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it’s been roughly 24 hrs since i’ve announced my undying love nd appreciation for jaehyun so here i am to remind u all that i Love him , i Heart him , i’d drink cranberry juice for him , nd he has my heart 💗💜💕💖💞💜💗💕💖💜💞

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Fluffy Haechan date scenario - Haechan

Snowflake - Haechan Scenario


+  Honestly just anything Haechan related tbh - Haechan

Here you go~ (I worked hard on this & it got beta read by @salixlignum thankyou!)

word count: ~1,000

reason: requested

genre: fluff (I got asked to make it so fluffy people cry so) 

1, 2, 3… does a scarf count as a layer?“ You asked yourself as you checked the time. It was winter, and needless to say it was cold.
“I should’ve worn fluffy socks.” You grumbled, scuffing your boot against the leaves scattered over the concrete. The Lindt™ (don’t sue me please) café’s doors opened yet again, welcoming another couple walking in hand in hand. You tucked your almost frozen nose under the scarf you needed to return to your boyfriend and sighed. If he ever got here you’d surely keep the scarf as a “You’re-running-30-minutes-late-and-it’s-bloody-5-degrees” present. As yet another happy pair walked through what were beginning to resemble the pearly gates-due to the blessing of heating, you surveyed your surroundings. Glancing across the street again in hope of any sign of him, you caught sight of a little plum tuft of hair. Bobbing over a black trench coat it waited impatiently at the crossing. The clouds your breath created caused you to lose him for a second, before someone latched onto you from behind, causing you to shriek. Birds scattered, people gave you disapproving stares, and Haechan almost died laughing. Not because he couldn’t breathe, but because you were ready to try and drop kick him into next week. 

“Hey honey~ I’m sorry! Mark wanted to play Over-ouch!” Haechan whined giving you puppy dog eyes as you hit his shoulder. 

“Let’s go inside because your ‘MVP’ award is about to cost me some appendages.” You turned on your heel into the café. You couldn’t be angry with him, not really, but the lack of feeling in your fingers must’ve been the culprit of both your warmth and your ability to be magnanimous.

The heavenly scent of chocolate enveloped your senses as you finally stepped through the store’s double doors, Haechan bouncing behind you. Immediately, you almost sprint toward the chocolate display, eyeing off the little spheres of goodness. 

“Haechan do you want to get a table-” you turned around expecting him to be right behind you. 

“Sorry what was that I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me being chivalrous.” Haechan seemingly materialised on the other side of the display, two bags of chocolate in hand and a massive grin on his face.  

“Okay, you win.” You giggled, and with his eyes crinkling further, he grabbed your hand and lead you to the counter. His hand continued to hold yours as his thumb traced your knuckles. 

“Two hot chocolates and these please,” he leant forward, placing the bags of chocolate on the counter; “And extra marsh-mellows for the lady.” He winked. 

The middle-aged lady behind the counter snorted and made some remark about her son before handing Haechan a number. Meanwhile, your nose wasn’t the only red feature on your face anymore. Taking a seat in the chair pulled out for you, you glanced over at the chocolate fountain in the corner, hoping for some sort of escape. 

“Was the really necessary?” You mumbled, flustered, looking down at your still conjoined hands. 

“Of course.” Haechan mused, popping chocolate into his mouth. He leaned in slightly, his eyes mimicking the chocolate he bought you, “I want to appreciate you.“ 

You started back, squirming a bit under his gaze. Breaking your trance, piping hot mugs of hot chocolate were placed under both your noses. The same lady that served you earlier paused and surveyed you both before saying to you; “Honey, he bought you chocolate, he’s a keeper.” You and the woman shared a laugh before you turned turned your attention back to Haechan, ready to joke with him about what the woman said. 

The previously enticing atmosphere was shattered when you came face-to-face with the saddest excuse for a ‘milkstache’ you’d ever laid eyes upon. 

