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Jeremy, what happened at graduation??

I just don’t remember my senior year much? Michael and I surprisingly didn’t have any classes together.. I had a schedule change weirdly before I figured it out- And sooner or later he just kinda- Stopped being near me? I didn’t even see him at graduation- Nor do I.. Remember graduation? Only when I actually entered I did but that’s.. That’s it.

It’s a burden I need to endure.. Because I y’know- Deserve it?

Plus, Michael always supplied the red mountain dew, he’s the only one who really knows where to get it… I gave up after awhile searching for it,

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do you have some headcanons for stan and bill going on a double date with richie and eddie?

sorry this took so long but YES. they’d probably try to act like it’s just a group outing to the diner but everyone knows its a d a t e 

-theyd all be so nervous! so many butterflies

-everyone is trying to be the Polite Young Man on A Date their parents raised them to be, pulling out chairs, compliments galore, opening doors, etc. 

-bill gives stan flowers

-It’s super awkward though, especially because they all try to open the doors at the same time/ do gentlemanly things (“ladies fir… uh. Nevermind.”)

-they only stop one upping each other after Eddie bursts out saying this is ridiculous, they’re still just the same old losers

-so richie (relievedly) goes back to saying dumb shit and bill stops trying to hold back his stutter

-they laugh a lot and have milkshake bubble blowing contests in the diner. it pretty predictably. stan’s new sweater will never be the same

-afterwards they go back to bill’s to watch movies (georgie picks E.T.)


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28 “Keep your eyes on me.” - for ichiruki

“Eyes on me, Rukia,” he says, and he lifts himself onto his palms. He looks down at her - her head thrown back and eyes closed as he moves within her. 

She arches beneath him, and Ichigo spares a glance down the length of her body, eyes catching on how her breasts quiver as she breathes, how the tension in her core makes her stomach muscles jump and then down to where they are joined, before he looks back up at her face again. Colour rides high on her cheeks, and she’s biting her lip almost bloodless. 

“Rukia,” he says again, and she opens her eyes and meets his gaze. Violet framed by sooty lashes, lit by her internal moonlight and heated by the embers at her core - the embers he is stroking into a conflagration with every thrust. Ichigo wants to lose himself in those depths, wants to drop forward and fall in, and let her catch him, let her hold him, let her shatter him. 

Rukia’s hand slides from her shoulder to his face, and she cups his jaw. Like this, it’s almost like a feedback loop, like he’s developed touch telepathy in the last 0.5 seconds, because all of a sudden everything turns up to eleven and his nerves sing with pleasure that sinks and coils into a heated pool at the base of his spine. He groans, and nearly breaks her gaze, but something in her eyes dares him to keep holding on. 

Rukia’s nails are clawed into his shoulders while Ichigo’s hips roll into hers, the slick slide of their bodies together the only sound in the room. He can feel her getting close in the telltale tremble in her thighs and see it in the arch of her spine. Rukia’s eyes flutter shut again, and Ichigo shifts his weight onto one hand so he can reach up to trace the line of her jaw. 

Look at me,” he husks, “don’t close your eyes.” She nods, eyes once more locked with his and Ichigo snaps his hips forward, driving her up the bed.

“Again,” she pleads, lifting her hips to meet his, “again.” Her eyes never leave his and Ichigo watches as they dilate and haze, watches as she struggles to keep them open when they want to flutter shut, watches as they widen when she comes. She goes taut as a bowstring under him. His name shatters on her lips, and Ichigo is swept up in the tide of her pleasure.  

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a drabble!

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the losers club, fall headcanons?


🎃  Pumpkin carving! They do it October 1st cause my boy Georgie ain’t got no self control and Bill will never not indulge him

🎃 The losers come too but Eddie and Richie make it into a competition

🎃 Ben wins, despite not entering the competition

🎃 Hay Rides! (“No Richie, you fucking idiot, ever heard of Hay Fever?”)

