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Right so regarding your Niall vs Louis PR post: such a dramatic difference could be accounted for if the clients dictated what kinds of promo they wanted to participate in. Niall obvs chose to focus on his music; Louis rly committed to his fake baby and the "family" angle. You expect people to buy into your idea that Louis is just along for the ride?? Really? REALLY? Do you practice being this gullible?

Anon i literally had to turn on my laptop just to answer you with this gif:

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What is your music taste? Fav artists, genres,songs,albums , anything you want! :)

omg omg this is a dangerous music i’ll literally never shut up about music lol anyways i’ll provide a list with links

i’ll listen to just about anything tbh, except for country and heavy metal. i mostly listen to indie and alternative stuff, but i always love rap, modern pop and classic rock

fav artists

  • marina and the diamonds
  • glass animals
  • two door cinema club
  • jukebox the ghost
  • sia
  • florence + the machine
  • oh land
  • odesza

fav songs
(this is so hard honestly and a combination of my current favs and all-time and i’m not kidding i could literally list a hundred songs)

fav albums

  • lungs by florence + the machine
  • beacon by two door cinema club
  • electra heart by marina and the diamonds
  • everything under the sun by jukebox the ghost
  • zaba by glass animals 
  • pure heroine by lorde

honestly tho like this is just a snippet of the music i listen to so feel free to check out my spotify (x) to see some of my public playlists!

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Continuing the Sleeping At Last trend for CR music musings, "In the Embers" for VM in the aftermath of the Thordak battle. Listened to it recently and the "So we pray we were made/In the image of a figure eight" was an unexpected gut punch.

sleeping at last is kinda one big ole unexpected gut punch lbr. I love this song


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Birocratic, singularis, and esbe are some of my favorite artists. I really like the song breezeblocks by alt j right now.

I loooooooove Alt J - thanks I’ll definitely check these artists out!!!

Update: Okay all of these artists are amazing and the music is perfect for studying/drawing, thank you!!! Also “Misty” by Birocratic reminds me of the Samurai Champloo OST~