another 'you knew it before you clicked it'

{Special} College!AU Johnny
  • major: film & television 
  • minor: business 
  • clubs: rather than clubs, johnny always has some part in other classmates movies/set productions so,,,he has no time for clubs LOL
  • sports: was humbly signed up for track and field by ten but the only good thing about his long legs is jumping over hurdles,,,otherwise he’s slower than a turtle much to everyone’s surprise 
  • goes through what his friends call “phases” every other week,,,,,and it usually has to do with whatever project he’s most immersed in
  • and that means one week,,,,when he was helping out the french exchange students he walked around campus in a beret and refused to eat bagels - only croissants. then he was working on an action scene and signed up for martial arts on the the quad,,,,,,or that one time they were trying to do a historical bit and johnny almost bought a hanbok on amazon for fifty bucks and taeyong had to physically remove the laptop from his dorm in order to stop him
  • no one is surprised that he’s a film major,,,,,tbh he’s always been creative and outspoken so the industry fits him
  • the shocking part is his minor,,,,because is business really something???? johnny has any interest in
  • and johnny always dramatically puts his hand over his forehead and is like “in THIS day and age all that matters is MONEY no one cares for the ART-”
  • everyone is like ok we get it but johnny just siGHS like the whole world is over and slumps in his chair and is like i know ill never make it,,,,,,,ill have to be a slave to the system a COG in the machine another worker bee - but wait did i tell you guys about this GREAT idea i had last night for a movie so basically the main character is a zombie alien and-
  • talks a mile a minute,,,,,seriously even when his opinion or comment is unneeded,,,, but he’s trying his best and he’s always trying to lift the mood and make people more confident
  • like he IS the person in the friend group whose there for anyone when they need him,,,,, is the person who makes ten smile when he’s down, helps cheer up doyoung about the future,,,,, and even gets taeil out of the dumps (which is a rarity, but,,,,,,,wow is it harD to cheer him up - tbh only johnny is capable)
  • tells people to have a super-duper fantastic great day after seeing them in the coffee shop,,,,,and the person will be like do i//?? even know him??? probably not but johnny is trying to spread that positivity
  • and it works !!! because when he’s smiling and laughing he looks so soft and approachable 
  • but at the same time,,,,when he’s really working on a scene or on a plan for filming,,,, he adopts an entirely different aura 
  • ten calls it the ‘youngho effect’ meaning that silly johnny is gone and now it’s down-to-business youngho and during finals week,,,,,,is when it’s the WORST
  • like people don’t even recognize him and thats hard considering his fashion and height stand out ,,,, but seriously the stern, concentrated look on his face makes his whole appearance seem different
  • yuta is always like “youngho is sexy and johnny is cute” and johnny is just like ?????? are you- flirting with me??? or are you just commenting and yuta is like ;) it’s hard to tell i know but no im just saying my dude
  • johnny is also super charitable ,,,, like find him helping every last single person in his studio effects class or dramatic writing
  • which is why he barely gets sleep because he’ll be up with a group of writers or on film location for work that isn’t EVEN HIS but,,,, he really likes film and he really likes seeing and testing out new things so his ability to say no is down the drain
  • unless it’s doyoung asking for extra change to get coffee then johnny is like lol no jokes jokes
  • oh also him and ten are practically inseparable and they sometimes do what taeyong refers to as “comedy acting” on the quad which is really just them arguing over something dumb like is trump REALLY an overgrown cheeto but also everyone on campus loves it
  • minus their ACTUAL friends who are like can you two please be quiet for like a minute and ten and johnny are both like excuse me no and taeil is like rip my ears
  • but they’re best buddies,,,,,,,it’s very adorable 
  • ten’s dad even calls johnny to ask if ten is doing well in uni and johnny always try to make something up before ten steals the phone and has to explain in rushed thai that NO he didn’t get a tattoo on his forehead
  • accidentally got confused for being a part of the uni mens volleyball team because of his height
  • misses chicago and has pictures up of it and his family in his dorm and everyone is like wow johnny you’re such a sentimental guy but like LMAO HE REALLY IS HE CRIED DURING THE LION KING anyway
  • you’re not a film student at all,,,,,you’re actually pretty camera shy and so you think watching movies is cool and all but you’d like,,,,,,never dream of being an actor or something like that
  • which is ok because your major has nothing to do with that line of work and your part-time job is as a dog walker in the city on weekends
  • and one weekend you’re doing your job,,,,,the last dog you’re walking for the day is a cute corgi named mr. squiggles 
  • when suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder and to your shock you turn around and see ???? johnny
  • who you know just because a friend of yours is in a class with him and he’s kinda hard to miss ,,,,,,, he’s basically a walking skyscraper 
  • but you’re like “oh h-hi?” assuming he might have recognized you from uni but johnny isn’t looking at you
  • he’s looking at mr. squiggles and then at you and going 
  • “you two would be perfect for my project! have you ever wanted to do acting???”
  • for a second you think you might just be making this up in your mind but you blink a couple of times and johnny is STILL standing in front of you
  • looking more excited than mr. squiggles whose small stubby legs are pawing at johnny’s jeans and asking for him to bend down and pet him
  • and you’re like “uh,,,,,,n-no?”
  • johnny does bend down,,,,giving the corgi a couple of pats on the head only to look up at you again and go “but i think this dog has!!!! do you think you could be in my film?”
  • johnny’s eyes turn up as he smiles,,,looking at you almost expectingly,,,,,
  • until you scoop up mr. squiggles in your hands and shake your head explaining that for one,,,,,the dog isn’t yours,,,,,,this is your job and two,,,,,being filmed is a bit-
  • johnny’s smile drops into a childish pout and he reaches out to scratch the pups ear going “but you guys are perfect for the scene,,,,,and it’ll be short!!!! can you ask his owner??”
  • and you wanna be like excuse me i gotta go im getting a call but then u know,,, johnny goes to uni with you so maybe not making a fool of yourself is the right call so you just shrug and mumble that you’ll ask 
  • johnny’s grin returns and he quickly takes something out of his back pocket,,,,,which you realize is a scrap of notebook paper with a number scrawled on it
  • and he’s like i make this in case i find people on the street i want to cast,,,,,text me if the owner says yes!!! ill keep the spot open for you and -
  • he motions to mr.squiggles in your hands and you go “oh his name is mr. squiggles” and johnny bursts into cheerful laughter like “that’s PERFECT!! ill be waiting for your message”
  • and with that he’s off,,,,,you left holding the dog and the paper with his number and thinking to yourself that,,,,maybe johnny will just,,,,,,,,,,forget?
  • i mean he probably doesnt even know you go to the same uni,,,,,you reason as you put mr.squiggles down and go back to your walk
  • ,,,,,,out of curiosity though when you return him to his owners you ask ,,,,, would they let him be in a movie some time and the owner claps their hands together and is like ofc!!!! mr.squiggles is a born STAR!!!!! why is a friend of yours looking -
  • and you’re like nope no im just asking see you next saturday
  • come monday you’ve basically forgot about the whole thing,,,convinced johnny is popular enough to find other people to act for him
  • when you’re waiting in line to get coffee at the cafe and someone goes “hey!!!! what did mr.squiggle’s parents say?”
  • and it’s,,,,loud so everyone turns to look at you because mr.squiggles-?
  • and you’re like,,,what who??? only to see johnny standing behind you in line and you’re like oh myGOD
  • and he’s like “i knew id seen you before!!! cool that we go to the same school, so can you guys do it-?”
  • and you’re like “o,,,oh they said n-no so im sorry but-”
  • johnny clicks his tongue but waves his hand and is like nO SWEAT we can find another dog you walk dogs right????? do you think anyone else would be cool with it??
  • and you’re like dogs? what are dogs? idk any dogs? ahahahah
  • but johnny is like you told me you walk dogs,,,,,right??? im sure someone is ok with having their pup on screen plus it’s for a class so really-
  • your turn to order comes up and you quickly spout it out just to be like “oh, im sorry i have to go-” to johnny
  • rushing over to the pick up counter and thankfully,,,,a small black coffee is fast to make,,,,so you grab it and johnny makes a point to try and call out to you but you’re like class!!!! gtg!!!!
  • and with that you’re gone,,,,,looking solemnly down at the coffee in your hand and crinkling your nose because the last time you drank coffee was the last time you had a math final in high school
  • but also,,,,,why did johnny have to remember??? why did you have to bump into him???? what kind of weird coincidence???
  • but also you’re sure you’re off the hook this time,,,,like you told him mr.squiggles was unavailable and it wasnt like your classes ever clashed with film majors so you were home free
  • but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t
  • a couple of days later johnny saw you in the library,,, asking again if you were up for the part
  • unenthusiastically you explained that all the dog owners said no so,,,,,,and johnny said it was fine again that he knew some people with dogs so-
  • but you ducked out of there again saying you had a study group to meet up with
  • another time you were on the quad and johnny sat down next to you,,,,asking how you were and if you weren’t busy to talk
  • once again you checked your phone and pretended to take a call
  • and honestly,,,,,,you don’t know WHY you can’t just tell him you can’t act- or more like you don’t want to act
  • because you’re convinced he can find someone else so easily that the pursuant asking you ,,,,, you just didn’t get it
  • not until you overhear a couple of people talking about how they’ve never seen johnny hold out for this long,,,,,usually he’s the first one to start filming ,,,,, but something is taking him so long this time
  • and with a slightly guilty conscious you take out your phone,,,the paper with johnny’s number is still tucked in your wallet and you fish it out too,,,inputting it and typing out a text
  • ‘im sorry ive avoided you about this, but im not a,,,,,,,im not an actor. i dont want to mess up your movie so i hope someone else can be the better fit’.
  • you send it,,,,,hoping you weren’t being to blunt but an hour later your phone lights up and johnny’s reply is ‘that’s ok! im sorry for bothering you, it was really uncool of me to keep chasing you - i didn’t know you were uncomfortable and i was being a douche. tell mr.sqiggles i still think he’s a star in the making!’
  • smiling down at the cute response and the line of dog emojis and stars you go back to your homework,,,,,but it’s a little hard because,,,,,,why’s johnny so much cuter to you all of a sudden
  • a couple of weeks go by and you stumble across what looks like a film set near the dog park you frequent on your job
  • and your entire pack starts tugging on their leashes in excitement and barking because of all the new people and cool looking cameras and you’re like “guys!!! calm down” 
  • and you notice someone turn around and it’s johnny??? he waves at you and you’re like “he-hey?? are you filming here??” and johnny nods and is like “it’s a little film im doing about a dog and their owner and they can like,,,,,,,talk to each other and the dog gossips about other dogs it’s kind of a comedy??? romance i guess”
  • and you’re like oo a romance featuring cute dogs cant go wrong with that and johnny is like exactly,,,,101 dalmatians,,,,,airbud - not romantic but dogs so
  • you giggle and you’re like well!! ill try to keep the kids from barking too much but!!
  • johnny grins and squats down,,, mr.squiggles running toward him like johnny’s been his owner for yEARS and licking his face and johnny is like it’s still a shame i couldn’t cast this lil guy
  • you smile,,,and johnny says he’s going to be filming for a bit but that it was nice talking
  • and you know,,, you go to the dog park and play a bit not noticing johnny whose struggling with the actors on set and some of the crew and usually johnny is really good with people 
  • but the way the lead isn’t getting along with the dog is stressing him out and at some point johnny is like “it’s fine, ill scrape this idea” and someone mentions that the deadline to hand it in is three days away and johnny is like “it doesn’t matter, i don’t think it’s going to work out and im not giving unfinished garbage to the professor.”
  • you look up seeing that most of the people are gone except for johnny and you pick up mr.squiggles and go over to him and you’re like “you look down,,,,,so i brought this guy to maybe help you smile?” 
  • johnny looks up from his head in his hands and gives a sad chuckle that you’ve never seen from him and you’re like whats wrong
  • and he’s like “i think,,,,im not going to be able to finish this.” and you’re like why not??? you had people here and stuff and he’s like sometimes things don’t work out
  • and you’re like do you have time?? and johnny mumbles that three days isn’t enough, even if the whole thing is fifteen minutes long
  • you see the defeat in his eyes,,,,which is hard to imagine since this is the johnny that never seems to give up
  • so with a tiny swallow you go “i,,,,,,,,,ill help. mr. squiggles too.”
  • johnny raise an eyebrow and shakes his head,,,,,saying that he can’t force you to help him, that’d be fucked up of him and you’re like you’re not!!!! consider it a change of heart
  • johnny motions to mr.squiggles and goes “didn’t their owners refuse-?” and you’re like “hahahah abOUT THAT,,,,,anyway what do we have to do??”
  • johnny explains the jist of the plot,,,,,you and mr.squiggles can understand each other and talk about the other dogs but you meet another owner who can speak to his dog too and you,,,,,basically fall in love
  • and you’re like giggling because ok,,,, a bit corny but u like it
