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Now; I know you like Cgugga, but what is your fav Chugga LP? Very important info.

Well, I’d have to say Xenoblade Chronicles. He obviously put a lot of effort into it, and to go along with that, it’s just a really amazing game. However, because it was pretty recent, I should probably say what my favorite was before that. Which would be Mother 3. Again, it’s just an amazing game, and if a game like Xenoblade hadn’t come along, it’d probably still be at the top. I just absolutely loved it, and it’s probably the one I’ve watched the most.

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what did the cha-cha slide ever do to you

what did the cha-cha slide ever do to me? what did it evER DO TO ME?


okay so let me set the scene. here we have little eight-year-old me, happy to be in the third grade, happy to exist, happy because she doesn’t yet understand the crushing reality of school and life and the universe or the terribleness that is the CHA-CHA SLIDE


ONE DAY, her teacher decides to DO A THING. and that thing, is PLAY THE CHA-CHA SLIDE. AND FORCE EVERYONE TO DANCE ALONG.


do you KNOW how many times i have had to LISTEN to the cha-cha slide? do you KNOW how many times i have had to DANCE to the cha-cha slide?


and that is the story of why i HATE the cha-cha slide with a BURNING PASSION

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hartwin prompt: "why hello there, miss daisy grace"

“What do you mean you can’t make it back?!”  Eggsy nearly whines into his mobile, sounding even worse having to make sure he can be heard over the wails in the back ground.  “Mum!  I have a date!”  He protests while looking at the clock on his wall.  He’s supposed to meet Harry in fifteen minutes and he’s been looking forward to this for weeks (months).  She keeps babbling about something but over the ‘not comin’ back till fuckin’ tomorrow’ he doesn’t much care.

When he disconnects the call Eggsy puts the phone down and bends down to grab his little sister, hoisting her into the air and twirling her around while pleading with her to just tell him what’s wrong.  She’s three and still doesn’t communicate very well at all but they’re working on it.  “Please.  Please my little princess are you hungry?”

“No!”  She’s got that down at least.

“Do you want to draw?”

“NO!”  Joy of joys.

It goes on like that for what feels like forever, Eggsy holding on to all the patience he can muster so as not give in and get angry.  It’s not her fault he’s standing here, trying valiantly not to feel like he’s stuck with her. Five minutes before he’s supposed to be knocking on Harry’s door Eggsy sends a text with words he’s never regretted more in his life.  Gonna have to cancel.  Rain check?

The phone rings instantly and Harry sounds more concerned than ever.  “Is everything alright, Eggsy?”  Daisy answers for him in the form of yet another wail and Eggsy’s stomach churns.

“Yeah.  It’s fine.  Just, something came up.  I’m sorry, Harry really.  I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

He hangs up before he can get any more frustrated.  Daisy wiggles in his arms to get down which he immediately allows and watches her run off who knows where.  For a moment he lets her go, pressing the heels of his hands to his closed eyes to try and keep down the lump in his throat and the knot in his chest.

And then he goes after her.

 They’re upstairs basically destroying her room by pulling out toy after toy which she plays with for .5 seconds before tossing it aside and looking for the next when there’s a loud rapping at the door.  Daisy, thankfully no longer crying at the very least, squeals and bolts down the stairs.  Eggsy groans and just barely keeps himself from falling back on the floor and just letting whoever it is deal with the ferocious three year old.  

But then he hears the door actually start to open and he’s instantly on his feet, heart rate skyrocketing since the only person who should just be walking into this house is still five hours away.  He can’t move fast enough down the stairs, but the moment his socked feet slide to a halt in the foyer Eggsy nearly faints.

“Why hello there, miss Daisy Grace.“   Harry fucking Hart says to Eggsy’s three year old baby sister while on one knee and holding out a very worn looking stuffed bear.  “I heard you stole my date for the evening and thought I’d come over here and try and win him back.”  He’s all teasing, eyes flicking up to Eggsy with a bright sense of humor in them.  But Daisy doesn’t really pay any attention except to the toy in his hands.

“Bear!”  She squeals, taking the offered toy and cuddling it close.  Harry is dressed to the nines, his hair perfectly coiffed even more than usual and looking like the perfect specimen he is.  

“Harry, you didn’t have to do this.”  He says as Harry shuts the door behind him.

“Of course I didn’t.”  He smiles, stepping close and into Eggsy’s space.  He reaches out to run a gentle hand down Eggsy’s arm, his touch warm and grounding.  “But I wanted to.”