🎃 Richie still makes him go, and Eddie resolutely refuses to actually touch the hay, and sits on his lap instead

🎃 Richie also insists they go in a ‘haunted house’. An impressive number of staff are punched by them on accident (lets be real, it was mostly Bev and Bill), and they are very quickly kicked out.  

🎃 Instead they go to Bill’s to watch horror movies, partly ‘cause they love scary movies’ but there’s also a suspicious amount of cuddling that would indicate otherwise

🎃 They dress up as Snow White and the seven dwarves, with Georgie and take him to trick or treat

🎃 They trade & barter candy. Georgie ends up with an entire pillowcase full and attempts to eat it on the spot

🎃 Mike carries Georgie home when he falls asleep


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kevin price or whizz man?

this is like asking me to choose between my two children (if pressed i would probably say whizzer but i couldn’t pass up the chance to draw both ;P)

they meet at a coffee stand. kevin has had too much coffee already. he’s probably hallucinating 

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Hey Jess, what's "shibari"?

Shibari is a Japanese word that means, simply, ‘to tie’. 

What you are asking about, presumably, is the more general definition - which is an ancient Japanese form of artistic rope bondage. 

It comes from an ancient practice of tying ones captives, using intricate knots and patterns in order to honour their status in society. It grew into erotic bondage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and became known as kinbaku. 

Nowadays, in the west in particular, we call it shibari and it is known as an art of spiritually erotic bondage. 

Shibari style rigging usually creates geometric patterns and shapes with the ropes and the end result is a beautiful contrast between the texture of the ropes and the skin of the model. In shibari, the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush and the rigger is the rope artist. 

The arrangement of the knots and ropes on the model’s body emphasizes sensuality, vulnerability and strength. The positioning of the knots can stimulate pressure points on the body, similar to shiatsu massage or acupuncture. 

It is a beautiful way to look at another person’s body, and a beautiful thing to experience. 

I assume this ask has come in ‘cause I’ve started doing ‘shibari o’clock’ on the blog. If you are enjoying shibari o’clock (which is 11pm est every night), I’ll keep at it and keep looking for pretty pictures of pretty knots and pretty skin. 

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headcannon - richie always making sexual jokes about eddie and eddie always blushing then finally eddies like "JUST DO IT FOR GODS SAKE" and richies shook but he's like "k"

yES this is so them. richie would choke too

send me headcanons

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Do u remember a post with many pictures of Jonging in tight jeans?? I came across that post once and i desperately need it right. It would be great if you can help. Thank you

Could you possibly mean this post x? If not anon friend I will gladly give you a few pictures of Jongin in tight jeans (while hurting myself in the process.. I’m really not ready.. someone hold me)

starting off strong with dat ass

Jongin in black (feat. ankles) i like

His legs are so long and thin how is this…

what a great angle of jongbutt

I’m pretty sure I cried this day…   he was just too much

All he was wearing was a basic white t-shirt and jeans and I lost my shit this day what is this

jongbutt (feat. thighssssss) 

Jongbutt (feat. thighssss) pt. 2 revenge of dat ass


Sekai anyone??? If you haven’t noticed already this is also an appreciation for Jongin in white t-shirts because Jongin in white t-shirts is important. Don’t ask why just know that it is (also hi fab sehun) 

Also Jongin in black…very.. Very.. Very Important. (i thought he was holding kyungsoo’s hand when I first looked at this pic) Kaisoo anyone???

These jeans aren’t exactly the tightest but still gdi and those shoes

I was preparing a speech for this picture but then I told myself to lie down and chill so all I’m going to say is why does he look like he just stepped off the runway???? and  JONGIN IN BLACK IS IMPORTANT.

Jongbros and jongbooty

next time sit on me 

(notice the white t-shirt and jeans)(appreciate the white t-shirt and jeans)

Idk how he can wear such tight ass jeans but I love it so much just…God bless u Jongin