  • and you’re like whose going to play the love interest?? and johnny looks around and is like i,,,, think im gonna have to do it because all the other footage is unusable. the dog tried to pee on the leads so -
  • and you’re like oh my gosh,,, well ok,,,,,,let’s try
  • to your surprise you’re not AS nervous in front of the camera as you thought
  • maybe because holding mr. squiggles calms you down or maybe it’s the way johnny is patient and encouraging 
  • but when all your individual cuts are done johnny is like “ok we have on thing left, where we meet and,,,,,well,,,,,,,mr. squiggles is supposed to tell you to ask me out” and you’re like oh,,, Oh,,, ok ,,,, well,, ahem
  • and johnny sets the camera to record and rushes over to sit beside you on the bench,,,pretending to look over at the other side of the park
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,shh ,,,, shh what? h- he isn’t cute???? i- what??? you want me to ask for his number???”
  • johnny turns around,,,putting his arm over the bench and going “are you talking to your dog?” and you jump a little almost forgetting the line and you’re like 
  • “i,,,,im not,,,,,” and johnny, effortlessly slides closer to you on the bench and is like “well, whoever told you to ask for my number is right - do you want it?”
  • feeling your cheeks glow red you nod and johnny is supposed to lean in closer but you’re kinda like !!! so you lift mr. squiggles up and he licks at johnny’s face and ,,,, after a moment you’re like im sorry!!!!! that wasn’t in the script
  • but johnny bursts into laughter and is like you know what,,,i think it’s a great ending shot 
  • you realize you’re close to having to drop the pups off so you gather mr. squiggles and tell johnny it was,,,,fun and that you hope he gets a good grade
  • johnny seems to want to say something,,, but you’re like im not avoiding you this time - i actually really need to go
  • and as you’re running back to get the rest of the dogs you hear him call out your name and he’s like “let me repay you with dinner sometime???” and you’re like “sounds good!!!”
  • after getting back to campus from work, you drop your things off in your dorm and you check your phone to see a text from johnny
  • ‘are you free tomorrow night?’ you smile,,,,thinking for a second and your roommate is like why do you look so happy - is it a date????? and you’re like WHAT,,,,,,NO,,,,,,,SHUTUP
  • but you say you are and the next night you meet up with johnny off campus and he’s telling you about this restaurant a friend of his opened and then you notice it,,,, the slight darkness under his eyes and you’re like johnny did you sleep??
  • and he’s like oh no i stayed up editing,,,, also this afternoon i had to help hyungsik with his shooting so 
  • and you’re like oh my god go home and sleep but he’s like no!! i gotta take you out and pay you for your help,,,,,and since i don’t have actual money please consider this food as payment
  • and you’re like shdlfkjds johnny and he’s like it’s good food,,,,,so???
  • even though he’s obviously tired,,, johnny still manages to keep up an exciting conversation and you try to get him to split the bill but he’s like nooooooo i am a respectful chicago gentleman 
  • and ur like ,,, does a respectful chicago gentleman try to mimic a parrot in a resturant and he’s like i see your point but let me live?
  • and johnny is ,,,, someone you never thought you’d hang out with one on one just because he’s bright and attracts attention 
  • and he’s a silly, handsome guy??? like???? getting near him seems like a feat but here you are,,, after diner walking to the arcade and johnny winning you a stuffed animal in one of those crane games but also completely losing to you in tekken 5
  • and you’re like,,,,, it’s nice to be like this with him and it’d be nice,,,,,,, to get to know him more
  • so you’re sad when the night ends and you guys are on your way back to uni on a crowded train and johnny keeps moving his body so no one is squishing up against you and it’s ,,,,,,,,, it is like a date but you refuse to let yourself cave to that mentality
  • but then as you get off at your stop, johnny’s hand slides into yours and it’s ,,,,, natural almost
  • and you get to campus and he’s like thanks for letting me take you out,,,and for being in my film
  • and you’re like haha,,, to quote you - no sweat!!! 
  • and it’s silent,,,but you’re still holding hands and you’re not quite sure what that means
  • until johnny goes “i don’t want to be awkward but - this was a date, right? can i call it a date?”
  • and you’re like OH WELL,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,, and you’re like “i’d like if it was a date,,,,”
  • and johnny is like me too because then that means there can be more,,,,,dates,,,,,,,,for us,,,,,,,for me to take you on,,,,,,,,,am i making sense i feel like im not making sense
  • but you’re like!!!!! you are,,,,making sense,,,,,,
  • johnny grins and even in the nights dark light you can see the cute expression on his face and you’re like hey can you bend forward a little bit and he’s like oh?
  • and you lean up, kissing his cheek quickly before letting go of his hand and saying that you’ll see him ,,,, on the second date???
  • and you’re halfway across the quad to your dorm when you hear someone running behind you and you turn just to be tackled into a hug
  • and it’s johnny,,, you can tell by the way his hair tickles your cheeks and his frame is wide and he smells,,,,so distinct 
  • and he’s like “sorry,,i couldn’t wait till the second date,,,” and you’re like fldkjsde please,,,,
  • but it’s cute haha when he lets you go you guys wave goodbye and when you get home your roommate is like “ah, so how was the date?” and you’re like IT WASNT —- ok it was and it was amazing
  • dating johnny,,, is exactly what you all expect it to be
  • he’s an affection moNSTER and i mean that in the BEST way possible like he is FULL of love to give at ALL TIMES
  • forehead kisser extraordinaire 
  • showers you in compliments and talks about you to everyone he meets honestly the night after your first date ten,,,,,,in his pajamas half awake had to listen to johnny talk for exactly one hour and forty three minutes about everything that happened between you two and at the end of the night ten was like “i got it,,,,they sparkle like the stars in the sky ok can i go sleep- yes you told me about how they remind you of the best days of summer ok im going to sleep now jOHNNY SHUT UP”
  • for someone whose confident in their skills,,,, johnny got shy about showing you the end project of his film but when he did he was like “did you like it??” and you’re like yes!! im sorry for my bad acting also mr.squiggles says hi
  • and johnny is like tbh i love that dog and ur like more than me and he’s like yeah and ur like thats cool i love him more than i love you too
  • johnny: WHAT
  • you: dogs > boys, a cardinal rule
  • also you learned from jaehyun that the reason johnny stayed up all night to edit was because he was apparently watching the clips of you over and over again and being like they’re so cute,,,,
  • and you’re like no way
  • and jaehyun was like you don’t have to believe me but ten has a video and ten is like i do wanna see
  • and it’s true,,,,,johnny literally was sitting at his computer with the goofiest grin on his face looking at you like they’re adorable,,,, ft. ten’s snickering in the bg
  • johnny doesnt know ten took the video,,,, but when he found out he chased him across campus but tbh you just thought it was super cute of your boyfriend 
  • is tall and therefore whenever it rains he does this thing where he puts his hands over your head and is like “im ur umbrella” and you’re like ,,,,, im still getting wet and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,listen im not a GOOD umbrella, but im YOUR umbrella” and you’re like oh my god you’re a dork that’s what you are and you’re my dork so it’s ok
  • johnny calls you love unironically and you’re like are you british or and he’s like WOW LET ME BE CUTE WITH YOU PLEASE 
  • once mark drew a flower on your wrist or something and johnny was like draw one on me too and mark was like why and johnny was like because we’re a couple mark and i want to match
  • im just saying johnny seo is a corny couple items guy like look at the man
  • thinks the most useless things are cute and buys them for you and you’re like johnny i didn’t really need this mickey mouse ice cream scooper and he’s like ok but it’s cute tho??? and ur like saVE YOUR MONEY YOUR MINOR IS BUSINESS And johnny is like IM TRYING IM AN IMPULSE SPENDER 
  • also everything cute just seemingly reminds him of you like the boy is heart eyes for you ok
  • probably a really loose-lipped drunk,,,,, honestly texts you like paragraphs about how he’s going to make a movie dedicated to you but the typing is l1k3 th*$ 
  • he’s late to dates a lot but not because he doesn’t care or something but because he’s always busy helping someone film and you don’t mind but you’re like johnny take a break and he’s like i will but also hyuk was telling me about this sci-fi animation he’s gonna do and he might need me-
  • and you just motion for him to open his mouth so you can put some food in it and you’re like shhh just eat first talk later (this is hard since johnny loves to talk,,,,,,,,,)
  • is dramatic about anniversaries and holidays but it’s romantic and cheesy like yes he bought you bear the same size as him for valentines day and YES he recited a monologue from ‘the notebook’ to you on your birthday because that’s who johnny is 
  • texts you about what outfit to wear and you’re like huh what is that and johnny is like im going though a hippie phase should i wear this tie-dye t-shirt OR this tie-dye t-shirt
  • and you’re like wear a white t-shirt right now johnny and put the tie-die away
  • him: but baby i-
  • you: right now. away.
  • asks you for updates on mr. squiggles and you once told the owner your boyfriend really likes their dog and the owner was DELIGHTED she invited johnny and you to dinner and it was,,,,,,the most funny thing
  • to see johnny get tipsy on wine and gush over movies from the thirties with this little old lady????? priceless 
  • johnny: you know she’s much older now but bettie davis was a hottie,,,,,
  • you: oh my god
  • johnny: i won’t lie,,,,,im still into john travolta the man hasn’t aged-
  • you: put the drink down
  • when you guys talk on the phone,,,,you’ve noticed that johnny’s voice gets lower at night and it’s really nice and you’ll never tell him because you know he’ll tease you but,,,,,,wow
  • speaking of other really nice things johnny had invited you over to his dorm while ten was away with family and you guys were supposed to use the blank wall and project some movies on it and cuddle
  • but at some point the movie was the last thing on your mind because johnny’s half-lidded eyes and lips spread apart are PRETTY hard to ignore
  • also johnny is such a,,,,,physical person that he knows what to do with his hands and his mouth and long story short you ended up tangled in mr seo
  • and only after did you realize that the movie was over and you were like ,,,,,, should i play another one
  • and johnny pulling you right back ontop of him was like no no there’s more important things to do
  • johnny is a show off when it comes to relationships so the next day doyoung was eating and was like whats that on your neck - you got a rash?
  • and johnny was like nah my s/o stayed the night and doyoung was like oh and mark choked on his rice
  • does this thing that when he’s thinking to fast he’ll switch from korean to english and then backtrack and translate what he said and sometime’s he’ll stutter over this or that
  • and you’re like johnny you’re so cute but gather your thougths you don’t alWAYS have to be talking
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,,,,,you’re right but tbh if im not talking what can my mouth be doing and you’re like rolling your eyes but you’re like “kissing me?”
  • and he grins like eXACTLY come here
  • you guys kiss a lot just so you know like wanna know something about johnny? he’d kiss you till you were breathless jot that down
  • you asked him where his backpack was once and johnny was like i dont carry one everythings in my head
  • and you’re like what about that test in finance that you’re gonna have and his eyes got wide and he’s like i,,,,,,,,,,gtg get the notes off of someone see you later
  • told you his dream vacation isn’t chicago anymore,,,,like he wants to see his family so bad but he also wants to take a roadtrip with you and see you under all those stars beside him
  • and you were like we should do it sometime but i have a feeling we’d open the trunk and ten would be there
  • also you know this conversation has happened like one too many times
  • ten: you know, if you two have kids i want to be the godfather
  • you: what if we don’t, what if we adopt a cat or something
  • ten: then i want to be the godfather of the cat duh
  • you:
  • johnny: you know it ten, we’re brothers for life come and hug me
  • as silly and as romantic and fun as johnny is,,,,,he’s still got some reservations about himself and sometimes he jokingly,,,,mentions that it must be hard to love someone like him - always making mistakes or saying something embarrassing
  • but you always assure him that people aren’t supposed to be perfect, that you think he’s damn near close to it and you wouldn’t stop loving him over things that are only human
  • but if he does call you banana pumpkin angel in front of your friends again- and johnny is like fine fine ill stop using fruits for petnames,,,,,,,,,,,,my cherry sunshine universe and you’re like WHY do you INSIST ON BEING SO CORNY
  • and he’s like dont’ you love it though???? secretly??? just a little
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,fine yes i do god no wonder you’re a film major your brain is TOO Creative for it’s own good
  • johnny kissing up your arms to tickle you and make you feel better when you’re sad
  • also johnny would completely 100% let you borrow his sweaters and even if you’re wearing one just because it’s comfy and you have study hall 
  • he’d lean over to the person beside you two and be like “they’re wearing my clothes, don’t they look cute?” and the person is like ???? and you’re pulling johnny back over to you by the ear and you’re like boy
  • calls up the uni radio and requests that they play your favorite song every weekend without failure
  • and you’ll hear it and even if you’re not with johnny you can feel your heart burst because he’s the kind of boyfriend that remembers the smallest little details and shows you his love whenever he can
  • and there’s nothing better than having someone adore you like johnny seo adores you 

