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Kiss Cam (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which you volunteer to go to a basketball game with the guys and end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,351

A/N: Anon requested: Kiss cam at a college game for lessons in love deleted scenes. This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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“Thanks for coming tonight,” Steve says as the two of you walk together to the concession stand. “I owe you.”

“No you don’t.”

He takes your hand, blue eyes steadily staring back at you. “Y/N, you voluntarily chose to come to this game with me so I wouldn’t be stuck with Bucky and Sam. I owe you, big time.”

He makes a good point when he phrases it like that. No one likes to go out alone with Sam and Bucky. They value their sanity far too much for that. “Buy me some snacks and you can consider your debt repaid.”

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Drarry One-shot #3: They didn’t really care

And stars that were peaking through a curtain of heavy clouds, were watching every planned move, every hesitant word, every missed opportunity. It was chilly and they were shivering and their hearts were aching because it’s been too long. They were running away, hiding behind the corners of broken realities for way too long and it was time to look up now. The time has come ages ago but they kept pushing the hands of a broken clock back, back, back…

Secrets that everybody knew were suffocating them and they refused to let go of an old friend, of an old comfor that was resting in the past. They refused to step over into the prezent because pretending that everything is as it used to be was easier.

Their eyes rarely met and their feet never crossed paths and their voices never intertwined and their breathes were too far to catch each other. They thought it was okay that way. They made themselves think it didn’t really matter. They made themselves think they didn’t really care.

But magic is a strange thing and they are two strange people. Two sides of the same coin, ignorant passer-bys would say. Two people who ignored the rain that was soaking their expensive suits and made their hair out if order but it was poetic in a way. Their whole lives, they never managed to make perfection and they were always out of order, messed up, different from the ordinary.

Maybe they should’ve known from the moment they put their ties on, that the fancy banquet that the Ministry of Magic decided to organise could never go smoothly. They have both skipped a couple of these events; they weren’t feeling well, they were tired after a long day or they simply didn’t feel like going. Both of them skipped it because of these simple reasons, convincing themselves they had no place at a party like that and they didn’t quite enjoy the company of such people and also they both felt crushing noise in their chest when they though about seeing a certain fellow somewhere between the crowds.

It was going on well for so long, all that skipping parties and god knows why they went this time but they did. Somehow, as if destiny was laughing with the stars, they both came tonight and the sky opened and it was raining and it was cold and they were regretting ever leaving their apartments with every single inch of their beings.

They really wanted to hate the moment they found themselves face to face to each other in the rain on an abandoned balcony but they were never good actors, good liars… It was clear even in the rain, even while shivering, even with foggy, dirty glasses that neither of them hated the situation as much as they would like to believe they did.

And the rain continued to fall and they didn’t dare to protect themselves from the cold water that cleansed them from all the hiding and dead moments and all the things they pushed deep down so they could never get out. They watched one another with deep understanding but their hearts pounded because there was no way to be sure the sight they were seeing was true.

A hint of doubt was piercing their skull because there was no chance the other had been feeling the same cutting feeling as themselves.

Harry was the first to look away and he sighed as he did. A patch of sky, showing the curious stars, closed and the man could only see the clouds as heavy as his breathing. He pushed his shaking hand into his pocket and offered the blond a cigarette. A piece offering. An offer of letting go. An offer of friendship.

They smoked together without a word. They swore it was just a cigarette or two… And the rain stopped and they were wet and the box was empty. Green eyes glanced at their company. Heavy breathing filled the silence. The light comming from inside was getting paler, the chatter slowly died out.

It was just the two of them. Harry, Draco and the wet air that made it hard to speak.

Draco broke their eye contact with a sigh and Potter tried to say something but everything hurt and he couldn’t find the words that would heal the pain. It was Draco’s soft voice that broke the thick tension that was building up around them.

“Why are we like this?”

A step forward, an urge to be closer, a question followed Draco’s.

