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That sucks about Cummings and diversity and comics. They are the kind of people that want marvel to stop being so incompetent with its sjw stuff (Carl manvers, America Chavez, squirrel girl)

criticizing super hero comics for being too “social justice warrior” has always been so funny to me because like, buddy, that’s what super heroes are haha always have been too, not my fault you’ve only ever read the killing joke 

since I promised to make an appreciation for Shadow’s fangs I thought why not make a little thread! I apologize for not posting this sooner but I’ve never made a thread before and I honestly don’t really know what I’m doing lol ( bare with me ) but anyways let’s start! 

So here’s two screenshots and two pngs from his own game.  I really love the CGI cutscenes ( which are amazing btw ). these two screenshots are probably the cutscenes were his fangs are the most visible and they also happen to be my favorite moments in the entire game :) anyways his fangs looks super cute, I just wish they were more visible in the game like they are in the artwork. well let’s move on to my favorite Shadow appearance and design.

Sonic 06 is probably the game were Shadow’s fangs are the most visible during cutscenes and artwork. I’m sorry if these screenshots makes his fangs look “smaller” than they do on the artwork. ( when you play the game they do actually look a lot bigger compared to these screenshots lol ) I absolutely love this artwork picture of him, it’s one of my favorite since he looks so good plus you can see his fang very well which I love :) 

here’s a little bonus picture to finish this very little thread lmao. but anyway I hope that this thread wasn’t all that bad considering it’s my first and it’s hard to write out what I really feel about Shadow’s fangs since I have problems writing out my feelings and stuff, plus english isn’t my first language ( it’s swedish ) 

What is okay:

  • Writing in small font.
  • Writing in double-small font.
  • Writing in larger font.
  • Formatting your replies extensively.
  • Preferring just plain text and believing it’s only the words that matter. 
  • Having a heavily-edited theme with links all over the place.
  • Having an extremely basic theme or the default Tumblr theme.
  • Not wanting to RP with OC’s.
  • Not wanting to RP with people whose writing you believe is too underdeveloped, and therefore it would be hard to have enough substance to continue.
  • Being exclusive.
  • Being selective with your replies/partners.
  • Being non-selective with your replies/partner.
  • Posting musings / non-rp related things on your rp blog.
  • Posting solely rp related things on your rp blog. 
  • Enjoying shipping with many people.
  • Enjoying writing primarily one genre – crack, angst, fluff, etc. 

What is NOT okay:

  • Sending hate, anonymously or not. 
  • Reblogging threads that you are not a part of. 
  • Talking down to someone because of their writing skills.
  • Hating people for having the default Tumblr theme or heavily-edited themes.
  • Hating people for wanting to ship a lot on their blog.
  • Stealing things – starters, icons, themes, etc.
  • Telling someone else how to run their blog.

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I have been reading and reblogging some of your posts and wanted to thank you for that detailed account. I have been out of fandom for a while, and antis really baffled me at first. But now I have a question: Could you talk some more about how current antis relate back to the LJ social justice scene and when the morph from debating fanworks to dissing people happened? Thank you!

I’m glad you’ve been enjoying this blog!

I think this reddit post does a nice job of summarizing the history of fandom and how it’s led to our current point. But I’m going to go more into how tumblr’s very structure led to a ‘race to the bottom’ sort of enacting of punishment via social justice.

Almost all of this is from personal observation, having been here since late 2010.

To get more into the actual history of it: Racefail ‘09 is the name given to the big, public 2009 debates about racism in genre fiction (published fantasy and sci-fi), which happened primarily on livejournal and private websites. (Racefail was itself the result of the rising awareness of social justice in the real world thanks to the democratization of information via the internet.) Racefail raised a couple of big questions: were non-white (and non-straight/non-cis/non-male) creators being silenced and erased in published genre fiction? And were the stories being told primarily racist/sexist/homophobic and lacking in representation for non-white/Western cultures (and LGBT+/queer/female stories)?

From everything I’ve read I feel like a lot of good came out of these talks; in particular, it greatly raised the awareness of social justice in genre fiction and fandom spaces - which had been there before, but not quite so prominent.  But one major bad came out of it: it revealed, via the shitty behavior of one member of the genre fiction community, how social justice could easily be used as a silencing tactic by applying arguments meant to dismantle power structures to individuals who may (or may not!) benefit from those power structures.

