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I think their question is more specifically "how do asks respond to stuff that happens in the panel, on that same panel?" because that kinda confuses me too. Its appearance is very effective, but how does that happen? Are there partial updates and people respond to those before you add more frames or how does that work? Or do people predict what characters will say before they say it so their ask fits or what is happening?

People send asks and then I pick out the ones that best sound like I string them into a conversation.  and then write the dialogue for the responses based on those questions to help lead to the next ask. Making the anons their own character in the blog

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4. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

This is not recent, but it might be more coherent and amusing! I did this short comic last October, accidentally got water on it (you can still see the rippled parts…)  so I left it pressed in a book, and forgot about it until I found it again recently:

It’s about the cow costume from Niall’s skit with James Corden! Thought it would fit with Farmer Harry. Once upon a time I would have seen this cartoon to polished digital completion, but I think the optimal posting date on this one has long passed…so I will just show it as it is.  (All my drawings start out on paper like this, actually. I have this arbitrary habit of folding a printed page in half, and drawing only on that half for any particular project…the other half is sort of a brainstorming a ‘test page’ lol)

As for recent drawings…I did this sketch I did on a whim (Beware! Super messy!):

It’s ot5 cosplaying Team Rocket, yeah yeah? :D  Pink topknot Zayn as Jessie, with Liam as Jessie’s pokemon Arbok, and lavender cinnamon-roll hair Louis as James, with Harry as James’ pokemon Weezing. And of course, Niall as Meowth.

It’s in a very early drawing stage, so that’s why it looks so haphazard like that. (There are some key decisions I have not yet made: for example, whether I should make Zayn faithfully sport Jessie’s miniskirt-and-thigh-high-boots combo or should I just give him pants lol) I guess there is a gigantic difference between how my sketches look and how my final art looks….I see it as my way of bringing a blurry idea into focus gradually, you know? It is crystal clear in my mind, but my hand takes several approximations to get it right, and I don’t bother to erase much in the meantime.

I’m not sure if I should finish this drawing…when I started it was just a self-indulgent thing, I don’t know if anybody else might be interested in this. It was fun in my mind though. Zouis as Team Rocket just feels so right to me, haha!

10. Who is your favorite artist? Who/What inspires you?

Truthfully, when I first started drawing 1D in early 2015 my drawings were SO embarrassing, and all the 1D artists I encountered awed and inspired me. I guarantee you that most of the skills I learned since then, was acquired from observing techniques of this fandom’s pantheon of fantastic artists. 

Outside of this fandom, I also love the art of @c-cassandra , @iguanamouth, @cyarindraws !

14. What is your favorite color?

It’s the kind of green I have in the background of my icon! It’s a soothing color to me. My favorite types of palette to work with is that very kind of bluish-green, paired with diluted muted yellows, dark blues, and contrasted with a reddish-orange. Although, for someone who typically doesn’t do much coloring, I probably should just say black is my favorite color 😂

Thank you for asking!

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Do you have any advice for someone who's been drawing for years, but for the past four months hasn't been improving whatsoever? It's just really discouraging to try and draw something again, and it turns out even worse then the last thing. Did you ever go through this kind of thing?

Ok this ask has been for a while in my inbox cause i didnt know how to answer it. I’m still not sure I am. 


Yes, I did went through something similar

I ended up crying in front of my canvas

But I would say…draw it anyway. But..try other ways to draw the thing you want to draw. Change the medium. Use pen instead of pencil. Try digital if you re a traditional or viceversa. Change brushes. Try a different coloring style.

 Try and try and try and dont stop trying

Trust me when I said that you will end up liking at least 1 out 100 draws you make. 

And that one drawing will meant the world to you.

And you will be proud of it the next morning you see it. And the next one and the next one

Dont give up just yet

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I'm sorry but I don't understand what makes the first picture racist would you mind explaining sorry;

the height difference between pharah and mercy really isnt all that big, but a lot of fan art (like the one in that post) exaggerates her features and bulks her up tremendously to the point where her body type looks more like zarya’s. and in comparison, mercy is ALWAYS left super tiny and Pure™ looking. it’s part fetishization and part ‘i can only ever see black women and other dark skinned woc as Intimidating/Rough/Threatening regardless of how the women in question actually look so i will only ever draw them this way while they tower over their pure little white gfs’ 

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Ask the artist : 5, 6 and 11, please.

