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Do you have any particular opinion on Boston Terriers? And also, what breeds did they come from? I've heard that they weren't really bred for any purpose. I didn't even know that happened, I thought all breed were bred with specific purposes in mind.

They sure are energetic little dogs! Boston Terriers go along with my bulldog post yesterday. Unfortunately, as a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to eye ulcers, breathing difficulties, and 90% need to be birthed via c-section.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Waldek Dąbrowski

They actually began as 40lb Olde Boston Bulldogges. They, like all other bully breeds in the past, were used for dog fighting. The Boston was a combination of the (now extinct) white English Terrier & the English Bulldog. 

Above, an Olde Boston Bulldogge by Sue Dumais

These guys had a stronger bulldog appearance, but were bred with French Bulldogs to size them down to the petite Boston Terriers we know today. Olde Boston Bulldogges continued to be bred separately, and can still be seen today.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Agata Bednarska

These puppers were recognized as the first US breed in 1893! They were also the first non-sporting breed to be bred in the US.

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Were you the Hunk at the AB voltron photoshoot that picked up a few people? If you were, like, bless ur soul?? Thank you?? You're very strong and i was extremely impressed. (I was the pidge that got picked up)

I was in fact that Hunk! Did a couple push ups in preparation for the convention so I could get the most important part of the costume right: 

(Joking lmao Honestly thanks for letting me pick you up for the picture? It was tons of fun!)

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has taako ever said "bubeleh" in canon? i see it a lot in fanfiction and i dont remember him actually saying it at all

He has, but it’s on occasion, not all of the time, and it’s always been pointed at random people, not one person in particular.

That being said, an example him saying that word is during the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular, at 48:00. I’m not doing a full list of the times Taako’s said it at the moment though, but he does say it a few other times.

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Yes!! It’s been awesome! Earlier today, there was a Voltron meet-up at the Hilton next to the Sheraton where Anime Boston is held. Obviously, most of the people there were cosplayers. And they were all so amazing!!!!

I’m honestly Blown Away by how many people showed up. I risked my neck to climb up on this wall in order to get a group shot, and even then I barely managed to fit everyone in. I had to take a couple of panoramas! That’s how many people there were!

And there were so many artists selling Voltron stuff! Like, I dropped about $50 worth of stuff today alone, and there are still things I plan on buying tomorrow. I’m drained rn so I sound kind of mellow, but believe me- I was literally bouncing off the walls, that’s how excited I was. I lost my voice because I was chatting so much lmaooo.

I didn’t talk to too many people because again, lost voice, but the energy was so positive? People were there to have fun, and it showed. Every time a certain character/ship/scene was called to come up for photos, people cheered. There was actually quite a bit of screaming, but we kept getting scolded for it lmaoooo.

So yeah. Thank you, so much, to the mods of @relatablepicsofvoltron for arranging this amazing get together. I got to connect with so many people!! I took so many pictures!! I’m still deciding which ones to post, lmao


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yes hi hello i'm here for the ballet stories and i was wondering if you've already told the nutcracker, and if there's any that you haven't been asked but you really want to tell, also thank you very much you are very awesome and i hope you have a great day

so just in time for CHRISTMAS i have the nutcracker here for y’all. bundle yourselves in some be-fucking-dazzled ugly sweaters and get hella candy canes because we are strapping in on santa’s motherfucking sleigh for a BUMPY FUCKING RIDE UNLESS WE AVOID RUNNING OVER GRANDMA WITH THE REINDEER WHICH SHOULD PROBABLY BE OUR GOAL


*opens yuletide book* *ahem* let’s rock around this christmas motherfucker

so our story has many incarnations but the one we gone do follows this eensy little lady clara

ignore the nutcracker in her hands. she doesn’t have it yet. clara is sometimes called marie and sometimes she’s like an adult but i don’t fucking like that so we are gonna go with the version where she’s like twelve aight? bear with me, okay?

so clara has the perfect white bread very lovely happy white picket fence german family. they have a mommy and a daddy and a clara and a bratty little brother named fritz. the stahlbaums are very rich and have money to blow so they decide to throw this big ass rave to celebrate THE BEST HOLIDAY. just kidding. it is not a rave or a house party or anything mildly cool, it is just a christmas party with a bunch of the adult cousins and friends and their kids. basically the kinda shit you’d try to be slightly drunk for so you can avoid awkward questions about “what are you doing with your life now?”

since they are children, clara and fritz don’t have to worry about it. their only problem is distant relatives with obvious favoritism issues. 

