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Probably weird and invasive so don't answer if this makes you uncomfortable, but how old are you? Cause you look like 30 but I'm often wrong with guessing peoples ages :3

oh nah!! my age is no secret, either. i just recently turned 23! but what you guessed is actually the age i’m guessed most often, and i do tend to hang out with crowds that have some age on me. i think i just get worn out too fast by younger crowds, my soul is 80 

i just tried to find a selfie where i don’t look like the crypt keeper but there aren’t many so i don’t post a lot but here’s one where i kind of look my age

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have you sold anything at seacon 17?

i actually sold out of everything at seacon this year! it was a great show! 

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All I want is a Prince/Princess AU where Jack is a Prince who has to marry Princess Bittle but all he wants to do is bang her brother

Mama,” Jack whines, “I look like a butler.”

“Sweetheart, you look wonderful. The princess will just love you in this,” she gushes. Jack doesn’t say what he’s thinking - that he honestly doesn’t care what the princess thinks of his outfit.

Princess Julia is kind, sweet, and pretty. She’s quiet and somewhat introverted, like himself. They get along just fine, conversations always polite if not a little awkward. Jack’s known her for as long as he can remember, and he’s been engaged to her for longer than that. Jack thinks he could be happy with her, if it weren’t for one thing.

Prince Eric is also kind, sweet, and pretty, but he certainly isn’t quiet or introverted. He’s loud, loud, loud, always bustling around, catching everyone’s attention, and loving it. He’s the center of every royal party, and the most interesting person in any room he’s in. Eric is Julia’s twin brother, so Jack’s also known him as long as he can remember. He’s had a crush on him for the past ten years or so - maybe longer. 

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Can you explain one of tumblr's earliest memes?

i can’t really speak to the earliest tumblr memes because im sure there were memes of some sort on this site between its launch in 2007 and when i joined in 2010.  i can speak to Ancient Tumblr Memes (c. 2010-2012) but i cannot speak to Prehistoric Tumblr Memes. bc like for real tho those memes are literally prehistoric i can’t find any record of a tumblr meme that predates 2010.

but as far as Ancient Memes go, i’ve joked in the past about 5t4s being the first tumblr meme that i experienced from beginning to end, and it was…….but there was one meme that started about a month before i began using tumblr actively, and it was truly the first tumblr memes that i witnessed.

get ready to cringe so hard that you hurt yourself, because im talking about “what is air?”

this post isn’t just going to be a “long ride. ”it’s gonna be a fuckin road trip so go empty your bladder, grab a snack, and buckle the heck up. ur gonna be here a while.

whether you’ve been on tumblr for a month or five years, i’m pretty sure we’ve all witnessed some form of tumblr slang become way too overused, resulting in that phrase gradually being phased out of the vernacular.

“what is air?” ultimately became one of the most infamous examples of this linguistic pattern. in a case of tragic irony, it originated in august or september of 2010 as the “trendy” alternative to an even older overused tumblr phrase, “i can’t breathe.” 

people typically added “what is air?” to humorous posts to illustrate that they were laughing so hard that they couldn’t breathe–that their laughter had left them so breathless they had forgotten what air even was. 

by november, the phrase was so widespread that it had reached urban dictionary, and people were asking what it meant on yahoo answers. so “what is air” was at Peak Meme when i joined around mid-october.

during the first week of november, a user made a post suggesting that people from tumblr could find each other on omegle by saying “what is air” to the person they were chatting with to see if they would understand. that post became extremely popular and tumblr users started descending upon omegle en masse.

and now, in the interest of honesty, i must confess one of my most shameful Ancient Sins………i was one of them. like im pretty sure i met some people who are mutuals to this day through the omegle invasion. 

this screenshot pretty succinctly summarizes all of my internet mistakes that gave life to the horrors buried in my Shame Vaults (aka my archive c. 2010-2011).

i hope u enjoy my pain and embarrassment because im fucking Suffering.

but anyway back 2 our story: people outside the tumblr community were not generally pleased by what was often referred to as tumblr’s “invasion” of omegle. 4chan was particularly displeased. 

in fact, they found “what is air?” so annoying that it played a large part in /b/’s decision to raid tumblr in november of 2010, which they referred to as “Operation Overlord.” 

/b/ claimed that tumblr had a history of stealing 4chan memes (which honestly is 100% tru) and that the “omegle invasion” proved that tumblr was also beginning to copy their infamous raids. 

so they declared war. and yes. it was literally widely referred to as a war. and some people took it as seriously as one would take an actual real life war. i wish i was being hyperbolic about this y’all. but im not. 

