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[SCENARIO REQUEST] Boyfriend!Jun...

Requested by: @honeydreaming

Ello friend! If you can’t already tell, I’m 8000% attracted to JunHui HAHAHA and this is actually my first post/scenario for this blog hehe so hopefully you’ll like it. & if you want more of Jun, there’s another BF scenario + drabble coming up soon so stay tuned!
I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it weeeee ~ do leave comments if you have any!

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junnie :>

If Jun was your boyfriend…

  • He’ll make you fetch him after his martial arts training even if he knows how to get home blindfolded
  • Makes you buy food for him after trainings
  • “I’m hungry, jagi please get me fooooooooood”
  • Puts his hands around your shoulder at the most random timings
  • Ends up head-locking you and messing your hair
  • Many many tickle fights
  • It’s always a competition between the 2 of you
  • A lot of teasing from him
  • But he always lets you win in the end
  • Begs you to accompany him to his gym sessions so that he can show off his muscles to you
  • Prefers to see you in his oversized clothes just because he likes to see you in them
  • Tries to act manly in front of you or the other members but honestly he’s just very adorable and caring
  • Texts you in the middle of dance practice even though he’s not supposed to
  • Sometimes Hoshi might get irritated at him
  • “Jun, stop playing with your phone. It’s not break time!!!”
  • “Wait, let me tell y/n what I’m doing”
  • A tol ball of fluff that loves to cuddle especially when he’s sleepy
  • Build pillow forts and makes you sit inside just because he’s bored
  • Loves showering you with many random little kisses
  • Prefers to back hug you
  • Very protective over you
  • Stares down at every guy who looks at you for more than 5 seconds
  • “Jun, stop looking at him like that, you’ll scare him”
  • “He better be scared. You’re mine.”
  • Stares at you whenever you’re not paying attention because he finds you so beautiful
  • When you catch him looking at you, he’ll quickly look away and pretends as if nothing happened
  • “What were you staring at?”
  • “Nothing, there was a bug in your hair. It’s gone now though.”
  • Never fails to make your heart skip a beat just by staring at you lovingly with his big round eyes
  • Video calls with you at night so that he can see you before he sleeps
  • “I love you jagi. Dream of me! :-* ” and immediately ends the video call, not letting you reply

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fridges-of-neverland said:

Another amazing imagine from you coming up soon because I have another request! Can you please create an imagine where the reader is bilingual (can speak two languages {English and French}) and one day, on Neverland, she decides to annoy Pan by speaking to him only in French (which he doesn’t understand) which leads to him learning French and the reader, who doesn’t know he can speak French, tells Pan she loves him in French and then he reveals that he’s also bilingual and lot of fluff? Thanks!!


Warning/s: nothin?


Summary: you speak two languages

Note: I don’t know how to speak French because they don’t teach that in my school so I used google translate. So blame google for mistakes ;D

You have been living on Neverland for a while now and Peter found his way to your heart. The problem is he doesn’t even know he did. You’ve grown a fond of Peter and you didn’t know how to tell him. You’re not even sure if you want to tell him. Chances are either he likes you back or he doesn’t and everything gets awkward. You needed to forget that problem of yours and find something that’ll keep you entertained. You thought back to when you were in school. Your school thought you different languages and one of them is French, which you were actually fluent at. You figured that the lost boys only speak English so they might not have an idea on how to speak other languages. But you still needed to find out so now, you’re testing your skills on them.

“Avez-vous les gars savent parler français?” You shouted through the camp.
(Do you guys know how to speak French?)

You only received confused looks for an answer but it is enough for you to know that they obviously don’t know how to speak French.

“Ce serait amusant” You walked off to find Peter.
(This would be fun)

You walked around the jungle, trying to find Peter, but you weren’t lucky enough. By now, you have given up and are ready to go back to camp when Peter suddenly appeared in front of you. You gasp in shock as Peter smirked at you.

“Were you looking for me, love?” he asked. You nodded.

“Actually, yes. I have a question for you.” You stated with a smirk.

“Which is?” he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Sais tu parler francais?” You asked.
(Do you know how to speak French?)

Peter raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Donc, vous ne” You smirked. 
(So you don’t)

“Why are you talking gibberish now?” Peter looked at you with an amused face.

