wanting to alert either one to your presence just yet.

The young girl stood, her brown eyes blazing with concentration as she held a small bow in her hands, the string drawn to her cheek and the knocked arrow aimed at the trunk of a gnarled old oak tree. Her stance was solid and professional for someone so small, better than that of most fully grown hunters.

The man on his knee beside her had his back slightly turned to you, one of his large hands resting gingerly on the girl’s side. He was talking quietly, and after every sentence, the girl adjusted something in her position, lowering her elbow or altering her aim.

After a minute or so of this, the girl finally pulled back. You saw her shoulders rise as she took a deep breath, then fall as she exhaled. Next thing, she released the bowstring, and the arrow went whizzing from the weapon, spiraling straight into the center of the dead oak.

She shrieked joyously, and deep, rough laughter that sent shivers trembling down your spine joined in with the child’s giggles. She threw her arms around her instructor’s neck, nearly knocking him backwards, causing him to shift towards you in order to keep his balance.

There was a smile on your face as Gaston’s dancing eyes caught yours.

When Adeline pulled back from her father, she too caught sight of you, instantly running forward exclaiming, “Mama, did you see? I hit it!” You dropped to your knees just in time to catch her in a tight embrace. “I saw!” You answered. Then you pulled her back and said, “Keep shooting like that, and you’ll be rivaling your father in no time.”

“Now that I would like to see,” Gaston shot back, striding towards the two of you. You raised an eyebrow and gave him a sly smirk, to which Adeline sniggered again.

“Papa says that he taught you how to shoot too,” she said, lacing her fingers through yours as you stood. “That he did,” you replied, keeping your eyes on Gaston. “I don’t think he ever thought that one day I’d turn out to be better than him.”

Gaston narrowed his eyes as the corner of his mouth tilted up. “In your dreams, perhaps,” he taunted.

“Ooooh,” Adeline gasped, gazing up at the two of you. You squeezed her hand, then her face lit up as she declared excitedly, “I’ve got to show James and Rosemarie!”

Gaston chuckled as his daughter spun on her heel and bolted towards the house, snaking an arm around your back as the two of you watched her go. You in turn moved closer and turned to face him, sliding your hands around his torso and resting them on his sides.

“How long have the two of you been at it?” You asked him, glancing down at the bow in his other hand. “Not long,” he murmured, shifting his full attention to you. “That was her first shot.”

You nodded, unable to keep the smile off your lips as you gazed up, examining his features in the pale blue light. After six years of being together, it still astonished you how ridiculously handsome he was.

On this particular morning, Gaston’s hair wasn’t pulled back as usual, but rather left unattended in all of its thick, wavy glory. Despite a few additional wrinkles around the corners of his eyes, mouth and forehead and the occasional grey streak to his hair, he hadn’t changed at all in terms of appearance. He was still every bit as muscled, and he still stood nearly a full head taller than you.

“You’re staring…” He pointed out cockily, pressing his forehead against yours. You grinned, using your grip on his midsection to pull him against you. “So are you,” you countered, causing a husky chuckle to emanate from his chest. His hands rose to your face, the contrast of his calloused fingers on your smooth skin making you shudder. “Is it not common for a man to stare at the most beautiful thing in sight?”

You laughed, making him smile wider. If there was one thing the years definitely hadn’t taken from him it was his inhumanly perfect charm. To this day he could still send your heart pounding effortlessly.

Without hesitation he pulled your lips to his, eyes closing blissfully as he kissed you for the first time that day. There was a chorus of squeals from the house, and realizing that the children – none of which necessarily appreciated the frequent displays of affection between you and Gaston – were on their way out, you started to pull away, but then stopped with a shrill gasp as he caught your lower lip between his teeth. You brought a hand up to smack his chest. He laughed smugly, pulling back just as Adeline returned with her siblings behind her.

You opened your eyes as Gaston pressed a quick kiss to the corner of your mouth, winking roguishly before moving back and heading towards the kids. You lingered behind a moment, feeling dizzy and light, taking a few seconds to regain your composure. It was only when James ran up to complain about being hungry that you truly snapped out of it.