……..and then someone decided that both sides should lay down their weapons and start drawing personifications of 4chan and tumblr fucking each other. 

………….but 4chumblr and Operation Overlord are meme history lessons for another day. they’re too good to play a supporting role in a post about another meme………let’s just say that i have very special plans 4 them……..

but in summary: basically the first meme i ever witnessed on tumblr started an actual fkcng war with another garbage website and paved the way for some of the most infamous ancient memes in tumblr history. 

i should have taken all of this as a sign to delete while i still had the chance but i missed the opportunity and now im resigned to the fact that im trapped in this Meme Hell forever. 

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I remembered Gigi has already posted a colored version of that zigi selfie from Zayn's IG. His hoodie is red, and she put on a bomber jacket to make it seem like a diff day. But Zayn didn't even bother to change his clothes. He does less than a fraction of the work she does to make the relationship look legit. Gigi signed a bad deal don't you think? She comes across as a crazy obsessed fan girl instead of a girlfriend. The good thing is she keeps Zayn in the media spotlight with her thirsty act

Oh that’s right! My mind had cancelled that other Zigi Snapchat Gigith posted due to lack of interest.  You are never going to catch me on a day where I will say “Poor Gigith. The ol’ bearding game’s got her down.” I’m just nahhhht. 

 So basically what we have here is that they  took photos on one day (smart time management Yolanda), but then didn’t bother to change out Zayn’s clothes (what the fuck Yolanda, get your shit together):

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Hey hunty I may have missed it but what was WIW month? You mentioned it in post/162054161075, but I'm not sure what it refers to

It was a shipping month (Lesbian & trans!lesbian ships only, no genderbends, no shaladins, no piladins, basically no fun allowed) started by antis who were upset over Sheith Month & believed that femslash Febuary (the official multi-fandom lesbian ship month) was “problematic”.


Klance14 & MirGate happens

Klance antis create Klance Positivity Month (most of the prompts have NOTHING to do with Klance) to improve the image of Klancers (most Klancers do not participate & KPM turns out to be pretty abysmal with typical “tumblr art” submissions & “pure unproblematic OOC” fics.)

Sheith fans create Sheith Month (for August)

Antis create WIW Month for the same month to disrupt it. (The blog for it publicly denies it, but We have proof from the antis’ discord server that it was the real motive.) One of the prompts was “Broganes” but it got changed into “Family” after multiple complaints.

It should be noted that their mod capabilities for running a supposedly pure unproblematic wlw month for antis is…….questionable.


Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for your birthday party? These were usually done outdoors around a picnic table, and you had cake, ice cream, and played a great round of pin the tail on the donkey. There was always one kid who could never could tag that damn donkey and always hit the wall instead?? We would laugh and squee, but everyone had fun because it wasn’t serious, and at the end of the game, everyone just had more cake!!

It’s funny how adults can take something fun and frivolous, and turn it into The Hunger Games, with full body ammo. But the weapon of choice becomes a keyboard and an anonymous face that operates under a cloak because it’s easier to fire on your “enemy” when you can’t see them. It ceases to be a game the minute it becomes personal, and for some, it is more than personal. It’s downright psycho! The “I am right, hear me roar” mentality is very much alive in the world, and I tend to view those folks the same way I view network news…with head shaking and lots of eyerolling!! Self importance is NOT a good look for anyone!

I have been part of the OL fandom for 3 years now, and 2 of those on Tumblr and IG. I really don’t tweet because, well, that’s where it appears the loonies are!! I am a huge fan of the OL books, and the show. I think it is high quality TV. And, I am a fan of everyone who puts this together for me…the fan. Oh, there are times I might not like a storyline, or the way Jamie’s hair looked in the early episodes of S2, but that does not make me a bad fan. It just means that I care enough in my little corner of the world to pay attention to these little details, and if I get to wound up with myself, then I can change the channel, or just except it for the entertainment it really is. It’s a TV show FFS!! We are not curing cancer (yet), which is far more important than this stuff.

As far as fans go, I am one. These labels are about as ridiculous as it gets…shippers, “extreme ” shippers, “hardy” shippers, anti’s, and NST’s, “truthers” (what the hell is that one anyway), average, neutral, book only, IG only….you name it, and there’s a label for it. Since the labels are so all fired important to some in this fandom, then I am a Shipper. I happen to like sunshine and rainbows, lemons and doodles, fun and caring friendships, and yes, even the fairytale ending. Why anyone would want to take the time and effort to rain on my rosy parade is beyond me, but those opinions make no difference to me. I like what I like, and no amount of teeth knashing and stomping around the sandbox will change my mind.