Fast-forward to 2010-2012 tumblr. LJ has undergone multiple journal purges and partial restorations, been bought out by a Russian company, and - final straw - changed the way anonymous threaded posts were handled, ending its value as a space for anon memes like kinkmemes. Fandom dispersed. A not-insignificant number of us eventually end up on tumblr, and those of us coming from LJ have brought with us a greater awareness of social justice, particularly lgbt/queer culture and feminism.

At the same time, Facebook has opened its doors to everyone instead of only allowing college students to use it. Facebook has almost single-handedly popularized the notion of making your offline life publicly available online.  Gone are the days of keeping your age, real name, and offline identity hidden; we share everything except maybe last names and exact locations.

Tumblr democratizes the fandom experience like never before. Livejournal and forums had moderators; tumblr has none.  Communities are gone - instead we have tags where people gather to talk about shared interests. People who previously felt shut out, forced to be ‘lurkers’ because they had nothing to say, could now have a blog and share the work of others via reblogging. The main way to gain social capital is by having the most followers and therefore the most widespread content.

But tumblr is a weird experience compared to other blogging sites because at the time it was the only one with a ‘reblog’ function. any one post can go absolutely viral and the people who see it beyond your immediate circle will lack the context of the rest of your blog. This means that either every single post needs to be entirely self-contained … or get wildly misunderstood. (Guess which one happens.) It also means that that the posts that spread the fastest and furthest are the short, witty ones or - you guessed it - the controversial ones. Finally, people tend to not fact-check - if something is interesting and seems believable, people reblog it uncritically. Tumblr’s dashboard structure actively encourages people to not leave their dash to look at provided external links - you’ll lose your ‘place’ on your endless-scrolling dash, and the little ‘home’ button in the corner is reminding you how many new posts have been created since you last refreshed. You don’t have time to fact-check.

Controversy without context is polarizing - without the original context, people provide their own context and agree or disagree based on a bunch of assumptions. Tumblr is a breeding ground for this. Opinions don’t get more nuanced - they get more vitriolic, more sharp and quick-witted.  And with people not bothering to fact-check or click linked information, misinformation spreads like wildfire.

The early experience of fandom on tumblr is one of widespread acceptance. Possibly because FB does this, people feel safe to share their age, sexuality, and gender on their tumblr profiles - and those identities get more and more specific as people learn more about gender identities and sexual orientations that are off the gender binary. People spread educational posts about queer/LGBT+ culture, feminist theory, and racism alongside fandom posts.  The importance of minority representation in the media is a hot topic and posts that criticize media for their lack of (or bad) representation get thousands of notes. Social justice theory - fighting the appropriation of colonized cultures by imperialists, promoting the voices of the oppressed over those of the privileged, the right to be angry because of the oppression and trauma you’ve experienced, not tone-policing people who have been hurt, and not erasing the experiences of others - are widely discussed.

A lot of good came out of this, too, but I believe a natural backlash resulted. Earnestly working to promote the voices of the least privileged and trying to avoid silencing or erasure, what started as an effort to even out the social strata gradually became a kind of reversed social strata. People who were oppressed on any axis could not be corrected by anybody of lesser oppression - it was considered to be silencing. People could not say their feelings had been hurt by a marginalized person’s word choice - that was tone policing. 

And this led to a secondary, and probably lesser conclusion: people who identified as ‘privileged’ - that is, white, cis, straight, mentally well, able-bodied, (and male) - felt guilty for all the privilege they had. and the promotion of marginalized voices over their own - the tendency to tell people, regardless of the validity of their points, that if they were privileged their voice did not matter - to escape their privilege, at least on tumblr.

I think we hit Peak Tumblr in 2012-2013-ish. Non-human and nonbinary identities proliferated. Asexuality awareness exploded, as did other lesser-known sexualities and paraphilias.  People wondered what it meant to be trans in a world with no gender binary. People self-diagnosed severe mental illnesses.  And this unto itself wasn’t a bad thing!   Probably many people learned a lot about themselves from the openness and acceptance.

However: there’s no way to know how much of this was from people self-discovering and how much was from people who realized that unless they had some axis of oppression they could point to they could be silenced.  And people were extremely open about these identities as well: despite all of the talk about social awareness, interactions on tumblr suggested that most people still assumed that everyone else was white, cis, straight, able-bodied and mentally well (and therefore completely unaware of social issues and in need of education). And due to how tumblr’s reblogging system could separate posts entirely from the context of the original poster’s blog and personal details, this assumption happened a lot!