After Adeline had showed her brothers and sister her archery skills, you gathered them inside and set to work immediately.

Gaston stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, a smile on his face as he looked on. It didn’t matter how much time had passed. You still baffled him with your elegance and poise. He watched as you somehow managed to keep your head cool amidst a wave of chaos – “No, Rose, we can’t have pastries for breakfast. James put that down before you poke someone’s eye out. Adeline, keep the shooting outside, please. Gabriel, what on earth is on your face?” – and the way you moved around the room with fluent grace. Every gesture was effortless, and merely watching you interacting with your sons and daughters, even in the mundane, every-day manner was enough to make his heart swell.

To him, you were the embodiment of perfection, a gorgeous sort of mystery that never ceased to amaze him. You were his and only his, and though he may have been reluctant to admit it out loud, he couldn’t deny the way he was wrapped around your finger as well.

After breakfast had been eaten and each of the children had gotten themselves dressed, you assisted the girls while Gaston helped the boys to get ready for the day they were meant to spend in town with your parents.

Gaston corralled the boys into the hallway, telling James for the fifth time that he couldn’t bring the dead bird that he’d found in the yard that morning with him. No doubt it was the work of the family cat, Rufus, but the concept that it might be disturbing to some of the villagers to see a young boy skipping around town with a deceased bluejay in his hands couldn’t seem to get through his son’s head. James gave him a sulky look before stomping into the kitchen.

“Dramatic,” Gaston muttered, shaking his head. Without missing a beat, you leaned out of the girls’ room, saying, “Mmm, I wonder where on earth he gets that from.”

Gaston didn’t get a chance to respond as Adeline shot past you into the kitchen, then proclaimed excitedly, “They’re here!”

You simpered at Gaston teasingly, while he stepped towards you, leaning down to your ear and practically growling, “You will be the death of me, woman.” You only smiled as his hand traced up your spine, but then let out a bark of laughter as he squeezed your side, making you double over.

Rosemarie appeared from the bedroom and gave Gaston a reprimanding look, silently commanding him to stop tickling you, to which he obeyed. You straightened your back and subtly kicked his leg, trying to look cross and failing utterly as he gave you a dashing grin. You shook your head, wrapping an arm around his waist and walking onto the porch with Rose.

Gabriel and Adeline were already climbing onto your parents wagon when Rosemarie bolted forward, barely giving your father any time to catch her before she flung herself into his arms.

Your mother made her way towards you with a wide smile, placing her arm on your shoulder and looking between you and Gaston.

“I’m not sure how the two of you do it,” she admitted, making you laugh as you glanced at the children. “To be honest, Mama, we aren’t either.” You kissed her cheek before adding, “I hope you can handle them for the day.”

At this your mother made a face. “Now, now, (Y/N), one day is perfectly manageable.”

“Are you sure?” You asked. Your mother raised an eyebrow.

“Of course I am, I raised you. I’m prepared for anything.”

“Mama!” You exclaimed, Gaston and your mother sharing a laugh. You rolled your eyes and linked your arm with hers, the three of you strolling to the wagon where your father had just finished situating James, Gabriel, Adeline and Rosemarie.

“Well,” your father said, embracing you fondly. “I suppose we’d better be off. Ready, darling?”

Your mother nodded, giving you one last hug while Gaston and your father shook hands.

“And remember,” you said as your parents mounted the wagon. “If at any time you lose track of Rosemarie, you’ll almost definitely find her at Père Robert’s.”

“Don’t worry!” Your mother scolded. “We’ll be perfectly fine.”

You didn’t argue, but secretly you knew that by the end of the day, your parents would undoubtedly be pleasantly exhausted.

Each of the children waved wildly as they set off, trying to be the one who yelled their goodbye the loudest. You smiled and waved back as they disappeared from sight, their voices growing smaller and smaller.