“Il est pas du charabia. Il a appelé le français.” you smiled.
(It’s not gibberish. It’s called French.)

Peter squinted his eyes at you. “You see, love. I know you know better than to annoy me.”

“Oui. Voilà pourquoi ce serait si intéressant.” you smirked as you began to walk away.
(Yes, i do. That’s why this would be so interesting.)

Peter grasped your hands before you can completely walk away.

“Wait. What language is that?” he asked.

“French” you answered.

He nodded and let you go.

You’ve been going on with your plan. Following Peter around and talking to him in French. It may be fun for you but it wasn’t for him. Seeing him frustrated made him look cute. You sighed to yourself. It looks like this little plan of yours isn’t working. You’re having fun, yes. But you’re main goal is to forget about the feelings you are having for Peter. Yet you’re here admiring how he looks cute when he’s frustrated.

“Something wrong?” Peter asked. You were currently following him through the woods, trying to annoy him.

“No. I mean non” you said, going back to your French mode.

“You can tell me anything.” he said, looking at you.

“In French?” you grinned making him roll his eyes at you.

“As long as it makes you feel better. Even if I can’t understand your gibberish, at least you can let it all out” he smiled at you. It was actually a good idea. You can confess to him and he won’t even know.

“Okay.” you nodded.

“Je pense avoir des sentiments pour toi . Je veux dire , je ne pense pas parce que je sais que je fais et je suis peur de vous dire que dans l'anglais parce que vous pourriez ne pas sentir la même chose et tout serait maladroit et nous ne serai plus proche.” you spat the words out.
(I think I have feelings for you. I mean I don’t think because I know I do and I’m scared to tell you that in english because you might not feel the same and everything would be awkward and we won’t be close anymore.)

Peter looked at you. You grinned knowing he didn’t understand your confession. Your grin fell as you saw Peter smirk.

“Je vous aime aussi, l'amour.”
(I like you too, love.)   

Your eyes widened in horror.

“You understand..” your mouth was open in shock.

“Yes I do, love. It’s a good thing you told me what language you were speaking so I can learn it on my own.” he winked at you.

You blushed as you realized that you have just confessed to him and he understood it.

“I-I need to go” you stuttered and tried to walk away. Tried. Peter stopped you.

“No need to be shy, love. I’ve been waiting for you to say that and now that you have..” he held you face and planted a kiss on your lips.

“I can do that.” he smiled at you.

“What do you mean you’ve been waiting for me to say that? Y-you knew?” you stuttered.

“No, love. I didn’t know. I was waiting for you to say that so I can know that you feel the same way about me.” he grinned.

“So you like me?” you asked and he nodded.

“So it won’t be awkward for the both of us?” you grinned and he nodded again.

“So that means we’re a thing now?” you asked and looked up to him.

“Only if you want to”

note again: I heard that it’s  fridges-of-neverland ’s birthday so I tried my best to make this oneshot now. As a present XD. I know it sucks but hey! I tried my best. Thanks for the support and you know, the requests you’re sending. You’re not spamming me at all. I’m actually glad that you aren’t running away from my imagines yet xD. I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope this isn’t too late. Anyways have a good birthday love! xx

P.s . i literally don’t know why there’s grey stuff in there i just copy pasted so ye. sorry bout that XD I tried editing idk if it worked or if it messed it up :/ wth idek how to stop the grey shit im so srry xD

boyfriend! mark

“can u do a boyfriend! mark pls?”

“boyfriend mark please!!!”

“Vernon and Mark as boyfriends please and thank you!! :) <3”

Comments: I accidentally deleted the entire post and had to start where I last saved ): but it’s okay!! Vernon one obviously coming up soon + another that will be revealed when I post ;)


•y'all are so cute okay mark tuan as a boyfriend lets go he’d be the one to always send you cute videos

•waking each other up with kisses

•rap battles after breakfast to see who had to clean up

•him having to constantly buy new shirts because you steal them all

•"borrowing" things from each other

•also using each other’s products, but getting mad when you catch the other doing it

•stupid couples shirts or hats

•laying on him as cuddling

•care packages consisting of different sweets and stuffed animals or little knick knacks while he is gone

•nose and forehead kisses constantly

•late night phone calls

•this would be a competitive relationship like you’d always see who can hold their breath the longest or can balance on one leg

