another ac college au

anonymous asked:

can you rec me eremin fics?

sure!! IF THERE IS A *, THAT MEANS THERE IS SEX IN THE FIC (the ones…that i remember…having smut.)

here are most of my favorites:
feels so scary getting old by d3anstiel (AMAZING high school AU)
 * the fake boyfriend experience & we were kings both by seasideimprovisation (one is a college AU with ace writing and another is a summer AU with ACE writing and both of them are painful)
o father, what a hell of witchcraft by WhiteSilverandMercury (awesome demon!AU oneshot)
 * attack on high-school athletics & * decollage by pengiesama (first one is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS which is why it is hilarious and spot-on. second one is a yuri!eremin which…you know me.)
these clothes don’t fit us right by sparklecringe (aka the only fic i will accept having even a smudge of ereri…sigh)
shrinking violets & * honestly by phollie (both are just super gorgeous and canonverse)
universal constants & * alternative functions by homicidalwhispers (ONE IS ADORABLE AND THE OTHER ONE IS JUST GREAT FUNNY PWP)
heart (and the rest of the series) by synergenic (really, really, REALLY dark and trigger warning for some gore and just disturbing imagery but so fucking well-done)
armin’s ass in gym shorts by Remmy-AOT (just so fun!)
the liquid engineers by ClockworkCourier (very long but very interesting and worth the read! all the characters are great.)