“I do indeed harness some of the magic of the universe.. dark matter and dark energies. But we are all made of stars, matter that was stars so long ago, so I can’t help but be fascinated and intrigued by outer space. I do study the stars. I know Valoran’s constellations. I can’t be lost as long as I have stars to guide me and the darkness and sheer power of the universe grants me my abilities. I guess that makes me an astronomer too.”

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I want random fluff about s/g either finding out Sid is pregnant or, if you hate mpreg, finding out they get to adopt a child. Looking for some happiness today

In an alternate ABO universe where everything is crème brulée and happiness and joy:

“You smell different,” Geno murmurs into Sid’s neck.

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If prompts are still open, a KHR X27 request for Xanxus helping Tsuna relax after he gets home from a long meeting of discussing (arguing with, wanting to throttle) things with Iemitsu. Preferably fluffy or as fluffy as you can get with Xanxus, and no smut, please?

…………look i’m finally cleaning out my inbox pls do not hate me for how late this (and anything else that gets written today) is.

ANYWAY, without further ado: settled, adult 27x b/c i have a weakness for people who are comfortable enough to not need words.

Xanxus is already lounging in the chair that’s long since become his, a glass of whisky in hand, when Tsuna finally stumbles back to his rooms, exhaustion writ loud in ever line of his face.

Tsuna’s not even thirty yet, and Xanxus can already tell where the wrinkles are going to bite down hardest on his face. He doesn’t even bother to greet his partner, as Tsuna kicks off his shoes, strips off his waistcoat and rolls up his sleeves. Tsuna doesn’t say anything either, just plucks the untouched whisky from Xanxus’ hand, and takes a long swallow, before settling himself on the floor at Xanxus’ feet, head lolling back.

There is a long silence, and Xanxus lets it sit. He’s had years to learn how to let Tsuna’s quiet settle.

Instead, he digs his fingers into Tsuna’s hair, presses his thumbs to the places where the tension knots up in Tsuna’s neck, and massages it free. Tsuna doesn’t look at him, just slowly sips the whisky and contemplates the fireplace.

Finally, when the glass is almost empty, Tsuna sighs, long and low, and sets it down with a soft click on the wood floor.

“Long day,” Xanxus says, because it’s okay to talk now. Tsuna has tucked away his ragged edges, smoothed down the sharpness of his temper, released old hurts that came to visit again.

“Always is,” Tsuna replies, leaning his head against Xanxus’ knee, and sighing slightly as Xanxus carefully combs a knot out of his hair. “Especially when Iemitsu comes to visit.”

A growl rumbles low in Xanxus’ chest, but he lets it go. Iemitsu is not a problem he can solve for Tsuna, and over the years, the idiot has become something almost like a functional parent. Reborn still is, and probably always will be, the person Tsuna goes to with his problems and his joys, but Tsuna and Iemitsu can occasionally have a civil conversation about Tsuna’s personal life these days, which is an accomplishment.

Iemitsu is never going to approve of Xanxus, of course, but Xanxus and Tsuna have never particularly cared about that.

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gOD more supervillan AU

Anonymous said:
Now I want to prompt like 4 things from your supervillain fic why did you do this to me

Anonymous said:
I really, really want more of the Supervillain&Therapist Verse, I mean all your verses are awesome!! But that one is just pushing my cute crack buttons so well, so, whenever you have time, more please!!! :3v

Anonymous said:
Oh my god the therapist!sid and sv!geno fic, i can totally see the climax of megamind happening in this fic. Like, the tangerine flyer wants to bang sid, sid isnt interested, he gets kidnapped and threatened with death (choose me or the flame :3) aND GENO SWOOPS IN TO SAVE THE DAY AND BECOME THE HERO METROPOLIS DESERVES!!!! *michael jackson’s bad plays in the background*

Thank you all for your enthusiasm about this verse! I’m so glad you all liked it. 

Here’s the Evil Consort Incident for your viewing pleasure, in hopes that the Penguins will pull it together tonight. The anxiety is killing me. 

As far as Sid can tell, Geno seems to go through stages of melodrama when he kidnaps Sid, borrowing from his favorite action and horror movies and mixing and matching his favorite elements as he slowly discovers his own distinctive style.

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Imagine Bucky and the Commandos trying to teach Steve how to dance with Groovie Movie.

You can watch Groovie Movie in all its glory here.

“This is ridiculous.”

Steve, to his credit, had been following along for the first couple of minutes. Bucky managed to commandeer a projector and they had the whole mess hall to themselves. When Steve announced to them, in a giddy, boyish way, that he’d gotten Peggy to agree to a dance with him (at least, that’s how the story went), Roger was the first one to point out that he didn’t dance.

That lead to this, the lot of them moving along with an instructional video on the Jitterbug that was leaving Steve more and more disheartened as they went.

“You’re taking it too seriously, Steve. It’s supposed to be fun.” Bucky reached out and pulled Steve into one of the moves, leading the dance. Easy for him to say; he’d been dancing with girls his whole life. This was new to Steve.

“I’m just gonna ask her to have the band play something slow,” Steve replied, but at least Bucky managed to make him smile.

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Uryuu X Orihime *^* : 38 “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“You know Ishida-kun,” she says voice suspiciously light, when he opens his eyes and looks up at her from his position on the floor. “If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extreme lengths.” 


“You fainted Ishida-kun!” Inoue exclaims. “Right into my arms!” 

Ishida frowns. 

“I did not faint,” he says, and Inoue laughs. Ishida’s frown deepens. 

“Okay Ishida-kun, whatever you say.” Inoue reaches forward to help Ishida sit up, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “Are you okay? What happened? Did you eat lunch today? Have you had enough water–?” Orihime pauses for a breath. 

She looks at him, her face inches from his. She wonders if he’s always been this prone to flushes and then the thought spirals away into the possible causes for the flush - fever, dehydration, over-heating - and to quell the rising anxiety over his condition, she reaches out to brush her hand across his forehead. 

Ishida starts violently, and Orihime’s hand lands on his glasses, knocking them askew. “What are you doing Inoue-san?” Ishida asks, fixing his glasses. His eyes are so blue behind them and Inoue notices that they they are flecked with grey. 

“I – you’re flushed Ishida-kun, I was checking to see if you have a fever.” 

“Well,” Ishida says, getting to his feet, “as you can see, I am perfectly fine.” He reaches down to give her a hand up. Inoue hesitates before taking his hand, but he pulls her smoothly to her feet beside him. “Fit as a fiddle!” Ishida declares and Inoue feels her mouth curve into a smile. 

“You’re ridiculous,” she says, and then, more seriously; “are you really okay?” 

“Yes, I’m fine,” Ishida says, “I think I just got a bit too much sun.” 

“Okay then,” Inoue says, “I’m glad you’re alright.”