“Like what?”

Just another quick glance said it all. They weren’t stupid, they knew exactly what was going on.

“So fucking complicated.”

It took a couple of moments that felt like cold soup, for Harry to think and come up with an answer.

“I believe that we’re making it complicated.”

“So you are blaming me again. Thanks, Potter,” Draco scoffed and looked up. Still no stars; clouds still hung onto the sky.

“Blaming myself.”

Draco nodded. He understood as he was too blaming himself for everything that he hadn’t done. All the times he just put on his mask and let the moment pass when he could’ve just step a bit closer put his hands on Harry’s cheeks and just kiss him already. But they were two very stubborn, very complicated people. Things like these weren’t possible.

“You know… I feel like I’ve been wanting to speak to you for a long time, Potter.”

“I’ve been wanting to speak to you for a long time as well, Malfoy but I guess we’ve never really gotten a chance.”

Another nod although they both felt the lie stuffing their ears. There have been all lot of chances but they wasted them all; some on purpose, some accidentally but they were all gone now.

“I need to tell you something. I’ve been needing to tell you that for awhile now,” Draco’s voice reached whisper and his throat burned with fear. He didn’t know what was wrong with him and what the bloody hell he was doing but he felt like it was a right thing to do. Even if Harry’s reaction breaks the few strings of his heart that very still whole it didn’t matter, he didn’t care, they would shut themselves back behind the past’s doors.

“You’re in love with me,” Harry said. It wasn’t a question and Draco closed his eyes not being able to think. How did Potter guess, he had no idea but it didn’t matter, really. Draco nodded.

Harry nodded back with a murmur Draco barely understood: “Good. That’s good…”

“That’s good, Draco.”

“I know it is,” Draco confirmed. “One of the only good things about me…”

“You’re not evil, Malfoy.”

“I didn’t say I was. I’m just…”, he sighed in a loss of words.

“You’re just complicated,” Harry smirked and although it was barely visible in the dark, the air seemed to shift a bit and Draco could feel the smile.

“Don’t try to act like you aren’t,” Draco’s chuckle was ridiculous and bright and easy and he realized it’s been awhile since he’s chuckled the last time.

“I’m not trying to act like anything,” Harry exclaimed and then sighed, softly. “I’m tired of acting. I’m tired of pretty much everything, to be honest.”

And they didn’t even realize how close they’ve been standing until Draco hesitantly stepped closer. And he was standing there in front of a tired, black haired, ex boy-wonder and he smirked because this is what he wanted to do for so long. And Harry looked up, his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“Well surely, you’re not tired of everything, are you now?”, Draco cupped Harry’s cheek with a smile and their eyes locked once more.

“Everything might be a strong word…”, Harry whispered, his warm breathe tingling Draco’s lips. Their insides were a painful mess and their ribcages were probably broken from all the pounding of their excitement.

“I hoped so…”

Harry nodded and laughed and Draco pulled him closer finally kissing him and it wasn’t rushed or hard or demanding. It was just a bit more then a peck but it was soft and sweet and it felt like flying. And they smiled againt each other’s kisses and it was cold outside and their suits were ruined but they never go to these crappy events anyway.

And it didn’t really matter, and they didn’t really care and it was, oh it was really, really okay.

That Couple
  • Philip Hamilton x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: Would you be able to write modern “our best friends are that awful ‘cute’ couple that make-out in public and call each other “sweetie” and “sugar” and “babe” and god they’re awful let’s talk about how awful they are – develops into “shit we’re the awful couple now” with Philip? Maybe with Theodosia x Richard?

A/N: Another one! So uh…I can’t seem to write. Either I get writer’s block or I just can’t find the time. So please be patient with me. I’m writing as quick as I can. Anyway, here was this request. I don’t think it’s too terribly old. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 3,884
You shut your locker at the end of the school day. Philip walked up and leaned up against the wall of lockers with a sigh. “We waiting for Theo and Richard today?” You asked.

