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do you think taemins real personality is really different from the one him show on the variety shows?

(Here it comes another extended, personal and emotional opinion by admin) It depends on which way. When it comes to express his opinion, to do his jokes, to have fun, he has become freer, he doesn’t like to be silent behind his hyungs anymore. But when it comes to express his inner feelings, his emotions, it’s really hard for him - he has stated this lots of times already. What I feel as a person that can understand why he does it, he’s a person that feels way free to show his friendly side because even being such a shy person he really likes to interact with people - especially with his closest friends, SHINee members and shawols; at the end being shy means only being it at the beginning, you stop once you’re confident with the other person. But he’s really a private person, not only for protecting his family and his personal life, but because of how he takes care of his soul. I don’t think he doesn’t cry for being a cold person, or that he doesn’t like to express his love for others, but probably that means SO much for him that he’s careful about it, he’s conscious about what his gestures and his words really have a meaning. I think he sometimes doesn’t know how to act or what to say because he might feel people believe he’s still a silent and shy person, when he’s really into trying to show his real self, but it’s really hard and it means opening his real self to the world and that sometimes can be dangerous. Not because he can hurt others, but because others can truly hurt him.

Even if people would like to start rumours about his bromance with Kai he won’t care because you can truly notice he has such a pure love for him, he has such a confidence, he’s not afraid to show his love for his friend, he hugs him, he gets really close to him. And if you don’t notice those details with his friends, you can notice it for example with each member of SHINee. He loves Onew so, so, so, so much, you can feel the love in his eyes, when he hugs him, when he pays attention to his words, how he searches for his approval every time. People might wonder why I love the friendship between Jonghyun and Taemin, and one of the reasons is that Taemin relies on Jonghyun SO much when it comes to his feelings - like when they cried together when Ace album was released -, they’re truly a big big support to each other, they’ve been together for such a long time and they share that deep connection, they might know the fears and weaknesses of each other. With Key the friendship is much funnier because Taemin lives to troll Key, but when Taemin searches for him to touch his hand, to kiss him, to hug him, it really shows how comfortable he feels with him. With Minho is almost the same, they’re the maknae line and they’ll show the dorkiest side when they’re together, but yes, you can feel also he has a lovely trust in Minho, he won’t care when he goes to play with him.

Taemin is showing more of his real self lately and I’m happy because this means he’s opening his heart to us. Of course we need to understand he can’t do this on a random TV show where he might be participating with people he hasn’t developed yet a long time together with, so in case he has inner feelings he wants to show to the rest, he needs to know how to express them without hurting himself and hurting the others. Taemin is, for me, such a warm and lovely human being, I understand why sometimes he needs to protect himself from what people might believe just because they don’t understand his lovely personality. Ahhhh…………. TT

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I bumped into Roy yesterday in NYC and he has some serious scruff going on and he looked soo good. (I'm not saying that I need some smut about this, but I really need some smut about this)

I’m very much more concerned about how one bumps into Bianca Del Rio like wtf, that’s some goddamn luck you’ve got gal 😭💖

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Don't you feel like Jared's is kinda omitted in this announcement as well as the entire baby situation? I don't want to make any assumptions or anything, there are always more than enough, but I can't help the fact that it's just feels strange to me. No tagging him, no mention of him. I hope Jared will tweet something himself as well. I know the announcement is a part of the campaign that is Gen's but it's still THEIR baby. I hope everything is fine with him and between them.

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Hamburr angst headcanons yo~? >:3c

Ok ok ok ok ok 

  • Burr having to sit through hearing about Hamilton’s funeral
  • Burr seeing Eliza or Angelica and the look on their face as they lock on on Burr
  • If you are into Hamburr relationship, think about how Hamilton is a lot more invested in his work/making a difference and one day Burr realises, and say(or not) to him: “I realised you’ve never really looked at me before” because all I see in your eyes when I talk to you is the success you are pursuing, and there is no trace of me.
  • Burr being treated nicely by Hamilton and Hamilton out of the rev set give him a lot more repsect and invovlement yet Burr hates Hamilton out of JEALOUSY
  • Burr being really really conflicted and angry at himself that the person that treat him without a doubt nice is someone he hates so much
  • Burr, while being around Hamilton having a good time, hope very silently that Hamilton can some how die or disappear so he doesn’t need to feel anymore jealousy 
  • Burr’s DRASTIC phase of anger and swelling jealousy after Election of 1800
  • Looking at the Rev Set, looking at Thomas Jeffeson, looking at Washington, Burr is shouting in his mind “stop stealing him away from me”
  • Burr wants to reserve Hamilton’s brilliance and attention all to himself but Hamilton gets distracted too easily he can never have him
    • He can never have him
  • Burr relaxing the day Hamilton died, beside the guilty he had to deal with later, he no longer need to feel jealousy ever again. As disturbing as it is he felt relieved. 
Mo Chridhe- 5

Anonymous Asked: For your Modern Au, I love that you have Fergus in there as a small boy. How did they come to adopt him? In the books he was 10 and you have him as 7 in the second post.

