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what's your favorite taemin's hairstyle?

I think you mean favorite hairstyles because we’re talking about the guy who can pull a myriad of hairstyles off even when 60% of them are bowlcuts; for first place we have two nominees:

1 — Post-Everybody/Ace era longish hair 

it goes without saying that I’m a piece of disgusting garbage for his ace hair and it pains me to know a lot of people dislike it because hum???? he looked like an actual angel sent from above???

however. there’s something… else about his hair at this same length, but dark:

2 — Black + undercut

I just. I don’t even need to say anything he looks like the punk kid from your local school everyone thinks is a badass when he’s actually just shy. that cigarette you saw him smoking at the back of the building last week? it was a lolipop. a little girl gave him for getting her cat out of a tree

3 — Odd era purple/lavender fairy

and when the purple started to fade out his hair looked great, too:

4 — WSS era Modern Mom™

Honorable mentions:

  • Sherlock era extensions looked gorgeous on him even though they looked a little messy at times; the way they styled his hair here, though:


  • T H E   B U N
  • tae’s been more blond than brunette his whole life lbr but it’s rare for his hair to be flat/straight like this and I love it:
  • and finally,

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because you're a god sent angel who make super pretty gifs and my blog crush 😘😘😘

omg thank you for thinking that my gifs are pretty!! (i think they’re mediocre at most but that’s just the Taurus in me being super critical) but aahhh I’m your blog crush? im just.thank you  ❤️❤️❤️


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(anon with the six year old alter) Grace has decided that we should tell everyone about all of us, and not just them. There's 9 of us that we know of including me (the one writing this) and we have a baby, a 6 year old (Grace, the one I sent an ask about), an 8 year old introject of someone who helped us a lot and had to leave us, a teenage girl, a cat, an angel, an older brother to care for the 8 year old, and another older boy to help with the others, and then of course myself, the host/core.

you guys sound very lovely!! : D

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suddenly i want a scene where the shadowhunters are battling demons and clearly getting overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, but then in walks/portals in magnus and suddenly all the demons sort of just freeze and fixate their eyes on magnus. as if they are aware of someone —almost one of their own but not quite— in the room who they immediately seek out because idk his blood calls to them? idk if thats even possible, but i agree w/ you, we need more magnus&demons interactions


Anyway, I think a lot about Magnus inheriting his father’s realm in an effort to protect the Shadow World, and he winds up with a bunch of annoying but now harmless demon subjects he doesn’t know what to do with, like a bunch of puppies that like to bite but also often trip and fall into holes. And Alec is just like Jesus Christ Magnus they cursed the weather again and now it’s snowing in July and Magnus is like listen he’s already in time out inside that pentagram ok what more do you want.