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How do you keep everything so organized? What sort of study cycles/techniques do you use?

Hey! For the first question, here are some key details:


A huge influence is how organized my room is, because if it is already messy, I really don’t care about cleaning it or organizing other stuff; it’s like bleh, what difference does it make?

So if I notice my life is getting too messy, I try to clean and organize everything I can in my room (because it’s my study space too) and try to keep it that way with each passing day because it makes me feel like I have everything together. Sometimes it can be hard, but a few small actions (like picking up dirty clothes or notebooks) help.


I have always loved and preached the use of planners (this year, in my case, it’s an already set up planner in which I incorporated the Bullet Journal system). However, I never really took all advantage of it.

Last month, I started taking it seriously. Nothing fancy; I only write down stuff like:

- ‘Goals’ for the day (like how much water I want to drink, brushing teeth, make bed, etc)

- Stuff forwarded (how do you even say this?) from the previous day, if any.

- Detailed steps/small actions that make a bigger task, etc.

Really simple, I just write the stuff down and try to do them all and mark them as done.


The key to getting things done with a planner or any to-do list is:

  • you only have to write down like 3 or 5 tasks, nothing overwhelming.
    • do not be ambiguous (’solve 3 problems from Matrix chapter’ is better than just saying ‘study’)
    • try to sort them, most important tasks first
  • you pick the first thing in the list, start working on it
    • do not work on other tasks
  • Finished that task? Start working on the second one. Keep going.
  • If something you hadn’t planned comes up, deal with it and move on, keep working on your tasks.
  • If you do all of them and still have energy/motivation, do something else, create a new list, whatever
    • you don’t have to be productive all the time.


I try to sort everything into categories, so I know where everything belongs. Everything has a place, so when something is used, I have to know where to put it back before things get too messy.

Now to the second question.

How I study:

What I normally try to do is:

  • Solve past exams and as many practice problems as I can.
    • Last semester, a TA told us that practice guides are not meant to be completed; make sure you know how to do the easy ones and start with the complicated ones, they’re usually a combination of the simple stuff.
  • Take notes on class and explain what I did on a problem (even ‘multiplied by x and added y…’) so I don’t get confused if I ever try to study from an exercise.
    • Since I’m an engineering student, my classes are basically all math-related stuff, but this counts with basically every subject: annotate.
  • DO READINGS. Try to know what comes in next class, how and why some stuff works, etc. 
  • Ask, ask, ask, ask. Any doubt will only grow and drive students to despair when the final comes.

Some things I have learned

There was a time when I was not ever sure if I was going to pass my classes, and I learned a few lessons:

  • Most teachers do help. That’s how I noticed doing all the homework was actually worth it, even the smallest one. They don’t really care about the contents, some of them just want to see you take their classes seriously.
    • If a student who did poorly on exams but turned all the homework in, is struggling, teachers will probably come to the rescue.
  • Some people are not really friend material. They can drag you down and distract you from your priorities.
    • Be yourself. If something matters to you, go for it. Likewise, if grades are not really important to these people, you don’t have to follow them.
  • Free time of others does not mean your own free time. Know what is best for you.
    • This does not mean ‘BREAKS NOT ALLOWED HERE’. Take care of yourself.
  • Sometimes, even though I felt like I studied pretty hard for something, I would just get back a really disappointing grade. Am I worth anything less? Nah, next time it will be.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • My best grades always came from studying like a week in advance or revising periodically.

I hope this helps (and sorry for the late reply). Good luck!

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Are you going to make the dinosaur/bird shirts available like the Pangur prints?

the order links for the shirts were in that post, but it seems a lot of people missed it! so here’s the link for the ‘cowards’ shirt

& here’s the link to my favourite rooster

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my most favorite frog is the glass frog, they're super cool frogs that live in Central America with completely clear skin, so you can see all of their organs!

glass frog are so amaze!!!! their belly like window

everyone love them belly so many

but i also love them from the above! 

personal theory: 

all glass frogs….. 

actually fairies


they too beautiful to be for real animal!!!

all their different type, all too beautoful!!!!

spotted glass frog

granular glass frog

reticulated glass frog

ghost glass frog  even has MAGIC EYES

my tiny heart is explode from too much beauty of from a glass frog

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I hear a lot of people trying role reversal AUs, like Shiro and Allura swapping roles, Keith and Lance swapping roles, Hunk and Pidge swapping roles. But they maintain their personalities in the canon verse, just with some tweaking due to severely different circumstances. What’s your take on that, and how can you see it playing out?

I hesitate at those because I feel like they often look into very shallow definitions of what makes the character what.

For example, if you switched Lance into Keith’s position, Lance would not necessarily be out at the desert shack in isolation.

Putting Lance in Keith’s position would presumably mean that something has an incredible fire under him about the Kerberos mission. Maybe the person who went missing was Hunk, and Lance takes it personally. He’s not going to fly off the handle- Lance doesn’t operate by flying off the handle.