Which is how Eggsy and Harry wind up spending their first real date eating fish fingers and chips instead of some fine Italian delicacy, teaching Daisy nursery rhymes instead of sharing humorous stories over wine, and watching Frozen until they fall asleep on the couch with a tiny child curled up between them instead of well… what Eggsy had been really hoping for that evening.  

But it’s good.  It’s fine.  It’s wonderful actually, because Eggsy had thought before that he might love this man - the one who currently has a three year old drooling on his chest - and now, he’s absolutely certain.

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Yang would be the one to get lost in Ikea

Humming to herself Blake straightened a few sign displays for various bunk and loft beds. The kid’s furniture section was admittedly Blake’s favorite to go through for facing. Everything was so “fun and wacky” shaped it was basically pointless to straighten a lot of signs out anyway.

“Uh hey, a little help?”

Blake glanced over before doing a double take. On the other side of the aisle was a rather long legged blonde with a mane of curly blonde hair stuck in an egg shaped chair. They grinned sheepishly over at her, long tan fingers clutching the sides of the chair.

“You realize that’s for a child under the age of 12, right?” Blake couldn’t help but say. Really, it was kind of a wonder the customer managed to sit at all with how small the chair was.

“Well, I mean yah! But I wondered if I could fit aand it looks like I’m too big.” the bubbly blonde laughed trying to wiggle out of the chair again with little success.

Shaking her head Blake crossed the aisle and grabbed the top of the chair with her hands. She leaned back trying to find the chairs stand to brace her foot on. It took a few seconds thanks to the customer’s impatient wiggling for Blake to get a decent hold on the chair.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better you’re not the only customer I’ve had to rescue today. Okay, I think we’re good. Try to wiggle out now.”

The blonde simply nodded in reply. It took another couple of minutes coupled with Blake losing her grip before the chair finally let the poor customer free. Hopping away they threw a fist up in victory as Blake checked to see if she’d need to force them to buy a damaged egg chair. Luckily for them both the chair was no worse for wear.

“Sweet freedom! Whoo! You are a hero.”

Chuckling Blake turned to reply only to find that the blonde was rather close behind her. She leaned back a bit to meet the customer’s purple eyes and not the unbuttoned collar of their sleeveless button up.

“I try.”

“So, got another question for ya.”


“Yeah, did you see a tiny teenager running around with gothy clothes and red streaks? I kinda lost her.”

“Can’t say I have. Although, if you’d follow me up front we can page for them.” Blake offered nodding her head towards the front.

“Perfect! So where exactly am I?”

“The children’s department?”

“No, like… How far from the front did I get? I don’t even know how to get out of here right now.”

Okay, that was a cute. Blake shook her head weaving around a mess of cabinets and overstuffed couches as a shortcut. And maybe to keep herself from staring at the attractive blonde.

“You were basically against the back wall.”


The pair continued for a few minutes in a semi-silence. Blake often found herself looking back to check if the customer was still following her or not. They seemed fascinated with nearly anything the pair walked past. From lava lamps and the strange abstract sculptures operating as center pieces on coffee tables to the wine cabinets and ostentatious bookshelves.

When they finally reached the customer service desk, Blake blinked in surprise seeing exactly whom her wayward customer had been looking for. Up on tip toe was a tiny teen wearing mostly black with red accents to match her hair. She was clutching a large box while talking to Sun as he leaned against the countertop.

“Can you call for my sister? I think she got lost, her name’s Yang Xiao Long and” The tiny girl squeaked shuffling the box in her arms as if it was a bit too heavy.

“Heh, speak of the devil. HEY, RUBY!!” The now named Yang bounced over to her sister grinning and mussing up the shaggy hairdo. There was an outraged squawk followed by a swift squabble between the pair. Yang stole the box from the smaller girl’s arms and glanced back at Blake.

“Hey, thanks for helping me out earlier.”

Still grinning Blake shrugged at Yang’s gratitude.

“No problem. Its a part of the job, but I think you should probably forgo sitting in any egg chairs for a while.” She teased, crossing her arms and tilting her head to the side slightly.

“I dunno” Yang drawled, walking backwards as her sister tried to pull them both out the door “Seemed to have worked out in my favor last time. Got this real cutie to rescue me.”

Wait, what?

“Shoulda asked for her number if ya ask me.”

“Shut up, Sun.”

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do you know about any other great artists drawing one piece?