“My parents have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into,” you joked, placing your hands over Gaston’s as his arms encircled your waist. “Mmm,” he hummed, his chest vibrating against your back. “They’ve done it before, they can do it again.”

“I guess so,” you sighed as Gaston grazed his lips across your neck, making goosebumps bloom on your skin. “You know what this means,” he asked, his voice an octave lower than usual. “What?” You whispered, your eyelids fluttering as the scruff around his mouth scratched your skin. “For the first time in weeks, I have you all to myself.”

You managed a flustered laugh. “Should I be scared or excited, Monsieur Gaston?”

His arms tightened around you and he placed a kiss beneath your ear. “Maybe a bit of both…”

Two Things

1. Thank you guys for all the love for the new Arrangement Epilogue chapter! I promise I’ve read each and every comment and reblog and you all are amazing and I love you! It’s pretty hysterical that everyone is screaming for babies… y’all are gonna get cavities from all this fluff…

2. I made A LOT of progress tonight on my new au college dean series! So that might be coming sooner than I thought.

anonymous asked:

okay so im writing a new chapter for my fic, but i don't know how to decide on a time skip or whether thats just lazy? but i also can't really come up with anything for in that time and it's not really necessary? how do i decide which way to go? struggle and write sth bad or time skip and look lazy??

Ahhh time skips can definitely be tricky!! If used correctly I think they can be fantastic but they can also go horribly wrong and come across as awkward. It definitely depends on a lot of factors!

I’d say it depends a lot on how much time you’re skipping and why you’re skipping it. Of course, I’m assuming you’re talking about skipping more than a few days because otherwise you could totally just use a break. But if you’re skipping months/years then it really depends on why you’re skipping that time.

You said you can’t come up for something to happen in that time and that it’s not really necessary, but since you’re skipping time I’m assuming you’re trying to reach a certain part in the story. If that part of the story can’t happen without a time skip, then you’re probably skipping time to develop something in the plot? If it’s a small plot development irrelevant to the character development then I’d say totally use the time skip, but don’t use a time skip if you’re just going to imply character development.

I’m not sure if any of that (^^^)  made sense, so I’ll give an example! Say you’re writing a classic coffee shop AU where two characters are falling in love and going on dates and stuff like that. If you want to do a time skip to the wedding scene (and it’s not an epilogue), a time skip might come across as awkward if you’re implying/skipping some of the relationship building in order to reach that point.

On the other hand, if you say that the characters are going on a big romantic trip to another country in one month, and you’re not sure how to fill the time in between, I’d say it’s totally okay to do a time skip because that’s more of a plot thing so that you can get to the relationship building. It doesn’t require any development in order to reach that point, you’re simply constrained by time.

Definitely though, if you’re flitting between writing something to fill the space and doing a time skip, go for the time skip! If you’re not excited about writing something, the reader won’t be excited about reading it! Time skips aren’t lazy if used effectively!


“He came to watch the summer tournament and a lot of the practice games, too. He’s been watching you all this time.”


Thoughts While Playing Endless Summer, Book 1, Act III, Chapter 16: Here’s to Adventure


Why are we starting off with Diego’s statements? Does it mean we’re going to end with Diego’s “end” too? No no no I’m getting ahead of myself.

Watchers in the ceiling! They drop to the floor and now we fight!

“Craig was annoyed by having to save you.” Sorry, dude, we’re not close enough.

As MC’s slashing through the rope trap, Michelle goes “Oh my god, if you cut my hair, you are dead!” LOL. #priorities

Crap! Dump the bucket of cold water on the fox or use the sprinklers? I go for sprinklers and hope I’m right. YAY! Winter is shimmering with energy! Woohoo!

“Why do you fight your destiny?,” asks the Blue Leader. Why does he keep saying that?!

Oh. “Because I decide what it’ll be,” answers MC. *slow claps*

More Watchers! Never fear! Jake has his futuristic weapon. It’s a bubble gun with a “world” inside? That whisked the Watchers off… someplace? Woah, Iris says it moves physical objects forward in time. TIME TRAVEL.