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Whatever U Want

Summary: When Y/N finally has a few hours to herself, she decides to use her time wisely. By wisely that  means calling her favorite phone sex line  Whatever U Want.  After several different session with the sexy Ryan, she begins to think it might be her best friend Dean.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Annie (OFC)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, female masturbation, sex toys, boners

Rated M

Word Count: 1,651

A/N: This was my submission for @notnaturalanahi Crack Challenge! Thank you again for giving me an extension.Thanks again to @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff!  Feedback is always welcomed I hope you enjoy!

Part Two

Originally posted by pinkriver69

Originally posted by hugs4sammy

“Dean?” You called out from your room down the hall in the bunker. You turned your head slightly, waiting to hear if he would respond to you. After you didn’t get a response from Dean you looked towards Sam’s room, the door shut. “Hey Sam!” You went silent again waiting for any kind of answer.

Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you shut your bedroom door. The two of them must have finally gone on that supply run they were bickering about this morning. Which meant you had an hour or two of alone time all for yourself! Seeing how the three of you had been crammed in a motel room for a good week, you needed a break from the testosterone. You needed some personal playtime with yourself more than ever.

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hudbamedved  asked:

Fic where Lance was abused by family n the teams finds out? (Only if youre willing!)

After posting earlier this morning, I still couldn’t get to sleep so here’s another story. Obviously, it does have mentions of child abuse, so if that bothers you in any way, please don’t read it. I hope you enjoy!

“Is everyone ready?” Allura asked from the control room above them. Everyone nodded their heads and started concentrating. Earlier that day, Coran realized that the paladins hadn’t gone through the mind-meld exercise since Pidge stormed off the last time. Obviously, they were close teammates but you could never be too close to your friends.

“Now I want you to think about the people around you,” she stated. Immediately she could see the happy memories of them training and spending time together in the lounge appear on their screens. The paladin’s felt warmth travel through their bond as they shared the memories they had of each other. Shiro chuckled when Lance brought up their first ride in the blue lion.

“What will you be returning to on Earth?” They heard Allura ask. Shiro was about to share the image of his short, little mom but flinched when he felt Lance’s connection to them splintering. Before he could ask him what was wrong, the flickering image of a man appeared in front of them. He was staring down at a small skinny boy with a glare on his face. It didn’t take long for them to realize that the little boy was Lance. When they looked over at him, he was staring blankly ahead at the memory.

“Are you okay buddy?” Hunk asked hesitantly. Right after he asked, the sound of a loud slap and thud echoed through the room. They looked back to the memory and saw Lance lying on the floor, his cheeks covered in tears and his jaw beginning to swell and bruise. There was no yelling from the man, even though they could see his mouth moving rapidly, they could only hear Lance’s painful sobbing. He must not have been listening at that point. Not that they could blame him, they wouldn’t have been either. They relaxed as the memory began to fade away but couldn’t do anything when the next started.

They heard muffled yelling come from inside a moderate looking house. They could already tell that it revolved around Lance like the other one had. The door at the back of the house burst open and again, a smaller version of Lance was thrown down into the dirt of the backyard. Before he could get to his feet, the door slammed shut and they heard a lock click. He staggered to his feet and walked up to the door, he tried wiggling the doorknob but didn’t dare try knocking or the doorbell.

“Papá I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break the rules,” he said through the door. “Please let me back in, I’m sorry,”

When he received no response, he turned from the door and plopped down on the grass. He absentmindedly plucked at the grass, pulling it out and throwing it above his head like confetti. For the first time that they saw in his memories, they saw Lance smile, and for the simplest thing. That simple happiness was quickly swept away when a crack of thunder startled Lance. He looked up as the first few droplets of rain came down from the sky. He scrambled up and sat under a grubby, old umbrella that was sitting in a dirt-stained patio table set. Soon enough, they could see him shaking from the cold and his composure was quickly crumbling with the rain. Ignoring the rain, Lance ran back to the back stoop and just barely knocked on the door.

“Papá please, I’m sorry,” he cried again. “I’m so cold,” he sobbed, and from the memory, they could tell. His clothes were soaking wet and he was visibly trembling on the spot. Even his lips began to show a bit of a blue tinge. His cries were muffled when the door opened for a split second and a blanket was shoved in his face with enough force to send him toppling down the few steps and into the mud. He didn’t stay long enough to think about what happened, only hopped up and wrapped the now partially soaked blanket around his shoulders. He quickly curled up under the umbrella again and stared out around him. He didn’t make a sound as tears rolled down his cheeks and the mud on his clothes chilled him to the bone.

“That’s his dad?” Keith asked horrified. None of them could answer him. Pidge had her hand pressed against her mouth in absolute shock. Hunk was already crying for his best friend and wanted nothing more than to reach over and pull him into a hug. However, Lance was still stuck in his memories and until he pulled himself or they were able to pull him from his memories, they were trapped. All Shiro wanted to do at the moment was go to Earth and punch this man in the face. Lance was one of the kindest, caring, and selfless person he had ever known; and to think that this is what he had to look forward to when he went to Earth was unacceptable and unfair.

“If you can’t follow my rules correctly, then I guess you don’t deserve to eat today,” they heard a voice growl. They snapped from their musings and looked back, to, unfortunately, see that Lance had fallen into another memory. It took a moment for what he said to click but when it did they were shocked.

“B-but papá, I didn’t eat yesterday either, or the day before,” he admitted quietly. This Lance was a bit older than the other memories that they were already shown. He looked more like the Lance that they knew now.

“Well, then, maybe you should have followed the rules than huh?” the man grinned sadistically at Lance. “Now go to your room,” he growled turning away from his son. Lance knew that he should just listen to him and go to his room but he could feel how empty his stomach was and could feel the crippling cramps ready to rise up.

“Please papá,” he whispered almost inaudibly. The man whirled around, backhanding Lance sending him into the fridge. He whimpered, clutching cheek in pain and hesitantly looked at his father.

“GO!” He yelled. Lance yelped and flew down the hallway away from him. He carefully closed his door behind him, slamming it was against the rules. He groaned and grabbed his stomach before sliding down his door to land on the floor. He leaned back against it and looked at the ceiling. His stomach let out a loud growl and he let himself curl in on himself. He let out a small sob as his stomach clenched in pain. Shiro squeezed his eyes shut against the tears that wanted to escape. It suddenly made too much sense why Lance was as skinny as he was and why he ate as much as he did at meal times. He looked over at their Lance and saw that he too, was resting his hand on his stomach like it was in just as much pain. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the memory begin to flicker and he reluctantly turned, prepared to witness more of Lance’s painful memories. He was surprised and excited when instead he saw Hunk placing a tray of cookies in front of Lance.

“That was at the Garrison,” Hunk spoke up with a smile on his face. Hunk said that he wanted to bake his mom some cookies for her birthday and send them to her. Lance had been able to talk the Garrison cooks into letting him use it after hours as long as they would clean everything us before they left. Lance was able to gain just about anybody’s trust, they could see what a good kid he was. They watched with wide smiles as the two of them cooked and danced around the kitchen. This was the Lance that they knew. The one with a constant smile on his face and wasn’t afraid to be as loud as he wanted. This was the Lance that he deserved to be, a carefree kid.

“That was at the Garrison too,” Pidge pointed out when the memory changed to him and Pidge dancing around one of the student lounges. When she went to the Garrison; she knew that she was just there to get enough intel to find her dad and matt but there was something so calming and trustworthy about Lance, that she couldn’t help but become friends with him. They had been studying and Lance had turned on his music for background noise but soon enough they were forgetting about their books and just enjoyed the beat of the music around them.

“Hey, that’s the Space Mall,” Keith said as it changed to him and Lance wandering through stores. They were able to go back after they settled everything out with Varkon and were freely able to look around. Almost immediately Lance went to the Earth store with Keith following him. They laughed when Lance plopped a cowboy hat on Keith’s head and he instantly started talking in a southern drawl and started walking around with his hands resting where a belt buckle would be. Lance lost it and collapsed on the ground from laughing too hard. He stood over top of him and continued, ignoring the fact that Lance told him he was going to pee himself if he kept going.

“The pool, of course,” Shiro snorted. They had figured out the pool a while ago and this was the first time that Shiro had been in. He wasn’t sure how his prosthetic would react to the water. Pidge said it would be fine, but he was still wary. Earlier, Hunk had installed a rope swing to the side wall. Which seemed to be one of Lance’s favourite things at the pool.

“Hey, Shiro!” He called. His eyes widened when he looked behind him and only saw Lance flying towards him on the rope. Lance grabbed him around the chest with his legs and dragged him into the pool with him. Lance shot to the surface with a smile and a cheer of joy. He looked around him, trying to find his leader. He gulped when Shiro rose slowly out of the depths like some sort of Disney villain. The image was ruined only by the white fringe that was flopped over his face, completely covering his eyes. Lance let out a snort and covered his grinning mouth. He let out a shriek when Shiro picked him up over his head by his arm and leg.

“Yeet!” Shiro shouted, launching him across the pool to land in the deeper water. It took a few moments for him to surface but he came up laughing so hard, that Shiro was afraid he would drown himself accidentally. They watched these memories with smiles so bug that their jaws started to hurt. They can’t change the past and what happened to Lance but they sure as hell could change his future.

“I’m sorry you guys had to see that,” Lance said quietly after they pulled their headbands off. They turned to face him and could see the hesitation and shame on his face. They moved to side around him and wrapped around him in comfort.

“You don’t have anything to apologize for,” Shiro insisted grabbing his hands. Lance looked at them for a moment before curling slightly and resting his head on top of them.

“I’m scared to go back to Earth, I don’t know what he’ll do to me,” Lance whimpered. Shiro’s eyes widened and he pulled Lance to his chest.

“You’re not going back to that house,” Shiro promised him. “You can live with me and Keith if you have to but I will never let that man near you ever again,”

“Really?” Lance’s quiet, wobbly voice asked. Shiro looked down to lock eyes with Lance’s teary blues.

“Of course,” he nodded. Lance’s chin trembled and he let out a whine as he bumped his head against Shiro’s chest. He gripped the material of his shirt in his hand and let out a choked sob. With relief, the others crowded around him in a warm hug. They were not going to let anyone hurt Lance ever again. Not if they had anything to say about it.

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 5

A/N: hello lovelies! part 5 is finally here! This chap gets hella angsty AND steamy! ;) I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Warnings: Angst. Sexual pictures. NSFW. Online relationships. Swearing. There is a very graphic picture at the end so beware lol!

