another chance quotes

i hope leia being prominent and a strong woman in tlj doesn’t mean she’s wasted only as “a mother who still believes in, loves, forgives her son even though he committed genocide” because forgiveness is not always strength. and i’m fucking tired of seeing women, who deserve so much better, forgive grown-up (white) men (husbands, boyfriends, sons etc) and sacrifice for them no matter what those men did, and keep giving the men another chance because "they are learning” in media. i mean, if leia still loves kylo then, ok, i can accept that,  but if “good mom who forgives her son who killed her husband because of the power of love” is leia “unlike luke id rather kill vader” organa in tlj and if lucasfilm thinks that’s a strong woman then wow id be very upset.

—  I look at you and I remember every little detail. The way your smile formed, what made you laugh, your gentle touch, how your lips kissed mine. The way you tied your shoes. One look at you and every memory, every feeling, every thought comes rushing back, attacking me.