Raj? Grace? Neither? I can’t take this decision-making!!! I choose Grace for 20 diamonds.

“Aleister grabs your face and kisses you hard on the forehead.” Hahaha.

Hey hey hey, now Angry Aleister in the HOUUUUUSE. Fighting for his lady love. I love it. He was “fencing”, ladies and gentlemen.

“Grace is now friends with you.” “Aleister no longer dislikes you.” YES. Milestones.

Ooooh we can save Raj for another 20 diamonds. Initially I thought we’d have to choose. Let’s go save our friend!

How do we do that? Iris turns into a friggin’ King Crab and scares off the Watchers. That was hilarious. The Watchers run along and Raj follows them, hahaha. Looks like Iris is sort of a Mystique. Hell, she’s blue too. And she’s into… Raj? Is he into… her?

THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CHUTES FOR EVERYONE. This is just like the fanfic I read the other day. 

“Wake up when it’s all over.” Crap. What do we choose from this bunch of items? Tranquilizer dart? Ugh. The necklace? Crap. What? What?! The necklace isn’t charged so I go for the dart. Oh. Wrong. It’s the gun. They’re going through a portal. TOGETHER.

And Diego says the title. “Here’s to adventure, eh, MC?” And MC too. “Here’s to adventure.”

“A lasso of vines wraps around Diego’s torso”. HEY NOW. Nooooooo. I seriously got goosebumps through the Diego-MC scene.  

204 days ago. That’s how long they “were” in the portal. 6 months. Diego’s been with the Watchers for 6 months too.

“Diego…” Aaand MC says the last line in the finale.

Is there a bonus scene though? YES!!!

Full bonus scene: 204 days ago… Diego is walking through the jungle with the Watchers, tries to escape, but only sees himself come upon a whole VILLAGE of Watchers. Crap.

Earlier that night… LILA. She’s being chased by a Watcher, but she goes full karate on him. Huh. “Where is Everett?,” she’s asking. “What have you done with him?” The HYDRA. He doesn’t know where Rourke is and she… pushes him off the balcony. Without remorse. Oh-kayyyy. This is weird. Is she after Rourke too?

Epilogue. ANOTHER CLUE. Hadean zodiac. Lupus. (Jake?) The RUNES are the key.  They’re back at the penthouse trying to crack the password. Okay here we go.

Okay I’ve been trying to crack the PW the past 30 minutes and I just can’t. I’ll put the game on PAUSE!

(NOT) the end.

Final thoughts:
What a FINALE. And since I still can’t figure out the password, it’s not over yet. Lots of action! And we all kinda saw Diego getting left behind or risking his life. So, yeah, the fandom called that and our best friend has been captured. :( Now what do we do?!?!!? But overall, loved it. Still have a gazillion questions. What did they want with Diego? What’s happened 6 months later? Is Lila on Rourke’s side or not? The plot thickens even more. Aaaaaghghhhg. Another question: What’s the password?!

EDIT: Password is in the comments if you’d like to know what it is. I won’t post it here, for those who still want to take a crack at it. :)

The Mind Cage, Ch. 13

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far

A/N: welp, this is almost over. There is another chapter left - and epilogue of sorts - and I’ll do my best to finish it soon, so that I can update next Friday and wrap this up. 


Bill’s mind burned, and so did Stanford.

He was aware, dimly, of what was happening around him. Of the boat sailing through the air, flames at their heels, hot wind filling its sails and blowing through his hair. He was aware of arms around him, a shoulder against his cheek, Stanley’s voice, telling him to hold on, we’re almost out, stay with me, don’t you dare, stay with me.

I’ll be the one to take you down with me!

“Stanford, please…!”

He tried to reply - tried to speak to Stanley, tried to scream against Bill, but could do neither. His jaw wouldn’t move, his eyes wouldn’t open. He could only tremble in the grasp of that unnatural fever, the heat unbearable, eating at him from the inside out. It burned. He burned.