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The Only Exception (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,844

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, sarcasm, hot firemen, draaaamaaaa, did i mention angst? this is getting ridiculous.

A/N: Cliffhangers are mostly unintentional. I got so many ACK HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME messages that I wanted to post the next part. Warning: it’s mostly just to move the plot along.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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destiel, nsfw, soft dom!cas/sub!dean undertones, 2k, this should’ve been pwp but I failed

Dean didn’t know how they ended up like this, naked, his hand tangled up in Castiel’s hair. Actually, he did know, he just couldn’t quite believe it.
It started off like more of their sessions: Cas would take pictures of Dean, positioning him on the bed, at the door, on the window sill. 

Dean had never loved his body or face, but Castiel was starting to learn him to. ‘Beautiful,’ he’d say, and Dean would blush and pretended he thought Cas meant the composition. Castiel’s eyes were too serious for that. No artist ever sees the things as they really are, Dean thought whenever Castiel would observe him.

The way Cas looked, his camera in one hand, glasses balancing on the tip of his nose, his hair a mess as if he just walked through a rainstorm, a faded smile curling one side of his mouth. Dean would do anything for him in moments like that.

Castiel was doing a project for his art school, and the project’s subject was Dean. “The male body”, Cas always corrected him, but his only model was Dean. 

“It’s because you have the perfect build,” Cas had said a few days ago when Dean asked. “A Greek sculpture, but better.”

Dean treasured those compliments like air.

Today hadn’t started any different. Castiel positioned him at the table, reaching for a cup of coffee just too far away. Dean felt stupid lying there, but somehow Castiel’s pictures always turned out beautiful. They went upstairs to Castiel’s room, where there was a lot of light and a lot of places to pose. 

“Take off your shirt,” Castiel said, which wasn’t a first. Dean obeyed as always, not questioning Castiel’s thoughts and ideas. To understand him wouldn’t be as easy as asking, Dean knew. 

“Take off your shoes and socks and get on the bed,” Castiel demanded, though gentle in his deep voice. Dean did as he said. “Amazing, tilt your head, look at me.” 

The camera clicked several times. “Open your mouth a little- hold that.” Dean held his breath until Cas told him to relax. “Take off your jeans.”

That was a first. 

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24K Magic (Reader x Peter Quill)

Word Count: 1340

Summary: Reader has been to earth within the past year and has picked up a few new albums for their iPod. Peter has no idea what anything is.

Warnings: none 

A/N: Here’s some peter fluff to get you through the week because guess what? IT’S GOTG WEEK YALL!!!! Enjoy!! <3

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Old Love.

- Bobby x Reader

- Angst, fluff

- An exhausted Bobby learns the hard way to be careful with what he wishes for. 

- Random drabble I forgot to post.

- Random S/O: @masual , @muujum thanks for the kind comments 😍😍😘

Originally posted by verygood-climax

The thunderous slam of the front door this late at night could only means one thing, an overworked boyfriend fed up with the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life. You understand his frustration of course, being worked to the bone without having a comeback in months would do that to even a saint. Adding the constant travel for show and lack of sleep had turned the boy with stars in his eyes into an insufferable grump. You never minded being his therapist, being the only person he could complain to without any filter. He’d often laid with his head on your lap, gritting his teeth angrily at one thing or another. You’d just let him talk with a hand smoothing comforting circles over his firm chest, melting his rage back into its cage. Some days he’d ask for your advice knowing just how unreasonable he could get, others, he simply needed a pair of ears. Although rare, sometimes the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life includes you. 

You hadn’t expect him tonight honestly, not after the blow out last night. Curl up in the cold king size bed that might as well have been two twin beds for the past week, you stay quiet, listening intently to any little sound coming from the living room. Jiwon loves skin-ship despite that tough macho image on SMTM and explosive stages of Ikon. He continuously expresses his displeasure in Hanbin lovey dovey gestures but you know for a fact he loves it. He just couldn’t get himself to let the poor boy knows he secretly revels in every moment because Hanbin being the cheeky monkey would never let him live it down. With you in the privacy of your shared apartment, there was not a second spent here that he didn’t have some sort of contact with your skin. You don’t even know what was the point in him buying a bigger bed when he cuddles up to you at night so close, you both use a mere 25% of the spacious bed. Lately however, he’d come home late at night when you’re already asleep and fall into slumber as far away from your body as possible. 

An exasperated groan follows by heavy footsteps yank you out of your reverie of happier time. He was searching for something and for the sake of your peaceful sleep tonight, you hope he finds it soon. Sure enough, a mere second later, the bedroom door swing open with a bang resembles much of the one earlier made by the front door. In burst Jiwon, eyebrows furrow and that sharp jawline clenches under what must be a raging storm. You wanted so bad to just run up to him as always when he gets home and envelop him in a big hug, telling him everything will be okay. Tonight, you don’t dare with the fury that’s flashing bright red on that handsome face. 

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Originally posted by bunny-lou

Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Summary/Prompt: based on two prompts the first one is by @the-modern-typewriter and another one by a blog I cannot remember but if anyone knows please let me be aware so I can credit them. (Prompts are Bolded).

Warnings: cursing, blood, and angst

Authors Note: this is based off pure memory so I apologize for any inconsistencies, I also tweaked things a bit…any who, I hope you enjoy as always!

You’ve made many stupid decisions in your short life. You jumped from the roof of your house when you were little to see if you could fly. You couldn’t. then there was that time that you tried to ice skate on the local pond when the ice was clearly too thin. The list could go on, but nothing tops the list of stupid things you’ve done, like this one.

“This is such a stupid idea Bill.” You hissed as you entered the Neibolt house with your brother and your two friends, Eddie and Richie.

“W-we h-have to f-find o-out w-w-where I-IT l-lives.” Bill spluttered.

You looked to Eddie, your boyfriend of a year, to see him looking disgustingly at his surroundings. You grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze, which he gladly returned. You were so absorbed with making sure Eddie was okay you didn’t notice Richie had wandered off.

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anonymous asked:

omg can you please write a sequel/ part 2 to that supercorp fic you just posted where Lena finds out Kara is supergirl?!? It was so great but now I'm stressing that Lena doesn't react well. Only if you've got time of course :) also I love how you write supercorp in general, it's amazing and feels so on point

i have a fever & im hacking up a lung: this is, in my humble opinion, the time when my writing ability rly soars. rly comes into its strengths. rly just,,, fucjin rocks. enjoy, ur welcome :))

kara has been waiting, and hoping - and stress eating her way through the kids menu - and more hoping, beyond the normal bounds of hope, that lena will turn up for the dinner date they’d set up before… before all that “i’m an alien blah blah specifically supergirl blah blah blah” stuff.

kara shoves her hand into her bowl of fries, pats around to find one as she checks the long row of windows and the two doors for any sign of lena. her face falls when all she encounters is the cool ceramic feeling of betrayal. and no lena.

she flags down a waiter.

“can i get another of the fries, please?”

he looks at her like he knows she’s already eaten her way through six of them. or maybe like he knows she’s been stood up. it makes her feel worse - slump back in her chair and try to keep from feeling like her heart is being crushed kind of worse - and he nods hurriedly and scurries away into the kitchen.

she pulls out her phone, taps on the second contact, aaalex.

>if after three hours someone hasn’t shown up to a dinner….

>u got stood up
>or they’re dead

kara rolls her eyes. then has a minor panic because, well, lena is kind of a magnet for attempted murder. she strains her ears to listen for lena but it’s futile this close to the ground, this close to so many people.

>lenas fine
>dont break the restaurant or ur phone

kara blinks down at her phone.

>have you been playing with the telepath drugs

>no lol i learned my lesson. i just figured she’s the only one u have been going on dates with so…

kara glares down at her phone, taps the CALL button with furious precision.

“we aren’t dating, alex. they’re friend dates. dates between friends.”


“and also i have been on plenty of dates lately!”

“sure,” alex allows, but kara suspects she’s only half listening.

“they’re not dates,” she mutters. “but she did stand me up.”

“yeah i know. you put your “date between friends” in my calendar so i was kind of surprised when she marched herself into my office tonight. she signed everything.“ alex waits for a moment. kara says nothing, just stubbornly munches through the fries the waiter puts in front of her. she’s relieved to hear lena is actually okay, and that she signed, but it’s all overshadowed by the fact that lena isn’t here, with her, eating something kara can’t pronounce and gushing about the science she’s been working on and the way she smiles when kara orders seconds and tries to pay and alex is talking again. "not sure what kind of damage control thats worth, if any. i mean, she’s a luthor. but i told j'onn not to even think about wiping her. or, i thought it really loudly.”

kara sighs.

“as is my right as a big sister, i get to tell you you’re an idiot,” alex says, far more mildly than kara expected. or deserved, really. “so what the hell happened? i thought we’d at least talk about it before you told her.”

“it wasn’t something i could deny. maybe i could’ve,” kara mutters, “if it weren’t for my too expressive face.”

“the too expressive face,” alex agrees unhappily. “you got us in a lot of trouble with that.”

kara rolls her eyes. “sorry twelve years late?” she offers and alex hums her thanks. “plus m'gann said hi. like she knew me, you know? she didn’t know someone was with me, it’s not her fault, but yeah. lena knew. i could see it. and then we were at her place and i realised she just knew i was an al- a foreigner,” she corrects, looking around the mostly empty restaurant, “and not supergirl,”

“hold up. she let you into her place knowing you’re an alien?”


“huh, okay.”


“no, nothing. let me guess, you told her.”

“dramatic reveal and all.”

“and this was…”

“last night.” kara checks her watch, lifts her hand to get the bill. she grimaces when she sees how expensive it is to eat her way through her feelings. but hey, if she’s going all out, what’s a little more? “can i get two of your pizzas takeaway and also four brownies? please.”

the waiter looks ill at the request but kara is too upset to care that she’s eaten way too much tonight. by human standards. she could still eat.

“alex, you still there?”


“are you free tonight?”

“nope.” she pops the ‘p’ with some relish. “day off tomorrow, maggie and i are taking our bikes down the coast, remember?”

“right, right.” kara hands over her card to the waiter, signs the bill he brings over. “what do i do?”

“about lena?”

“no, about the state of affairs in, ugh i can’t be bothered,” she mutters. “yes, about lena.”

“um. well, she hasn’t tried to kill you yet so…talk to her?” kara hears her step out into an echoing room - the parking lot, she guesses, and alex’s car beeps. “hold on, i’ll switch you to my hands free,”

“no, no, it’s okay. drive safe and have fun tomorrow.”

“we will. and i love you.”

“love you too.”


“hi, jess.”

“kara!” jess smiles over at her. “late night for everyone, hmm?”

“yeah, what are you doing here? it’s midnight, you should be home.”

“i’m just finishing up some work, i have the week off from tomorrow,” she explains. “do you want to see miss luthor?”

her phone buzzes on the side and jess glances up at kara after reading the message.

“let me guess, she’s not in.” jess gives her an awkward smile and kara closes her eyes, nods. “of course,” she says quietly. “okay, well,” she swallows around the thick feeling of tears and sets the brownies on the counter. “um. these are for her. or you. have a good night bye have a fun week,” she says very quickly and almost runs back to the elevator.

it dings open in seconds and kara rushes in, leans back against the wall of it. she holds herself together as much as she can, can’t really help sniffling but she can excuse that on a cold. she stares over at the shut box doors of the elevator and knows the second she gets home she’s going flying.


she wonders if she still has her aunts suit. she doesn’t feel like reds and blues tonight, wants to fly without the expectation that comes with her suit.


the suit, alex tells her, was quarantined.

kara shoves herself into some old jeans and a deep blue sweater and jumps into the sky. when she’s higher than the tallest building, she rolls onto her back and floats, staring up at the sky.

winn is still in the DEO headquarters. she doesn’t fly down, but she hears him typing away and watching some show on his second monitor. he’s been working late a lot lately. she doesn’t know if something is wrong or if it’s more guardian business but she misses him. she’d text him an invite, or ask him about a game night, only she left her phone at home.

james is on the phone to lucy when she flies overhead and they’re over but he still sounds adoring when he speaks to her, and happy.

alex is - doing things no sister needs to hear.


lena’s voice is small and kara jerks, almost rolls into the path of a bat, before she detects the slight slight whine of a voicemail.