“They did give us a ride to school today.” Philip said. His eyes were closed, resting after a day of classes. His curls were hanging down, brushing his shoulders and his cheeks had freckles all over them.

“We could always walk home.” You told him.

“Its a long walk.” He shot back as he opened his eyes to look at you.

“But you know how Theo and Richard are.” You whined. “They’re all couple-y and gross and I don’t want to deal with that.”

“You think I do?” He asked. He sighed. “How did our best friends end up together?” Theodosia had been your friend for all years of elementary and middle school. Richard and Philip had been friends since they were small. You and Philip had been friends your whole lives due to the fact that you were neighbors. All four of you were going to the same high school. Before that, your two friends had never met.

“No clue.” You answered. After that you heard Theo’s giggle, one that always meant she was with Richard. They rounded the corner, Richard had his arm draped over Theo’s shoulders. He had a smile on his face as he looked at her. You knew he had just whispered some flirty line in her ear. You gave Philip a slightly over-dramatic, suffering look. He merely smirked back at you.

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I Don’t Dance

A lovely anon requested “Hii could I request a Miles Wood imagine? Smut or just fluff if u aren’t comfortable with that thank u!!” so here you go i hope you enjoy!  Also Miles Wood is a cute bean. 


Originally posted by faulker

It had been a long day and you were honestly just done making sure everyone was having a good time. ‘It is my turn to have a good time’ you think to yourself, you make your way to the bar take a shot and then turn around hoping to spot your boyfriend.  Thankfully your all too clingy cousin had made it her duty to keep an eye on your boyfriend while you were busy playing bridesmaid to your sister.

           “(y/n)!” Miles said quickly getting up and wrapping an arm around you “I’ve missed my beautiful girlfriend” he says emphasizing the last word.  You love your cousin but she’s very persistent and will do anything to get what she wants.  Unfortunately for you and more so for Miles, since the first time she met him she’s wanted him.

           “You wanna dance?” you ask looking up at Miles.

           “He doesn’t dance” your cousin weaseled her way into the conversation “he has two left feet.”  

           “I would love to dance with my beautiful girlfriend” he says once again emphasizing the last word causing you cousin to laugh a little.

           Once the two of you were away from you cousin and on the dance floor Miles wrapped his arms around you pulling you close to him and giving you a quick kiss.

           “I’m sorry about her” you say referring to your cousin “she’s a lot to handle but she means well she just doesn’t know when to stop.”

           “It’s fine, I’m just happy you saved me from her” he laughs “your mom tried earlier but it didn’t really work.”

           You stayed swaying back and fourth in silence for a couple minutes until the song ended and another faster one started up and Miles stated speaking again, “I really don’t dance ya know.”

           “I think you’re doing pretty well” you smile as he spins you around making you burst out laughing “but I know, dancing isn’t your thing so thank you for doing it.”

           “I only did it to get away from your cousin” he says smiling down at you.  

           “Oh really?  Maybe I should bring you back to her then?”

           “No way” he says quickly “I would do anything with you any where, the boys are so right” he adds the last bit laughing.  

           “Right about what?” you ask smiling at the beautiful boy in front of you.

           “I am so fucking whipped. When can we get out of here?  I feel her staring at me.”

           “Soon but not yet” you say smiling “she’ll get it eventually.”

           Not even ten minutes later your sister interrupts your dance complaining that she needs to pee but can’t because of the stupid ball gown dress she just had to have, claiming ‘I have to look like a princess.’  When you told Miles about it he simply said “you don’t need a big poofy dress to look like a princess.  You already are a princess, my princess.”  To which everyone else in the room promptly gagged at.  If the comment wasn’t directed at you, you would have gagged too.

           After what seemed like hours of trying to hoist all the fabric up your sister decided she didn’t even need to pee anymore so all the effort was for nothing.  Looking around for Miles was almost a difficult mission when you saw your cousin wasn’t getting all cozy with him, fortunately though all you had to do was follow her line of sight to see Miles talking to your new brother-in-law.  