Hello Anon! 
I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the Modern Jamie and Claire with Fergus as a long time member. In this you will find out just how long Fergus has been a part of Jamie and Claire’s lives.

Mo Chridhe Installments 1, 2, 3, and 4

*I have no knowledge of how adoption in France works or if any of this is truly accurate for adoption. This is a piece of FICTION so please treat it as such.-Thanks! :)*

“Jamie!” Claire yelled down the hallway. “Hurry up we have to be—“

“We have to be at Jared’s in fifteen minutes, aye I know! I canna find my…ah ha! Alright let’s go!” Claire shook her head as a smile crossed her face. My silly, endearing husband. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for two weeks! August 10th feels like yesterday. She thought to herself, in disbelief that they were actually married.

Double checking for keys, cell phones, and the umbrella Claire and Jamie made their way out of the lavish apartment Jared had bequeathed them as a wedding present. Jamie had found it a kind gesture while Claire was aghast and in complete disbelief. How many times were they now expected—better yet obligated— o visit Paris now that they had an apartment?

A muffled wail caused Claire to pause and lay a hand on her husband’s arm. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what, Sassenach?”

“That… wailing? It sounds like a baby.” Claire turned and looked up at Jamie eyes desperately seeking for any answers possible, or confirmation she wasn’t just hearing things. She had always longed for a child, especially after being knocked down by the tall handsome Scot she now called hers. Could her mind be imposing a train of thought of what she wants to happen next instead of actually having heard a child crying?

Jamie shook his head in an apologetic was and guided Claire towards the door. As they approached the wailing became louder; Claire sprinted to the door wrenching it open.

There on the stoop of the door was a bundle of heavily soaked red blankets and two pale chubby arms flailing about in anguish.

Without a second thought Claire scooped up the child and pulled them close to her chest. She began to rock back and forth humming soothing tones as Jamie stared down at the bundle in her arms in disbelief.

“Jamie…” Claire needn’t say more, Jamie understood.

“Aye, get back inside with the bairn, mo nighean donn. I’ll phone Jared, he’ll understand.”

Ushering Claire back inside the door and to their bedroom Jamie heard Claire muttering gibberish, which meant it was medical speak, to herself. Jamie watched as she held the bairn in different positions, moving limbs, checking different areas of the tiny body, then saw the tension ease out of her.

“He’s fine. Cold, most likely hungry, but doesn’t appear to be showing any other signs of distress. We need to get fresh clothes and formula for him, now!” Jamie jumped, as did the bairn which let out another wailing squawk at Claire’s raised tone.

“Aye, we’ll get him all he needs, dinna worry, mo nighean donn, I’ll see to it he has all he needs.”

Jamie excused himself to make an apologetic phone call to his uncle, then to find the nearest store that had supplies for the wee lad.

Claire had the child stripped of the sopping blanket and wrapped up in one of her Fraser tartan blanket scarves.

“There, now you’ll be nice and warm in this until we can get you some proper clothes little one. I do wish I knew where your mother or father are and why someone would leave you on our doorstep.”

The boy’s big baby-blue eyes stared up at her in the unfocused way newborn’s eyes did. She smiled endearingly down at him. “You’re such a handsome one. I hope we find whomever might be missing you…Although, a part of me wishes that we never find them so Jamie and I can take you home.”

Jamie stood in the doorway listening to Claire prattle on to the bairn, stories of how they met, what Oxfordshire and the States were like, the impending trip to the Highlands to see family, and a statement that turned Jamie’s heart into a hollowed-out bubble full of happiness, how much she loved the bairn in her arms. His heart swelled with pride for how generous and loving his wife was, but at the same time it broke with the knowledge they’d have to give up this bairn.

“I just spoke with Jared, he’s on his way over. He said he would bring us anything a baby would need.”

“Must be nice having more money than you know what to do with.” Jamie laughed at Claire’s apt assessment of Jared; Rich beyond measure and not a clue where or how to spend it. Frivolous seemed to be his middle name.

