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negovanlicious  asked:

Do you guys know when the next episode of RE7 will be up? The first one was my favorite, you guys managed to make me laugh at a really difficult time <3

SO SOON! MAYBE tomorrow but I’m not sure. Rose has an operation on Monday so it will either be tomorrow or after Monday. But she’s already almost finished editing the next one AND we filmed another one today. IT GETS SO GOOD! We played it in the day and I’m still shitting myself! xxx

sk8tr boi

I, uh. I saw the single frame and thought that he looked like one of the skateboarder guys. So, obviously, I had to make this. Another simple edit because fUCK I was late with edits today. I’ll try to be on a better pace tomorrow. Might make more edits with screenshots from the same video. And, hell, maybe some gif related thing again. Not tomorrow. But maybe this weekend.

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