           “I never thought I’d be that type of guy” you hear Miles say.  Not wanting to be nosy but also wanting to hear what he was referring to you choose to look out the window at the lights reflecting off the lake.  “I didn’t think I’d ever settle down, I mean you could ask anyone and they’d tell you that.  Love hasn’t ever been my strong suit but with (y/n), with (y/n) I could, I’d do anything with her she’s got me in the palm of her hand and she knows it but I would not change it for the world.”

           Your heart swoons at the though of Miles one day proposing.  Getting down on one knee and asking you that sacred question, or maybe the two of you just laying in bed and him popping the question.  You wouldn’t question your answer for a second, even if he asked you at this very second you would say yes.  He would do anything for you but you’d do anything for him too.  

           “Ready to go?” a soft voice comes in your ear while a chin rests on your shoulder and arms wrap around your waist.

           “Yeah” you say quietly turning your head to give him a kiss “you know Miles, I love you.”

           “I love you princess.”

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Phichit and JJ? I think they make a cute couple, but if you don't ship them maybe just them being bros and bonding over selfies?

Well, I don’t ship them but i can totally see Phichit surprising others with a smooch to the cheek when taking selfies, so I hope you like this!

Sketch #4 - Selfie time with a little extra surprise!

Send me a YOI character and I’ll do a quick sketch!

Hannibal Rewatch: 1x08

Season 1, Episode 8: “Fromage”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

This is just gonna be a straight live-blog this time, with pauses for longer thoughts on occasion. There are… a lot of occasions. This is a lot of live-blog. SETTLE IN, FRIENDS. It’s “Fromage” time.

GAHH WHAT IS THIS FIELD & STREAM CENTERFOLD, oh my god warn me next time I almost choked on my Vert Chaud. He is literally stretched out in front of a bed with two buttons undone working on a boat motor surrounded by fluffsome dogs, I just…. *sips drink while cocking an eyebrow* Bryan….

Will you actually live in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I adore Wyeth’s beige bleakness so it’s like this is finely designed to rend my heart apart, and I sincerely appreciate it. Also the fact that Will is hallucinating animals in pain is bringing me a lot of pain. It’s almost like the animal’s voices are his own cries, but he has to frame it as others he can help, because god knows he’s not gonna help himself.

Cello Kid: “I should learn to play the easier strings first, then the harder ones.”
Tobias: “No you shouldn’t.”
Me: “Damn straight, that’s why you’re not allowed a saddle when you’re learning to ride.” *sips drink again, Westernly*

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Table Manners

prompt: Drabble request! Sam Sam Sam! So under written! Something with tons of under the table teasing fun. Literally? Mayhaps a prequal to your Sam fic where Sam and reader flirt and tease, much to big brother’s annoyance. 😄😍

requested by: @imhereforbvcky aka beautiful soul

warnings: some smuttyness, swearing, fluff

a/n: this is a prequel to my other sam x reader fic, a walk among the tombstones.

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Sam Wilson and Riley Y/L/N were great cooks. It was just your luck that they were both back from overseas for a short while. And they didn’t want to cook for anyone but you. So not only did you get to reap the benefits of their company, but you received the reward of great food as well.

The three of you sat around the small table stuck in the middle of your cramped apartment. Riley sat across from you and Sam. He was dishing out more potatoes onto his plate, talking about he and Sam’s flight in the morning.

Sam’s hand rested on your thigh, occasionally giving your leg an affectionate squeeze as he ate and engaged your brother in conversation. You stayed silent, for the most part, unless they said something specifically to you. But you mostly just watched, enjoying their banter and the fact they were there with you. Time had gone by too quickly. It was hard to think that you would be on your own again tomorrow.