“Aye, at least he’s using it to help us. Once the lad has been fed and dressed we’ll need to call the police and child services.”

Claire’s whisky colored eyes looked up at him brimmed with tears. “I don’t want to give him up. I-I-I didn’t realize how much I ached for a child until I held him. Oh, Jamie, we can’t leave him here!”

“Shh, Sassenach, shhh. We’ll figure out a way that’s best for all of us.” Jamie enveloped Claire and the bairn in a hug, kissing the tops of both of their heads.

That’s how Jared found them, a small, new family unit cuddled together seeking comfort.

“Bonjour darlings! I have a few baubles and the like for the lad. I wasna sure what sort of formula you would want, so I bought one of each.”

Claire’s eyes went wide as she saw the bags upon bags taking up all the floorspace of the spacious bedroom. “Thank-you, Jared.”

Jared shrugged a distinctly Scottish shrug, “Think nothing of it my dear. Please, now I need your husband’s help to get the car seat, stroller, and crib from the car…Jamie if you dinna mind?”

“Not at all Uncle, Claire can manage wee Fergus until we return.”

“Fergus is the lad’s name. That’s good, strong Scottish name! The lad will wear that with pride as he grows.”

Jamie chanced a glance back at Claire where she stood, arching one fair brow in a way he knew he would be questioned later. Shrugging back just as his uncle had, Jamie left the room to get the rest of the supplies for the bairn.

Jamie, Claire, Jared and wee Fergus were gathered around the dining room table. Fergus happily sucking down a bottle from Claire, his legs kicking in excitement.

“The police will be here soon. Have ye thought what you’re going to tell them?”

“Aye, the truth. What more should I say? We found the puir lad soaking wet on the doorstep, hungry and cold.”

Nodding his head, Jared stroked his mustache thinking about the situation his nephew and new niece were in.

A knock sounded from the door. Claire adjusted Fergus to burp him, watching anxiously as Jamie opened the door allowing the police and child services to enter.

In a flurry of French Jamie explained how they found the bairn, clothed and fed him.

“Madame Fraser?”

Claire looked to the kind looking child services woman. Her curly black hair, rich brown skin, warm chocolate eyes, and slender frame reminded her of her colleague’s wife causing a smile to instantly form.


“It is my understanding that your husband and yourself wish to foster the child until he can be found a home. Am I correct in this statement?”

“Yes and no, we would like to foster with the intention to adopt. This boy has already stolen our hearts and we want to provide and be the best for him.”

“If you wouldn’t mind, would you tell me what you all do professionally?”

“Jamie is an editor for a newspaper and I am currently an ER surgical nurse, while training to become a surgeon in my own rights.”

“And where, Madame Fraser, do you live?”

“Currently we are in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Will that be a problem for us to adopt Fer—the child?” Claire’s grip slightly tightened on Fergus and her eyes went wild seeking out the comfort of her husband who was still detailing the events to the police.

“It could be yes. Do you have any means of staying in Paris or France in general?”

“We do own this apartment, but our jobs are in the states.”

The kind woman smiled sympathetically. She was able to see the want, need, and love Claire had for the child and the protectiveness her husband showed as well. “We will need to be able to observe you from time to time and make sure the boy is well taken care of. If you can stay here it will be easier for us to grant you custody.”

Claire nodded and looked over towards Jamie, “I’ll have to speak with my husband about what we will need to do.”

The woman placed her hand on Claire’s knee, “I may be able to work a way for you to live in America and still foster the boy. If you agree to live here for some months, or weeks when the inspections will take place?”

Claire’s face lit up and she laid her hand over the social worker’s hand. “Thank-you.”

“Here is my card, do call me if you need anything concerning the boy. Tomorrow, I would like to meet you and your husband at the Pédiatre to run more thorough tests on the child. It’s there we can determine his date of birth and assign him a name.”

Claire took the card and thanked the woman yet again.

After the police left Jamie and Claire took a sleeping Fergus to their bedroom and discussed the days events. Claire told him of the social worker Carlotta Claudel.

The next day at the pediatricians’ office, they discovered young Fergus could be either two weeks or two days old. There was no lasting damage from whatever his birth mother had done, but he was underweight—something Claire knew she could take care of. The birth certificate was hard to fill out not knowing the child’s actual date of birth nor his parents’ names. Jamie took a chance and filled out the spaces indicated and waited for a reaction. Written in a formal cursive was:

Name: Fergus Fraser
D.O.B: 24 August 2016
Father: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser
Mother: Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser

Carlotta smiled at Jamie and signed her name to the witness line.