“Sweetheart, I appreciate you trying, but this is how it’s done.” You dunked your face into the oversized mug as Haechan looked at you as if you’d grown another head. Surfacing from the frothy beverage you flashed a greasy grin. 

“Oh hon hon pain au chocolaté.” You snickered, posing with a hand under your chin. Milk froth adorned your upper lip.

Never one to refuse a challenge, Haechan dunked his face back into his drink before looking up. He twirled the edges of his dairy-comprised facial hair and flapped an Italian hand around.

“Firenzé, Spaghetti!” You both dissolved into fits of laughter at each other’s ridiculous faces.

The remainder of your date was spent sipping contently at your drinks and playing footsies under the table.

“I won you know.” Haechan smirked, once you’d left the café. Grabbing his foot, Haechan gestured to his ankles; “You know those ‘When God made Me’ memes? Well, when God made me he spilt a little too much kick-ass. I’ve been lifting weights with these feet for months. Competition? I don’t know her. I only know ‘Haechan is unmatchable therefore he has no competition.’”

"You wish sunny boy, I’ll be sure prove you wrong. I may lack strength but my fancy footwork will be too much for you to handle. If I had a dexterity stat, it would be better than any computer game character you and Mark play.” You threw your arm over him. “But you know that means another date so I can show you how good I am right?" 

"If you say so.” He hugged you tightly, giving you a little Eskimo kiss. “I’m sorry about leaving you waiting in the cold earlier." 

"It’s okay.” You smiled, “The sweet hot chocolate made up for it." 

And observing the little pink flush across your nose, Haechan became mesmerised by how much you reminded him of Lindt chocolate. Perhaps a little tough on the exterior, but on the inside you were soft and squishy. He loved that about you.

"It wasn’t sweet as you.” He finished, pecking your cheek.

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I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed itself to be the opposite. We unpeeled the layers of corruption within the government, we saw cruelty against minorities grow in the past decades, and had media attack us and had teachers tell us that we ‘must not tell lies’. We got angry and frustrated and, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, had to think of a way to fight back. And them winning? That would have been enough to give us hope and leave us satisfied.

But instead. There was skip scene. And suddenly they were all over 30 and happy with their 2.5 children.

And the Millennials were left flailing in the dust.

Because while we recognised and empathised with everything up to that point. But seeing the Golden Trio financially stable and content and married? That was not something our generation could recognise. Because we have no idea if we’re ever going to be able to reach that stage. Not with the world we’re living in right now.

Having Harry, Ron and Hermione stare off into the distance after the battle and wonder about what the future might be would have stuck with us. Hell, have them move into a shitty flat together and try and sort out their lives would have. Have them with screaming nightmares and failed relationships and trying to get jobs in a society that’s falling apart would have. Have them still trying to fix things in that society would have. Because we known Voldemort was just a symptom of the disease of prejudice the Wizarding World.

But don’t push us off with an 'all was well’. In a world about magic, JK Rowling finally broke our suspension of disbelief by having them all hit middle-class and middle-age contentment and expecting a fanbase of teenagers to accept it.

Also. Since when was 'don’t worry kids, you’re going to turn out just like your parents’ ever a happy ending? Does our generation even recognise marriage and money and jobs as the fulfillment of life anymore? Does our generation even recognise the Epilogue’s Golden Trio anymore?


“The bromance. The captivating couple”

Dong Wook. It was so nice working with you.I hope we can work in another drama again. I miss you.
- Mr Goblin, Gong Yoo hyung. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again. I think we can have more fun.

  • me: *stumbles upon something i kno w will trigger a moodswing or will cause me to split*
  • me: *checks it out anyway*
  • me, once ive been triggered: oh no ://// im so sad ://// why do i always feel like this ://// im so miserable :///
  • me, the next day: *stumbles upon something i kno w wi-

battle couple:

it didn’t take long, the blue glow of his blade and the burning red of magnus’s magic lighting up their faces and before alec knew it there was some semblance of silence, the two of them standing there panting. magic was still crackling in the air and alec had ichor on his hand, dripping down his blade. x

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