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Like I said I love Star Wars as a whole and believe most are like that but I guess those who fall into OT, PT, ST and EU only fans and even among those who are part of the same group there are always haters with in but how do things that are supposed be meant for fun draw such hate isn't there enough of it in real life fandoms are all about escape from reality I blame the internet.

Yeah, I agree that the majority of fans are ones who really love Star Wars as a whole and just have a preference for one part or another (and often spill over into other parts despite their primary love) and it’s a handful of poorly behaved people that give a bad impression for any one group.

And, ultimately, while I sometimes grump about that kind of behavior, I don’t want to let it rule my experience in fandom, I want to get back to crying about these characters I love so much and I think you probably do as well.  ♥ Fandoms are about having fun, for me, this is my joyful time (even if it’s hard to call crying about the sads “fun” XD), just like it is for you, and the internet (and tumblr has amped it up, even if this kind of thing existed beforehand) can sometimes feel hard to escape, but OH WELL DEEP BREATHS LET’S GO BACK TO CRYLAUGHING ABOUT OUR FAVORITES.   💕

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kevin price or whizz man?

this is like asking me to choose between my two children (if pressed i would probably say whizzer but i couldn’t pass up the chance to draw both ;P)

they meet at a coffee stand. kevin has had too much coffee already. he’s probably hallucinating 

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🌷 = favourite blogs
💕 = tumblr friends

Favorite Blogs: 

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Friends: (idk if all of you consider me as your friend but whatever man idk myself and I’m not feeling well i most likely forgot some people) ((also some of you might be double tagged i can’t think straight so im sorry))

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Do u remember a post with many pictures of Jonging in tight jeans?? I came across that post once and i desperately need it right. It would be great if you can help. Thank you

Could you possibly mean this post x? If not anon friend I will gladly give you a few pictures of Jongin in tight jeans (while hurting myself in the process.. I’m really not ready.. someone hold me)

starting off strong with dat ass

Jongin in black (feat. ankles) i like

His legs are so long and thin how is this…

what a great angle of jongbutt

I’m pretty sure I cried this day…   he was just too much

All he was wearing was a basic white t-shirt and jeans and I lost my shit this day what is this

jongbutt (feat. thighssssss) 

Jongbutt (feat. thighssss) pt. 2 revenge of dat ass


Sekai anyone??? If you haven’t noticed already this is also an appreciation for Jongin in white t-shirts because Jongin in white t-shirts is important. Don’t ask why just know that it is (also hi fab sehun) 

Also Jongin in black…very.. Very.. Very Important. (i thought he was holding kyungsoo’s hand when I first looked at this pic) Kaisoo anyone???

These jeans aren’t exactly the tightest but still gdi and those shoes

I was preparing a speech for this picture but then I told myself to lie down and chill so all I’m going to say is why does he look like he just stepped off the runway???? and  JONGIN IN BLACK IS IMPORTANT.

Jongbros and jongbooty

next time sit on me 

(notice the white t-shirt and jeans)(appreciate the white t-shirt and jeans)

Idk how he can wear such tight ass jeans but I love it so much just…God bless u Jongin

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Since jungkook is a bun hybrid are there certain things/people/animals he's scared of??

Y: He tells me that I’m the only human he really trusts. I’m honored, humans have not been too kind to our sweet bun.

Hybrids are all different despite their animal; Jinnie is a wolf and yet he doesn’t hunt like others and he’s less aggressive and Jeongguk is my personal bodyguard even though he’s a rabbit. It just depends on the personality. Jeongguk says it’s better to not be inherently judgemental of someone’s breeding.

(He’s really afraid of loud noises, which he says is due to his sensitive ears and timid nature.)