“i know it’s late, you’re probably asleep, i just wanted to talk and,”

kara lands with a slight thump on lena’s office balcony and lena turns. the slight stutter of her heart comes not when she sees kara’s face, but her body. or, clothes.


she ends her voicemail, steps over to unlock the door.

“hi. i wasn’t - i was flying, i heard you.”

“oh.” lena’s fingers twitch. she folds her arms. “i signed everything.”

“yeah. alex told me.”

“i apologise for missing dinner.”

kara takes a step back, shakes her head. lena looks nervous the moment she frowns and it rips at kara. she takes another step back.

“you didn’t miss it. you stood me up.” lena doesn’t say anything. “why - what does it change?” she asks. “how am i different?” she tries to keep the frustration from her voice but whatever, she’s upset that her best friend is all wonky over this, fight her about it.

“you’re supergirl.”



“if you say a luthor i’m going to scream,” kara tells her, and lena’s teeth click closed around that exact phrase. “i’ve been telling you for months that i don’t care about that.”

“that’s from before i knew,”

“but i knew!” kara cries. “i knew, and i meant it, and i still mean it, and i just want,” she stutters to a stop, lifts a hand to her eyes. she’s not wearing her glasses so she just covers them with a hand and slowly drags it away when she’s contained again. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you. i didn’t want things to change. i didn’t,” the reason, or a reason, occurs to her and she sags a little. it’s selfish but lena deserves to know. “i didn’t want you to leave me,” she tells her, in a small voice.

lena has been very quiet and still as kara spoke and now she nods. “i am sorry about tonight. sometimes, i do things like that. when someone’s upset me.” she rolls her eyes delicately. “i’ve been told it’s a defence. throw someone off balance so i feel we’re on equal terms again.” her eyes are dark, cool. “i didn’t know. that you were an alien. i keep thinking and thinking, and i keep picking out all these instances and i just,” she shakes her head. “i can’t believe i didn’t know. i don’t like that i didn’t know.”

“i’m sorry.”

lena nods. “i can’t promise everything will be as it was before.”

kara nods as well. things - this, them - have changed and nothing goes back to how it was before a shift like that. as much as something might look the same, it never is.

“but i can tell you that in a month, there is a restaurant opening. i have four tickets, i would like for you to take one.” kara blinks at her. lena doesn’t smile but she does soften, a little. “i can’t tell how this is going to go, which is freaking me out a little and in a week i’m sure i’m gong to do something drastic,” she says with an edge of warning.

“i’ll be ready,” kara promises.

“good. all i can really say is that i will still want you to be around in a months time.” kara feels herself light up at the words. they’re not ‘i’m not leaving you’ or 'i’m not sending you away’ but they’re pretty damn close. “and i don’t know how i feel about this, i don’t know when I’ll figure it out, but i already miss my friend kara.” kara nods her agreement. she can feel a lena sized hole opening up inside her the longer lena speaks, making herself clear that there is going to be a distance, a time for them to figure this out. she’s sure it’ll be a good thing; she’s equally sure it’ll hurt like hell.

“tomorrow is too soon to hang out, right?” kara checks. “it’s just, alex is away and winn is busy and,” she holds up her hands, shakes her head. “no, nevermind, too soon.”

it grows a little awkward - lena thanks her for the brownies, declines when kara offers to fly her home.

but the next morning, kara opens her front door to lena’s driver, a box of cookies and a small pot of yellow flowers and a note with just a short message.

'our lives are filled with tomorrow’s. this one isn’t ours, but perhaps the next one will be. enjoy your day x’

kara tucks it between the photo frame on her bedside table and the lamp and brings the flower pot with her to the couch. she sets up her next season and pulls the pot into her lap, wraps an arm around it. she pats the pot fondly, sends a photo of herself with it to lena, and settles in.


Summary: Shawn is becoming distant and you just want answers, however there’s always consequences for this things.

Requested: yes (but I changed the request a bit)

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: none (a few swear words maybe)



The light from your phone shone into the otherwise darkness in the living room. You hadn’t been feeling well lately and wanted nothing more to talk to your significant other. The one person who always made you better. The person who was the sun on your rainy days. The one person who also began to ignore your every attempt at communication. Your heart beat an extra beat when his name appeared on your screen. You hadn’t heard from him in at least two days. A simple ‘hi babe. i’m getting ready to go on stage’ appeared underneath your blue messages. A sigh left your lips as you locked your phone and placed it back on the coffee table. Not even a simple I love you was added.

Before you could think twice, your feet landed on the cold hardwood floor and carried you to the home office room. You turned the computer on and instantly looked for a plane ticket. You weren’t sure why you thought showing up without notice would help things, but your hands were ahead of your brain, your finger clicking on the ‘purchase’ button.

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Just Friends – [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] - Special


Jungkook puffed his cheeks in annoyance as he made his way to the dorms. He had been speed-walking the whole way home just to get there quick enough and see what Taehyung wanted to talk about oh-so-badly. Once he opened the front door of the large house, he dropped his practice bag and quickly took off his shoes, before walking into the living room to find everyone sitting there quietly. 

 “Gosh, what happened to all of you?” The younger asked his hyungs as he saw their serious expressions. 

 “More like what happened to you,” Yoongi snapped and looked at him bitterly. All Jungkook could do was stare in confusion and wait for another response.

 “What? Did you forget about y/n already? Gosh Kook, I thought you knew better,” Jin clicked his tongue and crossed his arms over his chest, looking at the younger with disappointment in his stare.

“Y/n?” Kook leaned his head slightly to the right, as if thinking deeply of what they meant- until it hit him. He had texted you earlier that day and told you off without explanation. He gulped in realization and was about to begin speaking again, until Namjoon spoke up. 

 “Don’t. We read the pathetic message. Care to tell us what the fuck is your problem?” Namjoon, the one who never actually swore towards the members, spoke as if planning the next cypher. “Answer Kook,” Taehyung added, beginning to be impatient. 

 “I-“ Jungkook’s throat seemed to have gone dry. His voice was raspy and harsh and his thought of mind simply went blank. He looked at his hyungs dumbfounded before speaking up again “I don’t want to talk about this,” Jungkook said with a shaky voice, before rushing up into his room -that he shared with the leader- and locking the door behind him. 

 Taehyung was ready to get up and drag him back downstairs before Hoseok spoke up, “It’s alright, Tae. Give him some space so he can gather his thoughts up, okay?” Hoseok calmed the younger as he could only nod with a sigh. 

“Guys,” Jimin spoke up, gathering his hyung’s and Taehyung’s attention. “I know why he snapped. I know exactly why he’s behaving like this,” Jimin confesses, being one of the closest members to the maknae. “He loves her so much, he decided it’s better to let go,” Jimin said with a slight-pout plastered on his plump lips. 

 Taehyung’s mouth fell agape and he sighed along with the rest. 

 “I know we’re supposed to be mad, but Kook is still growing up. He’s obviously only doing this because he knows y/n doesn’t like him back. He’s doing this for him, but he’s mostly doing it for her,” Yoongi said with a softer tone than before.

 “No hyung, that’s not quite it. I agree with the part that he’s doing this for the both of them, though. He’s told me before how his feelings were soon to overtake him, but I never put much thought into it. Now that I think about it, Kook has liked y/n most of their lives together and has kept it to himself thinking she wasn’t interested. But I see how she looks at him. I see how much love and care she puts into everything she does for him. She doesn’t like Taehung like that- it’s definitely Kook the one she’s in love with,” Namjoon said as he thought of all the times you were there, beside Jungkook. Always supporting him and helping him no matter what.

“We have to fix this then. I can’t have both y/n and Jungkook suffer just because they can’t realize their love for each other,” Jin commented, getting up and putting his sweater on. 

 “Hyung, where are you going? It’s almost midnight!” Hoseok asked, concerned.

“I’m going over y/n’s to check up on her and have a talk. See you guys later, and if not, tomorrow. Take care of Kook and convince him into at least apologizing. Even if it’s a simple text, he should talk to her,” Jin said as he quickly rushed off to your place. 


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Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is a lifeguard in the hotel in Singapore and there she mets him.

Word Count: 1.8K

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my second request, people! (Requested by: anonymous) Hope you enjoy this as well and please feel free to send some requests! 

Request:  If you’re still taking requests: can you do a tom holland x female lifeguard reader? Possibly set when he Jacob and Haz are in the pool in Singapore?

You were walking near the swimming pool, looking at the people in there. It might sounded creepy but the true was that it was your job. You were a lifeguard in a hotel in Singapore and that meant you had to be always looking and taking care of people. Today you assumed you would have more work than usual because of the celebrities your boss mentioned, but everything was quiet. There was absolutely no one in the pool. You walked to your chair, sat on it and started to think about the celebrities, you didn’t know their names, because your boss didn’t tell you, he told you it didn’t matter and that they should be treated like normal guests. You agreed with him in some part, they should be treated like normal guests so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but you wanted to know sooo badly who were they. Maybe they were from a famous band or maybe they were actors. You secretly wanted them to be the latter. You had always dreamed of watching or meeting a celebrity.

You were still thinking about who these celebrities might be, your brain swirling in a tornado full of names, when you heard loud voices coming in. You turned your head to the source and saw 3 guys laughing. You looked at them with curiosity running through your veins. Were they the celebrities? They were too young. Maybe they were just hotel guests. You kept looking at them, watching how they put their stuff on the chairs, when one of them, the one with brown hair, turned and his eyes met yours. He stared at you for a few seconds before turning his head. You turned your head too a bit flustered. You knew him from somewhere, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Maybe an old classroom partner? Impossible. Then why did he look so familiar? You temped yourself at looking them directly again, but you decided against it. You needed to look after the people in the pool. Accidents could happen at any minute, but then you realised they were the only ones there, which meant the people you should take care of were the boys. Therefore, you turned your head and wait for the brunet to meet your gaze again.

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parts; (one) (two)

summary: calum applies to the record shop you work at, seeking forgiveness and, possibly, a second chance.

word count: 1,272

warnings: swearing

There are bad days. And just like good days, they all come to an end. Nothing is really permanent, everything rots, breaks, fades, and dies at some point. Though, not a lot of people fully understand that fact; the inevitability of temporalities is one truth that not everyone has learned to accept.

You had learned that philosophy a few weeks after you were left alone on a cold, Wednesday night, waiting for someone that clearly said they didn’t want to be with you anymore. The same Wednesday night that you spent so many hours rubbing the tears from your eyes and pacing inside the four walls that you couldn’t consider comforting. You had learned to begrudgingly accept that single fact and it helped you forget about the three years you spent with someone who now considered you as another ex girlfriend.

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Candids [Jason x Photojournalist!Reader]

A/N: Soz about not getting this up right away and I apologize even more in advance if this was shite. This is my second draft and a repost (due to errors) so I hope it’s alright. 

Y/N = your name.

One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist meant you got to take cool candids for your blog. One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist in Gotham, meant you got to take cool candids of the city’s very own vigilantes in action for your very dedicated blog.

People often asked you why you didn’t work with any of the news agencies like Gotham Gazette or GNN but you had, as an intern and you hated the working conditions. You were on call 24/7 and your deadlines were tight and sometimes you were out for hours following the action. Instead, you ended up selling some of your photos to them whenever they need material.

Now you worked on your own terms and your blog was decently successful. People from all over read your articles and shared your work, even though it was mostly just you gushing professionally about Batman and his group of birds and bats.

You had gotten a cold from lack of sleep and a stakeout at the docks from last week so you hadn’t been keeping up your blog, but the feeling of drowsiness and constant hacking of your lungs had lessened over the past few days so you decided it was time to get back into the kick of things.

Talk on social media said Nightwing was apparently back in town so you wanted to try and get some good shots of him before he went back into hiding. With your gear bag, you headed out for your hunt.