•back hugs

•his deep voice wishing you a good morning

•piggy back rides almost everywhere

•movie night would be full of trying to throw popcorn into each other’s mouths instead of watching the movie

•and then you’d have to replay the movie because 9 times out of 10 it was supposedly a good movie and you missed the entire thing


•pranking each other all the time

•but once in a while it would be taken to far and then one of you would act all cute to get the other to forgive the other

•and by acting cute I mean cheek kisses and hanging onto each other

•you’d be sitting on the couch and he’d walk over and just fall on you with dead weight just to annoy you

•dinner dates once a week

•shameless about PDA

•Jackson interrupting you and Mark’s “time alone” is apart of the package

•buying things for each other when you are at a store and something reminds you of each other

•giving you his jacket when it’s cold

•but when he’s wearing a sweatshirt he’ll just lift it over your head and torso while he’s still wearing it

•and you’ll always be like “Mark I caNT SEE?!?”

•but then he’d laugh, kiss you on to of your head and then give it to you

•playing card games with a twist

•(the twist is whoever loses they have to treat the other, if you are catching my drift)

•"Mark, get off my dick"
•"You don’t have a dick"
•"You don’t know that"
•"Yes I do?“

•he’d like it when you’d kiss his jaw while you guys are cuddling

•blanket forts would be awh

•showers that consisted of you two washing each other’s hair

•and then some

•!!!!¡¡ BAcK hUGS !!!!!¡¡¡¡

•after being away for a while, you two would stay up all night just talking about everything from the universe to a book you read in 7th grade

•and then you’d watch the sun rise with a blanket wrapped around you two

•leaving each other cute little notes on the fridge or on the mirror after a hot shower

•dog piles on you

•back rubs after a long day of work

•he’d be a small spoon cuddler I’m pretty sure

•weekly dinner dates with each other


•dancing in the kitchen with the music on max volume

•teasing each other for cute little quirks

•and then teasing the other with a little more extra skin or other noises

•last but not least while kissing you, he would either cup your cheeks and squish them together or he’d grab the other cheeks

Phan Hogwarts AU - Halloween Special!

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest chapter of the Phan Hogwarts AU, which is the Halloween special. Lots of pranks, spooks, and fun ensue at Hogwarts with Dan and Phil! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life’s been crazy since school started.

The costumes in this chapter are based off of this drawing by emolise.

You can read Chapter One of the offical AU here.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!

There was a pumpkin on his head.

“Um…Phil?” He asked, shooing Susan away from trying to climb up there as well. “Why…do I have a pumpkin on my head?”

“Guess what’s coming up soon, Dan!” Phil chirped, setting another large pumpkin down in front of him. “Halloween! And that means carving pumpkins!”

“Carving pumpkins?” Dan repeated, finally managing to get the smaller pumpkin off of himself. “Is this some sort of Muggle thing?”

Keep reading

I wanted to take a break from writing/editing and draw something again! So, human AU babes. I’d love to actually create some illustrations from Reciprocity in the future, but we’ll see.

So I’ve been not so great about posting about the podcast ever since I started working at my new job. I will post about some of our recent episodes…eventually. But! In the meantime I just fixed some stuff with my theme so there are links to Unfortunate Associates on iTunes as well as the merch store on Redbubble and my Unfortunate Associates tag. Check ‘em out! (Especially the merch store I’m so stoked that I can finally own a tee shirt with my own cartoon face on it) Also! There is another exciting interview coming up very soon! 


Got another one coming up soon. Also, thought the best thing i could do for a theme for fresh would be some Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack, and just for the record, jet set radio is owned by the SEGA corporation, i own no music of theirs or anything they got, so dont sue me for using a clip of music.

art and fresh belong too:

BTS//”Interesting” Fanfiction

Every ARMY on this website of hell is thirsty af. Figured I’d feed that, y’know, anything for notes fellow ARMYs! -Admin R the coolest admin

/Reaction to them reading a dirty fanfiction on tumblr of themselves/No GIFs are mine, credit to original owners/This is another filler reactions, the requests are coming up soon (the other admins are working really, really hard!) and hopefully we’ll reopen our ask box soon <333/

Warning: mild cursing ahead

Rap Monster:

“Namjoon!” You called, your face tinted red. “Holy shit! I was on tumblr on the BTS tag, and you’ll never guess- you know, you should see it for yourself.” Your boyfriend walked in from the other room, obviously confused.

