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I find it hilariously hypocritical that you as someone who runs a small business, thus engaging in capitalism would have no problem posting memes that are blatantly trying to portray capitalism as something bad.

Welcome to living in Trump’s America :)

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Idk personally I beleive taking our voices for us and saying a piece of literature is harmful (which bar using a character which could be anti semetic but I don't beleive was as he's not Jewish) is pretty harmful to our community and voices as a whole. You're a big blog with a lot of readers and claiming something is damaging to a group you're not part of is sort of taking a piece of art away from our group and making us feel crap. I think perhaps you've gone to far on this one, sorry.

y’know what whilst i disagree with some of the stuff in this ask i actually think you’re absolutely right, and this is a really valuable piece of criticism.

proposed solution:

from now on, when we get involved in heavy discourse that involves identities we can’t represent (such as jewish people) we’re going to specifically ask our followers/friends who are of that identity for advice to talk about this, and maybe give them a spot to make a post for us.

do you think that would be a better solution to the problem here? send in your thoughts!! i think this could really help discussion as a whole on this blog

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OK LOUIS WE GET IT. TWO GHOSTS IS ABOUT YOU. (White shirt? Check. Tattoo showing? Check)

He’s definitely on something with the white t-shirt/tattoo pics

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i feel like the safety of the school may have diminished a bit with Toga getting Uraraka's and Deku's blood tho, like if those 2 wind up absent she can just stroll on in there .. easily, disguised as either of those 2

Ya but anon that’s not even the scariest thing…..

Toga has Deku, Uraraka, and Tsuyu’s blood. And all three of them are prominent in this arc.

What I’m more worried about is one of them, especially of of the girls – there’s gotta be a reason they have so little comic-time right now – being switched out by Toga at literally any given moment

Be on the lookout my friends

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So the person that I've been dating just came out as trans and I'm so happy for him! I want to shout it from the rooftops that I am so happy that they are being their true self. I am so happy💖

I’m so happy for them too oh my gosh! Congrats :) I hope the two of you are very happy together!

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Originally posted by taylorswiftreactions

I’m sorry, but I’m not cool at all. HAHA I’m just a geeky girl with very limited social skills who is awful in keeping friends because I forget to answer texts. ^^’

On the other side, my BFF doesn’t drink anything when I’m around because there were times her soda came out from her nose because of stuff I said. lol

And count me in for some ice cream!!!

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What are ur fave angsty bechloe fics?

Oh man. If by angsty you mean fics that rip your heart out and don’t put it back in… then:

Love, Love, Love by the unparalleled @thecousinsdangereux

And though this next one is Chaubrey, it’s also that kind of Bechloe angst described above:

from a great and gruesome height by electrumqueen

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve read fic, especially for the PP fandom, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! 

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What kind of person are you?

I am not sure….It is something I still struggle with to this very day. Some people have remarked me for my kindness, some cursed my life with their very breath, and wished nothing more than my suffering.

Inside, for a very long time, I had fought with myself, of what person I am, one to fade, or one to rise. I often wonder what people see in me, for some things I cannot see in myself.

Pardon me for being silly…but the kind of person I really want to be….is a hero.

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can I cum in your mouth

So your asking me if I want an anonymous person to cum in my mouth? Can probably guess but my answer is no

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whats your skin care regime? just asking a bunch of ppl, looking for new products.

i’’m still trying new things here and there and trying to find a solid routine for my skin (which is kinda dry but also acne prone) but

Cleansing with one of: (using my foreo luna)

  • ole henriksen’s find your balance cleanser, ive been using it a while and its helped with my breakouts 
  • also been trying murad’s clarifying cleanser, seems to be doing same purpose
  • ole henriksen’s the clean truth foaming cleanser if i’ve been wearing any sort of makeup that day (also this shit smells like sweet oranges and its so lovely)


  • usually with ole henriksen’s balancing force toner to rebalance skin’s pH and it just makes my face feel super clean
  • unless its on the go, in which case i use milk makeup’s matcha toner 

Serum and stuff: 

  • the ordinary’s niacinamide + zinc serum (which is basically same ingredients as glossier’s super pure at like 1/10 of the price) to prevent breakouts 
  • kate sommerville’s d-scar, which is pricey af but golden for getting rid of acne scars + stuff 
  • kate sommerville’s eradikate spot treatment for overnight getting rid of or at least greatly reducing pimples


  • i’ve tried a lot of new ones in the last 4ish months but i still love lush’s vanishing cream the most
  • i wanna try their imperalis moisturizer next tho 


  • I do this maybe once or twice a week with lush’s ocean salt scrub 


  • origins out of trouble mask for mornings when im breaking out
  • lush’s rosy cheeks mask for nights when im breaking out 
  • lush’s don’t look at me for when my skin is exceptionally dull and i want to brighten it
  • laneige’s water sleeping mask if my skin is super dry 

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ugh, so stupid question, but you're bi, right? do you think a girl can legitimately be bi, but still only be interested in dating other girls?

I am :)

Do you mean like, a preference? Because providing you’re still attracted to people that aren’t girls, then yeah, you’re still bi. If you’re only attracted to girls and don’t have any kind of feelings towards another gender then I would say no. The attraction is the key to your question - I think.

Like for me I’ve sometimes thought I’d be more likely to end up with a girl, then sometimes a guy, and now it’s like… I don’t really care who and it doesn’t matter.

But again, providing you have attraction to other genders then you’re still bisexual if that’s how you’re happy defining yourself :)

I hope that helps a little.