5. What is your favorite piece that you have done in 2017 so far and why?

This one (incidentally also my current blog header picture):

It was wonderful thing to work on, from start to finish. Even now, though I can spot some flaws in it (hmm…something about Zayn’s face don’t seem quite right if I tilt my head to look, hahaha), I still have the same fuzzy, warm feeling in heart looking at it as I did when I first had the inspiration of Zayn meeting the dinosaur on his shirt. Distilling everything into a single tender moment - that was creatively challenging, and emotionally rewarding. I am proud of the composition and especially the colors - coloring is my cursed weakness, but here, in a rare moment, the color scheme actually worked to be cohesive and engaging! 

A close runner-up would be the drawing I did for Harry’s birthday, where he wears the Spaceboy jacket, and is on a Le Petit Prince-styled planet with a Space Frog. It strikes the same combination of whimsy and warm but not overwhelming colors as this dino drawing.

A special mention must be made for my Octopayne and Zayntaur comic, which has a special place in my heart. It’s bittersweet, you know? It makes me miss ziam interacting. It’s hard for me to let go of them, but the sadness also makes it hard for me do the characters based on them justice. But I feel so much fond drawing them though - they brought me some of my happiest days in my fandom stint.

6. What is your least favorite piece that you have done in 2017 so far and why?

Uhh I will have to go with this one, and I think you’ll understand immediately:

When I first drew it, I thought it was an amusing joke, but who would have thought Liam would actually live up to it? I “hate” it because it cursed me! 

(Also, on the technical side, I colored this drawing on a different computer than I normally do, whose different screen configuration threw my coloring off. Liam’s skin ended up oddly more olive-toned and less vibrant than in other drawings. Moral of story: don’t switch devices/computers for art!

11. Is there a One Direction member you can draw very easily?

Now that would be Zayn! I feel at ease drawing with him without reference photos, and those for not just cartooning but also realistic drawings. His features are just so very real-life manga, and is forgiving in my style. Louis comes in at second - as long as I get the jawline and arched eyebrows right, everything else falls into place. Nowadays I’ve gotten a lot more practice with Harry, so I am a bit more confident with him too!

As for Liam and Niall, it always takes a couple of tries for me to get things the way I want them to be. Particularly Liam - I am under the curse of Madam Tussaud’s Wax Figure Liam, forever and always, it seems.

Thank you for asking me! 

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fave fan artists and fave fic writers

I honestly don’t follow a lot of fan artists these days? I’m open to recs on who to follow though!

Fic writers… I will pretty much read anything written by the following people: @iniquiticity @pitcherplant @catalpa-waltz @tooeasilyconsidered @jonlovett @a-schuyler @fickleobsessions @youbuiltcathedrals @snubfin @digoxin-purpurea @acanofpeaches @stuffimgoingtohellfor @grumblebee-trilogy @herowndeliverance @sherlockianliza @saathi1013 gross_batpanda, @walkerbaby and probably about twelve other people I’m missing at this point.

My AO3 author notification list is a mile long

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I'm an "Artist" (I'm real young and bad, hence the quotes) and I kinda want to start an art blog but I'm not 100% sure about how to go about it :/

Well one thing is making the blog. Mine here is a mix of personal and art, but others make side blogs dedicated specifically to their art. Which is really just clicking the New+ just above your blog’s name and setting everything up(just be aware the notes aren’t gonna show up on your main dash). Make your art blog something you’re comfortable with, check out theme codes made by people here, fiddle around and get to know your blog. But if you wanna stick with your main blog being your art blog as well that’s great too.

Another thing I recommend is making a special tag for yourself that you put on all of your work. It can be as simple as ‘#my art’ as long as it’s yours, but for the love of all things beautiful use it. If you get in the habit you’ll start building up an archive people can go through and see what you’ve made. Add it as a go to thing on your blog (like the ask, submit etc.) so people that get curious can easily go through your older works and maybe find something else they like!

Lastly, be patient, don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other artists. You’re going to change as you get older, and depending where you go you’ll meet some really amazing people that you may even get to call your friends. You’ll find tutorials on things you had no idea you could do with the art programs you have or maybe even find new ones you like more than the one you use now.

You’re also gonna run by people who are going to discourage you, tell you that your art is bad, maybe worse. Just keep drawing, get better and prove those people wrong. They aren’t worth throwing away something you love. Keep going and keep drawing.

Be the best artist you can be! And good luck to you anon!