So that raises the question of, how are we stirring this pot? Does Lance stay with the Garrison, but immediately get involved as soon as he realizes someone else- whoever’s in Pidge’s role- poking around the same issue? Does he make friends who are technically uninvolved and compel them towards this topic?

Lance at his core is a support person, a connector who identifies others’ strengths and networks like hell. While drawing into seclusion makes sense for Keith- the Instinct paladin, who, like many historical prophets, withdraws from society to get a clearer picture.

And if Lance DID withdraw, I think it’d have a very different tone? It wouldn’t mean a discipline issue, as much as I think it would reflect something we’ve seen canon Lance do- where he gives up something he really wants, in favor of what really needs to be done.

Lance withdrawing from the Garrison and going into relative seclusion because there’s something he needs to do. Whoever he’s looking for, whoever he’s missing, they’re counting on him. His personal ambitions can wait.

But then, taking the idea that Lance remains at his core the same person- that means he’d connect to the same Lion. Which raises a big question of if Lance is the one in the position to find that cave first, it’s possible Lance might actually leave Earth ahead of time and come back.

….Honestly putting Lance sort of out on the proactive fringe role Keith did but keeping his virtues the same just makes me wonder about him actively ferreting out the other paladins- since in canon, he connected with and sorta brought everybody together. Like- imagine him getting in contact with Allura (assuming we’re not shuffling her role too, or whoever’s there) and learning about Voltron and the Lions and going “I know just the people.”

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What do you think of Kylo's scar discourse?

In ROTJ they literally changed Luke’s lightsaber color to green because it was easier to see against the sky in the fight on tatooine. 

Like they straight up inadvertendly invented alernate kyber crystal lore because blue was kinda hard to make out, and ya’ll are losing your shit over like, an inch. 

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The game already explained the bathroom thing. Monster food doesn't cause you to expel anything after you eat it, so there was no need for bathrooms.

It’s true that monster food absorbs converts perfectly into energy! This is why there is no need for a single toilet anywhere in Undertale. However, where would a human fit into all this? First, here’s what we know.

Hmmm… Isn’t human food different from monster food?
It does things like “spoil.”
And when you eat it, it passes all the way through your whole body.
I’d love to try it sometime. 

And I’ve heard they have things called bathrooms.

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Undyne battle):
 To a human, monster food would be very interesting.
As soon as you eat it, it converts perfectly into energy.
…that makes me wonder. How do humans do it?
Eat during battle…?
Ice cream in one hand, sword in the other.
That’s the way of the monster warrior…

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Asriel battle):
Soon, I’ll be able to try some human food…
And then I guess I’ll try a human bathroom, too.

Toby didn’t cover his bases very well though. Despite this monster never hearing of a “bathroom” before, bathrooms are mentioned a few times in Undertale.

Jerry tells everyone it has to go to the bathroom.


Now we’re officially friends! Ehehehe!
I’m going to the bathroom.

I’m going to the bathroom, so I’ll be MIA for a bit.
I’m… I’m sure you can handle this puzzle yourself!

Considering that showers are mentioned by both Sans and Alphys, chances are these bathrooms are literally for bathing or showering (Alphys even has a tub in the True Lab). Toilets don’t seem to exist, especially considering Papyrus’ phone call:



NARRATION (during Shyren battle):
Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.

Sans, why? Toilet paper could come from the dump, though that doesn’t seem hygienic. But this leads to the next question: how would Chara get by in a toilet free world, and what effect would a monster food diet have on them?

I admit that when it comes to Caretaker AU, I have given this more thought than is probably necessary. I’m not a doctor, but I do have a basic understanding of physiology so please bear with me and my reasoning.

Humans have very complex systems for absorbing food (digestive system) and for keeping the blood clean (urinary system). Chara would not be able to survive long without water, and even magical water wouldn’t cut it: kidneys create urine in order to get rid of waste built up in the blood. And while a lot of this is metabolic (food) waste, the kidneys also clear out other waste such as dead blood cells. Urine plays an important role in staying healthy, which goes beyond just food.

As for the digestive system, food with perfect absorption into pure energy might actually cause terrible long term effects. While I don’t have any data on what happens if the lower intestine stops being used completely, I can say that an organ that stops being used has a tendency develop problems and/or fail. With how dependent humans are on regular eating cycles, I would be concerned that instantly converted food in the stomach would end up causing the the unused lower digestive tract to stagnate and even fail.

Therefore, while the monster in Grillby’s assumes that humans would experience the same perfect conversion from food into energy that monsters do, I theorize the experience would not quite be identical. Monster food would be immediately energizing and healing with a very efficient absorption rate, but some waste would still pass through the body, due to a non-magical human body being unable to convert all of it. Small amounts of monster food would still pass through the entire digestive tract, ensuring all organs are still functioning regularly.

And that’s why in this AU some buildings had to be outfitted with toilets in the Underground for Chara.

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I'm really curious.... how tall do you think all the organization members are?

Okay I’m not the one to ask this question as I can’t judge distance worth shit. 

