another case of females eating the males

Of onis and men


Zenyatta had run. He knew he had run from all his duties… but what was he supposed to do? It had begun slowly. His brothers had noticed a demon sneaking around his quarters. They had put up wards against it but no one had been able to predict the wave of demons that were soon to follow. In his desperation to not burden and drag his brothers along with him Zenyatta had fled. He had become a wandering monk and everyday he had to break the vow not to hurt another being, in this case another demon.

Different demons wanted different things. Some wanted to eat him, kill him in their desire for power. Others were more… sexual in their intent. The murderous demons were easy as one could defeat them by fighting. It was the other kind that was far more difficult even for a monk as virtuous as Zenyatta. Until this day he had managed to avoid the seduction of many demons, both male and female. A trained mind will make me survive this, Zenyatta thought.

He was sitting in a small cottage that he had so kindly been given by an old lady to rest over the night in. Zenyatta was meditating deeply when he suddenly heard a slight scratching sound. He tried to ignore it, focusing on steeling his mind but when it came again he opened his eyes to look around. The only thing that could be seen was the shadows of the candle light and the slight moonbeams shining through the window. Maybe it just had been his imagination….