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More guardian angel au! Headcanons, scenarios, fluff, angst, I want it all!♡ Maybe a scenario with the RFA+V+Saeran asking their s/o about how they died? Kudos if it was a freak accident or smth. I love you and your work! Have a lovely day!♡


Hi anon! I’m so sorry I haven’t sent back something earlier - I know this doesn’t specifically say this in my rules but I’m not really comfortable writing character death - I know this is not quite the same thing - but I hope that these headcanons will make up for the fact I’m not following the request to a T - again sorry!!

I decided to play it up with a little role reversal - In this the RFA are the guardian angels - Like an Ouran Highschool Host Club-esk order of angels?? I’ll probably expand on these one day because these are just short and sweet


- Yoosung is an angel-in-training and MC is the first human he’s ever been assigned to alone - no supervisors or anything!!! His first long-term assignment!!!

- But then he finds out that even when you’re the only angel on a case - you can’t talk to your human - like ever!! He’s so sad - he thought him and his human could be best friends

- AND THEN his human is so cute??? Like literally the most adorable and he’s simultaneously euphoric but extremely dejected because so close but also so far away??

- BUT THEN MC ISN’T EATING PROPERLY - He started sneaking into MC’s house to put out the ingredients for omelettes on their kitchen table just before they get downstairs, hoping that that would inspire them to cook - BUT IT DIDN’T

- Yoosung accidentally reveals himself because he just screams in frustration after the 3rd time they refuse to take his hint.



- Since almost the first time Zen saw MC on his first day with them he looked at them with heart eyes - unintentionally he’s fallen for them - he couldn’t help it - like he breathed in one second and all of a sudden on the exhale he was in love?

- Zen is SO SALTY about even the slightly mistreatments MC faces

- Like when he goes back to talk to his co-workers he dishes all about the drama that’s happening in MC’s life (careful not to name any names) because he needs to vent because he’s just so PERSONALLY offended

- How dare anyone mess with his beautiful human - he would fight them if it weren’t against angel law

- Zen accidentally reveals himself because he LITERALLY SHOUTS “THAT’S MY HUMAN” when they deliver a particularly good burn (oh hun)


- Jaehee REALLY tried to uphold the stay hidden rule - LIKE SHE REALLY TRIED

- Like MC’s boss is treating them like crap and Jaehee is subtly trying to get them transferred to another department

- Sometimes MC will fall asleep while working late on a project and they wake up to warm coffee - but honestly they’re tired enough that they believe they could have made it and forgot

- But then MC’s boss goes a little too far and suddenly Jaehee’s seeing red and a full cup of coffee just happens to find it’s way onto their boss’s shirt as Jaehee ‘accidentally’ bumps into them. 

- She had her wings disguised when she bumped into the boss however she really hadn’t expected MC to follow her …. and see her fly away


- At first, Jumin loves being a benevolent but distant presence for MC but that was before he realized he was in love with them

- He caught himself gently watching them LONG after his job for the day was done and although it took him A LONG time to realize his feelings, a man can only sigh forlornly so many times before he realizes he’s got it bad

- crap

- It’s actually MC that discovers Jumin. He had taken a liking to sitting on MC’s roof when he’s trying to decipher how he’s going to deal with his feelings for his assignment. However, what he DIDN’T expect was for that to also be MC’s thinking spot

- You can’t exactly hide your wings when you weren’t expecting company and you’re flustered past the point of motion.


- “What do you mean they can’t know I exist? You mean I can’t leave them little notes and stuff?” - Seven was always really bad with authority anyway

- He admittedly does try to follow the rules of his order at first but then MC started making bad choices and MC kept resisting his manipulations behind the scenes - like they don’t even try and yet SEVEN JUST CAN’T CATCH A BREAK




For anon

48 Hours

You woke up with a throbbing headache and a dry throat. Your body felt foreign and sore, you slowly opened your eyes as you tried to adjust to the sudden gush of sunlight. Once your eyes got used to the light you noticed that you weren’t exactly in your room, to be more specific this wasn’t even your house.

