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Are you going to go to one of those viewings? The closest one to me is fairfax / D.C. But it's still so far away. I wanna go so bad tho

I just got a ticket to see the NYC LV!!! :D

… I would definitely recommend going if you can afford it ( ‾▿‾ )ゞ

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The Boston Gang au where they all teach at the same university. Who teaches what? What kind of professor are they? What do the kids think of them? What kind of petty drama can they get into?


Henry Longfellow is a English and Languages professor. He HATES being a professor, but he has to make money somehow. He’s pretty good, and certainly popular. He’s a professor that you know doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t want to make you suffer either. So his class is probably super easy and he is probably extremely helpful if you have any questions. Take home quizzes and open notebook tests all the time.  May or may not be a stoner. Knows far too many weed related jokes and is far too mellow to not be suspect.

Holmes is the Anatomy professor in the Medical School, and he is the most popular professor in the entire god damn school. Absolutely hilarious, weirdly attractive (dresses like a fucking hipster in skinny jeans), bitterly sarcastic, and clearly passionate about the subject. He makes it fun, genuinely fun, and he demands the best of everyone. It’s not an easy class, but he’s willing to help and won’t give up on any of his students. Even people who aren’t going into medicine or science try to get into his class. Everyone wants a chance to study under him. Plus, he has the gossip on all the other professors and the students eat that drama up.

Sumner is a Law professor. He knows his stuff, and he’s really nice and awkwardly funny, but he is not…. naturally inclined to teaching. He goes off on tangents, sometimes rants about things that are barely related to the topic, and he’s very…. blunt, when his students are wrong. Takes no crap, but is just so friendly and sweet in general that most people love him. Some don’t though, and it really hurts him because he can’t figure out how to make it better. He’s more than willing to help the students, and god knows they need it, because he throws so much at them they can’t keep anything straight. One on one tutoring goes much better than in class lecture. Plus, he’s cute as hell, and though his rate my professor is all over the place, he has a lot of peppers lmao. Sam never lets him live it down.

Emerson teaches philosophy. No one understands a fucking thing he teaches, but he’s an easy grader and the class discussions are always interesting. Talks a lot about his personal life and nature adventures, and encourages the students to open up too. He’s unintentionally hilarious, and a little socially anxious, so his ratings are similar to Sumner’s. Not every teacher can be perfect and super popular, but still, he’s pretty well liked.

Howe is a professor teaching multiple courses in Special Education and Psychology. Naturally, he teaches students sign language and braille and all the latest teaching methods for those who are deaf or blind, but since this is the 21st century and since he actually was one of the first people to historically research it, he probably would have some course relating to autism instruction. As far as teaching goes, Sam is a genuinely amazing professor. All of his students love him. Every single one of them. He really was born to be a teacher, and that shines through in his work. He demands a lot of his students because he knows how important their jobs are going to be, but he’s just…. really good. Holmes get all the fame and glory but honestly I think Howe would actually be the best teacher at the school.

Felton teaches the classics. He leaves out all the gay shit, which pisses Emerson off. He’s funny and well liked, but it definitely pisses off his lgbt students who read shit like the Iliad and their questions on certain subtexts are bushed aside. Honestly, Emerson is probably going to deck him one day an become a classics professor instead.

As for drama? Well, aside from the fact that the English professor is a stoner, the Law professor and the Special Ed professor are banging, the Classics professor and the Philosophy professor are going to murder each other, and the Anatomy professor knows all of their business and uses it against them, the drama is pretty run of the mill for the Boston gang. There’s always drama with them. They can’t escape it. I feel like Holmes gets his comeuppance though. His son Wendell probably becomes his TA, and fucks half the class. And maybe some of the professors. Holmes is mortified. Wendell is living the dream.

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You live near Boston? I also live near Boston!

abt 45 minutes fom it! doesnt feel like a long drive at all

unfortunately we’re postponing the faneuil hall thing for tomorro, but since i have no classes to return to we can go for as long as we want! 

i proposed that we also go to the aquarium (my cousins son would love it) and that they ditch me there for awhile so i can kinda chill there and draw the stuff!

we might go to the natick mall today instead, where hopefully the bigger newbury comics will have some new stuff and hopefully the new su comic, and the other thing where ive had some canadian money from a convention i can exchange there

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for whatever reason, the Boston gang all end up on an 8 hour flight together. who sleeps through the whole thing? who's the annoying neighbor? who is secretly terrified the entire time? how does it all go down?

