Credit to petit-pavot but really though. IT WILL BE OKAY YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS MY DEARS WE ARE STRONG AND WE DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD AND ENJOY IT AND EXPERIENCE IT AND FALL IN LOVE AND SPEND HOURS ON THE ROAD AND TRY SKETCHY DINERS AND TRY LITTLE CAFES AND SHOP ON WHIM AND LAUGH OUT LOUD AND ENJOY OURSELVES WITHOUT A VOICE YELLING BACK BECAUSE WE DESERVE TO BE FREE #edfree #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfamily #anawho #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #prorecovery #intake #minniemaud #maudsley #recovery #healthy #food #inspire #inspiration #motivation

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  1. DON’T hold onto clothes that fit your sick body but no longer fit your healthy body. That’s like holding onto your tricycle and periodically trying to switch back to it from the bike you ride every day. If you think it won’t trigger you, trust me - in a moment of weakness, it will and it’s just a matter of time so don’t even risk it.

  2. DON’T hold onto friendships that are can potentially be triggering or toxic to you in any way. Unfortunately, this often includes people you’ve befriended in treatment but isn’t limited to it. This is a very important albeit difficult step to take but it’s time for you to think about YOUR health and wellbeing here. If it’s not part of the solution, then it’s a part of the problem. It’s not you being mean or cruel, it’s you making sure that you can live the ed-free and full life that you deserve.

  3. DON’T hold onto your scale - food scales included! Your weight will fluctuate from day to day (as will the amount of food you eat) depending on a variety of factors and let’s face it - whether you’re just starting to recover or are almost there, having an ED-past and owning a scale just doesn’t add up to anything productive and can potentially be a trigger for a downward spiral in the future. I haven’t owned a scale in 5 years and my life hasn’t been negatively affected in the least - toss it and forget about it guys!

  4. DON’T hold onto ED mementos (photos, diaries etc.) if they’ve ever served as a trigger for you in the past. If you have days when you’re feeling off balance and you tend to reach for your thigh gap pics from way back when to motivate unhealthy behavior - you need to get rid of them NOW. If when you feel sad you tend to re-read journal entries outlining your minuscule intake of ED-past and dwell on eating like a normal human being now - you need to toss out these journals and not look back. Clinging to the past is a direct link to potentially ending up right where you started so don’t go there.

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Inside of you,
There are thousands of tiny life forms, forming an
Ecosystem as big
As a rainforest;
They work to keep you

You are not alone.

And as you trace
Your scarred and precious skin,
Do you know,
That 7 octillion atoms
Mould that miraculous body?

You are not worthless.

You. Your thoughts,
Your actions,
Are stardust
Your brain
Is modelled on the universe itself.
You are a galaxy
Of your very own.

You are a phenomenon.

And when you lay your aching bones
To rest.
The world prepares for
A new day
A new life
A new chance.
A new dawn greets you
A new world meets you.

You are never broken beyond repair.

—  Life’s lessons.
This whole ‘recovery thing’ is so confusing. It’s like I’m learning how to swim but the only way to learn is to throw myself into the water and start drowning. To get over my anxiety is to feel it and I find myself running towards what’s safe (my eating disorder). You see recovery isn’t safe–it’s scary but that’s okay because at least I’m feeling something. At least I’m learning how to swim even if I feel like I’m drowning.
—  recovery is drowning but that’s okay