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Kuroo + Oikawa + Akaashi reacting to their s/o who is too kind for her own good, even helping others when she needs the help. c: thank you !!

Hope this is acceptable! Sorry if Kuroo’s is kind of lame! I’m still working on getting him right. In my head, he’s a giant dork.


“Babe, what are you doing?” Kuroo asked, looking away from the tv.

“I told my friend that I would look over her paper for English,” you explained, your eyes screwed up in concentration.

“But… Aren’t you awful at English?”

“You don’t have to rub salt in my wounds,” you retorted.

Kuroo bit back another comment when he saw the determined look on your face. Heaving a sigh, he reached out and snatched the paper from your hands. You tried to protest, but he silenced you with a quick kiss.

“You can make it up to me some other way,” he said with a wink.

“And by some other way… Do you mean what I think you mean?” you ask with a quirk of your brow.

“I think you know what I mean,” he said suggestively.

“Tetsurou, please… We can’t.”

“And why not.”

“Because,” you said pointedly, “we can’t be the couple with four cats. It’s bad enough that we have three.”

“Come on,” he whined pitifully.

“And here I thought you were just being nice,” you scoffed.

“I’m always nice,” he laughed.


Oikawa had managed to dodge past the throng of girls outside his classroom and was now wandering down a nearly deserted hallway. They hadn’t been thrilled when he’d gotten a girlfriend, but he couldn’t be concerned with that. Just the thought of you made him smile. He fished his phone from his pocket, ready to let you know he had arrived at your predetermined meeting spot, but he was greeted instead by a message from you.

I’m going to be late, I’m sorry. The soccer club roped me into helping them design a banner.

He sighed and thought maybe he should just wait here for you. You’d been so busy lately. Though it couldn’t be helped, he was starting to worry about you.

Instead, he continued down the hall toward the art room, where he knew he would probably find you. Sure enough, there you were, your head bent low over an elaborate banner. You were biting your lip in concentration as you painted intricate patterns across the page. Three guys from the soccer team were watching you intently.

“That’s amazing, (Name)-san,” one of them noted.

“Thanks,” you said, your gaze never breaking from the banner.

“Maybe you could help us with some designs for our new shirts,” another suggested.

“Ah… Well…”

Oikawa couldn’t hold back any longer. He knew you would get persuaded into helping them again due to your unwavering kindness—it was one of the things he liked about you, after all. He strode confidently through the door of the art room, drawn up to his full, imposing height.

“(Name)-chan, you’re so talented,” he said, wandering up to your side.

“Ah, Tooru, I’m so sorry,” you started at the sound of his voice, glancing up at him hurriedly. “I’m almost finished.”

“Take your time,” he smiled down at you.

When your attention returned to the banner, he turned his head back toward the boys. His expression was dangerous, and all of them paled at the sight.

“W-we’ll just come back for it later,” one of them stammered.

They scrambled out of the room quickly, leaving you and Oikawa alone.

“You scared them off, didn’t you?” you asked, not looking up from the banner.

“I resent that accusation!” Oikawa exclaimed, raising a hand to his chest dramatically.

“You’re ridiculous,” you sighed.

“And you’re working too hard,” he retorted. “How about we go out this afternoon. I don’t have practice.”

“Really?” you inclined your head toward him, quirking an eyebrow.


“I… Think I’d like that,” you replied.

“Good,” he smiled.


“Hey hey hey!” Bokuto exclaimed, dropping back to the ground after a particularly impressive spike. “How was that, Akaashi?”

“Very good, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi replied, deadpan as usual.

“I am very good, aren’t I?” Bokuto laughed.


“What’s wrong?” Bokuto asked, noticing his friend’s slight change in demeanor. He looked almost irritated.

“Nothing,” Akaashi replied.

But he wasn’t looking at Bokuto, staring at something just behind him. The spiker whipped his head around to see you talking to the coach, and he immediately understood his setter’s expression. Since you’d take over as the club’s manager, you’d been working very hard. And today, you looked haggard, with a pile of papers tucked under one arm and a completely deflated volleyball in the other. The coach didn’t seem to care that you looked about to collapse, as he seemed to be scolding you.