The Boston Gang go on Vacation! God help all of them.

Henry, Fanny, and baby Charley are sitting next to each other, and Henry REALLY wants the window seat. Charley wants it too. Henry has to be the adult and give it to him, but after an hour Charley gets bored as hell and starts crying just to fuck with them. He cries the rest of the flight, just because he can. He’s only 2 and is already an asshole. Henry and Fanny are on the verge of tears themselves. Sam offers to give Charley a shot of whiskey to knock him out, which causes Julia to slap him.

Charles gets the aisle seat in the row next to Henry, which is super necessary for his height. Sam is sitting next to him, and Julia is in the window seat oh her side. Sam probably ignores her the whole flight and leans over to talk to Charles. They are both a little too loud, and when Charley starts crying they probably speak louder to be heard, which gives Julia a fucking migraine. Charles is so excited to get there, and Sam is just excited that Charles is excited. They kind of hold hands the whole flight, which Julia absolutely notices and will not forget any time soon.

Julia probably sighs and tries to sleep the whole time, but Sam’s big mouth and Charley’s screaming keeps her up. She’s on the verge of murder.

Ted is probably sitting with Wendell Phillips and Anna Shaw, and the three of them have the most normal and casual flight of all. When the conversation lags, all three probably resort to on screen entertainment. Wendell and Anna probably both fall asleep on Ted, and he doesn’t mind it for one second.

Oliver and Amelia and 5 year old Wendy are in the next row, and Oliver IS the annoying neighbor who tries to talk to everyone around him. He focuses mostly on Amelia, but Sam and Charles just said something funny, or Emerson mentioned an interesting fact, and Holmes HAS to one-up them. He doesn’t shut up the whole flight. Wendy mostly looks out the window or watches tv. Amelia brought earplugs, and spends the rest of the flight reading.

Thoreau is convinced they are going to crash. The conversation probably goes like this:

Thoreau: I hate this… I hate this. What if we crash? Waldo, why did you convince me to do this?

Emerson: We’re not going to crash. The statistical likelihood is ridiculously low.

Holmes: Exactly, HD. The odds of dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million.


Emerson: Then I will finally be at peace….

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Imagine Steve going undercover and using a New England accent.

“’Ey Frankie, I need anothah beeyah heeyah,” Steve calls across the bar.

“Gimme a sec, Timmy, I gotta help this moron.”

Steve settles onto his barstool. According to the team, he’s really good at mimicking accents, so when they needed someone to infiltrate in Boston, who better to send than someone who can sound just like them. He cringes at how crude the dialect sounds.

“I ain’t got all day, Frankie. I gots things t’do, people t’see.”

“Yer a fucker Timmy. Here’s yer beeyah. Now get outta my sight.”

Steve smiles, not minding that he ruffles a couple feathers. How else is he supposed to fit in?

“Well you didn’t have to be rude,” Natasha’s voice comes over his earpiece.

“Have you spent any time watching me? These people have two modes, loud and rude. Also they can’t drive for shit. Have any of them heard of a blinker? And what’s with the streets? I never know where the fuck I’m going. I’ll be driving along and suddenly, the street becomes one way, but there’s no where to turn and I can’t make a U-ey. This is a messed up town, Nat.”

“Jesus Steve, I didn’t realize you felt so passionately about Boston. I thought you woulda loved it, considering you were around when all that patriotic shit went down.”

“Fuck you, I’m not that old.”

“Whatever,” she replies, a smile in her voice. “Just get back to it. I’ll check in later.”

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SInce the controversy with liam is going around, is it too late to organize something like taking rainbow signs that say "ITS ABOUT FEELING SAFE" during the shows (im going to boston and I want to do this but not be alone)

We think this is a great idea! There are 132 participants going to OTRA boston so you definitely won’t be alone. You can find all our boston participants here and check out the Boston Rainbow Direction meetup here - feel free to get in contact with them and make this happen!

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We have so many beautiful RDers coming to Boston! And while Boston should be a pretty friendly place, I know some folks may feel nervous about waving their rainbows in a big crowd. On the slim chance someone harasses you at Gillette or you see someone else being harassed, please text the word: CONDUCT to 78247 followed by the details of what's going on, and someone will come deal with it. This is anonymous report service, so don't be afraid to use it!

Thank you so much for the info!

Although we hope everyone will be safe, it is always important to know what to do if you do get harassed or need assistance.

You can see our post on staying safe at the shows here.