The sheets felt all too close to your skin as you looked under the duvet to find yourself naked. What the hell happened?! You squirmed around in the bed a little before you turned around to find someone sleeping next to you.

He had his back faced to you and it was marked with scratches. His face was buried in the pillow as almost screamed but managed to control yourself. You couldn’t remember what exactly happened last night or who this guy was.

You held your breath as you felt him stir around, his arm flung itself around your waist as he pulled you closer. He was finally facing your direction as you turned to look at him. Your heart almost stopped at the man you saw before you.

Ravi. You were in bed with Ravi! You wanted to kick him off the bed but the minute you saw him your memories from last night came back.

Your friend had taken you to a club, like she usually does on a Friday night. You were fine when you thought it was just you and her but then you saw her boyfriend Ken and if he was here that meant that Ravi was here too.

You and Ravi never exactly got off on the right foot. From the moment the two of you met you started arguing. He always instigated and provoked you for no apparent reason. The only real problem here was that he was too damn attractive, from his voice to his heavenly a sculptured body.

“Sora! What the hell is this?!” You whispered to your friend as you both walked over to Ken and Ravi.

“Oh did I forget to tell you that we wouldn’t be alone tonight? Guess I forgot” Sora said as she ran towards Ken.

Honestly both Ken and Sora had been trying to get you and Ravi together since they began dating four months ago. You didn’t see why though, the two of you couldn’t even sit in the same room for five minutes without starting a fight.

The two of you just looked at each other without saying a word. He eyed you from top to bottom before a smirk appeared on his face. You just ignored him as you sat down in the VIP room that Ken had got. He and Sora were already all over one another as you just poured yourself a drink.

“What’s with the dress?” Ravi asked. You were wearing a royal red dress that stopped at around mid thigh.

“What do you expect me to wear to a club? Overalls?!” You said sarcastically.

“Overalls would suit you better don’t you think” Ravi said as your blood began to boil. It hasn’t even been a minute since you sat down and he’s already aggravated you.

“How does me wearing a dress or overalls have anything to do with you?” You said as you sipped your drink “I’m here to get drunk and have some fun not listen you bad mouth me you jackass” you stood up and walked off towards the dance floor as Ravi just sat there slightly dazed.

“You two are at it again?!” Ken said.

“The reason I told Ken to bring you was because y/n wanted to hook up with someone tonight. I thought maybe you two actually had some spark but I guess not” Sora said as Ravi watched you take a seat at the bar.

You were thankful that no one followed you down as you chugged down shots one after the other. When you finally felt tipsy, like you had forgotten the world, you stood and walked onto the dance floor.

You let music take control of your body as you swayed your ships. You continued to dance completely unaware of the eyes that were on you. Ravi had been watching you from outside the VIP room, Sora and Ken had gotten too close for his comfort.

He watched as you swayed your hips, as your hands ran down your body, as you flipped your hair, your whole body just looked so enticing. Ravi had always found you irresistibly sexy hence the reason he kept picking on you. He would get flustered whenever he saw you and the words that came out from his lips shocked him as well.

Like right now when he said you would look better in overalls, what he really wanted to say that you would look good in anything but tonight you were just looking damn hot. He felt a twitch in his pants as he watched your body move.

“Why the hell are you so damn sexy?!” Ravi said under his berth before sipping his drink.

What he saw next made every vein in his body almost explode. There was douche bag that was trying to dance and grind himself against you.

You weren’t exactly comfortable with some random guy grinding against you but you were too drunk to even realize what was going on. Ravi was livid as he pushed through the people on the dance floor before he finally got to you. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards him as the guy that was grinding against you shot him a ‘what the hell?’ look.

“She’s my girl asshole!” Ravi said before dragging you off the dance floor.