Whatever the actual numbers of people who were self-discovering versus self-deluding, this extreme acceptance got its own natural backlash. It wasn’t possible for everyone on tumblr to be oppressed, but everyone on tumblr seemed to be finding some way to be marginalized - they weren’t cis, they were ‘a demigirl’. They weren’t straight, they were ‘gray asexual’.   There had to be some way to distinguish the real marginalized people from the fakers.*

Enter gatekeeping - which seems reasonable enough at first, given the sheer number of people who are claiming to be part of the marginalized club. People start making fun of ‘transtrenders’ and ‘starselves’ and say ‘heteroromantic demisexuals’ are ‘just normal’.  People call one another ‘cishet’ specifically to erase their gender identity/sexual orientation.

This environment makes tumblr ripe for radfems, who greatly benefit from people putting limits on what identities other people can have. And radfems feed the gatekeeping mentality, leading to more and more policing of one another on tumblr instead of acceptance.  Instead of trusting others to be honest about their gender identity, sexual orientation, race or mental health, people increasingly decide the identity and experiences of others based on whether or not they say and do the right things.  Conversely, if you say or do the wrong things you are ostracized and your identity is erased using the reverse social strata of tumblr: ’cishet’ becomes shorthand for ‘ignorant asshole’ - and ignorant assholes are not to be listened to.

One no longer has to identify wrongly to have the wrong identity to be worth listening to. One only has to do the wrong thing.

So how does this tie back to debating fanworks vs dissing people?  Well: tumblr isn’t just the home of social justice. It’s also the home of fandom, and these two spaces heavily overlap.

Like our genre fiction friend that I mentioned back at the beginning of this long-ass post, tumblr had already begun - with the best of intentions - to silence people for having the wrong level of marginalization.  And when radfems and gatekeepers entered the scene, one’s level of marginalization became a function of how you behaved.  Now you had to behave right to have the right to be listened to - and fanworks, far from being the exception, are the rule for determining if people behave ‘right’ in fandom spaces.

In other words: debating fanworks/fan opinions and dissing people have become the same thing.  If a fanwork is for the wrong pairing, that makes a person a bad person.  And bad people are only able to create bad fanworks.

This attitude is how you get things like ‘if you ship [x] you’re straight’ and ‘oh, you ship [x], your opinion on this unrelated social justice issue is invalid’ or ‘i’m not surprised to find that this person is [x]-phobic, they created problematic fanworks.’

And that’s where we’re at today.

Man this is much. I’m sorry for your eyes.

*And in case it isn’t obvious, I think policing sexual orientations and gender identities is nonsense - demigirls and gray-ace people count as much as everyone else.

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Firstly, I really love how responsive and friendly you are to anons who ask you strange Silm questions sort of out of nowhere. You are such a delight to this fandom! Secondly, if it's not too much trouble, I was curious about whether you generally have very strong mental images of characters, and if so, would you like to share any of them? I ask because I saw you had great fancasts for some of your OCs, and I wanted to know if you had clear pictures in mind for any canon ones too.

Lovely, kind Anon! You are incredibly sweet to say so! I am actually incredibly bad at fancasts (you will note I do not have one for the ostensible protagonist of an original series I’ve been working on for idk how many years) but I love you so I’ll give it a go. 

I’m not the first person to note this but Cykeem White makes a gorgeous Fingon

Michael Lockley as Aegnor? Pretty enough to be an elven prince and the hair

Zoe Kravitz as Aredhel? White Lady of Gondolin and I Just Killed This Thing And Now I’m Gonna Wear It (And Maybe Kill You Too)

Sophie Turner as Maedhros because I confuse him and Sansa in fanart enough anyway, may as well go for broke. Also, she’s like 9ft tall. 

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Have you ever drawn Dr. Glass from SCP before? It would be really interesting to see how you draw him . Your art's so incredible and always so pleasant to look at,especially the way you do your lines and color, it inspires me so much!!!

i actually haven’t drawn glass before! but here’s one just for u anon! i tried to make it so like, he just doesn’t kno how style works? like he rlly wants to be fashionable and the outfits he wears are fine but they absolutely do not reflect him in any way?? like he wears these poppy attention drawing clothes that you expect like, a loud mouthed douchebag to wear but he’s just, actually very nice,

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*Small child runs up and hugs Flug* *small child is invisible to anything pure evil*

“Oh…. Um….. Hi…..? *awkwardly pats their head* Can’t be seen by anything pure evil, huh….? I wonder……”

“Hey mister Blackhat, could you come here for a second?”

“This had better be important, because I-”

“……. Wwwhat is that hideous little thing attached to you.”

“…… Huh. Well how about that.”

“How about what!? I’m so confused!”