BOOM enter clara’s godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer. he makes a big entrance where sometimes he does magic tricks and seems mysterious and vaguely creepy, but hey, that’s how people who are only slightly connected to the family who you must include or suffer the withering eye of your mother around the holidays are.

drosselmeyer is some sort of magician-y dude. he obviously has to impress this big party full of children and adults, so he does what any cool uncle type figure would do- some mildly impressive magic tricks. card guessing and endless strings of handkerchiefs are NOT ENOUGH for this sorcerous motherfucker, he’s gotta pull out the big guns. so what does this asshat do? HE BRINGS OUT BIGASS BOXES. the boxes have actual life sized fucking DOLLS in there. like dolls the size of fucking people. hella amazing. he bewitches them, like one does as a magician, and they actually dance for this party full of kids. so much for keeping one’s powers on the DL.

if he hasn’t proved himself the coolest fucking godfather yet, this douchecanoe has got PRESENTS. because clara is obviously his fave- and she is the one who is his godchild, fritz is just some random notgodchild- she gets a GOOD PRESENT. because drossel obviously knows how to shop for a goddamn twelve year old girl, he has gotten her a wooden nutcracker doll. you know. like how you crack nuts. 

and clara, because she is not attuned the the JOYS OF A CONSUMERISM loves this gift. so much that fritz, because nobody cares about him, and he has just gotten a walnut is super pissed. he chases clara around the party, steals the nutcracker, and smashes that wooden balls-destroyer on the ground.

like any good godfather, drossel has a miniature nutcracker doctoring kit in the pocket of his cape. he wraps that timber bollocks breaker up in a sling because being the victorian era, glue is not available OH WAIT ADHESIVES HAVE FUCKING BEEN IN USE FOR CENTURIES SO UNLIKE A GOOD BOY SCOUT HE WAS FUCKING NOT PREPARED. the guests jingle back into the fucking winter wonderland because this party has gotten ho-ho-horribly awkward and they want to have candy-cane cocktails in the privacy of their own homes. the family eventually goes to bed in preparation for CHRISTMAS MERRIMENT 🎅🎄🎁🌟.

because clara is very excited about christmas, she sneaks out to play with her nutcracker. much like any child trying to stay up late she is knocked the fuck out in about five minutes. this is where the fun happens. by some sinister magic- sometimes actually by drossel putting on a spell- clara is attacked by HUGE MOTHERFUCKING RAAAAAATS in her sleep.

she wakes up completely scared shitless as one would if they woke up to lifesized damn vermin surrounding you and has no idea what the fuck to do, still clutching this freaking glorified bottler opener like her life depends on it. 

WHICH it turns out, it does. drossel using his freaky deaky quasi wizardry powers turns the nutcracker into a life sized version which comes out and kicks some rodent ass. sometimes, everything shrinks and sometimes the tree grows and basically lots of magic shit. he fights the rat king and when it seems like he is about to lose, clara, in a move of pure subterfuge and military strategy, throws her gotdamn shoe at the rat’s head. despite this maybe not being the exact thing that we want to implicate into our military (but then we could spend fucking less on fucking defense spending) it works. big ass rodent daddy is distracted and then stabbed like the rat’s assed vermin he is by our wooden hero.

(this seems like a dance of lurve to me someone pls write some fanfiction)

by some more magic, the nutcracker is turned into a human. sometimes he’s just a magical prince, which is fucking uncomfortable- “here twelve year old goddaughter, sit with this random prince in a sleigh all night nothing weird about that”- or drossel’s nephew or some shit. they are whisked through a snow storm. because in ballet we really like to personify inanimate objects, these are actually beautiful lady snowflakes who dance through the cold and the suffering so that clara can pass safely to the land of the sweets, even though she is not wearing a fucking coat.

ENTRE ACT 2. we are led into the land of the sweets, which is as sickeningly diabetes-causingly sugary as it sounds. clara the sweet precious fucking fresh princess QUEEN of the land- the sugar plum fairy. 

sugar mama asks clara what the hickle heckle she’s doing there. lil mini badass bitch explains, and big sugar badass bitch is so happy that she decides to throw a party. luckily this is not one of those wild “drink all night, hook up with a stranger, make some life long memories and regrets” kind of party GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER CHAD BECAUSE CLARA IS LIKE TWELVE it is instead a sit for an hour and watch us dance kind of party

this is where things get a leetle bit dicey. sugar bitch fairy has got sweets from all over the world in her court just sitting around waiting to dance because they aint need jobs to support a candy economy. eighteenth century ballet choreographers took this “represent world cultures” thing to mean “let’s take the most exaggerated steroetypes of other countries and run with them.” unfortunately the idea of not being fucking racist cockwagons wasn’t a thing back then. and unfortunately we still do this and let our vague racism run rampant HAPPY HOLIDAYS FUCKERS

we get to see all sorts of things tho, from french marzipan ladies to the horrendous amalgamation of ~aRaBiAn~ stereotypes to represent the delicious elixir of coffee, to once again inanimate object represented by hot bitches in the dew drop fairy with her congress of flower hotties. it is all a jolly good time. they dance, we party, there’s arguably fuck-up-your-insulin-levels sugar going on, clara sits a lot, things happen. 