Two hours had passed on your stakeout and so far, all you had were a couple shots of the Pioneer’s bridge from your spot. You looked around through your camera and noticed someone sitting on the ledge of the clock tower a few blocks from you. You couldn’t tell who it was but you were hoping it was Nightwing.

You drove over and located the back door, instantly regretting your decisions when you noticed how many flights of stairs you had between you and your destination.

“The things I do for my blog…” You sighed as you tried to quicken up your pace before you missed Nightwing. The door to rooftop was alright slightly ajar so you quietly pushed it open to see if someone was still out there and to your surprise, they were.

You had been hoping it was Nightwing, but it wasn’t. It was the Red Hood in all his glory, sitting next to the gargoyle. He was dressed in his usual leather jacket and red helmet. He looked to almost be, pondering about something. You quickly uncapped your camera and got your angle right but what you had forgotten to do was turn off your flash.

You should have been more careful but it was too late to fix your mistake because the bright light had caught the vigilante’s attention and before you knew it, you were being held at gun point. The Red Hood stood against the ledge he was previously occupying with a gun aimed directly at you.

You let out a yelp of surprise as your camera fell against your abdomen and your hands came up in surrender.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?” The Red Hood shouted as you tried to take a step back. That was your second mistake because he clicked off the safety lock of his gun and you knew if you dared to move another muscle, the next click wouldn’t be the safety lock returning to place.

You had heard the stories of the Red Hood and although it seemed less terrifying over your computer screen, you were nearly wetting your pants at the sheer thought of what he could do. “I-I don’t work for anyone! I’m a freelance journalist!”

“A what?” He asked and you trembled in your spot.

“A freelance journalist, I take photos of Gotham’s vigilantes and write articles about you guys on my blog.” You replied as you tried to sound brave but that wall came tumbling down as the masked vigilante walked up to you, gun still pointed. You whimpered as you closed your eyes.

Is this how you were going to die? Is this what they call “death on the job” because you’re not sure whether this is how you wanted to go.

You were sure he was going to blow your brain to mush with a click of the trigger but instead, you heard a slight snort and the gun being put back into his holster.

You opened your eyes slowly and looked up at the man in front you. You only ever got shots of him from far away but wow, was he ever tall and bulky…

“So you’re a fan? I didn’t know I had those.” He crossed his arms across his chest, adorned in with the red bat symbol.

“Y-yeah?” You wanted to tell him how he was quite well-liked within the community of readers on your blog but your voice faded out before you had the chance. You stood up a little straighter and gave a tiny cough. “My readers quite like you. They question your ethics but I might have accidentally swayed their opinions from that…”

“You’ve written articles about me?”

You were a bit taken back by the question but you nodded anyway, “Well, you are a vigilante, are you not?”

He thought about it for a second before chuckling, “I think I’m more of the anti-hero.”

You cocked your head to the side, capping your camera as you waited for an answer.

“I kill people and last I checked, everyone else sort of just injures them or knocks ‘em out for the cops to deal with.”

“But you’re still doing for the city, even if it’s not ethical… per say, you still get rid of the bad guys.” Red Hood shrugged in response.

The two of you stood in awkward silence for a couple seconds before he spoke up. “Do you have any cool candids of me to share?” You looked up in surprise and all though you couldn’t see his face, it sounded like he was smiling.

The two of you walked over to the ledge and you went through your camera, showing him the photos you had of him on your memory card. He took the time to admire them and ask about your job. It didn’t come as a surprise that he was a nice guy, but his funny personality kind of did. He joked around with you and even shared a few laughs and by the end of the night, you had long forgotten about why you even came up here in the first place.

He didn’t talk much about himself except how he died once and this was one of his favourite places to come when he wanted time alone to think or take up the view of the city, although he was very adamant you did not disclose that information to anyone. You zipped your lip and threw the invisible key, to which he laughed at.

Depicting body language came with the job as a writer and from the way he moved when he talked about himself, you could take from that the life of being an “anti-hero” was pretty lonely. You wanted to ask him for his opinion about relationships as a vigilante but thought better than to impede on his personal life.

He also took the time to apologize for holding you at gun point but you just brushed him off telling him you should be the one apologizing for trying to sneak up on him like that.

The two of you just hung out side by side as you took some quick photos of the view. Out of your peripheral vision, you could see Red Hood trying to take subtle glances at you, but you pretended not to notice. He was probably looking at something else or still tense from you sneaking up on him. After all, he was trained to be wary and vigilant of people and surroundings.

“Uh, I should probably head home to write my article… Plus you have a city to protect and all.” You smiled awkwardly as you packed up your stuff.

“Yeah, thank you for keeping me company.” Red Hood nodded along before looking around. “Do you have a safe way home?”

“I got my car downstairs.” You pointed your thumb at the door and started walking backward. “I guess I’ll see you around, don’t die again!”

The two of you shared a nod and you left. A hand came up to your chest as you bent over to breathe once the door was closed. Really? Don’t die again? Who the hell says that to a guy who once died? You couldn’t be more mortified at your choice of words, and before you could think anymore, you ran down the steps of the creepy stairs and got in your car to leave.

You spent the remainder of the night writing your article in your dimly lit apartment about how lonely the crime-fighting life can get. You could only assume how hard it was to find love and keep up relationships when you had bad guys going after you and your job consisted of putting yourself on the cusp of death every night. You wrote your thoughts down and checked it for errors before attaching the slightly edited photo of the Red Hood sitting next to his favourite gargoyle, Francis as he called it, before publishing it.

Over the course of the next few days, reads and comments poured in on your post, some agreeing with you and others asking where you got your “source” from. Many were amazed at how close and personal the photo was, stopping in the comments to ask if you knew him personally. You couldn’t address the last two so you just left them as it was and carried on with your other stuff.

The next time you saw him, you were catching Red Hood taking down a few thugs in Crime Alley. The photos worked out beautifully and you were just about to leave your spot in the alley across when he noticed your camera peeking out. The two of you stared at each other for a split second before you ran out the other side of your alley and drove off. The time after that, he was fighting alongside Arsenal to stop a drug shipment down at the docks. That one was a difficult scene to capture and just when you thought you had a good photo, you realized he had caught you once again and this time gave you a thumbs up in your photo. The fight was getting bad and the sound of more men coming scared you off.

You were still a little embarrassed about your awkward departure so you tried to make sure you always left before the fight was over, to avoid contact with him.

Tonight was a stakeout night so you were back at the rooftop a few blocks from the clock tower. The one that gave you a good view of his gargoyle. It was around two in the morning when you thought you had seen him perched in his usual spot tonight, but when you brought your camera up to your face, the figure was gone.

You were slightly disappointed. You took quite a liking to the red helmet wearing vigilante, but of course, you couldn’t come forth with that kind of confession to someone you didn’t really know and after your awkward departure, you really couldn’t work up the guts to face him again.

You were scoping out the rooftops through your camera, panning over for any signs of the bright red helmet when you turned to the side and yelped as the familiar red bat symbol had come into a close-up view. You let your camera fall against you as you bent over to catch your breath and calm your heartbeat. “Now I know how that feels.”

A chuckle came from him, slightly muffled from his mask but nonetheless loud enough for you to catch. He had his arms crossed over his chest as he stood in front of you. “Have you been avoiding me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, I told you I kept a safe distance from the action. I don’t want to get involved.” You defended yourself as you packed up.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, I would protect you if someone else caught you.” The cocky attitude was laced in his words and you couldn’t help but blush.

“Why waste your time?”

“Because who else is going to take sexy candids of me during my fights if Gotham lost their best photojournalist?” He leaned up against the ledge of the building as you stopped for a moment. “I read your article by the way. The one with me and the gargoyle.”

Your eyes widened as you blushed furiously, “And?”

“It was really well-written. You hit the nail right on the head.” He praised you and your heart swelled at his compliment. The Red Hood just complimented your work. The Red Hood read your work. “But to be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that lonely that night. I had you to talk to, and I quite enjoyed our time so it was a shame you never came back to visit. I was expecting you to when you said you would see me around.”

Your heartbeat echoed in your ears as you looked up to meet his masked eyes. “It looks like you’re closing shop for the night but if you get the chance next time, come visit Francis and I. If not, I’ll look for you myself.” And with that, he was gone. You heard him grapple away but you were still in shock from what he said to move.



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Johnnyx reader x Dallas smut...


Johnny liked you, it wasn’t a secret to the gang, they had found out when the crush first started. He would always blush when you called him cutie, or hugged him, or even looked at him for more then a second. Yes they all knew their little Johnnycakes was head over heels, everyone did, except you. But the gang didn’t know as much about Johnny as Dally did, Johnny told Dally everything, and so when Johnny told Dally of his dilemma-Dally took it upon himself to find a way to help him.

The wind was chilly that night, you were making your way up to Buck’s. Dally had invited you, and having nothing else to do, you took him up on his offer. Now you weren’t much of a drinker, or partier for that matter. But you didn’t mind Buck’s music, and figured you could just shoot some games of pool with Dal. Upon entering you were met with the smell of smoke and alcohol-and the sounds of talking, laughter, glasses, and Hank Williams. Shuffling through the crowd you made your way over to the pool tables and let out a sigh of relief when you saw they were somewhat empty.

“Hey there pretty lady, come here often?” You heard a husky voice ask as an arm wrapped around your waist. Looking up you were met with the deep brown eyes of Dallas Winston.

“Hey Dally, how ya been?” You asked hugging him for a moment.

“Pretty good, though better now that you showed up” he winked, you laughed and shook your head. You were used to Dally’s playful flirting by now, he knew you liked Johnny anyways. He was the only one who you told about your secret crush. You set up the pool table, and you and Dallas began to play.

Six games later you were up by two games, which Dally wasn’t very pleased about.

“How the hell?” he asked you, to which you only laughed before shooting another ball into a pocket.

“If you would quit staring at my ass you could maybe play” You told him, it was true, Dallas had been staring at your body all night. Not just his usual playful flirting, this was something more. You were a bit confused, you would have been lieing if you said you never thought of him that way. But that was before your feelings for Johnny. Sweet little Johnny, he was one of your best friends, you talked to him all the time, saw movies together-you were pretty much always by his side…It was really no reason you loved the boy.

“H-Hey guys” You heard that soft shy voice say, and at first you just thought your mind made it up, your thoughts having been on him and all. No, it wasn’t until Dally spoke that you realized Johnny was actually there.

“Hey Johnnycakes, glad you could make it” he said ruffling his hair, which Johnny quickly smoothed back down.

“Hey {y/n}” He smiled, that blush already forming on his tanned cheeks.

“Hey cutie” you smiled back as you hugged him. Dally laughed and said he was gonna go get Johnny a pop, leaving you two alone.

“So what are you doing here? Didn’t peg you as a bar type” You laughed, Johnny looked down at the ground for a moment before answering.

“I’m not, Dally invited me” He told you, something in your brain clicked…Dally was the only one who knew you liked Johnny…That boy was not trying to set something up, was he?

“Here ya go Johnnycakes” Dallas said, returning and handing the soda to Johnny. You returned to your game and beat Dallas for the third time that night.

“Beginners luck is all” Dallas scoffed, you just rolled your eyes.

“How is it beginners luck when that is the third time?” You asked smirking, earning a laugh from Johnny.

“You’re just mad cause you know I’m better” You stuck your tongue out at Dallas.

“Oh ya your better, ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life, but you’re better” Dally replied setting up the table again.

“Hey I’ve done stuff!” You told him, he just smirked and looked at you.

“Name one” You thought for a moment…Ok so maybe you had always played it safe, but still.

“See told ya” he said, turning back to the table.

“You wouldn’t even do something on a dare” he added

“Oh ya? Dare me then” You told him, hand on your hip as you waited.

“Kiss him” he smirked when your face when red.

“W-what?” you asked

“You heard me, if you are so bad and not afraid of a dare. Kiss him” he said nodding over to Johnny, who at this point was as red as a tomato.