At the end of the day, I have yet to meet anyone in this fandom who works for OL, and I am not personally acquainted with the leads, live in their neighborhood, or have access to their private accounts. I simply fan what I see, and enjoy it all for the entertainment it is to me….the fan. And, if you are one of the anointed ones with access to any the above, well good for you. Maybe you should host a weekly video chat so that we can all get the juicy details.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone just “fanned” for the hell of it, and stopped trying to “speak” for everyone else?? The “blame game” has run its course, and everyone needs to flip that mirror. After all, it’s the only way to find the donkey so you know where to put the tail. And remember, the tail really does goes on the back. It’s not there to wag the mouth!!

Happy Tuesday to all of the OL fans out there, even the ones who have forgotten what it’s like to have fun! Fan on!!

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I just cannot get enough of looking at your beautiful warframe work. I am so happy to see people enjoying pairings like this. I been so scared to even mention such things with others but I wanted to ask you (and I hope I ask this right) do you have your favorite pair or pairs you just find to love a lot?

Hello and thank you!
Please don’t be scared :) I really love robots and monsters!
Yes, my favourite pair is Volt/Excalibur!
BREAKING: Emmanuel Macron (EM!) wins the 2017 French Presidential Election
Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron will be the 25th president of France having beaten the far-right National Party's Marine Le Pen in the final round of the election on Sunday evening, according to exit polls.
By Gemma Acton

Gemma Acton at CNBC: 

Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron will be the 25th president of France having beaten the far-right National Party’s Marine Le Pen in the final round of the election on Sunday evening, according to exit polls.

Voter turnout was recorded at 65.30 percent as of 5:00 p.m. local time, according to an official statement from the Interior Ministry.

That figure compares to 71.96 percent at the same time during the last election in 2012 and 75.11 percent in 2007.

At 39-years old, Macron is set to be the youngest ever French president with his victory being interpreted as a boost for European cooperation, a concept of which he is a fervent advocate.

He is expected to push for a harder line on behalf of the European Union as the U.K. negotiates its exit from the trading bloc. On the other hand, while on the campaign trail, losing candidate Le Pen had advocated abandoning the euro currency used within the EU as well as closing the Union’s open borders.

A spokesperson for Macron’s En Marche movement claimed on Friday to have been aggressively hit by a “massive and co-ordinated” anonymous hacking operation which had resulted in 9 gigabytes’ worth of emails and financial data being posted online to a document sharing site called Pastebin.

This came at the tail end of a dramatic campaigning period that has seen a series of scandals, demonstrations and vicious rhetoric shake news and markets.

France has a population of around 64.89 million people, according to the latest estimates from the United Nations, with approximately 47 million eligible to vote in Sunday’s election.

Thank God Le Pen lost big time.

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admin do you have any information about idol drama operation? what is it exactly?

Hi there,
It’s described as an entertainment project/program where seven girl group members come together to make a drama. It’s stated to have a pre-airing through the web, and later on television on May 29th if all goes well. The members involved are Yooa (Oh My Girl), Moonbyul (Mamamoo), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Kim So Hee (IBI), D.ana (Sonamoo), Soojung (Lovelyz), and Somi (IOI). The girls will write the scripts and take on the acting themselves.

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Are you still doing the Fritz blog?

See, I like to picture my imagination as one big house where all my active muses are inside. As of now, my Prince Frederick muse is way out in the gardens doing his own thing personally I think it’s because he’s a little frightened by my Brandenburg muse tbh but don’t worry, hopefully I’ll figure out a way to wrangle him back inside after Anime North and get to those questions then! ^^

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Hey I'm a little late to the whole Rodger Malik, sorry if this has been brought up before. What makes you think they aren't a fan? Are you feeling like it's a inner circle person or something along those lines? I mean it's positive for Ziam, so I'm all for it lol. We need some of that, Just curious on your take for the matter.

Hi anon,

I responded about this yesterday here.  No real new thoughts  on it, I’m just keeping an eye on the account.  Today they’ve done more Liam positive tweets, there was the McDonalds tweet yesterday too with the red and yellow, which added to Zayn on his social media and Nicki Minaj just feels very I dunno what. 

I think its very telling that Zayn’s follow led to this level of interest at a time when his social media imag e took a bit of a  battering fandom wise  post the gigi stuff around that time and since then its  gone from strength to strength.