“What is it, jagi?” He raised an eyebrow once he saw how hard you were blushing.

“The ARMYs are out of control, I swear.” You directed him into the seat you were previously occupying, facing your laptop. The link it was on was titled, quite simply, ‘Namjoon Mature Scenario’. Your boyfriend turned to you, smirking.

“Did you read it?”

“Oh, god, no. They’re all about daddy kinks, honestly, I’m not very much into that.”

“Yet.” Namjoon grinned, settling down to read it. As he scrolled down the page, his smirk grew in size and he began rolling his bottom lip between his teeth. Once he finished, he exited out of the link.

“You know, baby. I’m free starting now. You want to act out the fic?”


“What are you reading?” Yoongi rested his hands on the back of your chair, leaning over to stare at your screen.

“Smut.” You replied, straightforwardly. He groaned.

“If it’s another story about Woozi, I fucking swear-”

“That was one time! And it was a well written story, okay?” You protested, blushing. “And actually, this one’s of you, and so far it’s ridiculously inaccurate.”

Immediately, your boyfriend’s attention was caught. “Me? Move over.” Yoongi sat down beside you, almost pushing you off. Re-arranging yourself on his lap, you made sure he could see the fic you were reading. 

Yoongi’s eyes scanned the page, taking in the words at a mile a minute. He finished reading it quickly, turning to you.

“Do you really want me to be more dominant? Because I could arrange that tonight…”


“Jagi, you left your laptop running aga-whoah.”

You rushed to where Hoseok was, only to see him sitting at your chair and reading something. He turned when he heard your footsteps, a pale blush across his face. 

“It was on your tumblr dashboard, and the first post at the top…”

You groaned. On tumblr, you followed multiple ARMY blogs, knowing full well that most of them wrote M rated scenarios for the members. “What is it?” You still asked, hoping it was some stupid meme of the boys instead of a smut.

“I think it’s called a fanfiction? It’s about me.. and the reader… and bed…” You sighed, blushing hard.

“Oh, well, um, I’ll take that back-”

“No.” He smirked. “I’m enjoying this. Apparently I’m really rough in bed? What do you think?” You bit your lip.


“After I finish reading this, we’re going to bed.”


Just because he was the oldest didn’t mean he was the most suggestive.

“Jagi… I’m sorry… but when you went to the bathroom I accidentally saw what you were reading…and…” Your boyfriend collapsed into a fit of embarrassed giggles. Your face went red, and you pursed your lips.

Jin’s eyes crinkled at the corners as he doubled over in laughter.

“How much did you read?” You asked, looking away, not sure whether to laugh or crawl into a hole for the next 12 years.

“Not much, just the part towards the end when we-”

“That’s enough, Seokjin!” You exited out of your tumblr and shut your laptop. After your blushing boyfriend was done laughing, he straightened up.

“You know, we could try that one day.”


“’Oh, Jimin, Jimin, faster, hng!’” Your idiot boyfriend read out loud from your phone in a falsetto voice. 

“What the hell are you looking at?” You asked, moving so you could see the screen. He smirked.

“I wanted to see what this tumblr site you’re always on is like, and I searched up myself, and this came up.” Jimin grinned, gesturing towards the mature fic in front of you. You’d already read this one.

“This one was okay…” You said, and then realized what you had mentioned.

“You read these stories about me?” Jimin’s smirk grew, as he winked at you. You blushed and tried to take your phone from him. He held it above your head.

“Fuck you.” You sighed, your words having no bite behind them. 

“I’d like you to.”

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“Did you know of this website? It’s called Archive of Our Own or something.” Taehyung asked, scrolling through something on his phone. 

“Yeah, it’s another writing website. Why?” Your tone went from relaxed to slightly worried- who knew what your “innocent” boyfriend would find when surfing the darker parts of the internet?

“There’s this story about me on it? It says it’s mature and to not read if I’m not an adult? Should I read it?”

“Taehyung, I don’t think-” You began, only to be cut off.

“Too late! Why are you so worried? It isn’t-AUGH!” Should you laugh or should you cry? Pondering this, you rushed over to your boyfriend. 

His wide-eyed stare was trained on the screen, and his look of shook quickly changed to a small smirk. 

