another body to grow old

The Signs as Ed Sheeran lyrics (Mostly from the album +)

Aries: If this is to end in fire, we shall all burn together, watch the flames climb high in to the night// I see fire

Taurus: If you’re broken, I will mend ya, and I’ll keep you sheltered from the storm that’s raging on//Lego House

Gemini: I’m gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house, if things go wrong we can knock it down. When three words have two meanings, there’s one thing on my mind, it’s all for you// Lego House

Cancer: Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in, lie down with me and hold me in your arms//Kiss Me

Leo: Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul, and it’s only that I know, I swear it will geteasier, remember that with every piece of ya // Photograph

Virgo: When we were in school listening to grown ups didn’t learn a thing, but then again you know what, you know how to sing but you don’t know anything other than that so maybe you should learn to love her.// GoldRush

Libra: And it’s so hard to say it, but I’ve been here before and I’ll surrender up my heart, and swap it for yours// Lego House

Scorpio: What didn’t kill me, it never made me stronger at all, love will scar your makeup, lip sticks to me// Drunk

Sagittarius: Another day, another life passes by just like mine, it’s not complicated, another mind, another soul, another body to grow old, it’s not complicated// Autumn Leaves

Capricorn: The pavement is my friend, it’ll take me where I need to go, I find it trips me up, and puts me down, this is not what I’m used to// The City

Aquarius: And of all these things I’m sure of, I’m not quite certain of your love, and you made me scream, and then I made you cry, when I left that little bird with it’s broken leg to die// Little Bird

Pisces: I dont get waves of missing you anymore, they’re more like tsunami tides in my eyes, never getting dry so I get high, smoke away the days, never sleep with the light on// U.N.I


From Portuguese, the act of tenderly running your fingers through the hair of someone you love.
Post 6.01. 

Another day, another life
Passes by just like mine
It’s not complicated

Another mind, another soul
Another body to grow old
It’s not complicated

Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?

It’s the middle of autumn, when Roland inquires about it. It’s the season of crispy leaves and rays of sunshine between the golden trees which surround the castle. It’s the season of muddy puddles, of hot chocolate and pumpkins and, maybe, a light brush of his fingers on her cheek, when she watches the sunset and cries.

It’s the middle of autumn, and they are in the library, skimming through old fairy tales and dusty scrolls. It’s the middle of autumn, and Roland doesn’t know that this was her son’s favorite season.

“Majesty, what is that necklace?”

She turns her head at him, her lips parting slightly. Her hand reaches for the small medallion, opening it in front of the boy’s curious eyes. Inside, there’s a picture – seeing it sends a sharp pang of pain across her chest. Henry smiles, in the oval picture. “It’s my son, sweetheart.”
Roland nods knowingly, gravely. His tiny finger points towards the necklace. “And what are those?”

Regina looks at the right half of the medallion. “Well, you see,” she says. “One day, it was just in this period of the year… he was starting school, and he wanted to cut his hair to look older,” she smiles, remembers her little toddler insisting that Mom, I really need to cut it, really, can I, please?

She brushes her finger above the frame, where a small tuft of Henry’s hair is nestled.


They’re in Camelot, when another lock of hair goes to join Henry’s. This time, it’s late spring, there are lilacs and roses on the balcony, and Regina is helping Roland with his bath.

“Are you my mama now, R’gina?”

Her hands freeze still, her mouth parts in an unknown stupor. “Oh, sweetie…”

Roland is oblivious of her surprise, he keeps babbling happily. “Because, I asked Henry yesterday, and he told me he was okay with sharing, anyway he has two moms so he said I could have two moms too… then I’ve asked Princess Snow about the things a mama does and she told me all this list…” his nose scrunches up adorably, when he stops to think. “Yes, and she said things like… she tells you stories and protects you and hugs you when you’re scared of the storm…”

Her eyes are watery, now.

Her fingers run across the untamable mop of curly hair, and she nods.


Summer is in its full splendor, when they come back. He caresses her back, in the tired, glowing aftermath of love – her hand brushing his cheek, her eyes won’t leave his face, she has to make sure he’s still here – that he didn’t leave with the Fury, that he’s alive and breathing and safe.

“Penny for your thoughts,” he whispers. She shakes her head, tears begin to build their way into her eyes. He seems to understand, because he goes to kiss her hair, pressing his lips there as a confirmation – he’s not going anywhere, he’s there.