then clara is all partied out (fucking weak) and drossel sends her home in a magical carriage, her nutcracker restored to a weird utilitarian toy once again instead of a random ass prince, and her wondering if this was all a fucking dream.

*closes story book* *turns off blinking “it’s christmas bitch” sweater* and that is the story of the nutcracker

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The events of the boston live show take place between Rockport Limited and Petals to the Metal, so why can Angus use magic when taako doesn't teach him until after the Crystal Kingdom arc? Is it just a continuity error or am I remebering it wrong?

Incorrect, the Boston Live Show takes place after Crystal Kingdom. If you listen to the episode again, Jess comments on Merle’s missing arm.

Also, it couldn’t take place before Petals to the Metal because Angus didn’t join the Bureau of Balance until after Petals to the Metal.

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Tell her she is a hero, an icon, and an inspiration.

ajldfjl no, I’m joking (kind of), but that’s super thrilling. And it was kind of nice of her to think of him, even if she was joking, and hey! It worked out in the end, didn’t it? Good for her, and it’s nice to have confirmation that the rumors that he doesn’t break hugs first are true!! I hope she’s still breathing with all this, lol. ;) xx

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Do B fans hate Z? I follow a few Bruins blogs and they all talk about Chara badly idk if it's like a joke or what but like is that a thing? Is there any reason why? I like him (not a Bs fan tho)

idk it always bugged me too. He makes defensive mistakes because he’s old and not the chara he was in 2011. but he also is having a breakout year this year ANYWAY. Z is a fucking legend as far as i’m cocerned and i love him dearly and people who hate on him probably whine about everything. 

Literally he’s the best person int he world for instance

1. He doesn’t like the word rookie because he thinks it creates a hostile environment towards them and he doesn’t like the division. he calls them the young guys instead! Because of this Boston doesn’t really have much of a prank culture or really participate in any kind of ostracizing activity that other teams label fun.

2. he learns languages, and a bunch of them, because he doesn’t want a player to come to the team and not have anyone to talk to because their english is bad. He knows, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Russian, German and English. 

3. He is the FIRST nhl player born and raised in the iron curtain (aka the soviet union) to captain a stanley cup winning team. This is huge, the amount of cultural barriers you’d have to break down and like no one recognizes it???

4. he fucking loves his team so much he would do anything for them. they are his family and he is just one big papa bear and he just wants everyone to be happy and safe and sound. like chara loves the bruins more than anyone else in this whole world don’t fight me on this.

5. There’s a reason new guys like Jagr and Iginla talk about the bruins team being the closest they’ve ever been apart of. Look no further than Chara.

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Boston Hour Belle. Scale from 1 to 10 rate your first date with Gold?

Oh my God. A hundred? A thousand? A billion?

He’s such a perfect gentleman and so handsome and sweet and he kissed my hand!

I kind of embarrassed myself a dozen times, but it’s like he didn’t even notice?

I mean, I was worried I’d scared him earlier and that he was just sticking around to be polite, but then it was just the two of us, walking to the park, and talking, and he told me about his aunties and his son and he bought me a churro! And I shared it with him? And then he walked me back to my hotel and we held hands and then he kissed my hand!

Would it be crazy if I said it was the best night of my life?

And we’re going to go to the flea market together tomorrow! Can you believe that!? I hope there’s a ton of cool stuff there he’ll want to purchase for his shop so I can see him in action and the sort of things he looks for!

Did I mention he kissed my hand? Dr Rumford Gold kissed my hand.

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Imagine the non-Christmas celebrating Hausmates searching for an open restaurant on the 25th.

It starts with a smack and a groan. Then, into the howling, frozen night, “I SAID LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!”

Lardo and Dex are on the stairs before the bang! ricochets through the Haus.

“What the hell, man?” Lardo calls out as they race up the stairs. No one answers. They get on the landing to see Adam in front of Bitty’s closed room and Chris peering out of his, slack-jawed.