“What’s that about?” Bokuto asked.

“I’m not sure,” Akaashi said.

“Well, she’s your girlfriend, why don’t you go ask her?”

Though he was loath to accept advice from his eccentric senpai, he couldn’t ignore the look on your face. So, when Bokuto called for a ten-minute break, Akaashi followed after you toward the club room.

“(Name)?” he asked quietly.

“Keiji!” you exclaimed, catching sight of your boyfriend. “Did you need something?”

“Are you okay?”

“Me? Why?” you said, and even now, your voice sounded strained.

“I think you know why,” he replied coolly.

“I’m fine,” you smiled, turning away from him. “I just… There’s a lot to do. I have my duties as club manager, and I told the student counsel I’d help them with the festival coming up, and there’s tutoring after school, and—“

However, you trailed off as your boyfriend’s arms snaked around your waist. He pulled you against his chest protectively. His chin lowered to rest against your shoulder.

“Relax,” he murmured in your ear.

His low voice always had a calming effect on you. Despite your agitation, you took a deep breath and allowed your head to fall back against him.

“It’s just a lot,” you whispered.

“Well, what can I do to help?” he asked.

“Just you being here is enough,” you replied.

Dying on My Own Accord - Fire. P.1 // Bucky Barnes Fan-Fiction

Okay… so here we go! This is my first Bucky story, I’m quite nervous as I’ve never written out of my time and fictional people so feedback and if you want me to continue is super vital! Please come into my message box or even leave a comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear ideas and questions or even constructive criticism! I want to become better :) I’ll tag my Margot x Chris story people, and some Bucky fan fiction writers who are SO SO good at their stories, and I highly recommend them :) *All these blogs are tremendous anyway* hopefully, they’ll like it! // @evansscruff @raveviolet @jamesgiuseppe @writingcreatingstorytelling @buckys @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @imaginingbucky @imaginedaily @sanddollarsandstars @toc1985 @chris-evans-imagines @chrisevans-imagines @everyavengersimagine @chrisevans-sexualfrustrations @tchakka @writingbarnes @ptprocrastination @mculove @we-tranquilsouls-riotousthoughts @time-lord-of-fandoms-97 // Sorry if you got tagged and did not want to be :) let me know and I’ll take you off or you can let me know if you’d like to BE tagged. 

Enjoy the read! - R :) 

You are meeting her for the first time, this is the beginning of her meeting Bucky, so hold on because he’s coming! He’s coming very soon ;) xoxo

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Originally posted by hoplite-operator

*the gif’s and pictures are not mines.*

“How old are you girl?”

“16.” The man uniformed in black nodded, giving one look over before shoving me to the far right with another boy who looked around my age. The man’s suit was so fitted, you would think it was custom made. It held a stitched in the cross at that the top of the collar, with symbols spread throughout the front of the fitted jacket. I only caught a quick glimpse at the man before he saw me standing there, watching him shove people left and right. Breaking apart babies from their mothers and couples from their lovers. It made me hold Ottilie closer to my chest making it look as if I was cold and hugging myself for warmth. 

It took him only two long strides towards me before a slap came across my face, leaving me for now with a bright red cheek and markings of his leather glove. A nasty to bruise would surely replace the redness in due time. 

Those symbols all represented the hatred and death of Jews. Of me.

I closed my eyes, and remembered my mother’s last words in the freight car, before I lost her forever, “Do what you must, stay alive my brave girl.” I don’t remember ever responding, maybe because there was so time? It all happened so fast.