He had a tight grip on your wrist as he dragged you towards the exit. You finally realized that you weren’t on the dance floor anymore as you stopped and yelled at Ravi to let you go. However he refused to let you go as he slammed you into the wall.

“What the hell are you doing Ravi?!” You said as you tried to push him off of you only to have him pin your hands above your head.

“Calming what’s rightfully mine” Ravi said as his hot breath hit your lips.

“Yours? Since when did I become yours?!” You said.

“Since I first saw you four months ago, since I thought about you every time I would get horny, since I saw you in this damn dress, since I saw some other guy grinding against you and since I kissed you” Ravi said as his grip around your wrists grew tighter.

“Kissed me? When did-” you were cut off as Ravi crashed his lips into yours.

You wanted to push him away but your body felt weak against his. He laced his fingers with yours as his body was flush against yours. You could feel the hardness in pants through your dress causing you to moan into the kiss. His tongue was busy exploring your wet cavern as he would suddenly bite and suck on your lower lip.

“Just now” Ravi said breathlessly as he pulled away from your lips giving you a chance to breathe.

Within a matter of seconds his lips were on yours once again as his hands were around your waist before they gave your ass a tight squeeze. You yelped into the kiss as your hands found their way into his hair. This kiss was different, it was more desperate and sloppy compared to the previous one.

“R-Ravi people are watching” you said breathlessly as there was literally no space for air between your bodies.

The next thing you knew, you were being dragged out of the club and tossed into a taxi. While in the taxi Ravi pulled you onto his lap to straddle him as his lips continued to attack yours. Your neck became victim to his venomous lips, you were soaking wet and you were Ravi could feel it through his pants.

You were pretty sure that the driver enjoyed the show that you two were giving him before you finally reached Ravi’s apartment. Ravi pulled out whatever cash he had and gave it to the driver before he picked you up and charged towards his apartment.

You were surprised that you even got to the apartment in one piece considering how many times you banged into the wall. However your clothes vanished in the blink of an eye once you were finally in his apartment.

“You’re so fucking sexy” Ravi said as he tossed your naked body onto his bed.

You had no time to answer as his lips were engulfed around your nipple with his fingers teased your throbbing entrance. You fisted the sheets as you moaned and mewled in pleasure. His lips were reunited with yours as his fingers thrusted in and out of you. You bit down on his lower lip as you felt him insert a third finger. His pace was brutal before your first orgasm finally hit you like a tone of bricks.

You were panting as you tried to calm yourself down but you couldn’t once you saw Ravi lick your juices off his fingers. You grew wetter at the scene as he just have you a devious smirk.

“You taste so good baby girl, I think I’m gonna go for seconds” Ravi said before his tongue plunged itself into your soaking entrance.

Damn those lips of his!

He vigorously sucked on your clit before giving you one long lick your hands were tangled up in his hair as you felt your stomach tighten up once again. Your second orgasm hit you as Ravi swallowed your release.

After your second orgasm things got a little vague for you. You remember Ravi made you come at least twice more after all the oral and foreplay. You remember him slamming into you till you clawed his back which would explain all the marks on it right now.

You suddenly snapped back to reality as a loud noise went off, it was Ravi’s alarm. You grabbed the alarm in a state of panic as you rolled off the bed and onto the floor, pulling the duvet with you. You managed to shut the alarm off but had also managed to wake Ravi up.

“Hmm…what are you doing on the floor? Come back to bed” Ravi said in sleepy yet somewhat whiny voice.

“I-I can’t” you said as you held the duvet tightly around you.

“What do you mean you can’t?” Ravi asked as he popped his head up to look at you.

“I’m too sore to stand up” you said softly as your face turned a shade of red. He managed to hear you as a he held back a proud laugh “don’t laugh! It’s your fault!!” He just stood up as you averted your gaze from his body.

