Classes I’m taking in my first semester

Ok, I’m super excited bc my first year in university starts in a week. I’m studying chemistry and the classes I’m taking are:

• experimental chemistry

• anorganic chemistry

• physics

• maths

• exercises for math

• and I will have several hours in the laboratory

In total I have 29 hours per week (12 in the laboratory, which I’m super excited but also scared about…). Which classes are you taking this year (doesn’t matter whether it’s school or uni). 😉

4/100 days of productivity Today I got a new notebook, it is red (my favourite colour ♡) and it is perfect for transport and for Uni Today was less productive than I had planned, as I had to wait for over an hour at the doctor and my whole timetable was crushed. But I did some revision for anorganic and general chemistry (4h) Tomorrow will be hopefully a more productive day!