And, beneath his closed eyelids, he saw things he was not supposed to see - disjointed images there one moment and gone the next, like a tape on fast-forward.

Things belonging to other dimensions. Other timelines. Other realities. Bill’s memories, and his own - flashing before his eyes and then gone, photographs thrown in the fire and forgotten, burned away from his memory.

Keep reading

⚠️ spoilers ⚠️

Okay, people who say that they need season 2 of 13rw just use your imagination. The story is over and the final could’ve been longer and more specific, there could’ve been another episode like an epilogue so all of our questions would have been answered. But it doesn’t exist, so let’s just think how everything could’ve turned around.
First Bryce. His parents won’t be able to cover up a confession and with Jessica and her parents pressing charges he would definitely go to jail. Sadly, his parents would pay for his time there to be minimal, but at least 3-6 years he would be locked for good.
Alex. I really hope that his suicide attempt didn’t cost him brain damage, so I think he’ll get a therapy sessions and his dad would pay more attention to his life, be more concerned and just be there for him.
Jessica. After sending Bryce to jail she might quit cheerleading. Maybe some other victims of rape (even ones who was also raped by Bryce) would reach out to her and say that she is their hero. She can start talking more about rape, slut shaming and objectifying women and become a feminism activist. Also I really hope that she would go visit Alex at the hospital and they would go back to being friends (maybe even more than friends after a while).
Sheri. She won’t get send to jail, but she will get some community service and she would go to this elderly couple and tell them the truth, they would be really shocked and upset, but they won’t judge her. She would tell them that she can leave and never visit them again, because it’s to hard for them and for her, but they would ask her to stay no matter what she did, that one mistake doesn’t define her as a person, the fact that she is sorry and she’s being trying to make up for that is more important. Also she would go to Jeff’s parents and tell them how sorry she is and how she regrets making this decision to leave the scene of the crime. Jeff’s parents would be thankful to her for telling the truth.
Courtney. She would tell her dads the truth and they would be very happy for her. It would still be very tough for her to deal with her sexuality and she may also need a therapist, but in awhile she will meet a girl and start dating her.
Tyler. He would go to a therapist and he will be defended by anti bullying program. Maybe after all Alex would forgive him and start being a friend Tyler needs. About the guns: maybe he bought them for money he had to buy lenses and cameras, because he got very paranoid and he was too scared he didn’t know how else he can defend himself.
Zach. He would get to college and become a marine biologist like he wanted. I really hope that he also finds a nice girl and fall in love with her and treat her right.
Justin. I think he wouldn’t go too far away, the police will bring him for discussion. And maybe he would have to talk about the situation in his family, so his mother might lose her parenting rights. Alex’s father would be so sorry for him that he maybe suggest becoming his guardian. He would continue playing basketball and get scholarship for a good college. He would become friends with Alex and in time Jessica will start talking to him again, but she never actually forgives him.
Mr. Porter. He would definitely lose his job and I don’t know what else, I’m not really interested in his story.
Clay. He will get through this and become stronger. It would take him a long time, he will continue hanging out with Skye and eventually start dating her. He will support Hannah’s parents during all the trials and everything, they would be very thankful and they would understand why Hannah fell in love with him.
Well that’s everything I wanted to wright, I know I left some characters behind I’m just less interested in them. Let me know what you think about my version of how it all ended up and if you have different vision tell me, I’d love to read other opinions on this.

June 2017 Updates [Part 1]

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The Empress in the Golden Mask: Take #1

So, I gm’d a game today, but before that, on Wednesday the 14th I gm’d the same game, to different people! Dundunduu. In the interest of comparison let’s see what happened the first time.

