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we send oc asks here instead of your main right? cause im dyin to know was moxie wearing black lipstick in your reference of them *coughs* asking for a friend

Moxie: If I’m going to be the last thing someone sees, I should at least make myself decent!

? ? ? [Micromanager]: A lot of cogs say to me, “Wow! What an honor it must be to be BCH.2372.6a’s personal assistant! Could you provide some insight to what it’s like?” Oh, I’ll tell you what it’s like. Imagine sitting in a chair for THREE HOURS every morning, while SOMEBODY keeps asking you for your opinion on things that DON’T EVEN MATTER. 

MM.4463.8c , should I go with Jet Black or Coal Black today?” They will say to me.

I think to myself, ‘IT’S ALL BLACK SIR!! BOTH SHADES LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME JUST PICK ONE!!’ but I can’t even say anything so I’ll just say “Uh, Coal Black, I guess?” TO WHICH THEY SAY “You sound uncertain.” AND PULL OUT 5 MORE SHADES OF BLACK THAT ARE EXACTLY!! THE SAME!!

Help me. Please.

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Have you seen the comments on your fic? IHs were roasted to death lol. Btw your fic was freaking amazing!! Keep it up!

Ah, I have yes. 

I’m… of two minds about the whole thing really. On the one hand, exposure is exposure, and the more people who see my writing, the more people who will come and find more of it… however, the Discourse™ detracts from the fic itself… which kind of bothers me? I dunno. 

I’m mostly just thrilled to death that something I wrote in a fit of pique and feelings has engendered this kind of a reaction - honestly, that’s #goals as a writer. The whole point of writing is to make people feel things, and clearly? This did that. 

I’m glad you liked it too! ^.^

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Your new askblog is cute! Do any of your toons collect stuff?

[[Thank you so much!! :^D also for clarification this ask takes place in the present! ill put a * * * at the top of my posts if they take place in the storyline past :^0]]

Bearly Pawsible: I collect all different kinds of socks and thigh highs!! I dont have a clue about fashion though… I’m mostly proud of my socks!!

Fiver: I keep all my stuff from Bearly in some boxes under my bed!! This weird cog machinery glows when you open the box I put it in! Bearly says he didn’t mean to take it, and feels bad, but TOO BAD for whoever owned this before cause its MINE NOW!! ehehehe >:-)

Fiver and Bearly Pawsible: “…As for Mike, we asked him if he collects anything and got really embarrassed and walked away… Not sure what that means!” 

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Headcanon that McCoy gets really jealous whenever Jim is with a woman. When Jim flirts or meets an old ex girlfriend, McCoy stiffens and becomes closed off for a while until the girl leaves. It makes him feel unwanted, and it makes him feel like Jim could never love him like that. This is why it completely caught him off guard when Jim pushed him out of the way of a poisonous planet shooting at them, rather than jumping in front of his ex girlfriend who had been on the away mission. 

“Jim why? Kimberly…she….”

“I couldn’t let you die,” Jim said simply, hands protectively wrapped around the doctor’s body. “Not you.” 

McCoy could feel the captain shaking, scared and relieved all at once. That’s the moment Bones realized just how much Jim really loved him. He never forgot it.


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Have you wrote anything post-686 Ichiruki and Ishihime fanfic. I feel like to read one because today I cried about why ichiruki didn't became canon and it still hurts.

Hi my lovely friend! I have indeed written things that qualify as what you are after. I’ll give you my post-686 stuff, some other people’s and then my fix-it, so you can soothe yourself afterwards. 

Unsubstantial & Transparent - Post-686, canon-compliant, no actual adultery. These are set in the same ‘verse, and there’s another couple of pieces coming. Neither of these are very happy and well. You asked for it. 

$5 Ishihime Adultery - Post-686, adultery. A nice anon paid me five whole dollars to write this, so I did. This is… smut and a bit of feelings in the middle. 

Incendiary Devices - Post-686, adultery. Ichiruki, shameless smut. I have no excuses and I make none. I keep 686 only so I can ruin it. 

Ichiruki Excerpt - @hashtagartistlife Post-686, canon-compliant, sans adultery. This is part of a much bigger fic that I have on good authority is being furiously written rn. 

(Sera’s also writing another one that… I have had the privilege of seeing pieces of and it is going to murder us all.)

Ishihime Excerpt - @mizulily Post-686, canon-compliant, sans adultery. This hurts me, I hope it hurts you too. 

Morally Questionable Ishihime - @mizulily Post-686, canon-compliant, adultery. I know this is also part of something bigger than is incoming. 

Yearning of Youth - @deathbympreg Post-686, Ichiruki, canon-compliant, adultery. Elena murdered us all with this. 

A Crossroad - @deathbympreg Post-686, Ishihime, Ichiruki, canon-compliant, implied adultery. This was so excellent. 

Repeat - @woodrokiro Post-686, canon-compliant, ichiruki, sans adultery. Brilliant little drabble. 

And now, to soothe you, read this one: 

The Angels Dragged My Throne [Part One] [Part Two]
Ichiruki. Fix-it, accepts canon up to 685, then ignores it. 

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“M!A generator: Thinks they’re from the past and is very excited about "the future” for 1 day" (i chose hs so)

Homestuck blinks and looks around, suddenly getting really excited about his surroundings.









“I do indeed harness some of the magic of the universe.. dark matter and dark energies. But we are all made of stars, matter that was stars so long ago, so I can’t help but be fascinated and intrigued by outer space. I do study the stars. I know Valoran’s constellations. I can’t be lost as long as I have stars to guide me and the darkness and sheer power of the universe grants me my abilities. I guess that makes me an astronomer too.”

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I want random fluff about s/g either finding out Sid is pregnant or, if you hate mpreg, finding out they get to adopt a child. Looking for some happiness today

In an alternate ABO universe where everything is crème brulée and happiness and joy:

“You smell different,” Geno murmurs into Sid’s neck.

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