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Do you have any other oc's that aren't in syw?

i do actually - @inkyquartz and i are working on a collab story together and i designed two of the ocs from that:

the green guy (killian) and the pink person (amos) are mine, the yellow one (rosha) was designed by @inkyquartz. there’s also a 4th one named Ruth, who was designed by quartz’s sister @frazzledflame:

i also have another collab oc with quartz who’s in his original story - their name is xan: (this is a bit of an outdated ref but these are my favorite pictures of them)

i don’t have any solo plans for any ocs or anything at the moment other than that!


Throwback to when the Suggs were in on the DanAndPhilCRAFTS hype

Yet ANOTHER collab with @shitandsticks! She sent me a message saying how she was working on this super long drawing and when she showed it to me, I was instantly like PLZ LET ME COLOR THIS GURL. And she was like UM ABSOLUTELY??? 

Next on the list is to draw the same thing, and sending it to her for her to color!

With bloody palms and a scraped heart,
I crawl back to you,
never knowing when
to get up off these blood soaked knees.

You used me as a stepping stone;
Kept your feet dry
in the flood of grief you’ve brought.

Little spider boy,
I am
Always pulled back into your web,
criss-crossing too much love, too much hope;
too much of myself

I have never given myself halfway

A coin has two sides,
a queen, and the country she protects,
I throw myself into the fountain,
too quickly
to wish for something better than this,
and sink into you once more

—  a spider meets his mate || O.L.&E.W.

[](/abhuh)”Sweetie, what are you doin in mah bow?”

[](/sbstare)”Oh! Apple Bloom! … uh… nothing”

This is another collab Sweetie, this time with @kekerino. He draws nice ears and damn fine curls. Might have to steal his ears too we’ll see what’s good. I’ve been stealing his memes for years I might as well steal his art too right. Think I got a pretty nice mix of our two styles off his sketch, I think it’s got mostly my proportions but lots of Kek flavor.

Feels real good to get back to some Sweetie after all that con prep, unfortunately I’ll have to get right back to horses that aren’t Sweetie because EFNW in a few weeks. Goddamn shame, that.

Anyways enjoy a Belle, and thanks for the sketch Kek!

Another collab Sweetie, this time with my boy @lilfunkman!

Funk draws so smol I love it, her body looks so exceptionally squish, I couldn’t tarnish it with a cutie mark. I feel like she should be saying something but I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t a filthy meme or a yoyo so happy belle shall stand on her own I suppose.

Feels like old times to draw this, Funk and I have known each other something like 4 years? All the way back in the day when I was first learning over at MLP Drawing School from reddit. Been drawing with him on voice or on video for years ever since so it was only natural this Sweetie happened. God bless lilfunkman and god bless Sweetie Belle. 🙏 🙏 🙏 

Anyways, enjoy a simple cute Sweetie Belle with thanks to lilfunkman for the sketch!

Part 1 (NSFW):

Part 2 (SFW):

Part 3 (SFW):

Part 4 (SFW):

Translated by: @suzy47

Edited by: @landsec / @alexland

Verified by: @kulkum

Another collab with the awesome @suzy47 and verified by @kulkum.

Only comic by Dogear that was not translated to English yet, so we took the work to translated it for you guys, hope you like it!

- Landsec.

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"and every collab I've ever done..." *shows screenshots of videos, half of which is phil and another YouTube doing a collab totally unrelated to dan*

does dan realize he is not phil or…