“Don’t act all shy, you’ve seen everything” Ravi said as he picked you up bridal style and lay you down on the bed before climbing in next to you “let me get under the blankets I’m cold” he said as he pulled on the duvet which you held onto firmly.

“Not until you tell me what we make of this!” You said.

“Make of what?” Ravi asked.

“This! Us!” You said.

“I thought were already cleared that up yesterday” Ravi said slightly confused.

“Cleared what up?” You said.

“You don’t remember?!” Ravi said as you just shook your head “Ahh~ so I’m gonna have to repeat it….shit! Ok y/n I love you” you have him 'what was that?!’ look.

“W-what?!” You said.

“I love you and I have since the moment I first saw you, I know I’m always a jerk to you but that’s only because I didn’t know how to talk to you without freaking out and-” Ravi was cut off as you pressed your lips against his.

“I love you too” you said as there was a huge grin on his face “but you can’t keep fucking me till I’m so sore that I can’t even stand up” Ravi just laughed as he crawled under the duvet with you.

“Well then I’m glad it’s the weekend because baby we’re not leaving this bed for the next forty eight hours” Ravi said as he pulled the duvet over your heads and kissed you.

Let’s not even get started on what it was like to walk on Monday because honestly you could hardly even stand.

BTS reaction when they’re out with their crush who ends up being harassed req by anon


Here, I’m taking this to mean that someone is hitting on them and they want no part in it. Hope you enjoy!


Seokjin/Jin: Jin has always been seen by your non-idol friends as a big, smiley teddy bear who would never get in a fight. They can also see what strong feelings he has for you, even if he’s never told any of them. When he and the other boys show up at your birthday party, you’re thrilled and pull them to where you were just about to open presents and eat cake. Later on, one of your parents presents a couple of bottles of wine for the older party guests. You have walked over to a boy that Jin is standing near to thank him for your gift. When you do, he lets out a drunken laugh and throws an arm around your waist, pulling you flush up to their body even as you protest and cry out in alarm. Jin is there in an instant, wrapping his own arm around your waist and pulling you away and behind him while glaring at the boy. “You’ve had too much,” Jin says firmly. “I think it’s time you called a cab and went home.”

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Yoongi/Suga: You absolutely loved going to parties, and when he was certain that he wouldn’t get in trouble with the company or get caught while out, he’d go out with you. He himself wouldn’t drink just to keep a clear head, but many nights he ended up dragging you back to your apartment or just giving up and dragging you to the dorm and dumping you into his bed (after threatening Jin not to even look at you, of course). One night you swore not to drink so he wouldn’t have to drag you home for the fifth time in a row, and he slipped through the crowd to get both of you water. When he came back, however, a man was in the seat he’d just vacated, hand way too close to your for your and Suga’s liking. Suga dropped the water on the floor immediately and grabbed the man’s shoulder, shoving him out of the chair and onto the floor, stepping in front of you at the same time. “When the lady says no, she means no, jerk.”

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Hoseok/Jhope: All he had wanted was one peaceful dinner between friends - and maybe a quiet moment to confess his feelings for you - but that was interrupted by a couple of sasaengs who weren’t respectful enough to mind his space. The two of you had had to run without eating and had ended up having to cut down some dark alleys to get away from the “fans.” You ended up on a brightly lit street full of people in what seemed to be a street fair, with vendors lining both sides of the street. It wasn’t so bad, so the two of you ended up wandering around for a few hours. He’d turned away to buy something from one of the vendors when he’d heard you squeak; he’d whipped around to see a guy with his arm intimately around your waist, leering at you. He’d jumped straight at the man, simultaneously grabbing your arm to pull you to him and grabbing the man’s jacket to shove him back. “Watch where you put your hands.” he snapped, quietly, lowering his sun glasses so the other man could see the venom in his eyes.