  • First the players:
    • Larry Bird, a Kenku cleric, and a devout fan of the Empress.
    • Iaris the Calm, a tiefling bard, and a barkeep for a tavern where a lot of pro-Empress people visit.
    • Vander, a half-elf rogue, who is sorta pro-rebel, but mostly pro-stealing.
    • And Bob, the human barbarian, who builds houses for a living and is very much in favor of the rebellion.
  • Our four characters wake up. They have bags on their head and cobblestones beneath their backs, and they can’t remember anything that had happened after the morning.
  • They get up and the whole world is painted in sepia-tones, and the city seems completely empty.
  • They introduce themselves. Larry Bird takes the lead, being an official for the Empress, and wearing the mask marking him as such.
    • The others follow along just as well.
    • Larry notices a small creature made out of rags that is holding some glowing marbles.
      • When he and the others try to approach, the creature takes off.
  • A chase follows. Vander manages to catch the creature, but it has got friends and the friends attack.
    • They don’t do any damage, instead they steal memories from the characters.
      • Bob forgets a house he had built and a house he was supposed to build next.
      • Iaris forgets where he works and a debt.
        • The creatures take off with some of the memories, but leave Iaris’ workplace behind.
          • Iaris notices that he forgets when he stops holding the memory marbles, so he decides to swallow them.
  • Meanwhile, Larry has picked up the marbles the first rag creature had left behind and he gets a memory of being hanged by the order of the Empress.
    • Shaken, he refuses to give them to the others, and they return to the Square where they woke up in.
    • There, Larry first confides in Bob, who he thinks is a very trustworthy dude. Then Bob shares the memories with Iaris, as Larry casts a Zone of Truth on Vander.
      • Vander, telling the truth, says he is loyal to neither the Empress nor the rebels, and that’s enough for him to get memories as well.
  • Larry very much doesn’t believe that the Empress has really killed him, and says that it’s probably a rebel ploy. The others kinda nod.
  • For their next move, Vander suggest they get back to where the met the rags, and see where they went, as they were the only living(?) beings they met at the place.
    • Iaris turns out to be able to track them really well. The tracks lead them towards the cemetery hill.
  • Vander goes first, he tries stealth, but falls over. A male voice asks who is there.
    • The male voice belongs to an elven man in a cracked silver mask. Larry and Iaris recognize him as the Silver General, who belonged to the same rebellion as the Empress, but opposed her appointment as Empress, so Empress had him killed, presumably.
      • Larry is very rude to the General because of this.
  • The Silver General says that he doesn’t really remember anything about himself, or the outside world, as the rag-creatures have eaten away all of his memories long ago.
    • He knows that whatever place they are in, it doesn’t go beyond the city’s limits.
    • There is also a beast that hunts all the other visitors to the city. At least The General thinks so.
      • Just then, they hear the cries of the Beast.
    • The General says that the Beast comes from the Palace and there might be a portal of some kind in there.
    • Bob would like to just kill the Beast, but Larry asks his god for guidance and the answer is, no, shouldn’t do that.
  • Our heroes (+ the General) decide to take a long way round getting to the Palace. First Larry mimics the Beast’s cry to lure it away from the Palace, and then Iaris leads them through the city streets to the Palace.
  • The road leading up to the Palace and the first room they enter is filled with writhing cut-off hands.
    • The General’s hand is there as well, and the people know that the living hands, folklore tells, belong to murderers, so that just really proves Larry’s point.
  • The next room, a larger one, contains a giant scorpion. Larry and Iaris realize that the scorpion uses tremors to track its prey, so they throw in some mild tremors themselves, so they can sneak past it. Iaris and Vander help Bob and Larry.
    • The first room they go in has nothing of interest.
    • The next room however has a portal of some kind.
      • Larry tries to identify it, but there’s some kind of magical trap there, and it throws him off.