“I wouldn’t mind doing this, actually…”

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omg no golden maknae needs to be protected from us thirsty ARMYs we cant corrupt him oh no

Jungkook looked up from his phone, a look of shock, confusion, and naivety across his face.

“What the hell did I just read?” He whispered, passing his device to you once he saw your confused expression. You took it, glancing down at the screen.

“Oh my god, okay…” You replied, seeing the ending to what was obviously a very in detail smut involving your boyfriend. “Um… welcome to the world, I guess? I don’t know what to say, exactly?”

Jungkook sighed. “It’s not the fact that it exists, it’s so inaccurate though, honestly. I’m not THAT innocent.” He grinned at you, grabbing your hand and running his thumb across your skin.

“Trust me, I know.” You rolled your eyes, blushing. “This fic actually seems sort of mild…”

“Maybe we could act it out?”

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Black and white gif edition ayeeee-R

First Snow Day [XMAS REQUEST]

This was a pleasure to write! I delayed posting it because I wanted a Christmassy picture to go with it and I’m really glad I waited because our little giant is so cute!

I really hope you all like this scenario! I have another Christmassy scenario coming up soon!



Jade xo

“Chanyeol! Chanyeol, wake up! Come on babe, wake up!” You jumped up and down on your bed, trying to wake your boyfriend up. “Come on, you need to see outside!”

He wrapped his arms around your neck and pulled you down beside him, his face nuzzling into the crook in your neck. You tried to fight him but he held on tighter. “Babe, I set an alarm for a reason,” he told you sleepily in his gruff voice. “I don’t have rehearsal until 12. Just let me sleep!” he moaned, moving his hand across your face until he found your mouth and then pushing it shut.

You licked his fingers, making him retract his hand instantly. “Actually you don’t have rehearsal at all,” you replied with a coy smile, your excitement building again. “Now get up! The day is wasting and there are lots of things I want to do.”

Chanyeol pulled his face out from your neck, peering up at you with one eye barely open. “What do you mean I don’t have rehearsal?” he asked sleepily, loosening his grip on you so he could wipe the sleep from his eyes.

Instantly you pulled away, rolling off the bed and running to the windows. “I don’t think you’ll be able to get through all the…” You paused for dramatic effect, before pulling back the curtains and letting the light stream into your bedroom. “SNOW!” you exclaimed loudly, jumping up and down and doing a little celebratory dance. Overnight, a thick blanket of snow had covered the entire landscape, making everything white and beautiful.

You expected Chanyeol to be jumping out of bed to see you but instead he was hiding between the pillows, throwing the covers over his head. “Babe what are you doing?” he groaned loudly, throwing a pillow in your direction. “Are you trying to blind me?”

Running back to the bed, you ripped the covers off and hit him with a pillow until he got up. “Chanyeol, it’s snowing outside! How can you not be excited?” you exclaimed, throwing the pillow at his head while he rubbed his eyes and blinked hard.

“Snowing?” he asked, peering up at you before turning his gaze to the window. “Oh my god, it’s snowing,” he cried, jumping out of bed and running to the window to see more. “It’s really snowing!”

That was the excited puppy reaction you expected him to have. You sat up on the bed, grinning at your boyfriend’s happy face as he darted around the room in search of something. “What are you doing?” you asked him, grabbing a pillow and hugging it in front of you.

“What am I doing? What are you doing? It’s snowing outside; how can you just stay in bed all day?” he asked, running across the bedroom to the bathroom.

Your jaw dropped as you climbed off the bed, throwing the pillow behind you as you strutted into the bathroom. “I was the one who woke you up,” you replied, walking in as he was dabbing a towel over his face. You snaked your arms around his back to lock at his front and rested your head between his broad shoulders, looking at him through the mirror. “If I hadn’t, you would have missed our first snow day together.”

He turned in your arms and moved to lift you up, making your legs wrap themselves around his waist. “What do you want to do first?” he asked, putting you on the countertop. You kept him locked in between your legs as he started brushing his teeth.

“I want to build a snowman,” you said, beginning to list off all the things your mind had jumped to when you saw the snow this morning. “And I want to go up the hill and go sledding. And I want to make snow angels. And have a snowball fight.”

Chanyeol moved to spit into the sink before putting the toothbrush back into his mouth. “Well let’s get dressed and go!” he exclaimed brightly, giving you the most adorable smile that stretched all the way up to his eyes.

