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OMG you wrote something with Kate/River?!?!? I totes need to read it! Can you link it?

I have! atm it’s just the one and it’s a short ficlet ( but im probs gonna expand this at some point and def gonna write something else for them bc the fun i can have w their hair alone is off the charts i stg

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do you have any tips for racing? bc its so painful to do Dx

ooo kind of yeah! i mean like there’s only so much you can do to make it a little more bearable [although like honestly racing is my favorite out of the non cog fighting related activities] 

uh so pretty much this is fairly common knowledge i think but if you dont know this [sorry if u already do!] you dont actually need other people to race with you, you can do it by yourself!!

just open two toons [or make a second account + another toon if u dont have one] that have enough tickets and always go for the option with the cheapest amount of tickets cause its gonna save u time [of course] even if u have to wait for the race to change first

and then after that its really simple all u have to do is disconnect the toon u dont want during the timer [ideally you should wait until there’s less than 11 seconds left] but before the race actually starts by closing out of the window!!
THE LOADING TIMES ARE ABYSMAL BTW i think its even worse if you do it the way i just described but like… thats the price u pay for getting to race by urself i guess

and Uhhh as for general tips to make it more interesting / save time:

- if you use texture packs, changing them or adding a new texture pack can add more visual interest if youre tired at looking @ the same course every time

- you dont have to do it all at once, if you’re good enough at remembering then just do like 10-20 races per day cause its a lot more manageable. i usually get thru all of racing in a span of like 3 days because im really bad at remembering to do things every day LMAO but if ure good at that then… definitely try spacing it out

- since racing is broken as hell you technically only need 210 races to get the current possible laff boosts from racing [but ideally u should do all 300 of the speedway/rural/urban races so youre all set whenever tournament races come out].
usually ppl do 100 speedway races, and then 100 rural/urban and then 10 rural/urban depending on what you didnt pick

- if you’re good at wall riding  you can get some pretty intensely fast times on blizzard boulevard reverse [and a lot of the urban races really, but blizz boulevard rev is by far the best i think] which will save you a lot of time, and you may want to consider doing 100 urban instead of the 100 rural if u wanna do the bare minimum 210 races

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So I've been thinking about starting a bts ask blog recently and I really want to!! The thing is, that my idea isn't really original (haha it's ask fem!kookie) and my art is reaaaaaaaally bad. Idk if I should???

Hey sweetie! So, there’s a few things you should think about before starting it, some things we all kinda have to ask ourselves.

First, is this idea something that I will enjoy drawing/writing? Will you stay interested in it? It’s okay to start and then change the au/idea in the middle, some people even do monthly aus to switch things up. Personally, I think we honestly need more fem!bangtan and I would LOVE to see more of it out there. The idea of genderbent is not a tired one in the least, so don’t worry about that.

Second, will you be able to draw often? While answering asks and putting art on the blog is not necessarily something you can do every day, it is important to draw every day in order to improve. If you don’t think your style is that great, that’s fine (heck, I hate my own style haha) but it’s imperative that you are willing to doodle or sketch daily. In order to prepare for my blog, I practiced for months daily beforehand, not posting anything, just drawing in order to familiarize myself with my style and anatomy/visuals I wanted to convey. Even if it’s not fully drawings, if you are even doodling squiggles or little circles or shapes, it’s still drawing. Get used to the way you hold the pen and learn yourself first.

Third, will it matter if you don’t get the asks you want? Something we all fight with on the regular is not getting enough attention. There are a lot of ask blogs at the moment and I want you to know that getting asks is sometimes rare, especially when you are first starting out. It helps to keep a schedule, pace yourself with the ones you do get and most importantly: remember you are doing this to improve and expand your ideas. If you don’t have asks, draw comics, do ask games, drawing challenges, post doodles, post any drawings or storylines you have. People will come for your ideas and your art. As long as you remember to enjoy the product you put out. Your followers will see the effort and love you put into your art, so be proud of it.

Lastly for my list, think about interacting with other blogs. One of the best ways to get more grounds for your blog is to interact and react to the other ask blogs. @ask-momma-jin is a wonderful genderbent au ask blog, I’m sure that if you guys got together you could have some jinkook moments (also I’m jinkook trash, sue me). You’ll see that I have interactions with @ask-slytherin-yoongi and @ask-gryffindor-joonie to name a couple and we bounce ideas off of each other for plot and whatever else. It just helps to know you aren’t alone, there are many ask blogs, but most if not all of us are very welcoming and warm to newcomers. I’m fairly new to this myself so I can say first-hand that it is a great experience and it has helped me greatly improve in my style and what I’m comfortable with.

If you have any more questions, please shoot me an ask or a message, and of course, if you do end up starting your blog, link me that shit. I will give you a shoutout and send you some asks!! <3

Hopefully my spout of nonsense helped a little ^^


TL;DR: do it. and do it for you, no one else.

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How about colors that are like Strawberry Jam and Mint? If those can be considered colors omg-

J: These remind me of Taehyung and Yoongi:

Seeing Taehyung eat so many strawberries in one go, we were sure he would just turn into one himself~ @ask-hufflepuff-v

And Yoongi– the first day I met him he had mint-green hair and only wore huge, thick scarves that made him look so small and cute~ @ask-slytherin-yoongi

Send a color or a character~


Fresh, you can’t wear 2 pairs of glasses; that just looks bad, mah dude.

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Sorry for the dumb question, but what ot3 are you talking about?

well, Bernie/Marcus/Serena au is the only ot3 I’m currently working on, but now that you mention it i do have several other poly pairings rolling around in my head *cough* River/Kate/Osgood *cough* so I should probs get more specific tags

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I don't hate Diversity, I was just telling how the series handles monstrous manaketes. Cute Divine Dragon girls are good, ugly Mage and Earth Dragons are bad.

“Also hate to say it but “pretty = Good” and “ugly = Evil” are extensively used in Fire Emblem. Note how Validar is super deformed for no reason, while his kid looks nothing like him. Or how everyone in the Grimleal are all as horrifically ugly as Validar, except for Aversa, who as it turns out was brainwashed and gets redeemed while everyone else in the cult is killed.“

and im saying its bad? like im not denying the prevalence of the trope, im just saying its bad and it makes me tired

and validar/the grimaleal are a whole different kettle of fish, where all the "bad” plegians are dark skinned and all the “good” recruitable plegians are white

and not everyone in the cult gets killed, given its the national religion? like, there are guaranteed to be survivors who practiced. thats just the odds

and i think youre misremembering, all the generic enemies have the same portraits? all of which seem to be real conventionally attractive

like, listen, i dont know what your point is, but it sure feels like youre coming into my house and pointing out the problems you have with my decor all uninvited.

like? cmon dude

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Oh my god you are so unbearably stupid and ignorant. I can see there will be no reasoning with you just seeing as you still think locs are exclusively black culture, and that someone deserves to be publicly shamed for a hairstyle. Have a nice day, hopefully one day you will see how ignorant and close minded you've been.

Babe, sweetie, you’re still not doing anything insulting me. You’re still the one hiding on anon in MY inbox so you can take your cowardly, “DONT PUBLICLY SHAME HIM!!!!”, overtly sensitive ass out my inbox.

I offered to talk about this over pm with you, to which you ignored cause of course. So, you can send more hateful asks but they’re not gonna sway me or whatever you’re trying to accomplish here 😅😂😘.