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Fantasy!Au ; Past the black where sirens sing

for @yoongihime 

So, Yoongi repeats himself and “what are you?” he utters more sternly, curiosity now just a bit noisier at the back of his mind for this bizarre creature ogling him from the open window. She’s still quiet, with a peculiar mixture in between interest and disappointment tinging her elegant features as her bare legs swing back and forward from under the big, old, black t-shirt she’s wearing.  

Maybe she doesn’t know his language, the man wonders. And he’s already turning his body over the leather stool, lips parting and thighs crossing over each other when the girl finally decides to speak up.

“I’m a siren, of course.”

At her words, surprisingly not very melodious, Yoongi rises an eyebrow. “I thought sirens had, you know, a tail. Or something.”

The creature then grins, expression shifting from curios to smug in a matter of seconds as she stops the movements of her legs and “you definitely read too many tales, human,” she states, mocking clear and keen within her voice.

Oh, Yoongi is definitely taking this on a personal level now.

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finally able to doodle the whole gang. still wip pls dont use

redid this sketch bc i decided i liked it but the anatomy adn the faces were bad on the past version but…………………… i cant color it like ive tried several times it Wont Work this is homophobic smh


Day 2 Prompt: Laugh

“Wow- you are terrible at this!”

He laughs as she throws a feather pillow at his face, his hand blocking it perfectly as he snickers at her reaction to his teasing. It’s far too much fun to goad her on. Forest nymphs are rumored to have feisty tempers, and Shirayuki is no exception- half or not.

She huffs at him before popping another kernel of popcorn into her mouth. They’ve spent the entire day lounging around in bed and he’s rapidly discovering that this type of platonic touch is rapidly becoming his favorite. If she were to ever request more than this, he’d be all too happy to deliver, but this is more than someone like him could ever dream of having. It’s more than enough. The only thing that makes it better is the fact that she’s wearing a pair of his boxers and one of his favorite shirts. “If you’d just quit making me mess up, this wouldn’t be an issue!”

Obi grins at her, stuffing the thrown pillow behind his head to prop himself up at a higher angle. “I’m not doing anything!” He winks at her flat face of disbelief, chuckling as she pops another kernel into her mouth with a grumble. She lounges up at the headboard while he trails his fingertips idly along the smooth skin of her legs from his nest near the foot of the bed. The popcorn bowl rests between them and for the better half of an hour, she’s been trying to throw kernels into his open mouth. He doesn’t gain any type of sustenance from it, but he does enjoy the flavor and the texture. Bonus points are accrued for ingesting anything that she’s made. She’s determined to land at least one piece on the mark, but she has yet to be successful.

“You keep making faces at me!” She protests, pointing a finger at him in acquisition. “Admit it!”

He points to himself in mock confused innocence, laughing and shielding his face when she throws popcorn at him in rapid fire. “Hey! Truce!” he calls out from behind his hands. The breath is driven out of him as she clamors across the sheets and down comforter to crawl into his lap; a woman on a mission, she has a handful of popcorn, and she intends to make sure that it hits its mark this time.

Before she’s even able to begin her assault, Obi’s hands come up to grip her waist and steady her against him, only when she’s balanced does he then defend himself with the tickling of her sensitive spots by his ruthless fingers.

“Obi-! NO-!” she squeals with laughter, the popcorn flying every which way as she doubles over and shrieks with huffing laughter that brings tears to her eyes. “NO!” She calls out his name and cries, her eyes bright as she squirms and laughs.

He stops long enough to point to his mouth, where he’s chewing upon a salted kernel. “Hey-!” he smiles up at her with a mocked tone of intense pride. “Look at that! You got one!”

She howls and he flips her over onto her back upon the king-sized mattress, pinning her as he resumes his onslaught. He’s going to be vacuuming up popcorn for a month, but it’s worth it.

Prequel to this a/u:

Who Needs Shelter by deemn

Complete: 16 Chapters, 46,043 Words

Rating: Mature

Triggers: Sex, Descriptions of Violence, Bullying

Official Summary: Two years post-S2 Finale. Storybrooke has settled back into the routines of small town life and no one is really willing to shatter the illusion that everything is just fine.

Blog Opinion: This fucking story… God, its so emotionally intense, but its AMAZING. The depths that this story reaches in a short amount of time is so… well, amazing is the only word that comes to mind. It is SQ, but its Henry-centric and such a powerful story. Definitely recommend binge-reading this immediately. 

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can i just say, making a vid is tiring omfg.

idk how i’m even going to finish this.

bh6 and kagerou days crossover!!! huehue i couldn’t resist….. i have so many things to keep up with, this is terrible, i am terrible. i need to slow down and settle on one thing gdi (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)