    • They decide to check the other rooms out too.
      • Vander pops his head through the doorway to see if the scorpion is right there, and notices a woman has entered the building, a woman in a golden mask.
  • He manages to convince Larry not to look as they make a stealthy run for it, but Bob temporarily forgets how to stealth and just steps out.
    • The woman insults him, very viciously.
    • The woman, of course is the Empress.
      • Everyone is a bit hesitant about attacking her, but she is not hesitant about attacking Bob.
        • Larry tries to question her, but she tells him to shut up.
      • Vander sneaks behind her and backstabs (or backgonks, as he doesn’t do the whole blood-letting thing) her, but gets captured by the Scorpion’s claw.
        • Bob rushes in now, attacking the Empress. And he is angry.
          • Larry starts to maybe pick a side, and starts healing.
          • Iaris uses a spell so frightening that it causes the Empress to teleport away, leaving our heroes few rounds of Scorpion battle.
            • Scorpion lets go of Vander and picks up Bob, and tries to poison him too, but Bob flexes and feels better.
  • The Empress gets back into the frey, shouting “how dare you” and ripping off her golden mask. She… kinda rips her face off at the same time.
    • Iaris and Vander are both frightened, Vander so much that he physically ages 40 years.
    • Bob is very unimpressed.
  • The Empress tells them that they will not get out of here if they kill her, and if they don’t she will hunt them down on the other side of the portal.
  • Larry takes a stand. He approaches the Empress and attacks her with magic.
    • And…. He… Kills her.
  • Larry is quite shocked, as that seems to be their only way out. The others are quite concerned as well.
    • Well. Vander does remember to loot jewels and the mask off from the Empress.
    • Vander, Bob and Iaris search around the castle, but don’t find much. Bob manages to get lost /twice/. First he locks himself up in the cellar. Then he falls down a well.
    • Larry meanwhile contacts his god, asking if there’s a possibility that they could use his magic detecting spell to get out. The answer is positive.
  • So they rest for the night. The Silver General stays outside and keeps watch so the rags won’t eat the others’ memories. Which is why he doesn’t remember them in the morning.
  • In the morning Larry locates three objects of interest: a necklace of the Empress, the golden mask, and the silver mask of the General.
    • He identifies them as well. The necklace is a contacting device for the Empress’ patron, a demon of some sort.
    • The masks had been used to create this pocket dimension, and they could use them to destroy it.
    • Iaris takes the necklace, as he is a tiefling, and knows this stuff. In case things went wrong.
    • The Silver General volunteers to try to destroy the dimension, as he has nothing to lose.
      • Iaris goes get his other hand so he can do that.
        • And he does….
  • There’s 50/50 chance of going home vs going somewhere else. Vander, Larry and Bob all wake up in a ditch in their bodies.
    • Iaris gets sent somewhere else, but he uses the necklace, contacts a demon and a contract between them goes…. super smooth, so he gets back home too.
  • Aftermath! Well the Empress is dead. In the Palace’s cellar the people find the Silver General, who has been slumbering for 20 years, who still doesn’t remember anything, but very vehemently doesn’t want to become an emperor or any of that stuff, thank you very much. Also, he smells strongly of vinegar.
    • He meets up with the other folks, and says that he’ll go away from the city.
      • He wants to keep both of the masks, but Iaris persuades him to give away the golden one, which he then forwards to Hell, to his new patron and bf.
    • Vander manages to find someone who can revert his aging.
      • He also gets caught with the golden jewelry he stole from the Empress, but since the Empress is dead, no one really cares that much.
    • Larry tries to get Bob made the next Emperor, but it doesn’t really work. He passes away from old age pretty soon afterwards, leaving behind some children.
      • Bob builds a home and he and Iaris and Iaris’ bf, the step-dad from Hell, take care of the chicks and Vander visits every Christmas, breaking in through the chimney.
        • THE END