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Namjoon/Rap Monster: He and the rest of the boys had brought you to a club for your and Jungkook’s 19th birthdays so you could both drink for the first time. With the exception of Namjoon, the others were keeping sharp eyes on Jungkook to make sure that he didn’t slip up and drink too much and make a fool of himself. Namjoon was torn between watching for the maknae and watching for you. He had taken his eyes off of you for only a few seconds to make sure that Jin and Suga could handle dragging Jungkook out by the shoulders, the others following close behind. As soon as his eyes shifted back to you, however, they zoomed in on the drunk man with his arm around your shoulder, trying to whisper in your ear even as you tried to shove him away. Namjoon was at your side in a second, shoving the man aside with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “You want to get your hands off my date, buddy?” he asked, lowly, the look in his eyes effectively making the man stumble away. Later, you slyly bring up the words that stood out to you during that confrontation: ‘my date.’ “That was, uh…that was…just in the heat of the moment you know.”

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Jimin: As much as Jimin himself adored you, he remained your best friend through several of your past significant others. He had taken you out to a festival that night because of your most recent breakup, trying his best to be happy and supportive for you. He left you standing by a game long enough to grab different types of food from a handful of vendors. He placed them on a table, eyes scanning the crowd curiously for you, since you’d moved, and landing on you being crowded up against a wall by another man. He saw red, and before he could think you were softly calling his name and holding onto his jacket to keep him from punching the lights out of the man he’d just shoved into the dirt. “You’re lucky,” he spat at the man, as you dragged him back towards the tables. “If she wasn’t so nice you’d be in real trouble.”

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V/Taehyung: As a close acquaintance of the boys, you were invited to the company’s New Year party, and have been attached at the hip with Taehyung as the alcohol flows freely and the two of you try to steer clear of the more boisterous party-goers. You’re just discussing the small details he’s able to share with you about BTS’s comeback when the CEO calls him over to meet someone. He apologizes and leaves you perched alone on a couch, holding both his drink and yours in your hands. Someone sits down next to you, and you hear a drunken voice murmur something about ‘getting out of here.’ Even though you insistently push away they don’t get the message. Just as suddenly as they sat down, they’re gone and so is one of the waters in your hand; a splashing sound is followed by a high pitched screech, and you look up in amazement at Taehyung, who threw the person on the floor before dumping the near-full glass of water in his hand on the drunk idiot. Some lookers on chuckle a little bit as the CEO personally apologizes for inviting the person and drags him off. “You okay, Y/N?” Taehyung asks, turning to you with some anger still in his eyes. “That guy didn’t hurt you, right?”

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Jungkook: He hadn’t meant for the two of you to get separated from his hyungs at the bar (but you can bet his hyungs meant for it to happen) and the two of you awkwardly pressed close together in the corner, scanning the crowd. At least confident that his hyungs wouldn’t leave the two of you alone, not really, he convinces you to slide into the crowd and dance with him. To keep the two of you from being separated he keeps on hand on your hip or your shoulder or your elbow as you dance with the crowd. Suddenly, though, someone grabs your arm and spins you out of his reach, you colliding with the man who’d pulled you. “Sorry kid,” he says, grinning at Jungkook as he pulls you uncomfortably close. “But a looker like this needs a real man.” With no thought for how he was in public, Jungkook hauled off and punched the man in the face, making him howl and let go of you, and grabbing you when you stumbled back. The two of you quickly slithered out of the crowd and met his hyungs at the door; they spared only a glance at his split knuckle before herding the two of you out of the bar as a fight in the middle of the floor escalated.

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taegi uni au where taehyung is cornered on campus by that one kid who tries to spread god's love and how half of the population are going to hell while waving flyers around and taehyung is very overwhelmed and needs to be saved from this kid yelling about satan and hell

Sorry it’s so late anon! Feel free to tell me to redo it if you don’t like it!


Taehyung feels cornered, brown eyes wide and slightly fearful as the boy in front if him waves a flyer in his face that reads in bold red letters,

“Homosexuals will burn in Hell!”