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What if Shiro just one day falls asleep in Lance's lap? Like, not even intentionally, he just falls into his lap after a mission from hell completely sound asleep. Lance decides on carting his fingers through Shiro's hair bc he knows that calms him down, and they just sit there, Shiro really comfortable with his head in lance's lap, and Lance is just happy bc his boyfriend is finally sleeping, and it's just so peaceful?? These precious boys deserve a rest

this message cured my depression, cleared my skin, and watered my crops

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Welcome back Ankh!! I missed you tons!! It's so cool seeing your Sigilyph and Decidueye friends!! Could you tell me some more about them?!!-@dailyshinypachi

Ankh is glad to be back too! He’s been feeling better little by little, but every day counts!


Ankh knows Weaver from childhood! They were best friends but had to go their separate ways later on. She was always interested in ghosts… But now they’ve found each other again!

As for Thread…

Uh… Ankh doesn’t know too much about her. She’s a little intimidating to be honest


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✨The Patricks being sweaty all over. Ragepat is activated. Hips dont lie. Team Theorist dancing to gangnam style. Matthew praising Stephanie by the end. 10/10 quality stream would watch all over again

9.5/10 birthday stream, perfect except for lack of birthday hats.

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Whenever Shiro is feeling insecure about his scars, Lance will take him back to his room and just paint all over his body, using the lines of the scars as the base of the piece. He'll make lightening bolts or blossoming trees or just these swirling patterns and accentuate his scars in a beautiful way. Lance makes Shiro see the masterpiece he knows he is on the outside. And Lance confesses to Shiro by painting the Altean symbol for love over Shiro's heart.

this is the softest gayest thing i’ve ever read thank you

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i love how fluffy your art , all my headcanons are pure angst :i always think that maybe when todoroki hears his classmates calling him handsome and cute he thinks they are bullying with him because of his scar because he is actually realing self conscious and hates his looks

thank u, u sweet u 3 u <3 

wow oK iM ATTACKED???? jk i love this, insecure shouto’s my jam…i’d like to think that maybe katsuki has had enough of this self-depreciating one day, and in the safety of their shared room, runs up to shouto grabbing his face and reassuring him in his own baku way.

 “listen. stop fucking telling yourself you’re weak, because you’re the strongest fucking person i’ve ever seen. that scar you have? it means you lived, shouto - jesus christ - you’re a goddamn soldier for getting here this far. a lot of people, not including me, probably would’ve pissed their pants through the shit you’ve been through. so, fuck your dad, fuck your thoughts, and anyone who thinks that because you’re fucking beautiful, ok? god, i hate you so much for making say shit like this.” 

and then he kisses shouto in this super aggressive and tender manner, and shouto just melts and lets the tears flow, kissing back as his own way to say “thank you” and “i’m so lucky to have you” over and over again.

katsuki whispers between kisses that “you’re damn right you should be lucky” and “i love you too.”  

(๑ ⁍̥̥̥᷅ O⁍̥̥̥᷅)/

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young gabriel, michael, raphael, and lucifer discussing how there can only be three in the trinity.

It was originally conceived as four archangels, for the four cardinal directions–Michael was east, Lucifer was south, Gabriel was the north, Raphael was west. The tetrarch, to act out the will of God.

After Lucifer fell, there was a lot of confusion over whether they would replace him in the angelic hierarchy; the idea of replacing an archangel was not one that had been considered before. Some likely Seraphim were suggested, a number of Ophanim that Michael thought worthy of promotion–but with the war consuming them and more pressing matters to attend to, the position was never filled.

Gabriel has basically installed Uriel as the de facto cardinal angel for the south, even though she’s very young for a Seraph–he trusts her more than any other under his command, and to her go more difficult jobs concerning humanity and Earth. (Gabriel has never liked the flaming sword, the holy fire, the burning sun; these fall to Uriel, who takes up God’s justice and does it gladly.)

In the seven hundred & eighty-seventh year of the Roman Empire, the remaining archangels come together in conference to discuss the Earthen front, and Uriel feels very young, standing with them–Michael, who has blood in his wings, Raphael who is old as the stars with gentleness in his aspect–even Gabriel, whom four millennia of occupation have taught her to know as well as herself, seems unfamiliar, glorious and terrible in his brothers’ company. But his hand is warm on her back when he steers her toward them, and there is pride in his voice when he says, This is our sister Uriel, bearer of the Divine Fire, and angel of the Eye of Heaven. I know her to be just and unerring, faithful to our Father and to Heaven, and so I put her forward as the fourth among our number.

Michael’’s smile is weary, but kind. Welcome, sister.