Loosening your grip on his waist, you leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose. “I love you,” you whispered softly, before jumping off the counter and running out of the bathroom to go and get dressed.


After getting dressed in the warmest clothes you owned, you had a quick breakfast with your boyfriend. The entire time you ate, you were practically bouncing with excitement. Where you used to live didn’t get a lot of snow when it was cold, so whenever there was snow, it was the best thing ever. Chanyeol was more used to it than you but he still humoured you.

It took a while to put on all the layers. You borrowed one of Chanyeol’s big puffy coat that looked too big on him, so it was massive on you. He helped you roll up the sleeves and tied the laces of your boots up. You found his gloves for him and wrapped a thick scarf your mother had made him around his neck, pulling on it so he would dip his head and you could give him a kiss.

Once you were all suited and booted, you opened the door, letting the cold hit you for the first time that morning. “LET’S GO!” you cried, instantly running out the door and jumping into the first pile of snow you saw.

It was the best snow day you had ever had – Chanyeol made sure of that. You spent all morning building the best snowman in existence, making him as tall as Chanyeol and as round as a balloon. You had to get up on Chanyeol’s shoulders to put the hat on top of his head and the carrot as his nose.

Then you rolled around and made snow angels, before the whole thing turned into a massive snowball fight. Chanyeol kept cheating and dropping piles of snow down the back of your coat when you were trying to build snowballs. In the end, you decided to play dirty too – running through the snow and pretending to trip and hurt yourself. Immediately Chanyeol abandoned the fight and hurried over to you, worry etched on his face.

“Baby, are you ok? Where does it hurt?” he asked frantically, pulling his gloves off and lifting you slowly onto his lap.

You cried out in pain and turned your head away from him and your body. “It’s my ankle,” you moaned, biting on your bottom lip to stop yourself from laughing. “It really hurts!”

While he was busy untying your boot to check your ankle, you reached behind you for the bucket of snow you had filled up secretly. Making sure he wasn’t looking, you lifted the bucket and threw the contents over Chanyeol’s head, making him shiver and shake as the snowflakes cascaded down his face and shoulders.

“HEY!” he shouted angrily, shaking his head like he was a dog to get the snow out of his hair.

“Gotcha!” you sang loudly, sticking your tongue out at him before scrambling to your feet.

He was too quick for you though, grabbing your ‘hurt’ ankle and pulling you back down into the snow. Leaning over you, he pinned your shoulders down and hovered above you, shaking his head again so the snowflakes fell onto you. “Shall we call it quits?” he asked, tilting his head to the side cutely.

“Deal!” you replied quickly, trying to shake the little snowflakes off your face.

Chanyeol relaxed, moving off you to lie beside you with his head on your chest. “I know not to get into a fight with you,” he murmured, reaching up to wipe the snowflakes off your cheeks. “Come on, let’s go sledding!” He helped you to your feet, dusting you off, and then headed inside to grab the trays you were going to use as sleds.


You ended up climbing the highest hill you could find. By the time you had reached the top, Chanyeol was exhausted and fell straight into the snow. You readied yourself on the tray and looked behind you at your boyfriend lounging around. “Are you going down?” you asked.

“If I go down, then I have to walk all the way up again,” he murmured lazily, pretending to breathe heavily like he was out of breath.

Rolling your eyes, you turned around and pushed off with your feet, trying to speed yourself forward. “Your loss!” you shouted behind you as you started to pick up speed. Even though you tried not to, you couldn’t help but scream like an excited child as you sped down the hill, sliding across the snow with the wind whipping past your face. It was such an adrenaline rush: as soon as you reached the bottom, you picked up the tray and started running up the hill again.

“Come on babe!” you called out as you began to reach the top of the hill again. Chanyeol was where you left him, sprawled out in the snow. “The ride down is totally worth the walk up, I promise!” You crouched down beside him and poked his face, making him open his eyes and look up at you.

“Ok,” he said with a sigh, letting you pull him up to his feet. “But let’s make it interesting with a race.”

“And the loser does the dishes tonight?” you offered, dusting the snow off him while he picked up his own tray/sled.

He leaned down and kissed your lips softly, taking his time to pull back slowly. “Prepare to lose baby!” he murmured with a twitch of his eyebrow.

