“… the geocore is a frenzy of anorganic base-machinic geotrauma. a pain that is not psychological, neuronal or even cellular; that is primarily unconscious, amnesiac, non-thematic… even in the case of animals with brains, pain is rendered all the more extreme by unconsciousness, by subterranean gougings and rendings that warp behavior into tic-swarms, thanatropic programming, and protoplasmic torture-rituals…”

- nick land, non-standard numeracies

4/100 days of productivity Today I got a new notebook, it is red (my favourite colour ♡) and it is perfect for transport and for Uni Today was less productive than I had planned, as I had to wait for over an hour at the doctor and my whole timetable was crushed. But I did some revision for anorganic and general chemistry (4h) Tomorrow will be hopefully a more productive day!