“A-Alright” You stuttered as you took a step and closed the gap between Johnny and yourself. His eyes met yours for only a moment before you leaned in and captured his lips. He was hesitant at first, before you felt him lean into the kiss as well. You were about to pull away when you felt his hand rest on the side of your neck, his other on you waist, and his tongue running across your lips. Smiling, you gave in and let him have access-though you were a bit surprised by his boldness. His tongue played with your, enticing it in it’s game as you noted that he tasted like cigarettes and coke. You hadn’t even felt your body backing up, but you soon felt the hard wood of the pool table hit your lower back.

“Whoa kids, get a room” Dallas laughed, causing you both to snap out of your little world. Johnny pulled back first, his face red as he tired to catch his breath-you were sure you looked the same in his eyes. The next half hour was spent filled with awkward silence between you and Johnny, except for a few flirty glances. Though it seemed that Johnny and Dally had their own silent conversation going, as they would both glance at each other before looking off into the crowd. When the bar started getting more and more full, you could see the uneasiness in Johnny, and you supposed Dally could see it too.

“Come on, lets head up” he spoke as he put the pool stick down and made his way to the stairs. You and Johnny followed, happy to be away from the ever growing crowd of drunks. Dally led you to the biggest room on the second floor, and once you entered, the music blaring downstairs became muffled.

“This room is huge” Johnny noted looking around.

“This bed is huge” You laughed as you jumped on it, bouncing slightly. Dallas and Johnny shared a look, before Dallas smirked and walked over to you.

“Hey {y/n}, remember when I say you ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life?” He asked sitting beside you.

“Ya and I proved you wrong” You told him

“Na you just did a dare, but I got an idea how you can prove me wrong” he told you, his smirk growing wider.

“Oh? And what is it?” You asked, honestly curious.

“Have a little fun with me and Johnnycakes tonight” he told you, his smirk never leaving, even as your face grew hot and red.

“W-What?” You asked, stunned by his statement.

“Come on {y/n}, Johnny likes you too, and I know you told Evie you wanted to have a romp with me” he told you, this time you and Johnny both flushed red.

“Dally she ain’t got to if she don’t want to” Johnny said stepping closer to you both. Even in such an awkward situation, he was still a sweetheart. Your thoughts wondered for a moment. Johnny liked you back? You could feel the smile before you even knew it was there. You were ok with the idea of being with Johnny, and it was true, you had told Evie when you first joined the gang, that you wanted at least one romp with Dallas.

“O-Ok” you told them quietly, both of the boys stopped the conversation they had been having and turned to you.

“R-Really {y/n} you don’t have to” Johnny started, but you shook your head, smiling up at him.

“But I want to” You told him, earning a chuckle from Dallas.

“That’s more like it {y/n}” he stated before pulling you to him, crashing his lips on yours. You were shocked at first, but soon leaned into the kiss as his tongue pushed past your lips, exploring the new territory before wrapping around your own. You felt your jacket being slipped off of your shoulders, before hands began crawling up your shirt, soon massaging your bra clad breasts. You moaned in his mouth as he worked your body, soon pulling away to rid you of your shirt. You turned your head as Dallas began trailing rough kisses along your neck his hands never leaving your breasts. Opening your eyes you saw Johnny watching, his lip almost bloody from how hard he was biting it, smiling, you grabbed his jacket and brought his lips to yours. One of his hands rested on the bed behind you, while his other landed on your upper thigh as he kissed you. You moaned in the kiss when Dallas bit your soft spot and Johnny’s tongue rushed in to play with your own. You hadn’t even felt your bra being taken off until Dally’s lips left your neck to trail down to latch onto a hardened bud.

“Shit!” You moaned, breaking the kiss as your fingers tangled in Dally’s hair. Another moaned bubbled out of your throat when Johnny’s lips attached to your soft spot. You felt Johnny’s hand leave your thigh, soon pressing against your clothes heat. You groaned at the feeling, you head falling forward. You opened your half lidded eyes to see Dally’s hand leave Johnny’s, and then it suddenly clicked. Dally knew Johnny was a virgin, and he was helping him. You soon felt Dally’s mouth leave your breasts and travel back to your neck, his hand taking it’s place. The hand against your heat slowly made it’s way to the button on your pants, undoing it, before traveling inside your panties.

“S-Shit Johnny” you breathed as his hand skimmed over your clit while it made it’s way to your wetness. His fingers ran along your folds, your core soaking them in no time, before he began to ease one inside you. Your breath caught while your fingers tangled in his raven hair. He began pumping, slowly at first, and you can’t help the moans that leave you. Dallas pulls away and begins to take your pants and panties off. Johnny’s hand speeding up due to the more room, and you couldn’t help but throw your head back when you felt the rough suck on your clit. Looking down you watched as Dallas’s mouth teased your body, Johnny watched as well, his hands faltering only for a moment. Dallas soon left your body completely, standing up as he began to undress. Though your body wasn’t left for long as you felt another rough suck on your clit along with another digit being added to your pounding core. Johnny picked up where Dally had left off and Dally smirked at the fact. You could read the “kid is a fast learner” thought clear on his face. Johnny picked up his pace and had your eyes rolling back as you felt your release coming to it’s peak. You let out a moan of his name when he began flicking his tongue over your clit, successfully pushing you over. He watched as you slowly came down from your high, his fingers slowly coming to a stop while you tried to catch your breath.

“Way to go kid, you made her cum first” Dallas smirked while Johnny blushed at his statement. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at Dally’s remark as you grabbed Johnny’s jacket and gently pulled him back to your lips. Dallas began fingering you next, entering a third digit as he stretched you. He told Johnny to go ahead and undress, stating that the real fun was about to start. You rocked your hips in time with Dally’s fingers as you watched Johnny undress himself, letting out a small whine when Dally pulled his fingers away. He chuckled and brought you up to stand beside him, he told Johnny to sit back on the bed. Johnny did as he was told, backing up until his back hit the wall. Dally then smirked at you and with a remark of.

“You know what to do” he held your hips and bent you over the bed. You looked up at Johnny, his brown eyes wide as he watched your every move. Gently, you wrapped your hand around him, watching as his breath caught in his throat, before spilling into a moan as you began pumping him. You ran your tongue along the vein before gliding it over the slit, Johnny grabbed the sheets tighter as he watched you wrap you lips around him, taking him in your mouth.

“S-Shit” he groaned when you hollowed your cheeks and gave a rough suck. You could feel Dally’s finger running along your core, before you felt them leave, soon being replaced as he began sliding into you. He let out a few grunted curses when he settled inside, your warm slick walls clamping tightly around him. You on the other hand, had let out a moan at the fullness, and Johnny’s hand tangled in you {h/c} locks when he felt the vibrations. Dallas didn’t start out slow and gentle, and you hadn’t honestly expected him to, this was Dallas after all. Your body jolted forward at his first thrust, causing you to deep throat Johnny. When he pulled away you did as well. This went on as Dallas set the fast and hard pace, holding your hip with one hand, as the other reached down and played with your clit. By now both of Johnny’s hands were knotted in your hair as he guided you along him, his hips bucking every now and then while he moaned your name.

“Shit!” he moaned when you let out a loud moan around him. Dallas smiled as he began hitting that spot inside of you more often, causing your moans to become louder. You could feel your release coming again, Dally’s pace on your body making you peak faster then you had hoped.

“{y-y/n}” Johnny moaned, you could tell he was almost spent as well. You let out a light yelp when you felt your hair being tugged out of Johnny’s grip, your head tilted back as you released him.

“Not yet” Dallas grunted, still holding your hair. You were about to ask him what he meant when you lips were captured in a heated needy kiss. Dallas let go of your hair and Johnny’s took their place as your tongues battled. The kiss was only broken when you let out a scream of Dallas’s name, your release finally coming as you trembled and tried to keep your body up. You heard Dallas moan your name before you felt his body slow to a stop. You felt him back away from you, slowly pulling himself out until you couldn’t feel him anymore. The room was quiet for a moment, as you laid down, nothing but the sounds of panting, before you heard jeans being zipped.

“I’ll let you kids have some time to yourself” Dallas said picking up his shirt as he looked at Johnny, then you.

“It was fun {y/n}” he smirked and leaned in to kiss you, before standing and leaving.

Johnny looked down at you, his breath was just as fast as he kissed you, trailing kisses down your neck while he settled between your thighs. He looked up at you, asking for permission. Even after all you guys had done, he still wanted to know you were ok with this. Smiling at him, you nodded. He slid into you easily, your previous actions making it easier. His pace was so different from Dally’s. Johnny was slow and soft, he trailed soft kisses down your neck and back, capturing your lips in a gentle embrace. Dally was a romp, simple as that, Johnny though-Johnny made love. You could feel it in every kiss he gave, every gentle caress, every soft “I love you” whispered. But you could also tell that he was holding back, your previous actions on him had his body yearning for release. Right now you could see the amount of self control he had to stay that soft slow pace.

“Johnny” you moaned, earning a sudden hard thrust.

‘So he really is that much on the edge of losing that control’ you thought

“Johnny..Ahh! F-Faster” You moaned, your hands grabbing at his back while you wrapped your legs around his waist. He didn’t need to be told twice, his body wasn’t letting him even think about turning down your request as it sped up. His control had slipped and he knew he wouldn’t get it back. Not with the way you clawed at his back, or the way your head was thrown back as moan after moan left you-and definitely not with the way your hips rushed forward to meet his.

“D-Damn…{y-y/n}” He moaned against your neck as his hands reached under your arms, hooking around them as he grabbed your shoulders and brought you down harder against him. Your moans were louder now, while he sped up a little more, bringing you down onto him when..

“Johnny!” You screamed as he hit that spot inside you, Dallas had told him about it, said if he found it to make sure he didn’t lose it again, and he was about to make dang sure he didn’t. One of his hands left your shoulder as it grabbed your hip, holding you steady as he thrusted into you, hitting that spot every time.

“S-Shit! Johnny..Ahh! I-I can’t!” You begged as your vision began to blur for the third time tonight, Johnny didn’t mind though, he honestly didn’t know how much longer he could hold his own end at bay. The way you were pulsing around him had him shuddering and yearning to give in to his body’s needs.

“Then don’t” he groaned in your ear as he kissed and nipped along your neck, sucking hard on your soft spot. That was all it took as you released once again, throwing your head back as you screamed his name. He soon followed, your walls clamping around him sending him over his own edge as he called out your name. The room spun for a moment, the air feeling electrified as you tried to catch your breath. Your ears rang and your eyes were hard to open.

“I love you” you heard a breathy voice whisper. You could only smile, your heart now pounding from not only the sex, but from knowing the boy you loved, loved you too.

“I love you too cutie” You smiled up at him before he leaned down and kissed you. He slid out and laid down next to you, holding you in his arms as your breaths evened out.

“I have to ask something” You told him, as he hmmm’d in response.

“How come Dally set this all up?” The room was quiet for a moment, before Johnny spoke again.

“I told him how much I liked you, and how I wanted to…”

“How you wanted to what?” You asked, a playful smirk on your lips

“You know {y/n}” he said blushing as he avoided your gaze. You both had pretty much just had a threesome, and yet he was still so shy to even talk about it. This boy was gonna kill you from cuteness overload.

“Come on Johnnycakes” you smiled, nuzzling into his neck.

“I told him I wanted to make love to you” he stated, you could feel his cheeks heating up as you giggled.

“H-He said he would help me out, set something up…Guide me through it” he added looking away again. You smiled and turned his face to look at you.

“I’ll have to thank him then” You told him smiling as you brought him down for a kiss, that soon got quite heated.

“Hey Johnnycakes” he smiled against his lips

“Ya {nickname}?”

“How about another round?” you asked, his face going red before a smile appeared on his lips, before they captured yours once more…Lets just say that you two didn’t leave Buck’s that night.


Just an authors not- I found this on I didn’t write this myself I do write smut though so just send in requests.
I didn’t know wether this is on tumblr or not and thought it was great so I shared it. Credits to the person who wrote this if your on here, hope you don’t mind.

TB: Speaking about taking the heat… did I tell you about the trick I played on Don Kennedy’s (the defense investigator at the Leach trial) wife while we were waiting for the Leach verdict to come in?

