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as soon as i finished watching 5x16 i knew i needed to make something for my otp stiles and lydia, and so this is my first attempt at a video. i really hope you enjoy it.

just another day ♥

Thanks to @thesassywitchofthenortheast and @trueromantic1 for the Valentine’s Day prompts. Your ideas were similar, so I mixed in a thought I had, and this ball of fluff is the end result. (set sometime post-Underworld in happier times)

“Come on, lad, you’re going to be late for…”

“Which ones, Marvel or X-Men, I can’t decide?”

The aisle in which Killian has found Henry is awash in red and pink, with paper hearts haphazardly taped to shelves overflowing with candy and plush toys. Henry is holding up two boxes, which upon closer inspection appear to contain small red notecards adorned with his favorite comic book characters.

“Lad, I’m going to need a bit more information before I can form an opinion. What is all of this?”

Henry lets out a small huff and lowers his hands, a tinge of teenage annoyance with the world showing momentarily before he begins to speak with his usual understanding when teaching Killian of this new realm.

“Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for couples to do romantic things, buy flowers, candy, greeting cards with love poems on them, and go out on dates, that kind of thing. It’s a holiday, I guess. At school, all the kids give these Valentines to each other, it’s just a thing…you know…and I can’t decide which ones I like better.”

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The Story

I’m a 27 year old queer woman in Chicago, urgently trying to raise funds to get out of the city and my toxic relationships and living situation here. I have a supportive and healthy community in Boston I’m desperate to move to and begin rebuilding my life.

And I have an amazing opportunity in June to move there, to live with a close, incredibly supportive friend! I have transportation for myself and my sweet dog in the form of another friend just so happening to be in my area at the end of May, who’s super generously offered to provide transportation back to Boston! Basically everything is finally really, really ideal to move this summer, specifically.

The problem is, I work in the service industry trying to cobble any kind of a career back together after missing an entire year of work due to medical disability, and I live paycheck-to-paycheck. Saving anything is a challenge with rent, bills, and the therapy/medication that makes it possible for me to work again, but I’ve scraped together some funds from tip money since last year. And then Jan 25, 2016 I got queer-bashed by two men who followed me out of the bar I was at. I came out of it with a lingering injury where my skull hit the ground twice in quick succession. I caught a fall entirely on my face as well, which among other things ended up breaking a tooth on the sidewalk cement.

Fixing that tooth means dipping into my Boston savings. Getting my head checked out (it’s been two weeks of constant headaches since then) means dipping into Boston savings. I have first month’s rent budgeted out in my financial plan I’ve followed since November. That’s a predicted $700 - which is where my medical expenses will have to come from now. And that ruins any chance of starting over in Boston.

There’s so much that is perfect about this opportunity, and I hate letting the chance to get out slip through my fingers because I can’t keep my head above water until then. If you feel so lead, I could really use any help you can give. I know the goal is absurdly optimistic. But honestly - even a few dollars is a huge deal for me right now. Here’s my page. 

Thank you so much and so much love to all of you.


“I was shouting…”


Deleted 1/?

*Permission was granted from the artist


(I know it’s long. If it’s not clear just open it in a new tab and zoom in)

So, @the-archangel-of-zeref and I were making puns about Zeref’s… Killer body, and she requested Natsu and the Spriggan 12 making them. xD 

I hope you enjoy it~

@melichamaa @just-another-fairytail-fan look :3

(Cr to @witch-bomb as usual cause my fcb posts were inspired by her own)