He feels flustered, a feeling he is usually not accustomed to considering how weird he could be. He had this guy in his English course and often heard him trying to get people to go to his Christian club, meetings on Sunday’s of course, with little luck. Many of his fellow Christians were simply appalled by all the hate he displayed towards gay people, most disagreed with the idea that homosexual people would go to hell.

He had scoffed in all of their faces.

Now he was the one being cornered and he felt incredibly awkward, considering he had a boyfriend. Hopefully, one that would be coming to meet him soon. He always came by to pick Taehyung up from his film class, he also always managed to be late which Taehyung never minded. Until today that is. He just wants to leave but the kid is still talking to him, yelling is more like it, as he continues to try and shove flyers into his chest, telling him to repent before it’s to late. He seriously feels like crying.

His eyes are actually wet with tears, breathing seems difficult, coming in short breaths.

“Can you please stop yelling at my boyfriend? Also, can you just,” it’s a blur to Taehyung as he sees a black beanie atop blonde hair in his watery vision come from behind him, pale, calloused hands push at the mans chest, “back the fuck away from him?” Taehyung goes to cling to the slightly shorter man, lets his tan hands find Yoongi’s shoulders, rubs them to try and soothe the older man who is currently trembling with anger.

“Boyfriend? Taehyung, don’t tell me you’re one of them?” There’s so much disgust behind the final word of his sentence. Face looking shocked and disgusted all at the same time.

“One of them?” Yoongi all but growls, moving to take another step forward, only stopped by Taehyung’s tightening grip. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He sneers in response.

The man scoffs, and Taehyung vaguely thinks that the man must have a knack for that noise by now. “A man that has sexual intercourse with another man is simply, well simply vile!”

Taehyung feels the way his boyfriend is poised to pounce, muscles taught and he knows his record for fights, knows the man he loves is not opposed to the idea of settling problems with his fists. He practically wraps himself around Yoongi, arms wrapping around his neck as he pulls him back to be plastered to his chest. Knows he’d never put Taehyung in the line of any physical danger as he clings onto the man.

“Vile? My love is vile because I am with another man?” Yoongi asks, jaw clenched.

The man simply nods.

“Well,” Yoongi continues beginning to relax against Taehyung, the gentle tapping on his collar bones seem to do the trick, “The way Taehyung withers below me as I fuck him,” this brings a bright flush to Taehyung cheeks, has him hiding his head behind Yoongi’s neck, “is certainly not vile. Neither is it vile when I kiss him, slow and sweet afterwards. Or when I run my fingers through his hair, tell him how beautiful he is to me, how much I love him. Fucking adore him, none of that is vile.”

Taehyung feels Yoongi shaking again so he can only cling to him harder. “My love for him is no less because we are two men! How fucking dare you try and tell me that I’m wrong for loving Taehyung. He is the kindest, most generous person I know. He’s funny and talented, hell he’ll be one of the biggest directors of our time! And guess what, he’s fucking gay. He listened to your bullshit because he’s such a nice guy he didn’t know how to tell you to fuck off, so I’ll do it for him. Kindly fuck off. Oh and don’t bother speaking to him again, better than that, don’t bother even glancing in his fucking direction. He might be a nice guy but I assure you, I am not.”

With that Taehyung’s hand is gripped tightly, on the edge of painful, as he is being yanked towards Yoongi’s car. They reach it in record time, Yoongi all but dragging Taehyung to his car the entire way. Before he can fully process what is happening he is being shoved against the passenger car door, dry, chapped lips pressed to his own cherry chapstick, smooth lips.

When Yoongi pulls back there are rough hands against his flushed cheeks, dark eyes searching his own, a gentle thumb running under one eye, “I fucking love you so much Taehyung. No matter what other people think, I just love you. Never forget that.”

Taehyung’s eyes water but his boxed smile appears nonetheless, “I love you too, Yoongi. No matter what, I’ll always love you.”


TaeGi and TaeKook requests still open!