“Holtz?” Lardo’s voice goes all soft as she pulls him away, but Dex can’t take his eyes off Bitty’s door. Nursey was in there. Nursey was sleeping. Nursey who is the definition of calm and collected…chill. Adam had only wanted to ask if Nursey wanted Chinese or Middle Eastern. It’d been a tie between the four of them without Nursey.

Dex flings the door open and closes it behind him, ignoring Adam’s distressed sound.

Derek’s head snaps up when Dex walks in, his mouth curled in a tight sneer. He doesn’t relax when he sees it’s only Dex. Dex never expected him too, but…things have been better. Between them. He thought his presence might be a comfort to him.

Dex doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what happened. Derek has never…

“I—” he starts. He snaps his mouth shut when Derek stalks towards him in response.

His warm liquid eyes are now steel, are now— “Whatever you’re gonna say, don’t. Just leave me alone. Back off!

Oh, is that how it is. Dex grew up with a big family. Everyone lived in the same town or the town over. Which meant a lot of men, testosterone. Which meant a lot of posturing. Dex learned to hold his own real young, so he matches Derek’s smirk and pushes back. “Not really my style, Malik.” Before Derek can respond, he continues, “you’re coming whether you want it or not. It’s Christmas. Would’ve never taken you for the Grinch.”

Anger snaps through Derek’s eyes and Dex is backed up against the wall before he knows it. He gasps from the sudden movement, not pain, but Derek’s eyes widen nonetheless and he stumbles back, shock filtering through his eyes. His shoulders deflate, shadows in the dark room, and Dex straightens. He counts to twenty, to slow his heartbeat, to even out his breathing. Twenty seconds of silence before Derek grabs his jacket and leaves in a flurry of activity. By the time Dex can respond, the main door slams shut and Dex is pressing small, firm circles into his forehead. What the fuck, Nurse…

“Lardo, you have a car, right? Take Chris and Adam to that Middle Eastern place. Derek and I will meet you there,” he calls out as he shoves his arms through his jacket and grabs enough scarves for the both of them.

“You sure, bro?” Lardo cocks an eyebrow at him.

He smiles because he can tell she’s worried for him. “Yeah! Don’t worry, alright? I’ll drag the Grinch back with me.”

It isn’t hard to track Nursey given the footsteps in the snow, and Dex hurries to catch up with him. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, but it doesn’t matter. They’d agreed to be friends, and this is what friends do. Even when one is being a dick.

Dex finds Nursey on a bench by the river. He’s a speck of black against the white snow blanketing everything around him. Dex pulls out the spare scarf and wraps it around Derek before sitting down.

Any other day, he’d have been fine with just sitting there, waiting for a response, but it’s cold as fuck outside and his balls are gonna fall off if they stay too long, so he starts with the obvious, “you’re being a dick. I don’t know why, but you are. But, like, since this is the first time in a year, I don’t think Adam’s too mad at you. Neither am I.” Dex sighs. “Our team—we’re a family, bro. It really is like I traded in one for another. It means that no one’s gonna leave you alone to sulk. Thought you knew that.”

Time slides past them, the only moving thing in the dead night.

Derek exhales and moves closer to rest his head on Dex’s shoulder. “Why would I? Never really had a family,” Derek mumbles out.

“You have two moms. They love you.” They have to.

Derek shrugs. “I don’t know how. They don’t know me, Will. They—” Derek laughs and it’s ugly and bitter. Dex shifts closer. “I’ve never spent the holidays with them. For as long as I’ve remembered, they’ve done things just right. They tell me they love me, kiss me goodnight and drop me off to school. But I don’t remember the last time I talked to them. Every year, they’d work their asses off to get me expensive clothes, supplies and shoes and then during break, they’d fucking leave me with the maid while they go off and vacation somewhere. I’ve always been alone during the holidays.”

Jesus… “Well, you…you’re not alone anymore.” Dex grabs Derek’s hands in his own and makes him focus. “I’m here. Adam, Chow, Lardo, we’re all here. For you. You don’t have to be alone. Derek, fuck, I’ll spend Christmas with you. Or Hanukkah or whichever. Every year if that’s what it takes for you to never feel alone on Chr—the holidays, okay? Fuck everything else. It’s in the past. Right here, right now, you’re not alone. Okay?”

Derek stares back at him, eyes wide and soft. “O-Okay.”

The kiss is sudden. An instinctive act, really, light and sweet. Dex pulls back before it can become more than a caressing comfort and ignores the way Derek follows.

Clearing his throat and smiling, Dex loops an arm around Derek’s shoulder to pull him up. “Alright then, let’s get the hell outta here. My balls are dying. The others are at the restaurant already.”

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