Well, things went better than expected. :D Congrats guys, you all made it through!

A post on why I will not be continuing In the Darkness between the Stars

Apologies to my followers who have already seen me explain this piecemeal; I’m just still getting reviews asking me to continue and in order to avoid writing a lengthy notes section on AO3 I decided it would be economical to just write a post and link that.

See below the cut

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Wall Epilogue

Characters:  Song Mino (WINNER) x You (Reader, OC) x Sora x WINNER Members (cameo)

Genre:  Fluff (maybe), Smut (maybe), Angst (maybe)

Length:  2422 words

Warning/s:  Hmmmmm…

Other Wall parts can be accessed below:

Part 1:  Wall

Part 2: Dirty Little Slut

Part 3: Tonight

Alrightie, as requested, I am posting an Epilogue – well not sure if this is really an Epilogue or another chapter but yeah however you treat it that is fine with me.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I DIDN’T DO ANY PROOFREADING SO I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY ERRORS.

I hope you’ll enjoy ;3


You thought that you’ll be able to let go of him. You thought that it is that easy to forget about him.  After what had happened just a few days ago, it made all of your plans shatter into pieces. Or, to put it in a better term, you are shattered into pieces.

You never imagined him to confess to you.  You just wanted Sora to catch you in the act, so that Mino will be hurt as much as he hurt you.  You are not even sure if what he said is true, or it’s just something that he said out of shock or because he is overwhelmed with the pleasure and affection that you showered him that day.

Now, you are depressed as ever.  Mino never contacted you after the incident.  Sora asked one of his sisters to get all of her things from your apartment and gave you money to pay for the rent on the duration that she stayed with you.  Her sister didn’t show any indication of irritation or anger towards you; she even smiled and greeted you lovingly.  She even asked you to eat lunch with her because she brought some food – which you accepted out of shyness and respect.  

The week has never been this tough as before.  You have to admit that this is the hardest situation that you’ve been to since you met Mino.  You sometimes hoped that you shouldn’t have fallen for his charms that night at the bar.  You shouldn’t have allowed him to use you, to own you, and play with your feelings.  That night when he told you that he loved you, he just ran away with his fiancé, and never came back, which pretty much indicates that he either stayed with her, or just simply ran away from everything, especially you.

It is just an ordinary day for you so you stood up from your bed, washed up, drank your coffee, and grabbed the keys to your car. You went to your car after locking the door and you gasped lightly as you saw three red roses on the hood of your car, clipped against the wiper.  You grabbed it immediately and you took the note inside.

”I hope I will be able to make you smile by this small gesture.  Have a great day ahead!”

Your eyebrows crunched as you read the note.  You don’t have any idea as to who this person may be, since there is no name that is listed on the note.  You took a sniff on the flowers and they smelled wonderful.  You placed the flowers on the backseat along with your stuff and drove your way to work.

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psychotix-weirdo  asked:

Do you know any drarry where they're at hogwarts and Harry has a pet snake or a pet ferret? Thank you!

Sorry for the rather late reply, life got a bit hectic ^^’’

The only fic I can think off the top of my head is this one, where Harry eventually owns four snakes.  

Secrets:  Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer becomes filled with activity and many secrets. He generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. H/D post-HBP ~Complete~

And I know another one where Harry owns a snake but it’s not set during Hogwarts, but rather after it.

Turn: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. Epilogue compliant/AU. HPDM slash but some canon het along the way. Please trust me - I promise the epilogue will not bite you.

I’m sorry that this wasn’t overly helpful and I do hope you find some lovely ones ^^

[FULL TRANS] 160508 HYYH Epilogue in Seoul Ending Ment - Rap Monster

First of all, thank you BTS.

Really, thank you. I want to say thank you to our members first. Although I’m still lacking in many things and too stiff sometimes, thank you for trusting and following me.

Ah, I can’t be too cheesy but, it’s been roughly 10 years since I started working with music. I started writing lyrics in 2006, and it’s 2016 now. My name has changed a lot since then. I performed at small places. In front of 2 people, 50 people, I did those things and step by step, steadily rising up to where I stand. My mood swings are quite severe, you would know if you listen to my music, but there are a lot of moments I want to leave behind. There will be more moments like that, right? There will be a day I have to suffer hardships. I really want to say thank you to our members for staying by my side, overcome those things together.

What I want to say the most is, I think I’m really lucky. I really am. I never get hurt too badly. Among people whom I made music with, many has quit, I have seen too many, too many people, but somehow I’m lucky enough to work with these awesome friends, to have these cool experiences in the midst of all things. I’m grateful for that, I’m grateful to you guys, the ones who make it all happen.

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