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D&D Bloodborne Weapons 5

Welcome to another installment of D&D Bloodborne Weapons (3.5 edition Homebrew)!  

Today’s choice is a fan favorite, and I personal have been a fan  ever since I saw the Hunter of Hunters wield it–The Blade of Mercy!  

If there’s any weapon you’d like to see turned into D&D 3.5, or want me to adapt a concept of your own design–send in an ask!  Every Tuesday and Friday in October 2017 I’ll be posting new D&D Bloodborne Weapons! (Though I know I’m super late on this one.)

Let’s begin with Eileen the Crow’s favorite weapon–The Blade of Mercy.

The Blade of Mercy

An ancient weapon with a grim purpose.  Unlike many weapons of the Workshop, the Blade of Mercy was not designed for Beasts to be their intended prey.  Draped in black and wearing masks that resemble crows, the Hunter of Hunters bring out this siderite blade to end the rampages of their fellow Hunters.  Drunk on blood and unable to escape the rage the Hunt brings about, many Hunters fall prey to the bloodthirst the Hunt brings out in all of Yharnham.

The Blade of Mercy was designed to overcome distances and deal swift attacks, one after another.  Its blades cut human flesh easily in the hands of a fast Hunter of Hunters.  Those who wield this weapon are never taken by surprise–whether a pack of Beasts plans an ambush, or if their comrade-in-arms instant loses themselves in the Hunter’s Curse.  Hunters wielding this trick weapon–even with its stiff, ancient design–find themselves relying on quick feet and surprising lunge attacks.  Its lack of distance makes it a difficult weapon against large Beasts, but the Hunter of Hunters’ path will always keep them on their toes for any situation.

Weapon Stats:

  • Weapon Form Bases:
    • Shortsword (main form) and 2 daggers (extended form)
  • Transitions:
    • To change from Shortsword to Daggers–Standard Action
    • To change from Daggers to Shortsword–Full Action
  • Special Attributes:
    • This weapon is ancient and exceptionally crafted, but this means transitions between weapon forms are harder to accomplish.
    • This weapon in its Shortsword form may be enhanced without problem. However, when split into the Daggers form the enhancement is halved, rounded down.  
      • For instance, if the Shortsword is a +2 weapon; the Daggers each are +1 weapons.  (Weapon Enhancement in a Bloodborne-style game would go up to +10).
  • Special Attack:
    • When in Shortsword form, you may as a full-round action make an attack roll.  If you succeed, you may split the Shortsword into the Daggers. Then roll an extra attack with your primary Dagger, with a -5 penalty on your lowest BAB-allowed attack.
  • Trick Weapon Master Benefits:
    • To downgrade a transition (Standard to Move, Full to Standard)
    • In Shortsword form: As a full-round action, you may make a single attack with your primary weapon with an extra 5’ bonus to the weapon’s reach.   You are dashing forward to strike your target quickly, but this does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
    • In Daggers form: As a full-round action you may make a single attack roll with an extra 10′ bonus to the weapon’s reach.  You are dashing forward and striking your target before retreating, and this does provoke an Attack of Opportunity.  
      • You may combine the special attack from Dual Strike on this only if you utilize the full 10′.
    • Requirements: Mobility, Dual Strike, (DM’s choice)

This too is Hunters’ work, but bears no honor. A burden you may choose to carry. The decision is yours alone…


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