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Imagine, a night of sleeping. Sometime in the early morning, around dawn, one of us wakes up and stirs. This brings the other out of sleep. “Good morning,” one of us says. “What time is it?” says the other. “Very early. Too early.” A sleepy hug pulling each other closer, wrapping around them a little more tightly. A kiss on the cheek. “Let’s go back to sleep.” A quiet noise of agreement. A kiss between lips that are sleepy but smiling, a kiss that turns into a few more. Readjusting our weight and how we’re tangled together. One more kiss. And we fall asleep again.

A guy starts off by being his best friend’s wingman and trying to make him sound better to girls, but as he starts projecting his friend as this amazing person he starts to realize he has feelings for him. On the other hand, his friend is delighted that the friend is complimenting him, since he’s secretly had a small crush on him for a while. 

2106. Hijabi muggleborns finding spells to charm their hijab so that it isn’t blown up by the wind or pulled off by people, and they put an extra spell on it to hex anyone who tries to pull off their hijab. No one is stupid enough to try after the first few people get ‘rude’ burnt into their arm and are given a lizard-like appearance.

Headcanon: If she’s feeling generous, Sombra somtimes transfers a portion of any money that she steals or extorts from various corrupt corporations or politicians that she doesn’t intent to use to further her own agenda(s) to a number of different charities. Anonymously, of course, and in ways that can’t be traced back to her as their mystery benefactor.

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