HA: No.

TB: I was in the lawyers’ room there and I was making some phone calls, and I called Don’s house in Lake City and his wife answered. I said. “Is Don there?” I knew he wasn’t. I had seen him an hour before. I said, “Well, he’s supposed to pick me up here, in front of the courthouse. Im out here and waiting. Do you suppose you can find him?” She said, “Who is this?” I replied “Ted Bundy.” The phone clicked and I damn near laughed my ass off. When Lynn (Thompson, another lawyer) came in later, he asked me what I was laughing about… Did I know something he didn’t?

Ted Bundy tells a ‘joke’. Taken from Conversations With A Killer, written by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth.

It’s You - VIII


SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: i’ve set a goal for myself - i will finish this fic by the end of the year. bc ha ha i already have the last part written out (i know im weird i always write the first and last parts before everything else but it works for some reason) ANYWAY I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THIS WILL BE EITHER. UGH. HOPEFULLY I’LL FIGURE IT OUT SOON.

ALSO, I’m starting the tags over for this story (except for 2 bc they commented on the last part of this) just because it’s been a damn while since i started it and i don’t even know if half of the people that asked to be tagged still want to be on it. so if you want to be on this tag list drop in here and let me know please! :-)

oh and texting key: you = bold


What happened last night, Sebastian thought to himself as soon as he opened his eyes. His head was pounding and his mouth drier than the Sahara desert.

He sat up slightly, propping up on his elbows and looked around his room. He noticed that his jacket was on the floor and one shoe was near by it while the other shoe lay at the end of the bed. He looked down at his body and realized he slept in his jeans and dress shirt.

Sebastian fell back against the mattress, immediately groaning again at the pain that surged throughout his entire body and head. He hadn’t a hangover this bad in a long time. It was killing him and he didn’t know what to do.

He placed his right arm over his eyes and sniffled slightly. Maybe he was coming down with a cold, too. It was autumn after all.

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You ready, luv? - [Eggsy Unwin x Reader]

[OH I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS! This will be at least a 3-4 parter, so I hope you like it!!! It’s kinda angsty, but it will have a happy ending I swear… OR DO I?!?!?! (…I do)

About: You and your boyfriend Eggsy are on a mission together where your limits are tested. Just how far are you willing to go for the man you love?

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin X Reader - small cameo by Merlin ;)

W/C: 2.2k 

Ao3 here!]

“You about ready, luv?” Eggsy asked with a charming smile as he pull his dark gray jacket to place atop his broad shoulders.

Simply saying that you loved that fucking cheeky smile of his wouldn’t have even started to cover it. To be fair though, there wasn’t really much about him you didn’t admire… Yet, you hadn’t told him that had you?

No, you hadn’t said those three words to a soul. Ever. Sometimes you wondered why you couldn’t say it or why you couldn’t feel it… but most days you already knew the answer: because love was fucking terrifying and saying it— made it real.

There was that one part of you though that used to think that maybe you could never actually love anyone as dramatic as that sounds. And for awhile there you wouldn’t let yourself even try. After years of this, you started to think that maybe you were supposed to be alone. That maybe you didn’t have that other half people always talked about…

But then you met Eggsy.

He showed you that there was more to your life than just living and he made that life worth fighting for. Even that first day you met him, you knew he was a rare kinda human. Maybe you didn’t know the extent of it, but you felt something… something low and cogent. Something you hadn’t felt in years and by the look he sent you— he had felt it too.

The last nine months with him tumbled by, and fucking hell if you didn’t fall hard.

Being in love with a man like Eggsy was incredible, but it was also frightening… It may have been easy to pretend your feelings weren’t dangerous, but you both knew the risks when you started this and no amount of denial could hide the truth: That you two were on borrowed time.

Now that you thought about it, it was probably that fear that kept you from saying it out loud…

Or maybe you just didn’t want to jeopardize what you had with words you’d surely choke on while saying.

“Of course, I am babe.” You said back slyly, pulling his chin towards you for a kiss as you place a playful pat on his behind while he pass. Reminding yourself that you could figure out that depressing shit later…

Merlin cleared his throat rather awkwardly before speaking as he entered the room; holding a clipboard in one hand, his wrist in the other. “If you two are quite finished…”

In that moment he sounded more irritated than he was and sent you both a soft smile. “Now, I’ll give a full debrief on the way, but what you need to know now is simple: You two get in, you get out and then you blow the bitch… Quickly. Artemis is not there, but you can bet his men will be. Time is of the essence here, Galahad… Tristan.”

“I’ve done it before, yeah?” Eggsy replied with slight sarcasm as fasten the first two buttons of his jacket with a brow raised teasingly.

“Just because you’ve done it before, doesn’t mean you’ll do it again. Don’t underestimate your enemy. Ever.” When Merlin finished, he put a hand on Eggsy’s shoulder; his own tone hadn’t been as playful and you noticed he ended rather somberly.

You knew then that Merlin was talking about Harry Hart. You didn’t know the previous Galahad just like you hadn’t known the previous Tristan… They both had died before you became a Kingsman and you and Eggsy owed your positions to those deaths as awful as it sounds. That was sort of just the way the Kingsman worked though.

Only, things were a little different between Eggsy and Harry you began to realize. It got to the point that you’d heard so much about the man, that you felt like you knew him yourself. There were even times where it made you sad to think how you never would.

Times like now… where you had to see the man you’d grow to cherish wearing the face he did.

It twisted your stomach into knots when you thought of how Eggsy must have felt that night, but you both knew Merlin had a point in reminding him. Anything could happen at anytime; you were never really safe from danger… even when you were.

You hadn’t failed to notice the look he continued wearing and in that moment you wanted nothing more than to hold him. But Merlin was there and the mission was a go— so these signs of affection you almost desperately craved could wait.

But… he knew you cared about him, didn’t he?

Eggsy nodded to his feet then cleared his throat before talking again this time with more confidence in his voice. “We got it, Merlin.” He tapped his watch to the palm of his other hand a few times before placing it on his wrist. “Just like you said: In n’ out… Plus, my girl’s the best at what she does ain’t ya, luv?” Eggsy smiled at you sweetly, but you could tell he was still feeling anxious.

He didn’t like talking about Harry anymore than you liked how it made him feel; but he had recovered quickly, pressing a kiss to your cheek before turning to load up on other essentials.

You saw the look that Merlin sent you as Eggsy passed though and didn’t like the way it felt low in your stomach… It was almost like he was trying to tell you something. But what?

The ride to the bunker had been quiet aside from Merlin’s final debriefing in your ear. You sat holding Eggsy’s hand in your lap reading the face he wore like a book you had memorized. Most days Eggsy seemed well adjusted to the loss— as much as could be expected after seeing your mentor murdered, that is… but you could see his face now, and you knew what it meant.

Eggsy leaned his cheek to your shoulder after kissing your neck softly. You smiled to yourself as you slid a hand through the side of his hair; scratching his scalp softly. He let a soft purr escape and you couldn’t help but laugh as he lean his head further into your grasp with eyes closed.

After a moment you placed your lips to his head, hoping he’d understand what you meant to say… The look he sent you proved he had and before your drop he kissed you again. Firm yet tender…strong and passionate.

Like it might be the last time he would have the chance to do it, and that scared the fucking shit out of you.

Except you couldn’t worry about that kiss or what it meant then… You had a mission and the mission had to come first. As you made your way past guards and security systems alike you couldn’t stop thinking about it though. You couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to it this job, more to that kiss… more to this all.

Was there something you didn’t know? Why was he so… afraid?

If anything was bothering him still however, he had done his very best to hide it from you. You had to give it to him, he really was good at compartmentalizing as terrible as that sounds. Eggsy just knew how to turn off emotion when he needed to, something you weren’t as good at…

Your thoughts were so insistent that it took everything you had to stop thinking them and felt yourself growing annoyed at your lack of control. You could think of emotions later, now was the time to get through this…

Get in. Get out. Blow the bitch.

The systems thus far hadn’t been difficult, especially for someone as skilled as you were. Eggsy may have liked bragging about you but he was actually kinda right: you really were the best at what you did.

That paired with the fluidity of your fighting? Well, let’s just say the two of you were a fucking force of nature. Each punch and kick perfectly framing each other as you fight alongside dismembering each body that stood in your way with ease.

Thinking back on it now, you’d always been an excellent team. Even that first group exercise during recruitment you had the kind of chemistry people trained years to perfect.

“Uh, luv? If you got a moment, I could use a bit a help.” Eggsy called lightly from down the hall as he throw a lighter grenade into several men, their pieces flying which way accordingly.

Thankfully he brought that damn umbrella; managing to open it before he was completely covered in a warm spray of blood and guts.

“You finally learn from the last time?” You yelled back with a laugh, remembering the time he in fact hadn’t been so quick to cover. But by the looks of it, he really could use your help.

At this point you two were hold up by Artemis’ office, deep in the maze of a bunker. You inside hacking the computer with Eggsy down the hall keeping you safe and undisturbed. It’s been about seven minutes of you trying to decrypt this damn thing, and your patience was running out.

For being the best you sure were taking your sweet time and before long Eggsy’s eyes begged you to hurry it up.

Artemis had more men than Merlin anticipated and his security measures in this half of the bunker were at least triple the strength of the others. It wasn’t that you couldn’t handle it, of course you could… But as the minutes trickle on, and the bodies keep piling you started to feel strange, like something wasn’t right.

“Babe, not tryna pressure you, but things are gettin’ a little tight round here. Seems a bit like a trap, don’it?” You could hear the apprehension lining his words, and you’d be lying if you denied having the same thought only moments before. “Let’s just forget bout it… Blow the place and scram.”

After a deep swallow you replied, still clicking away as best you could trying to get something— anything off of this fucking computer. It really bothered you to leave a job undone, but sometimes you knew you had to cut your loses and get the fuck out of Dodge.

“I was gonna say the same thing. This…” You stopped with voice trailing off as you scanned the screen before you, confusion spreading around you like quicksand.

What the hell? It… this firewall… it’s changing…

“Wha’s that?” Eggsy called after emptying another clip with ease, putting those years of gymnastic training to use as he dodge bullet and blunt object alike.

“I-I don’t know…” You stumble with nerves bubbling hot, your fingers sliding like spiders across the keys as you fight for control with the system. “S-somethings happening… It’s like— I don’t know, it’s like… i-it’s learning or something—” Now your pulse was raising to match the height of your tone, the real pang of fear settling in around you.

You knew how crazy it sounded, but you had never seen anything like this before… The system itself seemed alive somehow…

Like it was one step ahead of you from the very beginning, only you just now realized it. Then before your very eyes the numbers and letters shifted, changing into a little red dragon that began flapping its 8 bit wings excitedly.

“Eggy… We need to leave. Now!” You screamed sending your eyes towards him as you hear Merlin through your comms.

“Galahad! Tristan! Get out of there, no—”

You looked up to meet Eggsy’s gaze, suddenly feeling the weight of dismay pressing harder against your chest. So hard you almost couldn’t breathe, like the time you were caught in the undertow of the ocean, floating and smashing into the hard sand unable to find the air your lungs screamed for…

The face he sent you was stone and almost expressionless, if not for the terror that you could see poisoning his azure gaze.

You swallowed as he turned and began running down the hallway towards you, faster than you’d ever seen him run before. Each of his rushed footsteps fell heavy and echoed the chamber of the hallway separating you loudly.

The moment Merlin cut out, you had tried to run to him… the exact second Eggsy looked at you, you were jumping over the desk knocking each trinket lining it about in a crescendo of clatter.

But you weren’t fast enough…

Eggsy yelled your name as the door slammed shut, bolting several locks along the edges tightly.

There was something jarring about the way he called your name though and no matter how many names you yelled or how hard you pounded… nothing helped.

You were alone.

Now as the room fill with a olive green gas you think about that kiss… You think about how you’d never told him how much you loved him… How you always just assumed he knew.

And now, you can’t stop thinking about how you were going to die in this room…

– PART 2!