You knew he would try and cheat again, but this time you didn’t give him the chance, sprinting down the hill and literally jumping onto your belly with the tray already positioned underneath you. “Ready set go!” you called out quickly behind you, already picking up speed as you zoomed down the hill.

You won the first race, which meant Chanyeol was doing the dishes. And the second race was a win for you too. However you could see Chanyeol deflating slightly – he always liked to win and be the best – so you called quits on the races and instead you went down together, with you sat on his lap. It was so much more fun this way, having Chanyeol’s chin on your shoulder and leaning back into his warm embrace.

After riding down a few more times, you no longer had the energy to climb all the way up the hill. Your snow day had thoroughly exhausted you and Chanyeol felt the exact same way, suggesting it was time to head home. You agreed, letting Chanyeol wrap an arm around your shoulder and lazily steer you in the direction of home.

It took longer to get home but it felt so good when you finally got there, opening the front door and feeling the rush of hot air welcome you. Immediately you and Chanyeol stripped off your layers, leaving your coats and boots on the floor before hurrying further into the house. While Chanyeol tried to start a fire in the living room, you got changed out of your damp clothes into your fluffiest pair of pyjamas and then headed to the kitchen to make hot chocolate.

With the tray you had been sliding down on an hour ago, you carried two tall mugs filled to the brim with hot chocolate into the living room. You set them down on the little coffee table and then joined Chanyeol on the floor, sitting opposite him as he focused on the fire. Once the fire was fully burning, he put the poker down and stretched his legs out, reaching out to pull you right up against him.

“Thank you for today,” you murmured quietly, your hands playing with the hem of his t-shirt. His chocolatey eyes locked with yours and even though you were sat right by a burning fire, shivers ran down your spine.

He flashed you a toothy grin and reached behind you for the hot chocolates, passing one to you. “It was the best snow day,” he replied, sipping his hot chocolate and getting a creamy moustache across his upper lip.

When you giggled at his cream-covered face, he looked at you innocently. With a smile, you sipped your own hot chocolate, matching his moustache with one of your own. He laughed at you and quickly wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “I wish every day could be like this,” you said wistfully, looking at the window and seeing the flurry of snowflakes falling from the grey sky. “Just me and you and the snow.”

With his thumb, he wiped the cream off your lip and took another gulp of his drink. “You’d get tired of the cold,” he remarked, leaning back and propping himself up on his elbows. “I’d give you a week. Then you’d be moaning about the snow and the cold.”

You put your hot chocolate back on the table and then moved forward, lying down on Chanyeol’s chest with your arms folded under your chin. “Not when I have you to keep me warm,” you told him, beaming up a smile at him before turning your head to the side to watch the fire. “Why else do you think I’m dating the infamous Park Chanyeol, controller of fire?”

“I knew you were only using me for my powers,” he joked, his chest rising and falling quickly as he laughed quietly to himself. He gasped dramatically, and you rolled your eyes, knowing he was probably acting as theatrically as possible. “I guess this is the burden I have to carry as a superhero. Spiderman probably went through it. Superman probably went through it too. It’s only right that I was next.”

You looked up at him and slapped him lightly on the chest. “Oh you’re so dramatic!” you joked, looking at his laughing face with a smile of your own. Out of nowhere, you ducked your head to hide a yawn from Chanyeol.

But maybe he did have superhero powers, because he still caught you. “Take a nap babe,” he murmured softly over the crackle of the fire. He leaned over and grabbed a couple of cushions to prop himself up comfortably. “I’ll wake you up when it’s time to cook.” He draped a blanket over you and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you closer to his body to kiss the top of your head.

“I’m not that tired,” you murmured, fighting the urge to yawn again. It was a lie though. Sat by the fire, all warm and cosy with Chanyeol, your exhausting first snow day had taken its toll on you. “I’ll just close my eyes for two minutes. I won’t fall asleep, I promise.”

Chanyeol chuckled softly. “Of course you won’t baby,” he replied mockingly, running his hand through your hair. The constant touch soothed you and quickly you felt the pull of sleep calling you.

“Maybe later, we could make another snowman,” you murmured sleepily, settling your head on his chest and closing your eyes.

“Maybe babe,” he replied softly, kissing the top of your forehead. The last thing you remembered before falling asleep was his lips on your forehead.

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