I had my little sister, Ottilia, wrapped up under my three layers of coats. bundled in any cloth we could find from the six of us. Esther or “Mum” gave what she could, but she also needed to keep clothing for the frigid train rides we endured. My father, Armand,  was almost down to just a shirt, trousers, and his best shoes. No stockings though to protect his feet from the bitter wind that seeped in through the holes and cracks of the speeding cart. He had given them to my twin brother, Maximilien “Max” for his feet that were starting to turning blue at the tips of his toes. My parents, Max, Ottilia, and I, along with my elder siblings; Rafael, Dafne, and Etienne and I were lucky to be in a corner, where we could rest, sit and not be stuck in the vomit or blood that covered the floors. I told myself to remember the best of the time I had with my family because I was going to die within the next two days.

And I didn’t shed a tear at the thought.

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heycheckmeowt  asked:

Okay I have a question to a respectable man of faith... How should a man pursue a woman? Lately I have experienced boyish encounters of men wanting to date me and I'm losing hope in a guy really stepping it up.

I’m flattered that you think of me as respectable, haha. Thanks. 

A man should pursue a woman intentionally, faithfully, and definitively. Intentionally in that the woman should, at a certain point, be aware of their intentions and know where the two of them stand. Now, I’m not saying that every time you hang out with a guy there needs to be this big conversation about where you two stand, but the guy shouldn’t leave you hanging, wondering what is going on. Faithfully in that the man should be concerned with honoring the woman and attempting to be a blessing to her. Definitively in that he isn’t waffling back and forth between pursuing you and not, or God forbid waffling back and forth between you and another woman. 

If a guy seems interested and isn’t doing those things, then there is a couple of ways you should respond. If he isn’t being intentional, you can stop him and ask him where you guys stand. Ask him what he is thinking, what his intentions are etc. If he has no good answer then you should probably distance yourself from him. If he isn’t acting faithfully, then you should just get away as quick as you can. If he is not being definitive… then tell him to hit the bricks until he can make up his mind. 

Birthday Hair - Requested (Michael)

HEY!!! Requested by Anon (Can you do an imagine where Michael asked you what your fav colour is and then on your birthday a few weeks later he comes out with the exact same shade that you love while singing happy birthday) ENJOY!!!

‘Babe I have a question’ Michael rushes when you answer the phone, you groan down the phone ‘Michael I was sleeping’ you moan making he chuckles, ‘Well you should be in bed you lazy shit, its lunch time’ he scolds you playfully, ‘Maybe in Japan but its only half four here’ you remind him, ‘I told you there is a nine hour difference babe’ you sigh. ‘Oh shit, sorry I completely forgot’ he apologies you just hum curling back up in bed with your phone resting on the side of your head by your ear. ‘I will make it quick, so what’s your favourite colour?’ he asks, you hum while thinking and t keep you from falling back to sleep. ‘Black’ you answer after a couple seconds, ‘Nope, another’ he pushes.

‘Babe you call me and wake me up and then ask me a stupid fucking question only to tell me my answer is wrong’ you snap sleepily. ‘I’m sorry baby, please just give me another colour’ he apologises again. ‘Fine, blue why?’ you ask but only really half caring at the time. ‘Okay, I love you babe, go back to sleep and call me later, night’ he sings before hanging up, you groan pushing your phone under your pillow and closing your eyes.


‘Theirs Big Ben’ you mum points excitedly making you laugh, ‘Mum you have seen it before’ you tease, ‘Shut up’ you mutters pushing your shoulder making you laugh a little. ‘Hey mum, look down’ you tell her, she turns glaring at you, ‘Your horrible you know that’ she tells you making you laugh, ‘We’re not that high’ you tell her, she turns back to the widow ignoring you, she pulls out her phone and takes a picture. ‘What you doing?’ you asks her, ‘Sending Liam a picture’ she tell you, you nod looing over London.

You moved to London a year ago for work, but today your mum met you here to spend your birthday with you seems as Michael was on tour, you were currently on the London Eye for heading off for something to eat. Your phone vibrates in your pocket and you pull it out, hoping it Michael since you haven’t spoken to him yet today.