HOOhohohohooo there’s too many to count and I can’t think of everyone but here’s some that i can remember with my fuzzy memory

first-mate-zoro maarchen aianeart genderfluidsanji maridoodles apple-melons ciqq/tashiggles stjarnskrik noldien artsycrapfromsai

ok but there is literally a shitload more amazing artists and i feel bad for not remembering them :’D

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(I blame that ridiculously perfect gifset for this) I wish you would write a fic where Eggsy goes undercover to bust the mafia lord Tom Hardy (known to gravitate toward pretty little boys) whom the Kingsmen as well as the British government had been trying to bring down for years. Of course, Harry is totally against the idea but he pretends he isn't affected in the face of Merlin's judgmental stare and just quietly lets him go. Eggsy was pretty disappointed Harry didn't push the matter further -

-but he shrugs it off and does his mission - only for it to backfire completely when Hardy indulgently lets Eggsy know he’s aware of his plan. Hardy toys with him but makes it clear he enjoys his company - and vice versa?? Cue Harry swooping in to save the day before Eggsy could dwell on it. He gives Eggsy hell when he’s just really glad Eggsy is safe and sound but he can’t stop yelling because foot-in-mouth Harry is my fav. Then one day.. Eggsy just leaves. Leaves Kingsmen, leaves Harry-

-to be with Hardy (Hardy was skeptical at first but lets him anyway because tbh, he really likes Eggsy) and of course Harry is grief-stricken because it was all his fault but it turned out Eggsy was making up for the last failure and the three have a final confrontation where Eggsy had the chance to shoot Hardy, and Hardy just looks on with a smirk because he just knows Eggsy wouldn’t be able to. And Harry - well Harry was heartbroken. Only, Hardy turns the tables and aims to shoot Harry-

-and Eggsy just fires at Hardy by instinct because he cannot go through the pain of losing Harry to a gunshot all over again. As Hardy falls, betrayed, Eggsy just rushes forward, holds him in his arm and mourns for his friend he genuinely adores. Harry could only whisper ‘why?’ to which Eggsy replies, broken, 'it’s always been you.’ Arghhh sorry about the incoherent word vomit but if anyone can do my ramblings justice, it’s you. I love you and your fics so much it hurts.

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Which broadway stars would you love to see voice a Disney character?

KELLI O’HARA and that film would have to be as big as frozen to make her a well known name so she would randomly appear on my tv and come to the uk so i could see her live

laura benanti as some really sarcastic sidekick who gets to sing the best song

audra mcdonald but not as a wardrobe

lin-manuel miranda who is the main character to laura benanti’s sarcastic sidekick and the two rap together during the finale

as soon as the future mess of zootopia comes out, disney should just hire broadway people for every role ever

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Loving your headcanons. I can't believe there isn't a single S/G fic with reverse cowgirl!!!!!!


Sid can feel the heavy weight of Geno’s hands on his ass. They’ve slipped under the elastic on the waistband of his briefs, kneading, gently pulling apart the weight of his cheeks, every now and then tips of his fingers sneaking down into the dip between them to run feather light against his hole .

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Hello there! So, uh, numbers 5 and 7 from SFW and 1, 5 and 13 from NSFW for our Hartwin babies! Thank you! :)

  • Who buys the groceries?

They buy all of the groceries together.  Eggsy’s been doing the thrifty thing for so long that despite the money he’s making now he still kind of balks at the prices of the really good stuff.  And Harry’s the kind of man who indulges in anything he sets his eyes on and introduces Eggsy to all sorts of delicacies.  

  • Would they go to the beach?

Absolutely.  Eggsy loves it and Harry not so secretly enjoys watching Eggsy love it.  

  • How often do they have sex, if at all?

More than Harry thinks he should be capable of at this point in his life and not nearly enough for Eggsy to keep his hands to himself at the most inappropriate times.  

  • Favourite positions?

When they make it to the bed, they both almost always prefer Eggsy on top.  He gets to set the pace, the intensity, and Harry gets to watch his beautiful lover’s body dance above him.   

  • Who’s loud? Who’s quiet? Does one try to make the other louder/quieter? How?

Harry never holds anything back but Eggsy has spent his life stealing away in quiet corners, stalls, muffling his own sounds of pleasure into pillows when he got himself off in the minuscule privacy of his bedroom.  He’s beautifully responsive but for Harry, the silence will simply not do.  Harry encourages the small noises, rewards him for the more open ones, quietly conditions Eggsy to be completely free with his ecstasy.  

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#4 or #5 sid/geno, happy ending PLEASE!! <3 <3 <3

For Number 4:

“Hey, come over tonight?” Geno asked, bumping Sid’s shoulder hard enough that he would have toppled over if he wasn’t expecting it, if he wasn’t always expecting Geno and his affectionate bullying, his big hugs and his bigger hands.

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I'd shout "Cosette is a boring and pointless character"

What you need to understand about me, is that I literally threatened to fight a friendquaintance the other day because she said Cosette wasn’t that interesting or important. If you shout this, I will be there, and I will be ready to fight you.