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We've gotten to see a bunch of flashbacks to some HQ! characters' childhoods, so what about top 5 of the characters as kids or maybe top 5 you wish we could see younger? I really want to see little Noya, because why hasn't that happened yet?!

Oh they are both really nice my bean, I guess I’m gonna go with the top 5 characters I’d love to see as kids! (Making this top 5 I realized there are truly only a few character we haven’t seen as kids!!)

1. Bokuto. Even just to settle the big mystery of his natural hair color, I NEED to see little Bokuto right now immediately. I bet he was a little hurricane…with a not so happy backstory. I’m so ready for Furudate to slay me. (who am I kidding I’m not ready but STILL gimme)

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(A BABY!!!!!!!!!!)

2. Nishinoya. YES I agree with you, baby Noya would be such a blessing, even if I think he was not so different from how he’s now, just…shorter, and maybe even louder! I wonder if he did roll allover the house, jump from the forniture, escape his bed and generally gave hell to his parents. Because I bet he did.

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3. Akaashi. I imagine little Akaashi as a Japanese version of Prince George. Royal aura, sassy attitude and death glare included. But also, the sweetest and most beautiful baby boy ever, with huge blue eyes that didn’t change that much.

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4. Sugawara. Was he already a little demon disguised as an angel, of did life made him that way? Was he the kind of kid that stole other kid’s toys and his heart melting smile made him impossible to scold? Or was he an actual angel sent from the gods in toddler form? I need answers. 

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5. Kageyama. We already saw little blueberry in his junior high days, but who doesn’t need to see an even !!! smaller !!! blueberry ??? WHAT IF HE WAS A LITTLE CHUBBY THO AAAHHH

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Thank you for your message!

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What was your first job out of college and what was your first animation-related job if you didnt get one right away?

My first animation related job was like 3 hours of work I did during college drawing inbetweens at 0:38 of this:

Immediately after college, like maybe a month after school ended, I moved to China and became an English teacher. I got a TEFL in China certificate after taking a course in Beijing, then I taught in Shenzhen for one year and then two years in Shanghai. The school in the “Hello China” episode of Regular Show is entirely based on the school I taught at in Shenzhen. The establishing shots are basically just traced images of the school. I hear the students that are currently attending that school are extremely excited about it.

During my last year of teaching I decided to move back to the US and live in Los Angeles until I could get an animation job. My plan was to live in my car until I figured something out. However, while I was still in China, my friend @tobyjones who already worked on Regular Show told me they had an opening. Regular Show sent me the storyboard test, JG liked it, and I got hired (even though he had reservations because I was some random guy living in China that he’d never met).

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Hello, love! I'm trying to send positive messages around (I've sent a few to you) and I'm wondering if you know anyone who might benefit from loving daily messages. PS you're amazing and congrats on the follower milestone that you definitely deserve! -Pep

Hi, angel! Your messages always make me feel a little less shitty so I really, really appreciate them/you! :D

To be honest friend, I don’t want to exclude anyone and if I were to make a huge list, it’d consist of like 500 people and omg your hands would fall off and that’d be bad



Requested: Hello you amazing precious angel can I request you texting bts and they’re like man I can’t find my fave hoodie and you’re just like ummm yeah about that *sends selfie in hoodie*


A/N: Maknae-Line. Ummm yeah, so this happened? I’d like to thank every single person who sent me a picture. It felt so much more personal for me to creat them. Hahahaha. I hope you enjoyed these, and I might repeat it sometimes in the future so yeah!😊
Taehyung- Anonymous, Jimin- Lili, Jungkook- Maria/ @maria12tkm

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she reminds me of a blizzard. She's cold and dangerous but so compelling and so beautiful. i love her in a way that I've never loved anyone before. she is an angel sent from heaven, but who looks at their best friend like that? someone asked us how long we'd been dating and i tried to hide my look of happiness.

aw what’s holding you back??


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Hey can you recommend some blogs when you really need to talk?? I feel like I'm dying it's so bad and I don't want to bother someone but I need attention

oooof sorry angel idk. i have my advice blog v-ent but we dont always answer right away and also i think u sent this to me last night so i apologize for only just now responding but i love u v much

if any of my followers have any blogs that are for someone who rly needs to talk pls ! let us know <33

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I think it WAS her first kiss after Costia bc she was all like "love is weakness" so whatever faint attraction for others after Costia might've been quickly shut down. Though I believe Lexa might've closed herself off after Costia's death. No feelings is the best way to avoid a broken heart. But Clarke literally fell out of the sky so you can't possibly ignore an angel and not have all sorts of feels ya'kno

Titus was all like “love is weakness” and then Clarke just falls out of the sky like BITCH SAY WHAT and Lexa just couldn’t control the gay anymore, just deadass fell in love as soon as that bitch burned 300 of her people like they were candles on sale

u have everyone kissing commander’s ass and then u have Clarke just “u’re the one who sent them there to kill us” and Lexa is like yoooo top me

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By the way, a person calling you a name or disagreeing with you anonymously is not bulling you. On wikipedia, Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. Who has done any of these things to you?

Oh my god really

Okay first of all, I get at least a message a day telling me that I need to kill myself. Before my last trip to Los Angeles someone sent me a series of messages from different IP addresses claiming that when I came to LA they were going to find and shoot me in front of my partner. That’s bullying.

Also, you sound like the one white guy who’s like “yeah I made a joke about black people but I never claimed I was better than them so TECHNICALLY I’m not racist”

Like if you need to use the technical definiton of a word as a loophole to explain why you weren’t being racist or sexist or bullying someone, you were almost definitely being racist or sexist or bullying someone.