“I’ll need to see the three of you again in three months here in Paris, if you can manage it.”

Jamie wrapped an arm around Claire and nodded. “We will be here.”

Every three to four months for two years the small Fraser family would pack up and fly to Paris. A month long vacation while being supervised by various child protective service workers. A critique here and there was usually made, one particular man berated Claire and Jamie for allowing a beast “Such as that one!” he had yelled pointing to Frank, near the year old Fergus.

Frank who had taken to Fergus surprisingly well, growled and stood in front of Fergus, ready to protect his friend. The worker was backing away, calling out to anyone who would listen to call animal control, when Fergus grabbed Frank’s tail and giggled as the dog instantly laid down and let Fergus crawl all over his back.

The shock on the man’s face was indescribable as Claire crossed her arms challenging the man, “What kind of beast were you saying? Surely you don’t mean Frank? Those two are inseparable! Frank will lay by Fergus’s crib every night, nap time, or time out and if anything seems remotely out of place he alerts us by barking or coming to get us.”

The man had nervously smiled and instead of what would have been a horrible blemish on their record, was a glowing review of the protectiveness and love the family—including the family pet—had for the small baby.

On August 24, 2018, Carlotta Claudel surprised the Fraser family by flying to Charlotte and delivering the good news. On that day, Fergus Fraser, ward of Paris, France, foster son of James and Claire Fraser became Fergus James Claudel Brian Fraser son of James and Claire Fraser…permanently.

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I love the head canons, especially since Burr always flipped between feeling super sad about shooting Ham and also nonchalantly referring to Hamilton as "my dear friend, whom I shot" in passing conversations.

It’s not much Burr but jealousy itself?

You can have the most polar opposite feelings towards a very very close person(even a relative) when you have strong jealousy against them and on that part burr’s stuff is completely realistic

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Sorry to ask but do you have an ultra sound mod or something like that? I'm sorry if it kills the magic but I'd really love to know because that would add up so much to game and stuff... Sorry to be Anon, I'm shy.

no need to apologize at all!!! it’s actually a pose with an echography machine! you can get it here

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Good lord, hearing you talk about Mari and Adrien makes my heart SWELL so much it's almost SUFFOCATING. I'm sure I won't survive once they get together.

Hey man, this is canon, okay? I’m just regurgitating all the feels that Thomas Astruc and his crew have given me.

Love-starved Adrien Agreste pining for Ladybug, having no idea that Marinette/Ladybug loves him so much and wants to be with him and worries for his safety and would give up her powers for him and made him a scarf for his birthday and wrote him a love poem and pictures his face in the sky sometimes and would destroy anyone who tries to hurt him.

Like… this dynamic is AGONIZING when you sit down and think about it (as I have, on various occasions).

So if my fan fics reflect that, I must be doing an okay job.

A Whole New World

anonymous asked: What if Jamie went through the stones with Claire?

I’ve had this ask in my inbox since the week I started my blog. I finally have a solid idea and I’m ready to run with it. After watching the latest ep of Outlander…twice…this idea solidified in my mind and the possibilities are endless. I hope you all enjoy this fic that’s set loosely during s2 ep13: Dragonfly in Amber. 

You can find all of my previous works on my Master Fanfiction List or on AO3

Happy reading!

“Don’t you hear it? The buzzing?” She asked me. A humming buzz did fill my senses, a swarm of screams and shouts of men at battle. The buzzing hum of bees she had described those years ago was not that of what I could hear.

“I dinna hear anything, Sassenach. And even if I could, my place is here.” I touched the stone’s edge, I watched as Claire lurched forward a hand outstretching to stop me. She feared she may lose me to another time. A Dhia. I prayed for another way, a different outcome to present itself during the years of our relentless work, but it was no to be. History was coming to pass.

With frantic desire, I expressed the depth of my love and heartache in one final joining. If I had to send her back, let her still feel me within her, let her still feel my touch, my words…my tears. I knew she didna wish to leave. My heart screamed: Hold on to her! Never let her go! However, my mind told me to send her to safety. A place of sanctuary for her and the bairn. Somewhere where they both may be cared for and no be at risk for the hangman’s noose.

“I love you.” Claire cried. Her eyes spilling over with tears as she refused to look away from my own eyes. “I love you.” She repeated with her entire soul. I could feel my own heart and soul ripping from my body as I guided her to the stone.