Later that night, she can’t sleep.

Silent, like a bandit, she smiles in the dark, as little silvery scissors cut just the rim of his hair.

Later that day, she proudly shows him the fruits of her labor – standing beside the bed, he looks at her medallion that now holds the mingled hair of her men, and the almost-invisible baby hair of her niece – he grins, and closes it. “Look at who’s the thief now,” he says. She laughs, goes to kiss him, but he pushes her with one single move, both falling on the bed – oh she laughs, careless, happy.


And it’s almost winter, almost.

Her soul is cold and half-empty. Her heart is red, her dark half is missing.

I want to start a new story.

That night, after bidding goodbye to Snow, she heads home. Cold fingers, cold hands, she finds relief in the bathtub, lavender and rose soap. She dries her hair, slowly, taking her time, counting every breath. It’s long, now.

He used to love it.

He used to trail his fingers there, when he kissed her. To curl and uncurl it, lazily, lying in bed. To wash it – massaging her scalp, when they took a shower together. He was… he was enamored by her hair.

At his funeral, she has worn her hair up. Because now he’s gone.


The worst part is, she can still feel the ghost of his touch. Of his kisses, of his loving words.
She replaces the hairdryer down, and looks in the mirror. It’s wonderful – all wavy and soft, bright, curled.

A drawer opens.

I want to start a new story.

Silver shadows fly, and cut, and change. Dark locks twirl, falling slowly, down. When she lifts her gaze again, she’s changed. Renewed.

When she falls asleep that night – cold bed, cold sheets – there’s a new strand in her medallion. Their hair intertwine, for a second – they shine of red and yellow. But her eyes are closed, and she doesn’t see.

Autumn Leaves

Last song request: Anon requested Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. Such a great song…  I hope you enjoy it, anon!!

Another day another life
Passes by just like mine
It’s not complicated

Another mind
Another soul
Another body to grow old
It’s not complicated

Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?
Float down
Like autumn leaves
Hush now
Close your eyes before the sleep
And you’re miles away
And yesterday you were here with me

Another tear
Another cry
Another place for us to die
It’s not complicated

Another love that’s gone to waste
Another light lost from your face
It’s complicated

Is it that it’s over or do birds still sing for you?
Float down
Like autumn leaves
Hush now
Close your eyes before the sleep
And you’re miles away
And yesterday you were here with me

Ooh how I miss you
My symphony played the song that carried you out
Ooh how I miss you
And I, I miss you and I wish you’d stay

Touch down
Like a seven four seven
Or stay out and we’ll live forever now

           “Hey, I like this song. Don’t change it,” she mumbled from the passenger seat. She was tired, and Dean smiled at her grumpy tone.

           “Okay, sweetheart. We can listen to this.” Dean turned the volume down just a bit, and within a few seconds he could hear her deep, even breaths. She had fallen asleep.

           This song wasn’t so bad, Dean thought. It was actually kind of nice. It was mellow and soothing, and he relaxed as the cool night air blew in the open windows. He glanced over at her and saw her hair moving slightly in the breeze. She really was beautiful.

           Being a hunter, it was easy to become numb. It was dangerous to get attached to people, because you were going to end up leaving them one way or another. Plus, being a hunter changed you, turned you into someone who wasn’t good for anyone. So you shut down, and never let anyone in.

           At least, that’s what Dean had thought before he met her. It had taken her a while, but she had convinced him otherwise. At the very least, she had convinced him that even if it was going to end badly, it was still worth it to try.

           She had changed him completely. When Dean had tried to push her away, when he had tried to change her mind, when he had tried to run, she had simply loved him and refused to stop. She had loved him enough to make him feel like he might be enough, that he might be able to be good to her.

           She sighed a little in her sleep, and Dean smiled and stretched out an arm to rest his hand on her leg. Without waking up, she moved a hand on top of his. He loved how affectionate she was, but only with him. She was best friends with Sam, but he had never seen her touch or hug him. Only Dean.

           Dean was still a hunter. He knew that there was still a chance he might be forced to leave her, and that he could still break her heart. But he also knew that he couldn’t be without her. He had learned from her that whatever was going to happen would happen. They might as well live and love now, while they could.

           So this time, instead of running, Dean just listened to her deep breaths and the quiet song. Instead of running, he drove through the night with her by his side.