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE, I dyed my hair your favourite colour for you birthday, what to see a pic? Xx – you laugh, reading the message to your mum, ‘God he’s an idiot’ you wait for the picture. A couple minutes later, it comes through you open it and smile seeing his dark blue hair. But then you notice him pose, his finger up, pointing to something behind him, you frown.

‘What the fuck’ you gasp spinning around; Michael is standing there holding flowers and wearing a huge smile with his new blue hair. ‘What, why…how’ you ramble. ‘Happy birthday beautiful’ you can’t hold back the smile that pulls your lips; you rush into his arms as they wrap tightly around you. ‘I could miss your birthday’ he whispers. ‘I fucking love you’ you laugh a little, pulling back you look over your shoulder to see your mum with a huge grin on her lips as she holds up her phone making you laugh.

‘Hello Michael’ she gives him a small wave, he shuffles past you, wrapping his arms around your mum and you watch her pat his back. ‘Thank you’ you hear him say. ‘Did you two plan this?’ you asks, Michael moves from your mums side back to you, ‘You didn’t think I would be able to plan this on my own did you?’ he chuckles making you laugh, ‘Thanks mum’ you give her a hug, ‘No worries baby’.

‘Well we are heading for birthday lunch when we’re back on solid ground’ Michael tells you, ‘I booked a table for two not too far away’ he explains, you frown a little, ‘Is mum not coming?’ you ask looking from your mum to Michael, ‘I asked, she said no’ Michael defends, you frown looking to your mum, ‘I have plans’ she tells you which only confuses you more seems as she doesn’t live in London herself. ‘Me and Liam are heading for food ourselves’ she tells you, ‘Liam is here?’ you asks and she laughs nodding.


‘Babe why are you staying in a hotel?’ you ask as Michael holds open the car door for you, ‘Just am’ he shrugs, it doesn’t make any sense but you don’t argue it, Michael isn’t always the most logical person. You’re in a nice dress you bought earlier today as a treat from Michael for your fancy meal out. But first he needs to pick something up from his room. You head into the hotel together hand in hand, but Michael leads you past the elevators. ‘Michael you’re passed the el..’

‘I know’ he cuts you off, ‘Do you trust me?’ he asks, you narrow your eyes freezing to look him over making him laugh, ‘Come on babe’ he laughs, ‘Your being weird, what’s going on?’ you asks, ‘Nothing juts close your eyes’ he tells you, you frown a little, ‘Michael please tell me what you’re doing’ you whine, ‘No it will spoil the surprise, it’s like a gift, please close your eyes’ he pouts, you huff closing your eyes, he takes your hand and pulls you gently, you hear the shuffle of feet and the whoosh of a door opening. Michael stops you’re from walking with his hands on your shoulders, he moves behind you his arms around resting on your belly, and he kisses your cheek. ‘Open’ he whispers.

You open your eyes ‘SUPIRSE!’ you shocked, a huge group of people in front of you, you notice your brother, sister, mum, Liam, and friends all from back home, you gasp, turning to see Michael with a huge grin, you can’t control yourself, running into your mums arms, your family and friends all giving you a hug and wishing you happy birthday.

‘You definitely didn’t plan this alone’ you laugh as Michael comes up behind you, ‘No, that will be your mum again’ he laughs winking to your mum, ‘You guys are amazing’ you smile, ‘I can’t believe you all managed to keep this secret’ you laugh. ‘Yeah it was pretty hard, you know how excited I get’ Michael laughs.

‘Don’t remind me, he called me at half past three the other day to talk about it, this lad doesn’t understand time zones’ you mum scolds glaring at Michael, he pulls a face making you and your mum laugh. ‘Sorry’ he smiles.

‘Happy Birthday babe’ Michael sighs as he wraps his arms back around you, kissing your cheek as he moves his head to your shoulder, ‘I love you’.

From Chelsea