“And..I…you.” I whispered, voice cracking. Words escaped me. I couldna properly say goodbye to my heart…my soul…my home. She held my entire being inside her. My English lass, who caused more trouble, fear, and love than I believed possible, had to leave. I couldna bear the thought of her or the bairn sharing my fate on that cursed moor.

Winding my arm around her waist, digging my hand into the tiny swell where our bairn lie, I couldna let go. Tears streaked my cheeks as I rested my head into her hair for the last time. She was shaking and I knew I too was shaking with grief. The hand holding hers let go the moment she touched the stone, but the one around her waist refused to budge.


Overwhelming, all consuming, pain.





“Claire?” I cried, feeling my heart shatter while my voice broke through my tears.

The solid warmth of my heart’s body lay beside me, my arm trapped beneath her.

She looked dazed as she turned her head from side to side.

“Jamie?” Her voice cracked and a smile broke across her face as she threw herself on top of my chest, clinging for dear life.

“Did it no work, Sassenach? Why are ye still here and wi’ me?” I whispered, tracing the delicate lines of a face I didna believe I’d hold again.

“I-I don’t know. It felt as though it worked, but you’re still here so it must not have.” She looked distraught. “What shall we do? If the stones aren’t working, I can’t wait for you to die, Jamie. I will not hide somewhere and wait for you to be taken from me, from us!” She emphasized by leading my hand down to her stomach.

“Ah, weel, I dinna ken. Perhaps we can make our way towards Lallybroch, meet up with Murtagh, and make our way deeper into the Highlands. The English may raid the area, but they’ll no ken the wilds of Scotland like I do.” I said, faintly smiling.

Claire nodded and stood on shaky legs.

“We best get started. The battle should be well under way, and if history is correct, it’ll take only fifteen minutes for it to end. We don’t want to be anywhere near here when it’s over.”

I nodded, taking her hand and lead us down the hill–away from the faery stones.

The air smelt odd, a metallic tang that wasna normal. The battle, filled with cannons, gunpowder, and the blood of the slaughtered could be the cause, but I wasna sure. The humming buzz of the battle was becoming fainter with each step away from the stones instead of louder as it should.

Too busy being in my own head, I didna notice when Claire stopped abruptly, her face ashen in shock.

“Claire? Mo nighean donn, what is it?”

She raised a shaking hand, the other covered her mouth, and pointed at something in front of us. A strange black path lay no ten feet before us. The top prickled and pocked with the markings of stones, but they were so fine it seemed to create a solid surface like the concrete of Italy.

“Sassenach—?” My voice not even a whisper as I eased my way towards the path. Hesitantly, I placed my foot atop it, waiting for the rocks to crumble or crunch, but it was solid. “What—?”

Claire’s voice was strong, filled with a mix of remorse and happiness. “A road. A paved road. Jamie, it worked. The stones worked. We’re not in 1746 any longer.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded, a smile breaking across her face. “Yes. I’m not sure what year we’ve come to. If we base it off my experience then this should be around 1948, two-hundred and two years in the future.”

“If that’s true, how did I come to be here wi’ you?”

“I don’t know. Are you sure you didn’t hear the stones?” She questioned, laying a hand on my arm.

“Aye, quite sure. All I could hear was the rumble of cannons and the hum of men screaming either as they attacked or died, Sassenach. No’ your hum of bees or screaming souls trapped in vibrating stones.”

She cocked her head to the side—studying my eyes—seeking the truth. I could feel my pulse quicken and dread fill my stomach. If I had traveled through the stones, then what became of my men? Murtagh? Fergus? Jenny and Ian?

Claire saw the horror on my face as my legs gave out.

“What have we done, Sassenach?” My voice cracked through a new wave of tears. “We’ve abandoned those who need us most.”

“But we’re safe!” She assured me. I shook my head.

“Safe we may be, but for how long? What will the people of this time say of me? From what you’ve said this time has more rules for identification. How will ye explain me?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Truth be told, I don’t know. But I know someone who can help us. She may even be able to help us track down family…Jenny and Ian’s descendants, if they still have possession of Lallybroch, we could go there and wait a time. Have our baby here, raise her together here, on the estate without the fear of soldiers busting through the door taking you from me. Or,” She took a breath. “Or, we could find out what happened after we left and go back when we feel it would be safe.”

I nodded, “Aye. You may be right.” Agreeing with her. Going back would be a risk that I may have to take. Could a family together be possible here in this time?

Many more questions flooded my mind but only one came out. “Who is this woman that ye speak of?”

Claire smiled a knowing smile, “A druid by the name of Mrs. Graham.”