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I am very sorry I need to vent I love Laura I do but can we agree that she is not very bright ? Like come on she is saying its impossible for BaronV to live through both the Napoleonic Wars and German Unification. But she was dating 300 something years old who has a 1200years ol d sister ...

Laura is… A very special case. That in her selective memory of things. I suppose since Vordie isn’t a vampire she’s disregarding the possibility of him being anything else supernatural. I mean… vampireinthemachine has been upset at Laura for not reading the Student Handbook for days.

Danny, I don’t know how to reach you since you’re not on social media (Do not direct me to the fanmade one thx) but since you’re the one mainly around right now, please help her. Help her. 



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IF it's not real, it's highly likely they will just not address it. Brenda Song announced she was pregnant with Trace Cyrus(miley's brother) baby in 2011. I remember reading about it, and then I forgot. I forgot she was supposed to be pregnant. I saw a pic of them together, long after the baby would have been due & wonder in the back of my mind where the baby was. She just admitted, 4 years later, that she lied, but at the time it just wasn't addressed. Crazy.

Well, would you look at that. I’ve been looking for some examples like this. Granted, the Louis baby may be a bit higher profile and harder to ignore. There might not have been any Trace Cyrus stans out there demanding the truth at the time, but the mom was somewhat well-known, too, which is interesting. 

Also, this isn’t exactly the same thing, but remember the singer Brandy? She pretended to be married to the father of her baby while they had a reality show together. Turns out it was all a hoax to protect her image and they were never actually hitched.

So, it’s not unheard of for celebrities to fake major stuff like this, but the common thread seems to be that it’s not addressed until a really long time after. Which means I’m probably going to have to build myself a wine cellar to get through this. 

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it baffles me when anti-choicers say you "play god" by getting an abortion. isn't everything god's plan? what if a uterus-haver getting an abortion /is/ god's plan for that particular person? if humans can defy god's destiny, doesn't "god" as an entity fall apart?

If they really wanna practice what they preach, then they should never seek any kind of medical care, because that’s playing god too. Want that tumor removed? Nah, god put it there for a reason. Want that leg put on a splint? Nope! God meant for you to fall, let it heal without it.

Let’s also remember that many religions believe that god gave people free will. So can’t we choose to have an abortion? 

- Emily

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where u get all ur money for buying stuff??? (sry if this is a weird question i'm just jealous of all the cool stuff you buy)


haha naw, but, currently, I get paid to take care of my little sister, though due to recent events I only get paid whenever there’s money to spare, so I save up over time so I can buy stuff I really want. I also take art commissions and some of my money comes from that.

Previously, I’ve worked retail and such, which gave me money to buy stuff.

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soooo glad you have the same opinion as me. god, i really wish he'd stop making it seem like 1D was hell for him.

See the thing is, I get where Zayn is coming from, I do. We don’t know what his experiences were and for all we know, being in One Direction was actually hell for him. 

BUT he needs to understand that he has to be really careful about the way he phrases and frames his discontent with One Direction the brand, otherwise it can and will be interpreted as his personal dislike for the remaining members of One Direction, the band as well as their past and present body of work.

And given that he spent the past four and a half years publicly describing the other four as being his ‘brothers’, being seen to be throwing shade on their singing and songwriting efforts is a spectacular dick move. 

What happened to “yeah and I had a sick time doing it, so keep laughing”??

Hella long analogy to follow:

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hi! so an anon recently pointed out to me that i only use white people in my edits and ive wanted to change that from edit one, but i can never find quality poc pictures. this is really terrible of me and i was wondering if you knew where i could find pictures of poc's for my edits? thank you so much. i really dont want to only use white people, it's just those are the only pics i can ever find. poc's are beautiful and i want to use diversity in my edits!

Hey! Of course, I’d love to help you with this, I’m so glad you’re trying to change this. I only know a couple of links but they’re all pretty extensive & should be helpful. Good luck!

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How did Pearl learn about memes, let alone start to enjoy them? I blame Steven.

“Hey, Steven,” Pearl said just loud enough for him to hear in his room. “Do you want me to get Peridot?”


Connie rolled her eyes as the pair dissolved into giggles. “Your blame is not misplaced.”

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Imagine Little Icey being dressed as the mighty Thor and going Trick-or-Treating with his Dadmark as Odin and Morway as Freja.


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lol omg I thought u guys were talking about that buzzfeed article about bootcut jeans cause it's going around tumblr

Is someone talking s*** about bootcut jeans? Because honestly, me too, those things are terrible.

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Denmark's room is probably filled with stuffed animals and fluffy pillows and really soft blankets and so when anybody's upset they just go into Denmark's room and cuddle with all the fluffy stuff because he's a precious puppy who wants everybody to be happy

denmark’s room is known as the happy fluffy love room, it’s just a colourful room full of hugs and comfort and everyone secretly loves it

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if it makes you feel better i work at buzzfeed and this was a HOTLY DEBATED ARTICLE THAT MANY OF US DISAGREED WITH, DO YOU HEAR US LARA PARKER

Yank her ponytail for me bc wtf?

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Hey Connie, what do you want to be when you're out of college and, do you think the gem stuff will interfere with it?

“I actually just graduated a few months ago,” she chirped. “A masters in English. My Gem duties actually help me with what I’m doing.”

Pearl warped her arms around her girlfriend from behind. “My little author is writing a book series based off of our adventures. She’s quite the wordsmith.”

Connie looked down, flushing bashfully. “Ah, it’s not that good.”

“But it is. You’re going to be a wild success.”

Connie turned her head and placed a chaste peck on the Gem’s lips. “Thanks.”