Like you know that thing where people will say “well it’s this many footballs fields long” or “it’s as long as your foot”, that means nothing to my brain…actually why is it always football fields? Why do they assume everyone knows what the length of a football field looks like?

But anyway if you want my rough guess based off of 

this (and once again take this with a grain of salt cause it’s not my strong suit, also I’m making this up as a I go)

Xemnas: 6′ 2″
Xigbar: 5′ 8″
Xaldin: 6′ 4″
Vexen: 6′ 3″
Lexeaus: 6′ 8″ 
Zexion: 5′ 6″
Saix: 5′ 9″
Axel: 6′ (though admittedly a couple inches of that is hair)
Demyx: 5′ 8″
Luxord: 5’ 8 1/2″
Marluxia: 6′
Larxene: 5′ 4″
Roxas/Xion: 5′ 1″ (note I took the height of average Japanese 14 year old for this one)

Also that moment when you realize that it’s not so much that Zexion is super short but that he hangs around a bunch of tall as frick people XD (he’s still short but less so than you might think). 

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i notice you like drawing komaeda! could you draw komaeda enjoying a burger (or some other kind of food), it's just nice when characters are happy. (its ok if you dont do requests though)

i don’t do requests but

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you mean this daddy?

or this one???? (don’t call yourself that, do you know what that does??? to me??? to Jensen???)

this one???

this one???? (god, help me)




(yeah, I love him too)

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Hello aunt scripty, this may be a really dumb question because it may or may not exist, but has there been a case of anyone that lived with two hearts? If so how do you think it would work? How would it work during CPR/etc? Would having two hearts hinder anyone? Would it pump too much blood because of two hearts!? (Doctor Who, amirite?) Haha... nope, jk, as much as I'm a fan, I'm just asking out of pure curiosity.

Okay, this ask is really, really cool. Thank you for this!

So there are two ways this comes into being.

One is a birth defect. The only report I was able to find of someone being born with two hearts is a guy by the name of George Lippert, who also had three legs. (The third leg had 6 toes, for a total of 16. The things I have learned for making this blog.) At autopsy it was discovered that he had two hearts as well, which…. Sure! That said, this was all in the 19th and very early 20th centuries, so we have no idea if a) it was true or one final prank/an attempt to make some cash by his family or doctors; b) the second heart worked or, like the third leg, if it was just…. there and useless. It was never studied or even discovered in vivo, so we don’t know how it worked. 

It’s likely that he basically absorbed his twin in the womb but was left  with some, well, leftovers. This is called a parasitic twin.

The other thing I’ve heard of regarding a human with two hearts is… adding a second heart.

There are two types of transplants: orthotopic transplants, in which an organ is straight-up removed and replaced, and a heterotropic transplant, in which a weak-but-still-functioning organ is augmented by adding in an extra. Sometimes this is done with kidneys, but occasionally, we graft a second heart into a human and send them back into the wild.

So there was a phenomenal case of a guy showing up to an Italian ER in cardiogenic shock from his two hearts having conflicting rhythm. He coded, got zapped, got a new pacemaker, and left the hospital. Dude was apparently 71, which is kind of badass: 71, two hearts, and death can’t touch him. This guy is clearly an action hero in the making.

Sometimes, the person recovers enough not to need their second heart anymore.

Hannah Clark is a teenager in South Wales who had serious cardiac complications when she was just a baby, had a second heart grafted in, and then had it removed when she was 16. She was suffering immune complications from the grafted tissue, and her native heart had had the time to grow strong enough to carry her itself. She’s the first person in the UK to have a transplant reversed.

In the heterotropic grafts, it seems like what happens is that the transplanted heart’s rhythm is basically paired to the native heart’s, so that one almost paces the other.

As for CPR, it’s unaffected by the number of hearts. Like our Italian man, your character might run into trouble if the two hearts beat at different rates. 

This is an area of fiction where you can kind of make up what you want, because the two hearts idea functionally breaks the Rule of Reality. Just remember that if they were born with two hearts, they have to work together long enough and well enough to get that character out of the womb and into the world and raised to (whatever age they’re at), so however the system works at baseline, it has to work (at least until it goes wrong).

So best of luck with your story!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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So Keith's dad is pretty tall, right? And he has galra blood (presumably from his mom). Galra are huge, did you see how tall allura got?! Which means Keith's genes are tallxgiant. So I hc that in the next few years he'll hit a growth spurt kinda thing and shoot up almost a head taller than shiro. Keith sometimes rests his head on Lance's (because he can) because they always stand so close together

I want to marry this headcanon as soon as possible

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I had a dream two days ago where I was sitting in the corner in a ball feeling sad and then for some reason you were there (though since I don't know what you look you were your MC from MM) and you cheered me up. So thanks and I love your art. Also how was your day? :)

I give comfort.

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I'm assuming you don't know that "Saturday's are for ceasing to exist in the physical sense and becoming an abstract concept who deals only in memes and hozier" is the BIGGEST MF mood you have ever posted and I have it saved to a "home grown meme" folder in minst phone. Thanks for sharing your crops babe.

i think about that mood every saturday