I find it fascinating re their calling out the culture of the DMs and minors sending them tweets or DMs.   I find their wording very similar and their use of emojis.

Other than that, the stuff I feel is the same as the post I replied to yesterday.

Whoever they are, they certainly aren’t trolls or showed any signs as such yet.  Yet of course is the operative word. 

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You people are absolutely incredible. I love it when antis get called out on their abhorrent, abusive behavior. I hope Minty is doing okay, I heard she's been getting harassed pretty badly

Minty’s fine because unlike antis, she goes off of tumblr & leaves it alone when it’s stressing her out.

An anti would obsessively stalk & reblog every post until they got stress ulcers.

So it’s funny, even in my “ideal AU” the Jedi order still falls and the Empire still rises. Not all the Jedi die but a lot of them do (so enough that they can’t just relocate and restart the Order).

Anakin + Obi Wan + Padme don’t die and after much hiding & traveling & adventuring they end up with a farm, the twins + Ahsoka and a handful of clones + Padme’s handmaidens (it’s a pretty big farm okay)

The Emperor knows where they are but leaves the alone because:

- He thinks Anakin + Obi Wan (+ Ahsoka) are exiling themselves for “failing” the Jedi Order
- He is a little nervous about attacking the place not because he thinks he’ll loose just… probably suffer a lot of damage and that isn’t good when you’ve just set up your Regime
- They can have the twins for their early years, he’ll come kidnap them later (hopefully after everyone else’s battle skills go a bit rusty)

He doesn’t think them much of a threat but keeps an eye on them just in case.

He is dead wrong.

Every single person on that farm is a part of the resistance (well, except the babies) and it is absolutely a front for the Resistance activities. The know they have eyes on them so they’re careful but
- The basement is MASSIVE (they’ve extended it) and filled with weapons and sparring space
- Just about every Jedi still alive has stayed there at some point. They just didn’t go outside (because eyes watching)
- Many important meetings have been held in the living room

And Palpatine is none-the-fucking-wiser

((And eventually the events of the original trilogy happen… just slightly different greater context))

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This is the only place I can share it on so. I went to a con and there were quite a lot of armored people = sm swooning. I also fist bumped this cool crusader like knight and it made me so happy ngl. I also went to a Kiss concert after that, so lots of 'armored' security. :""^) My kink is stronger than ever. Heavy armored police talking casually to metalists is my new favorite thing now. So, thank you for this blog to quench my thirst.

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I may be a little late on this, but I remember hearing Justin tools and saying that having that picture of lounger Rick holding morty was a mistake and bad writing. Also, I believe he has had blue hair forever, as we can see in the tiny Rick episode, where we see many stages of his life with the same colored hair

Do you have a source? I’d like to hear what he had to say. It’s true, because Rick was gone for 20 years it doesn’t really make sense for Morty to be in the photo unless they think of some other explanation.

I wrote about how I think Rick didn’t always have blue hair a while ago, but that was before s2e7. I’m not sure what to think; maybe the clones in operation phoenix look different to his actual past self because your dna changes as you get older, so a clone made from a baby would look different to a clone made from an adult; or maybe he was just born looking like a tiny old scientist because why not.

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i'm crying your song choice for gabe @ the apocalypse is so perfect, i can't stop laughing and it keeps sneaking back into my mind, thank you so much for this :D

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Just imagine, the sky is raining fireballs, there are rivers of blood everywhere. Basically, the world is ending. And then somewhere in the distance you can see some asshole angel and his background band play /that/ stupid tune.

chuck: gabriel. it’s…it’s time. you have to take out the true horn and beckon the troops. it’s time to start over. 

gabriel: we knew this day would arrive. i was ready. are the others prepared?

chuck: yep. HIT IT

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Do you ship Sabriel?

not really! i think aesthetically it’s really cute, but in the context of the show, nope! i think the psychological torture gabe implemented made it more of a basis for a rivalry against an antihero than a romantic relationship. the archangels are all things that i think have 0 grip on responsible understanding of their power, which makes imagining any relationships a tough thing to imagine for myself

that’s why i loved the idea of gabe and kali, because she took ZERO shit and could shoot fire out of her arms at will. also, when dean even looked at her, she was like “no” meaning that gabe had to do something impressive to get attention there

the only STRONG ship i have is destiel, i swear, you guys! in contrast, any other ship i have is the equivalent to a life ring next to a massive cruise liner