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Color Play 04

I’m back with another entry for the Color Play series! These photos may be familiar for some of you if you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve posted some of these before on my other social media accounts but I haven’t shared it yet on my blog.

This set was taken during my stay in an Airbnb near my school, a few days before the first part of my thesis defense. I kept thinking back and forth if I should bring my camera or not prior to my stay but I’m glad I did anyway. It kept me sane through the days of staying in a lonely dorm room. (Yes, it was a dorm but it was listed as an Airbnb. If you’re interested, I can link you the place!)

The colors are a mix of a peachy orange shade, and a pink-ish lavender-ish shade. I love how they turned out! c:

Hi and welcome to this post!
This time I made an entry for the GVweek!
I might make another entry, who knows! This is day 3 of the event!
I loved Cakegirl during her arc in gloomverse, I like her cute design and her insanity.
I drew one of my favorite panels!
I really love this scene. I don’t know why.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the drawing!
gloomverse is made by @loverofpiggies

Jumps, Explained

So, going by the tags on my recent jump gifsets, the difference between jumps is apparently still a source of great bewilderment for some people. Now I could link you to some excellent posts on the topic, but since I am, as usual, an extra lil piece of dirt with too much work to do and a lifetime’s worth of procrastination, I’ve decided to put together my own layman’s guide to identifying figure skating jumps (stressed on the layman part).

First, here be a flowchart, since everybody loves flowcharts, right?

If the flowchart works as intended and you can now tell the jumps apart, great! If you need a bit more explanation and illustration, read on.

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What scares me is the fact that my heart will always be open to him, no matter how many times I try to shut him out or how badly he hurts me. It seems that everybody else who treats me wrongly gets thrown outside a steel door with an unbreakable lock, while he is repeatedly entering my heart via a revolving door - spinning me in circles to the point where I am dizzy and delirious.
I am drunk on him, reader. He is my addiction, my wolf in sheep’s clothing. And I know that his claws will only keep digging until he has my bloody heart in his possession, but for some unexplainable, outer-wordly reason, I would let him. Is that what love is supposed to be like?
—  Another journal entry about him of course

Day 13 of my 31 day journal challenge: what are you worried/stressed about

Three layers of stressy writing because I don’t actually want ya’ll to know what I’m worried/stressed about.
IG: coffeeandapoem

do not remove caption please

⇨  Intro

Howdy everyone! I’ve decided to do a give/away of stim toys so anyone who needs them might be able to get a few. Please note that a few of these items have been gently used. The winner will be picked randomly. This give/away ends on June 19th, 2017.

⇨  Prizes

♡ 1 tin of Thinking Putty in the color Precious Gems: Ceylon Sapphire (please note that the tin is a bit banged up, but the putty is fine.)

♡ 1 black and green fidget cube

♡ 1 green stretchy string

♡ 1 glitter jar that I will custom make for you. You can choose the color, size of the jar, and type of glitter.

♡ 3 stimboards of your choice which I will make for you on my stim blog, @mudkipstims.

♡ Not stim related, but as a bonus I will also buy you 1 Pokemon card of your choice from amazon.

⇨ Rules

♡ You don’t have to follow me, but I’d really appreciate it if you checked out my main blog @octillary and/or my stim blog mentioned earlier.

♡ Please be neurodivergent in some way. I would rather these items go to someone who would use them to help function instead of someone who just uses them as toys. (Note that I have no problem with neurotypicals normalizing stim toys however!)

♡ Have your ask box or PMs open so I can contact you for your address to ship these to. Be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give me your address. I will ship internationally. 

♡ Reblog once for one entry and like once for another entry. Reblog to only one of your blogs (unless you want to signal boost on one blog and enter with a different blog). If you are signal boosting, please tag that you are.

♡ Don’t tag as give/away (without the slash) because I’ve heard that can cause problems.

⇨  Good luck!


Well everyone, it happened. 

As one usually does, I will be celebrating this mile marker with a giveaway! 

Here are the Rules:

  1. Reblog this post to enter. One entry per person. Multiple reblogs will not help your chances.
  2.  A follow will count as another entry. Following is completely optional, of course. I wouldn’t want to force anyone to follow me. Having two entries will definitely increase your odds of winning though.
  3. There will be 3 winners..
    • First place winner will get the Amonkhet Invocation Worship. You heard that right, an invocation as first place prize. 
    • Second Place will receive these copies of Sign in Blood and Mana Leak, signed by the artist.
    • Finally, Third Place will receive 3 proxies. These proxies can be tokens, tricked out commander card, or even a custom card you may have made and would like a physical copy.

I am more than happy to send anywhere in the world, though, if the winners live somewhere that will cost an extreme amount to send, we may want to work something out. 

This giveaway ends on June 1st. If the winner does not come forward to claim their prize within 2 days of the announcement, they forfit their prize and whoever is in 2nd wil 1st, whoever is 3rd will become 2nd, and a new 3rd place will be chosen.

“Due to the nature of their task–which required speed and stealth–only the Templar handler could be afforded a mount. As such, their charges were expected and trained to keep up with a rider travelling at full gallop; this was accomplished by the constant use of magic to hasten the pace of the Templar mages.” 
From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi 

tfw the sempai @picchar sends you armour reference and u GOTTA