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If the art was that good people would see it anyway. Without the artist needing to reblog it 100 times

I see you’re stemming from liv’s @larvesta own answer about this and I’m not gonna lie, I’m really hesitant about saying anything on the matter bc i don’t do this kind of thing but I realise people actually think this way so here’s a proper answer. 

It doesn’t work that way. I should know, I should really know. People here on Tumblr get lucky often and you wouldn’t think that, especially if you don’t create content yourself. Things just don’t become popular all of a sudden, most of the time it needs to get reblogged by the right person and add the balance between having good content yourself as well as an ongoing status as a creator. Not to mention how you go about treating your followers, your personality and how you act here. And you’ll tell me; “But people with good art have so many notes! It must be because they’re good! See, you don’t need to reblog it so many times!”

I hope you know what it feels like to be an artist here because I do. I especially do. I have talked, reblogged, supported, and have met so many, too many artists here, some insanely obscure. Some whose work looks like it took so many hours and has very little over 50 notes; my work included. And I can tell you now that I can personally handpick and tell you that some of the work I’m most proud of and have took many hours on are not over 200 notes. I’m not saying I’m frustrated by that, because some of us are reassured in our skill but let me tell you that every time I think of a fellow artist out there who releases amazing art and earns very little notes who looks at their note count and wonders if they are good enough, my heart breaks. And there’s young artists who are still getting by, who are not as good yet but took the same amount of effort and time, they deserve to be cheered on. 

Because people think artists here are machines, capable of creating content without regards to who actually appreciates it. No one is like that, artists are fragile just like everyone else and people really forget that. They really do. 

People don’t just see the art out of nowhere, do you understand the huge amount in this platform? There’s millions of work everywhere, you need to be supported to be seen, you need to withstand the thousands of others around you and you might have to create something that’s away from the norm to stand out, you might have to take hours of your time. You don’t know unless you really indulge yourself this platform, you don’t know unless you yourself do work for more than four hours, no breaks and absolutely tired, and look at your note count to see a disheartening number. You have no idea, you really don’t.

And don’t guilt them, please. I could reblog my art so many times, but sometimes the thougt of ‘maybe it gets annoying’ always bears in my mind, artists are made to feel like it’s okay that they’re not being appreciated. I’m proud of those who reblog their art because they know they deserve better, and guess what? They do.  

There’s a difference between good content and popular content, popular content aimed towards a specific audience that you know will like and reblog that. Good content is a dangerous hit and miss. I really appreciate people who do art for things that are not popular, because sometimes they really do have to rely solely on their skills. I say it’s a dangerous hit and miss because you know it might not have that specific audience, but you still take the effort and time into it anyway. Imagine that; knowing something is popular but going for the alternative anyway; taking time, taking effort, putting your all into it. That’s absolutely insane, man. Imagine knowing you can put that time and effort into something popular that might attract way more notes, but still doing something else for the sake of that something else. 

Also there’s the matter of timezones, in which there’s a worldly concept that everyone is in different times and not everyone is here at the same time to see the same content. I don’t want to explain this; please at least understand the concept of time. 

Artists reblog their work because they want others to see it, to appreciate it. Because sometimes it’s the only way others can. Reblogging their own work is an artist’s way of supporting themselves and you think I’m going to let you let them think that that’s a bad thing? That they’re not allowed to do that? Go home, buddy. 

I don’t have anything against anyone, I just wrote this realising that people actually think this is actually how it works and even then, I don’t have anything against you, maybe you’re just misinformed, some just don’t know enough about this to really understand. 

So here it is buds: support artists supporting themselves. It’s as simple as that. 

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lance,,, Keith,,,, the lights of my life,,,, where are your shades or safety glasses on that motorcycle,,,, you will get dirt or rocks in your eyes,,, (I'm not trying to be rude and point out mistakes btw. this isn't meant to offend in anyway, I'm just trying to encourage good safety procedures. I see a lot of art where they don't have things covering their eyes and that's really dangerous)

Bonus from

LMAO, it is so true, noni!!
No offense taken at all, you are absolutely right XD
 and safety is the most important part (and keith should know it)

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I got you

filter > blur > radial blur > spin

keep the amount at about 4-10 unless you want to be extremely SHOOK 

also works with nyoom !!!
filter > blur > radial blur > zoom 
(you can put the amount at 10+ for this, it’s hella)

and also filter > blur > motion blur
(I used this one a lot for the laugh in that one video)